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Andrea Shea King:

I’m working on a campaign with other media outlets and personalities to raise the awareness of Qatar and their activities around terror. What is it? A coalition of concerned independent journalists and publishers who are signing onto letters addressed to companies and individuals who are accepting money from Qatar. The reason? Qatar is responsible for:

– The current Israel/Hamas war (they host, fund, and profit from Hamas – the tunnels are used for smuggling)

– Boko Haram (they fund and profit from Boko Haram – slave trade and narcotics)

– ISIS (they fund and profit from ISIS – narcotics and slaves).

– The Taliban (they fund and profit from the Taliban – heroin).

– 9/11 (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was on a Qatari Ministry’s payroll, and amazingly found him as soon as the pressure grew too hot for them to handle)

Qatar is directly responsible for the ongoing genocide against Christians, Yazidis, and Shiite Muslims.

Campaign organizer William Michael joins us tonight.

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  1. maybe you could ask NHRA’s drag racer Khalid al-Balooshi – his two car race team is sponsored by qatar

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