German Far-Left Party Takes State Parliament – Communists Return to Power 25 Years After Fall of Berlin Wall

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

The communists are rising again in Europe and what better place to start than Germany. Never again is continuously morphing into never mind… The communists gave their heartfelt apologies to the German citizens for their brutality and murderous ways in the past. They swear it will be different this time. But you know what? It never is. The great victories over communism by Reagan, Thatcher and Pope John Paul II have been forgotten and made irrelevant by global Marxists. The Berlin Wall fell, but communism is resurrected.

Bodo Ramelow, head of the leftist Die Linke party faction in the Thuringia state parliament
Photo: Jens Schlueter/Getty Images

From the Telegraph:

Germany’s far-Left party has returned to power in a state government for the first time since the Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago, stoking heated debate about its communist roots.

The Left Party, widely seen as the successor to the Socialist Unity Party (SED) that once ruled East Germany, will head the government of Thuringia after the state parliament narrowly voted to approve a new coalition.

The new state prime minister, Bodo Ramelow, used his first speech in parliament to apologise to victims of the former communist regime, and said he wanted to “reconcile rather than divide”.

Thousands of people braved sub-zero temperatures on the streets of the state capital, Erfurt, on Thursday night to protest against the expected result of the vote.

Angela Merkel predicted the decision would be “bad news” for Thuringia, while the German President, Joachim Gauck, broke with the traditional neutrality of his role to speak out against it.

But the state parliament voted to approve Mr Ramelow’s three-way coalition after the Social Democrats, Mrs Merkel’s partner in the federal government, rejected an alliance with her Christian Democrats in the state.

The coalition, which is completed by the Green Party, will have a majority of just one seat in the state parliament.

Although Mr Ramelow grew up in West Germany, many of the Left Party’s leadership were senior figures in the East German communist party and some have been accused of links with the Stasi secret police.

Thuringia was part of East Germany until reunification, and many have expressed dismay at the former communists’ return to power.

“Old SED [Socialist Unity Party] comrades and Stasi informers run the state now,” said Rainer Wagner, chairman of the Union of Victims’ Associations of Communist Tyranny.

“Many who were in prison in the GDR [East Germany] are very upset,” the director of the Stasi memorial in Berlin, Hubertus Knabe, told Nord-West Zeitung newspaper. “They feel that the lessons of history have been forgotten.”

Mrs Merkel’s spokesman issued a terse statement: “It is government practice that the Chancellor sends each elected [state] prime minister her congratulations, and that, of course, is what she does in this case”.

Bodo Ramelow (2nd R) of the Left party (Die Linke) is congratulated by Christine Lieberknecht, former state premier of Thuringia, after succeeding her, in parliament in Erfurt December 5, 2014. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

Merkel thinks this is “bad news.” You think? That’s like calling a nuclear bomb detonation a minor inconvenience. But then again, Merkel has deep communist roots herself. Merkel has a more than cuddly relationship with Russia, but the Christian Democrats elected her anyway. Merkel grew up in communist East Germany. She freely admitted joining the Free German Youth, the communist youth organization, and a photo surfaced showing her in a communist uniform. She hid her role in the youth group as secretary for agitation and propaganda, instead depicting herself as someone engaged in “cultural” affairs. So, you see… there is little room here to finger point. Commies of a feather.

Thuringia voted in September in state elections which were razor thin. This lead to a lengthy negotiation involving four parties. Eventually the three left-leaning parties agreed on a coalition and the state assembly elected the Left party’s Bodo Ramelow, a 58-year-old trade unionist from West Germany, as premier of Thuringia. This guy’s a real winner. He is known for stating emotionally: “We need reconciliation instead of division.” Gee – sounds like the American Left. This was said in a speech to the 91-seat assembly. Ramelow is an unabashed backer of socialism and campaigned for September’s election with a bright red bust of Karl Marx at his side. He is pro-Russian in the extreme. See a trend here? Beware of fog and mirrors. When it comes to communism, things are never what they seem.

Witness the rise of the German communists and the new Stasi secret police. History is repeating itself. Next on the greatest hits list – genocide, slaughter and conquest. Germany could well join the new Axis of Evil: Russia, China and Iran in their war plans. It’s a global game of RISK that is playing out before our eyes, but Americans seem to be utterly clueless they are already at war. Pretty hard not to defeat an enemy who doesn’t even realize they are on the battlefield, much less being conquered.

