3 thoughts on “NY Senator admits to knowing Preisdent was lying about Obamacare

  1. Wait, WHAT??

    He actually WAS specific.

    And he LIED!

    Y’know, you jerks have made it a “felony” to lie to the congress, and yet you do more damage to this nation and its citizens with your lies than anyone you’ve ever persecuted for “lying” to congress.

    I’m completely in favor of a law (heck, even an amendment!) that codifies lying to the American public as a capital offense.

    I’ve been watching recent news articles that mention, in passing, that “lying isn’t unconstitutional.” REALLY? That’s your argument? The Constitution doesn’t forbid it, so it must be okay?

    A careful reading of the founding documents — you know, all the discussions surrounding the Constitution and Bill of Rights — will expose for you that a solid moral foundation — including honesty — is a necessary attribute of governance of a free people.

    Lying to one’s constituents to get your law enacted is the conduct of a culture of tyranny and of the tyrants — small and large — who make it up.

    I look forward to the day when deceiving the American public is a hanging offense.

  2. Don’t forget the voters are stupid so they can’t tell the truth from a lie and those who can are so craven and greedy they can easily be bought!

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