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Dedicated to HarperCollins, which recently published atlases scrubbed of the existence of the state of Israel, so as not to hurt the feelings of its Middle East customers. Reported by our friend and frequent contributor, Marion D.S. Dreyfus. Illustrated by Red Square, People’s Director.

Harper's Revisionist History and Geography
Hey, kids, who said History and Geography have to hurt? See how much cooler, more fashionable, and less painful they can be with Harper’s new textbook series, where every fact and location have been revised, updated and revisited. Just try these on for size!

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Al Jazeera HQ have now inched across the continent to Vienna, closer to the station’s European audiences, in the hundreds of millions. Of course, Vienna has been the mighty capital of the Austro-Hungarian Caliphate since 1683, after the army of the Ottoman Empire and its fiefdoms commanded by Grand Vizier Mustafa Pasha liberated the city from the infidel occupiers who spoke in some gibberish, now-forgotten dialect. Vienna was chosen over the Islamic Republic of al-Andalus (known as Spain prior to 711 CE) due to superior in-house plumbing and more obedient servants.

Harper's Revisionist History and Geography

Kim Jong Il, still ill, hands over the North Korean barrens to his daughter, Kim Jong Kimberly, a pretty little thing also fond of basketball. She is engaged to an American athlete, Dennis Rodman, who has just left the bedside of his former fiancée, Justina Bieber.

Harper's Revisionist History and Geography

President Ted Cruz recently jailed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for crimes linked to Benghazi, along with an unspecified number of co-conspirators involved in the ambassadorial conflagration and deaths of many American servicemen and diplomatic corps. Her dresser and fashion consultant, Huma Abedin, was given special dispensation to visit Ms. Clinton, a widow, incarcerated as much for style abuses as incompetence in office. She has sort of renounced her Muslim Brotherhood linkage. Time will tell. (Kidding.)

Harper's Revisionist History and Geography

The Antarctic, now in the bearish sphere of USSR influence, has been declared a Nyet-Go zone, as the Soviets under the leadership of General Secretary Leonid Putin extract minerals and precious commodities from the icy substrate, thereby increasing their country’s output to more than just oil, vodka and wooden nested dolls, to include permafrost yields.

Harper's Revisionist History and Geography

The bastard child of Stanley Ann Dunham, a multi-married amateur anthropologist and former pornographer’s model for a petty Communist drug seller cum photographer in Chicago, was successfully aborted, following the opportune 1961 Roe v. Wade court decision. Ms. Dunham married a local boy, moved to Tallahassee, and began teaching Secret Byways of the Middle East, having instead of her first abortee tissue-waste two others, both Caucasian, moderate socialists in good standing, dabbling in comic-book culture. Both have purchased but rejected the annals of radicalism peddled by one Saul Alinsky, who piddled out before his little book gained much traction.

Harper's Revisionist History and Geography

Saddam Hussein, still living large in his capacious palace in Baghdad, has genially handed the reins of his Iraqi domain to paradigms-in-chief, Cusay and Uday, for managerial continuity. The Hussein brothers appear often in the backrooms of clubs, dragging attractive young wives of other men into their lairs for a touch of R&R (rape and recuperation). Iraq continues its long, slow smolder as it is kept in check by the Hussein brothers.

The war in the disputed Falklands, waged by the British under PM Margaret Thatcher, assisted by an aged Winnie Churchill well past his sell-by date, was lost to the Argentineans, and the Brits turned tail and went back, frigates between their navy, to the Emerald Isle–but without their legendary millennial mini-territory. The islands are now dubbed the Malvinas everywhere, including the British texts taught to the largely Wahhabist students of the UK.

Sen. Edward Kennedy succeeded in re-election after he saved Mary Jo Kopechne from his sinking Oldsmobile following a senatorial after-hours carouse with senate aides attended by all-female secretaries and all-male Senate staffers. Kennedy is happily ensconced in a retirement home in Boca, frequently entertaining his playboy nephew, William Kennedy Jones, who is occasionally up to his old tricks, climbing trees as a prank, peering into women’s dorms. Hyannis, the longtime Kennedy family preserve, is now in the possession of Steve Jobs, still going strong in his creative electronics mold, though considerably poorer, given the failure of his pet computer innovations of the ’90s and ’00s.