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MI: Smart Meter Victims Challenge Lansing Roadblocks

By: Dick Manasseri
WatchDog Wire

The Great Reset - Technologys Advance

The Cato Institute reminds us that Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder and his Republican Legislature have increased the general fund budget by a whopping 7.3 percent in 2013 and an estimated 7.8 percent in 2014. Michigan citizens are mandated to pay higher taxes to fund the GOP’s notion of “Big Government.”

Thus, a single day in Lansing reminds us to question whether We the People, are, yet again, experiencing taxation without true representation.

At the Lansing hearing

There were 125 citizens opposed to the health and privacy risks associated with the mandated deployment of “smart meters” by DTE Energy and Consumers Energy who witnessed first-hand the representation inequality associated with big-bucks government.It has taken 21 months to schedule a non-official hearing about their concerns.

The hearing, which was held this Tuesday, started at 5 PM and lasted for six hours, so that 72 citizens could present their stories of deteriorating health, many of which were documented by their doctors.

Earlier in the day, many of these same people attended an official hearing that was convened within six weeks of the introduction of a bill that would provide wind energy development companies immunity from prosecution for damages to private citizens.

A simple comparison showing “representation inequality” …

  • A bill (SB-1124) that restricts the redress of grievances of a private citizen against an energy business gets fast-tracked.
  • A bill (HR-4315) (introduced by Rep. Tom McMillin on 2/26/2013) that mandates that monopolies like DTE and Consumers provide customers with the freedom to choose whether or not their private property has its electricity usage monitored by a device associated with health and privacy risks is stalled in committee for 21 months.

Why would the chairman of the House Energy and Technology Committee (Aric Nesbitt, R-Lawton) ignore HR-4315 for 21 months, repeatedly refusing to hold a public hearing due his “perception” of a lack of public concern? The public concern expressed on Tuesday described much pain and suffering from DTE and Consumers mandated radiation that could have been avoided over the same 21 months if HR-4315 had received the attention it deserved back then.

A brief Google search may shed some needed light on this legislative roadblock. The non-profit organization, Michigan Campaign Finance Network, provides us with snapshots of the top lobbyists for a given campaign season.

For example, DTE and Consumers made the list of top 30 lobbyists for 2012.

For the recent 2014 Primary season, DTE and Consumers rank within the top 5 donors for Republicans Snyder, Calley, Schuette, and Johnson. Consumers supported Snyder with $82,975; DTE added $75,800 to the Snyder Campaign. Consumers and DTE contributed $236,400 toward the victory of the GOP politicians at the top of 2014 primary ballot.

Some say that Michigan’s Big Government functions much like a corporation with a strong CEO and management team. Others question the practical independence of the legislative body, noting Snyder’s progressive agenda— Medicaid expansion, Common Core, Amnesty for unaccompanied children, the Endorsement of the Muslim Brotherhood (via CAIR/ISNA)—has been largely rubber-stamped by the legislative leadership team despite the strong opposition of the conservative GOP base they represent.

In light of the marathon “hearing” on HR-4315, will Gov. Snyder and Rep. Nesbitt finally agree that there is sufficient public interest to move the bill through the legislative process, allowing the peoples’ representatives to do their job?

Top photo from the Blaze: old-school meter vs smart meter

Hearing photo: MLive


Bernie Sanders: Evidence that the Senator from Vermont is a Big “C” Communist

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Everybody knows that Bernie Sanders, the grandfatherly Independent Senator from Vermont is a socialist. He’s made no secret of it over the years, proudly proclaiming to anyone who will listen. To most people it’s no big deal: “at least he’s honest,” they’ll chuckle. Most people seem to imagine that Grandpa Bernie’s socialism is benign, owing much more to Sweden than Cuba, much more to modern West Germany, than to the old German Democratic Republic.

Senator Sanders

Senator Sanders

But is Bernie Sanders really being honest? What if he is actually more of a communist? A believer in class struggle? Of crushing the free enterprise system?

Does it matter? The man is a US Senator. His vote could decide the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice, or ratify a gun banning treaty with the United Nations. He is even seriously exploring a presidential run on the Democratic ticket. Damned right his real views matter.

