Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas 2014 Ad

There’s a Reason This WWI-Themed 2014 Christmas Advert Inspired by Real Events Has Gone Mega-Viral

100 years ago, on the Christmas Eve of 1914, a series of sporadic, unofficial truces spread across the front lines of those fighting in the trenches of World War One.

That moving moment is documented in a new advert by Sainsbury’s, a large supermarket chain in the U.K.

The cinematic masterpiece features soldiers cautiously abandon their trenches and exchange greetings with those with whom they had been fighting. In the nearly four-minute ad, the two sides compete in a soccer match before the soldiers walk back into their trenches and pull out gifts each had exchanged.

The video was published to YouTube on Wednesday and has since amassed more than 4 million views.

“This advert is wonderful. The best by far this year,” one individual commented. “It’s a marvel, it really is. Such a thoughtful and poignant message that everyone can get along and be nice to each other despite wars going on.”

“This is so amazing,” echoed another.

“The best part about this is that it really happened,” wrote one more individual.

The advert was made in coordination with the Royal British Legion. According to the supermarket, the proceeds for each chocolate bar featured in the ad will go to the organization to benefit the armed forces.

One thought on “Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas 2014 Ad

  1. I heard a talk at a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses about how healthy humans are born with a natural God-given Conscience that makes killing another human being very difficult for a person to do. However, by doing things in our mind (TV, video games, meditation etc…) we will greatly affect people react to things in real life and will change their conscience …

    One of the examples given was in WWI the military scientists would investigate the battle field after a battle… they found that a large portion of these young men did not even fire ONE SHOT! They found that the reason was their conscience was not letting them kill a stranger/another human being…

    So, they developed training exercises to TURN OFF THIS NATURAL CONSCIENCE – the “games”/drills where the soldier walks through a simulated battle field and dummies/mannequins dressed in the enemy clothes would pop-up… BAM BAM BAM – pull the trigger, this is only a dummy and not a real person… easy enough…

    So by changing it into a game, getting the soldier acclimated to not associating this with murder of a human but rather with a game of ‘shoot those with the other colored uniform’ they were able to DEADEN THEIR GOD-GIVEN CONSCIENCE… So once this trained soldier is on the battle field he does not think about ‘killing another human’ it is more of following orders and that game.

    As humans, we would rather eat, play, exchange stories, discuss culture, art ANYTHING but kill another human… So these war scientists had to turn that off… NOTE – ANYONE that enjoys killing another human is termed a Sociopath… THIS IS NOT NORMAL and is why so many veterans have serious mental issues…


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