Harper's Revisionist History and Geography

Ahmadinejad, the little sad grocer in Tehran, is said to be becoming expert in the mystic arts of Hom’s exotic carpet weaving. His silken output commands fees in excess of $10,000 for a room-sized floor covering. Guaranteed to last. Diplomats to Iran’s peaceable kingdom are as usual enjoying the embassy, with its luxe pools and amenities.Having won the war, Japan has instituted mandatory Kan’ji calligraphy coursework in all secondary schools, with lunchrooms across the land featuring sushi, wasabi, and soy sauce with modified sodium. The Deutsche curricula have been suspended for the past 60 years, as the Midnight Sun emperor decided German was too taxing on the throat and vocal chords of most speakers. And since the Japanese beat all the rest of the armies in 1949, Germans and Germanica were dispensable.

The State of Israel, a never-was, has been economically excised from the atlases of Harper/Creations, to suit the mindset and offsets of their clients in the Middle East, from Sea to Bloody Sea. Funded by the recent great gas and oil finds in the Mediterranean, named al-Leviathan and al-Tamarisk, they have money to burn, among other things. Jordan, peaceful Syria, and Mahmoud Abash are currently running a quiet casino of Mafia-like accountability and incautious income. Palestinian marginals are still dispersed and hanging in with UNRWA in 57 Muslim countries. All are invited into the Magic Kingdom. C’mon down, and shukran, y’all.

Harper's Revisionist History and Geography

Marion D.S. Dreyfus | Illustrations by Red Square, People’s Director


Seven staggering takeaways from our interview with the author who wrote the book on Putin’s kleptocracy

By: Benjamin Weingarten
The Blaze

Recently we brought you Professor Karen Dawisha’s warning about Russian president Vladimir Putin’s growing paranoia, and the fact that in order to survive, he will likely be forced to increase repression.

Below we share seven of the most staggering, insightful and at times terrifying takeaways from our interview with the author of the absolutely essential “Putin’s Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?,” in which Dawisha explains the West’s failures to understand Russia, how Putin rose to power, his worldview, the tactics, strategies and extremes to which he will go to undermine the West while increasing his power and enriching his friends, and much much more.

You can also click here to skip down to the full interview.

SOCHI, RUSSIA - OCTOBER 24: Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during the Valdai discussion club on October 24, 2014 in Sochi, Russia. Sasha Mordovets/Getty Images

1. Bush and Obama were both wrong on Putin, and now he poses a grave danger to our financial system

“They are building…an authoritarian regime, which is self-serving, which is based on loyalty to Putin, silence about how the system works, and massive predation and corruption. And there are winners in the system — the group around Putin, and there are losers in the system — and that’s everybody else…[T]his was their plan from the very beginning…

[W]e are wrong in the West to see the Putin regime as a regime that stumbled into, or got pushed into an authoritarian corner…This was their policy from the very beginning, and in the meantime we were either looking into Putin’s eyes and seeing his soul under George Bush, or involved in a ‘reset’ under President Obama. Both policies had the wrong assumptions at their heart. We didn’t see this regime as a regime which is seeking not only to re-establish an authoritarian Soviet style state, but also establish a state in which the top people are themselves massively corrupt, and are in bed with criminal elements. And those criminal elements are undermining our own system. It’s a very huge danger to Western financial systems not to recognize what’s going on in Russia.”

2. Cyber-terror is an important part of Putin’s arsenal — he brought Estonia to its knees simply because of their placement of a statue

“As one example that’s been well-researched, in Estonia, a country which is now part of NATO, several years ago, the Estonian government took a decision to re-locate — this is all they did — to re-locate a statue that commemorated and valorized the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany. In response, the kremlin took down the Estonian internet, and the entire Estonian banking system. This is in response to the move of one single statue.”

3. How did Putin rise above the other competitors for power in Russia?

“My view is that the most senior people in the KGB, when they saw the beginning of the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe…really hit the panic button, and became concerned that Gorbachev — who was regarded by them as an enemy — Gorbachev would do the stupid thing which was to create a multi-party system, and to separate the Communist Party from the state — make them compete in a free and fair election against other parties, and eliminate their ability to use state funds.

Putin's Kleptocracy

Featured Book
Title: Putin’s Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?
Author: Karen Dawisha

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So they started to move money out of the country, but they also started to identify people who could be part of the next generation of leaders.

