Green is the New Black, but if You’re White You Can Live in a Dumpster in the Hood

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

We should all be reminded from time to time just how insane collectivism is and how loony it is to be a “leftist.” But we should never allow that to lure us into thinking it is all just ineffectually quaint. Like the self-commendingly altruistic ladies in Arsenic and Old Lace, it always features deadly poison.
This nutty professor lives in a dumpster

The university dean’s falsely lit imaginings reveal themselves in their first five words:

“What if everybody had to go to some sort of laundromat?” Wilson posited. “How would that shift how we have to, or get to, interact with others? I know I have met a much wider circle of people just from going to laundromats and wandering around outside of the dumpster when I would’ve been in there if I had a large flat screen and a La-Z Boy.”




This really is a fine metaphor of what “progress” is in store for America and the world, in the global fascist’s Agenda 21 vision (while the megawealthy live in their pleasure palaces). It really is a neo-feudalistic vision from Metropolis, 1984, or Hunger Games. Or why does one think the FKA-Illuminati/Rothschild central bankster complex is paying out of their titanic, parasitic wealth, to fund it?