Oklahoma City Bombing Trial Judge Asked to Appoint Special Master to Investigate Allegations of FBI Witness Tampering

Bob McCarty Writes

Combined with allegations of FBI witness tampering and a federal Judge’s threat to hold FBI officials in contempt for failing to comply with his order, the latest news about a little-reported Oklahoma City Bombing trial taking place in Salt Lake City has, at a minimum, all the makings of a made-for-television movie. More importantly, it could result in attorney Jesse Trentudue learning more about the death of his brother, Kenneth, in federal custody in Oklahoma City.

Screenshot of Trentadue's Motion 12-1-14

On Nov. 6, according to a motion filed Dec. 1 by Trentadue, Judge Clark Waddoups entered an order vacating the Nov. 13, evidentiary hearing into the matter of the FBI’s alleged witness tampering involving John Matthews. In place of the evidentiary hearing on witness tampering, the court also notified the parties that the subjects of the Nov. 13 hearing would be the FBI’s possible contempt for not having completed a court-ordered investigation into the witness tampering allegations and the possible appointment of United States Magistrate Judge Justin B. Pead as Special Master “to oversee the Defendant’s compliance with the court’s orders, particularly relating to the allegations of witness tampering, and with Plaintiff’s FOIA request.”

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