In my view, Putin wasn’t the only one who was identified. They placed people who were coming back from Eastern Europe, who had been in Poland, who had been in East Germany, who had been in Hungary, but especially in East Germany, because they regarded them as quite advanced in…subterfuge, running of money, running of agents and so forth.

Remember, in the late ’80s, East Germany became a home for international terrorists. Carlos ‘The Jackal’ was based at one point in East Germany, Baader-Meinhof, the ‘Red Brigade’ and all of that. So they had a particular skill set.

And when they came back to the Soviet Union, this is now beginning two years before the collapse of the Soviet Union, they were placed as advisors, strategically, to democrats…And they tried to put these people up against, and in the service of open democrats who could then be controlled secretly.

So when you look at other leading democrats, they all had these guys [like Putin] who suddenly appeared in their entourage, so that there was a potential for more than Putin to succeed, but Putin is the one who really proved himself.

I mean he’s not just a dolt who obeys orders — he was part of a plan, but he had his own individual skills and capabilities, and he’s shown that in power.”

4. “One of history’s great false flag operations” — when Putin’s FSB allegedly planned to bomb their own citizens

“In my opinion, I reached the conclusion in the book…I call it one of history’s great false flag operations. And to make that statement, it’s kind of chilling to even imagine that the security services of any country no matter how horrible the regime would set up bombs in the apartment buildings, that went off while totally innocent civilians were sleeping. And this is what happened beginning in late August. Putin had just been named prime minister. He had been head of the FSB — very critical. So he was in a position to have ordered these things…we don’t have his signature on a piece of paper, but he was in a position to order these things. And thousands were injured and three hundred totally innocent civilians were killed.

Now, then…the country being in a state of total panic with people on the lookout — I would say citizen patrols everywhere — then, two separate, independent civilians saw something happening outside their own apartment building in Ryazan, one of whom was a veteran. And they saw a car with three people inside that was taking sacks into their building in the middle of the night. They investigated and called the bomb squad. The bomb squad arrived, found a bomb with a timer due to go off at dawn. They then called the local FSB, and the police, who evacuated the whole building, sealed off the area, and put out an all points bulletin for three people in a white car. They had the license plates and everything.

And a vigilant, or we could say snoopy telephone operator at the local telephone exchange intercepted…a call…to FSB headquarters in Moscow, from someone saying that they were unable to complete the task successfully, and they are now being hunted. And they were told to split up and get out of the area. So they had this call. These three people were detained by the local police, upon which they showed their FSB IDs, and were released, and they were never charged.

…And then on top of that, there was a television program in early 2000, this is when Putin was already acting president, but he was not yet inaugurated…and there was still…independent television in Russia, and residents of Ryazan from this building stuck by their story, and they had bomb disposal people from Ryazan, the local FSB stuck by their story. But within months, this whole story was hushed up. The FSB said that this was a civil defense exercise, and that they were testing people’s readiness. But you know no civil defense exercise would be announced without the cooperation of the local security services, so this explanation simply does not hold water in my opinion.

…And the reason is that in my view that they were trying to sow panic and then in that circumstance to create an image of Putin as somebody who is resolute, who will do whatever is necessary to protect Russia from the people who are attacking it, and in that case they blamed the Chechens, and they created the groundwork for the second Chechen War, which was started, by Putin, soon afterwards.”

5. How Russia manipulates the U.S. for its own ends

“It is vitally critical for the U.S. government to be very hard-nosed in analyzing what kind of crises Russia wants, and what kind of crises Russia benefits from.

So we have one of the people closest to Putin who is ex-KGB himself, Sergei Ivanov, who’s currently head of the presidential administration, had been minister of defense, saying that he provided to the United States — that they provided to the United States, the coordinates for Al-Qaeda training grounds in Afghanistan. It is clearly in, it was clearly in the interest of Russia to have the United States bogged down in Afghanistan — and while they’re there, to kill off as many Chechen fighters who were volunteering, or Central Asian fighters who were volunteering for Al-Qaeda as possible.

I think it’s very similar today with ISIS.

There are many many central Asian and Chechen fighters who fled out of Southern Russia — the Caucasus — and out of Central Asian regimes, into Syria and Iraq, and it’s very convenient for Russia to have us bombing them. We’re doing their dirty work. And, at the same time we are turning international terrorism against the United States, when many of those folks had been primarily against Russia.”