Firstly, I want to present evidence that Senator Sanders is not truly an Independent. That he is in fact, a member of a semi-secret political organization. Secondly, I want to prove that that organization, in spite of labeling itself ‘socialist,’ is in fact, a communist grouping – with all the negative connotations that it implies.

For years, Bernie Sanders has been closely associated with Democratic Socialists of America, the country’s largest openly leftist organization. Senator Sanders has keynoted several DSA conferences, numerous DSA fundraisers have raised money for him, DSA backed his 2006 Senate campaign and now, the group is actively encouraging him to run for the White House in 2016.

Sanders, DSA conference Colorado, 1994

Sanders, DSA Conference Colorado, 1994

Bernie Sanders, and Detroit DSA leader David Green, June 25th, 2006

Bernie Sanders and Detroit DSA leader David Green, June 25th, 2006

DSA's Democratic Left, Winter 2007. Sanders thanks DSA for helping him win his Senate race

DSA’s Democratic Left, Winter 2006/2007. Sanders thanks DSA for helping him win his Senate race.

DSA website, accessed December 4, 2014

DSA website, accessed December 4, 2014

But, as far as I’m aware, there has never been any evidence that Sanders is actually a DSA member.

Until now: Madison Democratic Socialists of America has confirmed Senator Sanders’ long suspected DSA membership on page one of their Fall 2014 newsletter (though getting his state of origin incorrect).

Madison DSA News, Fall 2014, page 1

Madison DSA News, Fall 2014, page 1.

Page 1 closeup

Page 1 Closeup

Equally important, we featured a petition to encourage Bernie Sanders – the independent Maine Senator and DSA member – to run for president, collecting over 75 signatures.

Though they may be graduates of Common Core geography, there is no reason to believe that the Madison DSAers were either lying or mistaken about Senator Sanders’ DSA membership status. Membership status is a big deal in leftist organizations. Dues-paying membership elevates one to the elite ranks of the Progressive movement. Formal “paid up” Party membership is not taken lightly. Clearly Sanders’ DSA membership is not for public consumption. Probably the “cheesehead” socialists believed that only sympathizers would ever bother to read their little newsletter.

After all, what’s a little secret between trusted comrades?

So, now I’ve established that Senator Sanders is probably a closet DSAer, why is that of concern?

My contention is simple. Despite using the word “socialists” in its name, DSA is, for all practical purposes, a communist organization. Because most DSAers are also active Democrats, or Green Party activists, the “socialist” label doesn’t meet the degree of resistance, that the more honest description “communist” would.

DSA works very closely with three of America’s leading communist groups – the Maoist leaning Freedom Road Socialist Organization, the “old guard” Communist Party USA, and the CPUSA spin-off Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism. The four groups have even seriously considered merging in recent years. In June 2013, “The Future of the Left – A Conversation on Socialist Unity” was convened in New York City by the four groups, where the idea of eventual unification was discussed in depth.

DSA draws most of its ideas and inspiration from Chicago radical, Saul Alinsky, and Italian Communist Party theoretician, Antonio Gramsci.

Orange County California DSA acknowledged the organization’s debt to Gramsci in its February 1984 newsletter.


“Antonio Gramsci was a founder of the Italian Communist Party. He developed theories on “open ended Marxism” and independent Euro-Communism. His writings have remained influential among European parties of the left for several decades. They have also formed a vital part of the ideas that brought about the formation of today’s DSA.”

In an article in DSA’s Democratic Left, Spring 2007, DSA National Political Committee member David Green of Detroit, wrote in support of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) or “card check.”

What distinguishes socialists from other progressives is the theory of surplus value. According to Marx, the secret of surplus value is that workers are a source of more value than they receive in wages. The capitalist is able to capture surplus value through his ownership of the means of production, his right to purchase labor as a commodity, his control over the production process, and his ownership of the final product. Surplus value is the measure of capital’s exploitation of labor

Green went on to write:

Our goal as socialists is to abolish private ownership of the means of production. Our immediate task is to limit the capitalist class’s prerogatives in the workplace…

Communist enough for you folks?

Bernie Sanders is no European style social democratic “socialist.” He is a Big “C” communist and he should have the integrity to be honest about it.

Trevor Loudon is the author of The Enemies Within:Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress.


