Victim: The Construction Worker

By: Tamyra Murray
Victims of Illegal Immigration – A Collection of Essays
Hat Tip: Dick Manasseri

It is said that illegal aliens migrate to the U.S. to do the jobs Americans refuse to do. This is the type of statement I hear from ill-informed Americans and pro-illegal groups. I know from first-hand experience that this statement is a lie and that illegal aliens steal middle class jobs – jobs that would, could, and should be filled by Americans.

I worked hard in the construction industry to support my kids – ten years of sweat to acquire the skills and five years to start my own construction company. I thought I had really made it big when I was invited to bid on a half-million dollar project.

After submitting my bid for that project, I was contacted by the general contractor who informed me that they wanted me to execute the work, but that they had received a much lower bid than mine, and wanted to know if I could match it. I was in disbelief when I heard the bid I was competing against. I told the general contractor the only way the other company could do the job at that price was to use illegal labor. His reaction was to laugh and say, “Well if you pay your men $3 an hour, you can do the job too.”

I could have worked 15 men on that job for two months, and, in turn, they could have paid their mortgages and car payments and put food on their tables. Instead, another company did the job and used illegals, who then sent their money back to Mexico. How do I know they were from Mexico? Because the subcontractor that used them bragged about it. He bragged that he picked them up from the border and that he let them live in his pole barn loft to avoid paying them for housing.

Construction jobs such as plastering, masonry, cement, drywall, painting and even now carpentry, are being stolen by illegal aliens. Contractors use illegals because they can pay them less, and they don’t have to worry about paying taxes, unemployment insurance, and social security. Illegals have driven down wages because contractors are so accustomed to getting the low prices on labor. We all, then, have to lower our wages to be able to compete. When folks lose their jobs and are unable to pay their bills or taxes, it affects everyone.

Tamyra Murray is active with the Frankenmuth Tea Party of Michigan.

2 thoughts on “Victim: The Construction Worker

  1. The Progressive becomes upset when you accuse him of his liberal views being a sign of a mental disorder. Well, check your talking points Mr. Progressive. “An illegal alien isn’t really illegal.”

    That is your stance. So if you are going to utter such an anti reason then how do you expect to be treated with any sort of regard for rational thought? For logic?

    Let’s see what are your other defenses for the illegal invader who breaks our laws crossing our border in the night.

    “You’re a racist.” Ah, brilliant. That does take some thought doesn’t it? No matter what, no matter how illogical you are shown to be you can always throw out the race card. Talk louder and faster in angered tone and call us racists. Yet we don’t have a problem with legal immigrants. But we are still racists, per the intellect of Progressive thought.

    “Where did your ancestors come from?” Another well thought out adage of anti reason Mr. Progressive. You see that bait and switch is ridiculous as well. My ancestors came from Poland. Legally. And they learned English and got jobs. The border jumper is illegal. That would be the common sense rebuttal. But the liberal doesn’t understand common sense.

    “They were here first.” Well not really. You see the ones left after the Mexican-American war stayed and generations passed. The illegal came from Mexico. He wasn’t here first. He was from down south in another country. As that war was centuries ago.

    “They do the jobs we don’t want.” Ok fair enough. Let’s decrease welfare which would solve that problem. Oh that’s right, you champion American entitlement parasites as well with your anti reason.

    “No human is illegal.” I have no comment for that one. Check the stupid definition in Websters.

    If we continue this line of thought we will fall as a nation as my own fiction predicts as no nation that leaves borders open will survive. When we return to reason and common sense and ignore the above imbecilic arguments only then will we have a prayer of restoring America.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE blog.

  2. I’ve had the exact same experience, living in an apartment complex that hired illegal migrants to do a job for much, MUCH less than any American contractor could bid. They were replacing old, rotted window frames and glass panes with storm windows and better sealed and protected wood and plastic frames.
    I remember finally moving out in disgust…the once rectangular windows now diamonds, slanted at nearly a 45-degree angle. The wind and rain blowing through the frames shimmed with slivers of cheap shingles pulled from a garbage pile from a nearby roofing job, with rotted and bug-speckled tarpaulin and canvas mixed in. My cat had a ball eating all the disease-bearing insects that found a new home in my place. A year later and tens of thousands spent on “lowest bidder” repairs resulted in window sills slanted to a mere 10 or 15 degrees, and most of the spiked and slivered protruding shingles replaced with new shingles that at least no longer protruded, with cheap caulking filling most (but not all) of the glaring voids.

    Now I work in a computer company, where a third of the jobs are outsourced to a company where employees have two to four times the “education” of my coworkers, yet cannot do basic math, don’t understand basic scientific concepts, and have workers with Masters and PhD’s from their home nations that are not allowed to do the difficult work, knowing full well they cannot handle any but the simplest solutions. Our betters in management originally planned to outsource everything, until workers were sent in to train their PhD replacements and found them SEVERELY wanting. Yet, we still keep that underpaid third…

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