6. The “kill list”: too many people to kill “even for them

“Zolotov had run the tribute system for Putin in St. Petersburg. He was the head of a private security agency. He had KGB background…Putin took him to Moscow and made him his personal bodyguard. So he [Zolotov] arrived in New York in summer of 2000 to set up security with someone else for Putin’s first UN trip. And as part of that trip, he met with a guy who was the rezident, head of the KGB station in New York, obviously an extremely important position. And what Zolotov didn’t know is that this guy had already been turned, and would in December defect to the United States.

He wrote a book with a long-time security analyst Pete Earley, and in that book he told the story that they went out to dinner in Brighton Beach [Brooklyn], and so there were two people from the residency in New York, and two from Moscow…and Zolotov told them that they had planned to kill the…then-head of the presidential administration to [Boris] Yeltsin — this is when Putin was prime minister and rising up to being named acting president — but they realized that if they killed [Alexander] Voloshin, they would have to kill others. And they said, they realized that the list was too long, that there were too many to kill, even for them.

So here you have somebody…Zolotov…he was in charge of the hit list…That this person was head of Putin’s personal presidential bodyguard for 14 years, and he now has been moved to be the deputy minister of interior, in charge of all of Russia’s internal security forces. So whenever there are these mobilization[s] of security forces, Zolotov, somebody who is personally very very loyal to Putin — or at least Putin hopes — is in charge of putting down of riots.”

7. Putin leaves the law for his opponents, and to his friends, he gives everything

“This is the way I think Putin operates, and operated even in St. Petersburg. Putin is not formally speaking Mafia…he was never “made,” using this American phrase. What he did was to make illegal activity legal, which is a far more useful thing. So he…because he was…in charge of all the registrations of foreigners coming into Russia, into St. Petersburg, and all of the export licenses going abroad, you didn’t have to run the risk of illegally exporting if Putin would sign the documents for you. He could open the border going and coming for money for goods for raw materials for establishment of manufacturing facilities, for it all. And he’s done that now on a massive scale in Russia as a whole.

So his signature is what makes things legal. It’s not the law.

And so his friends get no-bid contracts for the Olympics. They can make $50-60 billion off of all these illicit contracts for roads that down get built, for buildings that don’t get built, for bridges to Crimea that are not emerging. So he’s able to give people the ability to operate without impunity, and that is his contribution.

The moment that you engage in any kind of anti-Kremlin activity, then suddenly everything you’ve done will be subject to true legal scrutiny, and you’ll be thrown in prison — you’ll have to run from the country.

So he leaves the law for his opponents. And for his friends, he gives them complete ability to make money with impunity.”

Note: The links to the book in this post will give you an option to elect to donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale to a charity of your choice. Mercury One, the charity founded by TheBlaze’s Glenn Beck, is one of the options. Donations to Mercury One go towards efforts such as disaster relief, support for education, support for Israel and support for veterans and our military. You can read more about Amazon Smile and Mercury One here.


Frenetic Pace

Arlene from Israel

Where to begin in these days of turmoil, both at home and abroad?

I think I’ll start at home, with the weather.  A major winter storm is due to start here within hours.  It is predicted that the north, Jerusalem, and high places in Judea and Samaria will see considerable snow between now and Friday.  In other places there will be torrential rain, hail, thunderstorms and flooding.

Credit: gopicpix

As long as I don’t lose my electric power, I’ll keep writing.


From snow, to heavier issues regarding the Palestinian Authority:

The US State Department has criticized Israel’s declared intention to withhold collected taxes from the PA because of Abbas’s application for membership in the ICC. Spokeswoman Jen Psaki delivered one of her typical, vastly irritating statements: “We’re opposed to any actions that raise tensions. Obviously this is one that raises tensions.”

Translation: “Yes, I know the PA did something deplorable, but be nice. We don’t want to make them angry now, do we?”

Well, actually, yes, I think we do.


I had alluded recently to the fact that while we are about to withhold PA tax money, the PA owes the Israel Electric Company enormous sums of money.  And now, lo and behold, the Israel Electric Company seems to have come to its senses.  Or, perhaps more accurately, I should say that they’ve been given a tacit nod from the government that allows them to take a necessary and sensible position.