The Council Has Spoken!! This Week’s Watcher’s Council Results – 12/05/14

The Watcher’s Council

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match-up.

“I felt that another one of those punches in my face could knock me out or worse. I mean it was, he’s obviously bigger than I was and stronger and the, I’ve already taken two to the face and I didn’t think I would, the third one could be fatal if he hit me right.” – From Officer Darren Wilson’s Testimony

“Before you think this is over, remember what happened in Rodney King,” – Al Sharpton, after the Grand Jury decision

“You can`t sell this sh*t” – Lesley McFadden, Michael Brown’s mother to other family members shortly before she and others in her party allegedly assaulted and robbed them over a dispute over whom had rights to the selling of Michael Brown tee shirts and other merchandise.


This week’s winning essay, The Right Planet’s#Ferguson: If You Like Your Facts, You Can Keep Your Facts is a superb roundup of the incident and a reminder to us that no one is entitled to their own facts. Here’s a slice:

If you visit the blog on a regular basis, you might’ve noticed I haven’t posted much lately about the riots and mayhem going on in Ferguson, Missouri. The reason is simple: I’m not giving the agitators what they want. What do the Ferguson agitators and rioters want? They want to be seen and heard; and the more they are seen and heard, the better, as far as they’re concerned.

Like moths attracted to the proverbial flame, the major networks and countless other  media outlets have descended upon Ferguson, Missouri, like a plague of locusts. Recently, I watched Fox News’ reporter Mike Tobin claim there were more cameramen at his location than there were protestors a few days ago. (Apparently the cold weather was keeping the rioters at bay.) That image really stuck with me. It’s like a bunch of people grabbed their lawn chairs and ran off to go watch the riots in Ferguson. One must wonder whether the media would’ve been disappointed had there been no riots and looting.

Ever since this whole debacle in Ferguson started, I just wanted the facts. If Darren Wilson was in the wrong, then he should be brought to justice. But there were a number of initial eyewitness accounts that reported Michael Brown attacked police officer Darren Wilson and attempted to take his gun. Well, the Grand Jury report appears to substantiate the initial reports. Furthermore, the whole “hands up, don’t shoot” meme is based upon a fallacy. The forensics report, three autopsies, the medical examiner, the coroner, and eyewitness reports appear to show that Michael Brown did not have his hands up when he was fatally shot by Officer Wilson. But rest assured, facts do not matter to the people busily trying to stoke the flames of crisis and chaos in Ferguson.

The Chicago-based Revolutionary Communist Party USA stokes the flames of racial division in Ferguson, Missouri. (Credit: Twitter)

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what mobocracy looks like. The facts do not matter. As a matter of fact, they really just get in the way of some good ole fashioned “radical social change.” There is no such thing as due process or being considered innocent until proven guilty in a mobocracy; it is a lynch mob—pure and simple. Whether you’re guilty or not does not matter. Once the mob has labeled you the enemy, it’s over. There is no justice in a mobocracy. The rule of law is replaced with the law of force—chaos and violence that never ends. Our Founders warned us over and over again about the capricious will of the mob; they coined the term “mobocracy.”

From the very beginning, the whole meme has been a “racist, white pig” mercilessly gunned down an “unarmed, innocent black child.” Just forget the fact Michael Brown was 18-years-old—old enough to get married, old enough to join the military, old enough to be considered an adult by law—and stood 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighed 292 pounds. Oh, and just forget the fact Michael Brown (a.k.a. “The Gentle Giant”) had just committed a strong-arm robbery (a felony) at a local convenience store prior to his death.


I realize, as I believe most do, that the death of such a young man is truly a tragic thing indeed. But one must accept responsibility for one’s own actions, and their subsequent consequences. Crime and violence often ends badly for all involved. What we’re really talking about is bad behavior, not racism. Bad behavior is no respecter of race or ethnicity.

Much more at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was an eye opening piece in the Atlantic by former AP reporter Matti FriedmanWhat The Media Gets Wrong About Israel submitted by The Glittering Eye.

In it, he reveals the innate bias of many news outlets including the AP in favor of the ‘narrative’ that casts the Arabs whom call themselves Palestinians as the Good Guys and the Israelis as villains… and exactly how it is promulgated and shaped by them. It’s a must read piece, written by an insider.

Here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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