Israel Electric Company CEO Eli Glickman has now sent a letter to Israel’s security chiefs, letting them know that there may be a certain amount of “unrest” in PA-controlled areas because a decision has been made to limit the supply of electricity in those areas.  That is because the PA and the Palestinian-Arab controlled Jerusalem District Electric Company owe the Electric Company 1.7 billion shekels (well over $400 million). The PA buys the electricity from IEC and then sells it to PA-controlled municipalities.

Glickman has written that, “the debt imposes a heavy burden on the company’s cash flow…” and IEC “as a supplier of an essential service that is committed to all its customers, is obligated to begin working in the coming days to collect [outstanding funds]” either by limiting supply of electricity or refusing to connect new customers.

At last!

Please do note that service will be reduced, not curtailed.  And I am quite certain that nothing has been initiated that would affect service during the predicted storm.


It must be pointed out that the failure of the PA to pay this bill is not an indication of a simple lack of funds, but rather of a highly inappropriate utilization of funds.  There is, for example, the matter of “salaries” paid to the terrorists in Israeli jails (with the amount of the salaries higher for those who committed more heinous crimes).

And then, of course, there is the enormous corruption in the PA, so that, while the Palestinian Arabs receive the highest amount per capita in international funding of any group, a good deal of that money seems to “disappear.”

Please see, “The  10 year klepto-dictatorship of Mahmoud Abbas”:

“Like any dictator, [Abbas is] corrupt. His predecessor, Yasser Arafat, was accused of embezzling billions of dollars of money meant for the Palestinian people, with US officials estimating the man’s personal nest egg at between one and three billion dollars. In line with his role model, after whom he named his own son, Abbas has continued this ignominious tradition.”


What must be asked, however, is why the Israeli government is not simply turning over to the Electric Company the money that is being withheld, so that a good part of the money owed by the PA for electricity would be covered.

The fact that this is not the case suggests that the government knows now that the money is being held only temporarily as a gesture, and that ultimately it will be given to the PA.  Or that there is at least the possibility of this decision being made, in response to international pressure.


The PA application for membership in the ICC does not require the US to act – beyond, perhaps, closing a PLO office temporarily.  But, according to recently passed US legislation, no funding may be provided to the PA if “the Palestinians initiate an International Criminal Court judicially authorized investigation, or actively support such an investigation, that subjects Israeli nationals to an investigation for alleged crimes against Palestinians.”

Both Israel and members of Congress are watching the situation closely.http://www.timesofisrael.com/israel-to-ask-congress-to-stop-funding-pa/


When reports came out very recently indicating that non-governmental Israeli organizations might be the ones to pursue charges against the PA in courts outside of Israel, my thoughts went immediately to Shurat Hadin.  And here you are:

“Shurat Hadin said it would be sending copies of the ready-to- file complaints to Abbas, Mashaal, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, and many others so that they could see directly what they will face if they go beyond signing the Rome Statute and take the final step of filing war crimes complaints against Israelis.”

They’re fantastic.


International lawyer Alan Baker, Director of the Institute for Contemporary Affairs at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, has now drafted “Ten Points Regarding the Fundamental Breach by the Palestinians of the Oslo Accords.”

Credit: inthelastofdays

It is the considered legal opinion of Ambassador Baker that (emphasis added):

In “petitioning the UN, the International Criminal Court and international organizations to recognize them and accept them as a full member state, and by their unification with the Hamas terror organization, the Palestinians have knowingly and deliberately bypassed their contractual obligations pursuant to the Oslo Accords in an attempt to prejudge the main negotiating issues outside the negotiation.

“This, together with their attempts to delegitimize Israel among the international community and their attempted actions against Israel’s leaders, has served to frustrate any possibility of realization of the Oslo Accords, and as such the Palestinians are in material breach of their contractual obligations.”

“…according to the accepted and universally recognized laws of contracts and international agreements, a fundamental breach enables the injured party to declare the agreement void and is freed from any further obligations pursuant to the agreement or contract. Therefore the fundamental breach of the Oslo Accords by the Palestinians is indicative of their conscious decision to undermine them and prevent any possibility of their implementation. As such they have rendered the Accords void…Israel has the legitimate right to declare that the Oslo Accords are no longer valid and to act unilaterally in order to protect its essential legal and security interests.”

A very important legal opinion. But fairly meaningless if Israel does not act accordingly.


Matters have not been exactly peaceful here in the political sphere, aka the “political circus.”  A few highlights:

There were some irregularities discovered in the voting in the Likud primary, which were challenged by Tzipi Livni.  After some re-counting was done, she found herself just 55 votes shy of taking the (realistic) 20th slot from Avi Dichter. She says she is not giving up yet.  There have been some other readjustments of slot assignments according to the recount.  But I will not report on details until it is all final.

Netanyahu made a statement regarding campaign plans for the Likud that involved some future legislation that would change electoral procedures.  But this is campaign talk.  If and when such legislation is proposed, I will write about it.


For some many days the Herzog-Livni duo, according to the polls, was either slightly ahead of Likud or neck and neck with it.  Now polls are showing Likud pulling ahead.  Predictions are that a right-wing religious coalition might be composed of as many as 69 mandates.

At present, neither the newly founded party of Michael Ben-Ari nor that of Eli Yishai is shown to make the cut-off (3.75% of the vote)for getting into the Knesset.

Shas is, unsurprisingly, showing at only a fraction of its current strength.  A similar drop in mandates is showing for Yisrael Beitenu (Lieberman) and Yesh Atid (Lapid).

A word about Lapid here: He has admitted on IDF radio that he went into the Finance Ministry, “a bit power drunk…we should have listened to advice more.” He sure was power drunk, and he did damage in the process. Perhaps he thinks making this confession will square him with the voters, but I do not.

Moshe Feiglin has announced that he is leaving Likud.  His plans are a bit vague. Either he’ll start a new party (we need another party, yes?), in which case he recognizes that he will not be in the Knesset next time around. Or he’ll join with another nationalist party now, in hopes of securing a realistic place on a list.  Ben-Ari has invited him; it is not clear to me at all if Feiglin has sufficient voter influence to bring Ben-Ari’s party into the Knesset.

New people are joining parties at a rapid clip – including from the broadcasting world and the entertainment world.  Let’s see who makes the cut once lists are announced.  Up-coming soon is the Habayit Hayehudi primary; not every party determines its list via primary.


I close with this upbeat opinion piece by Guy Bechor: “The Arab oil era is over.”

“As the Gulf states are left with no money to spend and are experiencing internal shocks, the era of destructive Arab power is coming to an end; the Israeli mind and innovation era, on the other hand, is just beginning.

“The most dramatic news in 2014 almost went unnoticed: The United States lifted the restrictions on American oil exports, and as of the first day of the new year it has begun exporting oil to the world.

“No one believed this would happen so fast, but the US is already the world’s biggest oil manufacturer, bigger than Saudi Arabia, thanks to the oil shale technology which changed the world of energy…

“As the year 2015 begins, we are facing a new world: A world of a revolution of information, mind, personal strength, innovation and inventions. And in this world, Israel is a real princess…

“Israel is becoming a close friend of countries which were distant in the past but are close today, like India, Japan, China and South Korea. They too understand that those who are not innovative and lack a creative mind will just not be. And in this field, Israel has a lot to offer them, just like they have a lot to offer in return.”

As I hear the wind howling outside my window, I am able to smile.

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Our Weasel Of The Week Nominees!! – 01/06/15

The Watcher’s Council


It’s time once again for the Watcher’s Council’s ‘Weasel Of The Week’ nominations, where we pick our choices to compete for the award of the famed Golden Weasel to a public figure who particularly deserves to be slimed and mocked for his or her dastardly deeds during the week. Every Tuesday morning, tune in for the Weasel of the Week nominations!

Here are this weeks’ nominees:

President of the 57 states and fluent Austrian speaker Barack Obama!!

The Independent Sentinel: I really can’t ignore Barack Obama this week. He’s out-weaseled himself.

His NPR interview was chock full of delusional quotes. We are all living out his dangerous, delusional world view.

During the NPR interview, it became clear that he thinks Iran could be a very ‘successful regional power’:

There’s incredible talent and resources and sophistication inside of Iran,” he said, “and it would be a very successful regional power that was also abiding by international norms and international rules – and that would be good for everybody.”

He thinks he united the world and China, Iran and Russia are working with us:

“I mean, there’s a reason why we’ve been able to get this far in the negotiations. We mobilized the international community at the start of my presidency — a classic example of American leadership. The sanctions worked because we didn’t just get our usual allies’ support of this; we got China in support of it; we have Russia that still is supportive of the position that the P5+1 has taken in negotiations.”

“So, when I came into office, the world was divided and Iran was in the driver’s seat. Now the world’s united because of the actions we’ve taken, and Iran’s the one that’s isolated.”

Someone needs to tell him Iran is still in the driver’s seat.

He thinks the United States is “less racially divided” since he became president, which puts him in direct opposition to reality. He admitted that he has kept the Senate from acting on more than 400 bills languishing there. He is the king of the party of NO!

“There are going to be areas where we agree and I’m going to be as aggressive as I can be in getting legislation passed that I think help move the economy forward and help middle-class families,” he said. “There are going to be some areas where we disagree and, you know, I haven’t used the veto pen very often since I’ve been in office, partly because legislation that I objected to was typically blocked in the Senate even after the House took over — Republicans took over the House.”

[Emphasis mine]

He also takes the lead for me after responding so inadequately to the assassination of two NYPD officers.


Former Republican Congressman Michael Grimm!

The Noisy Room: My nomination this week is New York GOP Rep. Michael Grimm for his tax evasions, from 2007 to 2010, in connection with his Manhattan health-food store Healthalicious. He reportedly hid more than $1 million in receipts and wages at Healthalicious, a Manhattan restaurant he owned before he was elected to Congress in 2010. Though Grimm originally said he would continue to serve, he resigned after talking with House Speaker John Boehner, who convinced him to step down because he was embarrassing the party.

The 44-year-old Grimm, a former Marine and FBI agent, faces 24 to 30 months in prison, according to federal sentencing guidelines. He is scheduled to be sentenced June 8th. If the Dems win the seat in NY, it takes the only Congressional seat away from Republicans in the state. Shame on Grimm – I expect better from a Marine.

In last Tuesday’s hearing before Judge Pamela Chen, Grimm pleaded guilty to one count of aiding in the filing of a false tax return in 2009. In a document submitted to the court, he admitted to all the illegal conduct alleged in his 20-count indictment, including hiring undocumented immigrants and lying under oath in a deposition in 2013, when he had been in Congress for two years.

One of the worst parts, in my opinion, is that he lied about being a Tea Party candidate to get the support and endorsement of those such as Sarah Palin. Grimm did not join the Tea Party Caucus within the House, and instead joined the more moderate Republican Main Street Partnership.

After being elected, when asked by Sean Hannity if he was a Conservative, he wouldn’t even say he was one at that point. It is now blatantly obvious he was never a Conservative or a Tea Party adherent. He was a RINO in Tea Party clothing.

University of Virginia President And Male Basher Teresa Sullivan!!

The Razor: My WOTW is University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan for continuing a ban on fraternity activities and refusing to apologize to the Greek community even after the Rolling Stone article that prompted the ban was thoroughly debunked. I am no friend of the Greeks (unless it’s the Ancient Greek philosophers or Greek food) but Sullivan’s capitulation to the rabid PC harpies followed by her sudden mettle after the article was shown to be a lie makes me cast off my typical New Years optimism and reach back into the recent past to anoint Ms. Sullivan our First Weasel of 2015.



Ask Marion: My Weasel of the Week nominee is PETA.

Sarah Palin posted a photo of her 6-year-old special needs son, Trig, trying to help with the dishes. Nobody immediately reacted when he said he needed help to reach the sink, so Trip took it upon himself to solve the problem. He stood on the family dog, Jill, a black lab especially trained to be a companion for kids like Trig who suffers from down syndrome.

When Palin posted the photo, PETA went nuts. Now I’m a dog lover, but really???

Hmmm… funny thing?!? When Ellen DeGeneres, who doesn’t suffer from Downs or the [ike, posted virtually the same photo of herself standing on the family dog as a child, there were crickets from PETA and then they nominated her women of the year.

And when President Obama admitted that he ate dog meat as a child in Indonesia there wasn’t a peep either from PETA.

Or how about when New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio dropped the groundhog, who eventually died, at the yearly celebration? I don’t remember a peep from PETA either.

But like with anything else in today’s climate, if you are a Democrat or a Progressive from either party, you are untouchable and always excused, but if you are a Reublican or worse yet. a tea party Republican, you are fair game with a target on your back for anyone or any group to inflict their fake outrage. Just ask former Governer and GOP Presidential Candidate Romney.

But Sarah Palin responded to PETA like only Sarah can!

Well, there it is! Are these worthy weasels or what? Check back Thursday to see which Weasel walks off with the statuette of shame!

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Who Are the Covert Marxists in Congress? Pre-order Loudon’s “The Enemies Within” Today!

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal


If you liked my 2013-15 edition of “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress,” you’ll love the upcoming 2015-17 update.

  • “Obamacare” is destroying the world’s greatest healthcare system, and dragging the economy down.
  • “Amnesty” will flood the country with millions of new Democratic voters, eventually ensuring a “one party state.”
  • The U.S. military is being gutted, while America’s enemies are growing stronger and more aggressive by the day.
  • Rioting and violence are breaking out on America’s streets in levels not seen for 40 years.
  • American voters have seldom felt so alienated and public confidence in the U.S. government is at rock bottom levels.

All of this is being orchestrated by the U.S. Marxist movement working through the unions under their control, and their leverage over Congress. In the last fifteen years, the Marxists have infiltrated the House of Representatives and the Senate, with several dozen covert socialists and radicals, who are working to bring down the U.S. Constitution, and the very United States itself.

The country is at war – and the main enemy is internal. At least 20% of members of both Houses would fail an FBI security check to clean the toilets at any military base in the country. Yet these people are serving on sensitive committees like Science & Technology, Homeland Security, Armed Services, even Intelligence, with zero security checks.

Many of these “Representatives” are closely allied with radical groups who support China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba or other enemy nations. Is it conceivable that America’s enemies would not use these “friends” in the U.S. Government to try and further their own interests?

There is an old rule of war – “know thine enemy.” This book will help you do just that. In more than 700 well-referenced pages, “The Enemies Within” details the internal campaign against your liberty, including 77 no punches pulled, profiles of radical Congress members and Senators.

The Enemies Within” will be released on April 11, 2015.

You may pre-order a personally signed copy below.

Buy 1 or more

Thank you,

Trevor Loudon
Christchurch, New Zealand


A Plea From New Zealand: Inspire Us All, Make History, Vote Against John Boehner

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal


I wrote an email this morning to the wife of a Republican Congressman, both are constitutionalists through and through. I wrote asking her to persuade her husband to vote against John Boehner, for Speaker of the House today.

Dear C.

I know R thinks it won’t work, and he risks his influence, but he risks a lot more if he doesn’t do this.

This is history here, and R. needs to be on the right side of this. You know I’m a big fan of R’s. I have so much hope for his future career. He needs to stand on this. Please do what you can to persuade him.

It will take at least 29 No votes today to force balloting into a second round. That will very possibly lead to Boehner’s ousting, or at the very least, severe embarrassment.

If Boehner is fired, every Congressman leading the vote against him will become a conservative hero and be almost certainly re-elected.

If Boehner stays, every opponent will almost certainly face retribution, loss of committee influence, withdrawal of party funds and probable loss of their Congressional seat. They may even be de-friended from Karl Rove”s Facebook page.

If John Boehner wins, being a Republican Congressman may not be such a great prize anyway. The GOP is on the verge of a major split now. I pray that doesn’t happen, but if Boehner stays and Jeb Bush becomes the 2016 nominee, it’s almost guaranteed.

If that happens, America’s next President will be either Hillary Clinton or Pocahontas Warren.

The Democrats will then effectively dissolve the Southern Border, give the vote to 12 or 20 million “illegals” and America will become a permanent “one party state.” If some GOP Congressman thinks they will remain privileged under that regime, they deserve their fate.

All this can be avoided, if 29 good men and women put Principle before Party today.

This vote will be watched all over the world. Millions all over the planet realize that this is a very big deal. All of us who value freedom understand what hangs in the balance.

Americans have a Republic because a few brave men risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to seize it from the tyrannical King George.

Let’s all pray that we see similar courage and integrity in the House today.

Being in politics is about shaping history. Every Republican in the House today needs to ask him or herself today – which side of history do I want to be on?