U.S. & British Intelligence: Al Qaeda Planning Mass Attacks On West

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The title simply reads: “Urgent: Hiring six new cartoonists.”

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Double-Agent: Numerous Jihadist Sleeper Cells Prepared to Repeat Paris Attacks Worldwide

Let’s Laugh at Islam

Free Speech and Cartoons of Muhammad

UNCENSORED version of French police killing MUslim terrorist in Kosher grocery store

Leftists hurl insults and invective at Erick Erickson over his modest proposal for terrorists’ corpses

This ATF agent wants Obama to make a DECLARATION to make you stop calling ISIS ‘Muslim’

This guy actually says a Parisian-style attack would have been WORSE in America because we have GUNS

YES! Canadian PM says international Jihadist movement HAS DECLARED WAR and we MUST CONFRONT IT

Should This Be Next Week’s Charlie Hebdo Cover?

Al Jazeera English’s Muslim editor & exec producer: ‘I AM NOT CHARLIE’


KISS OUR @SS: Radical Dipstick, Anjem Choudary, Wants This Pic Of Him Removed From Internet

Jews Are Abandoning France

Obama’s remarks on Paris shooting ‘Shariah-compliant’

MUSLIM Party Leader offers reward to anyone who will kill anti-Islam cartoonists

Charlie Hebdo jihad mentor’s wife lives on welfare in UK

Video: Robert Spencer on Hannity on Sharia No-Go Zones in France and the Charlie Hebdo jihadists

Canada: Muslim cleric says cartoons of religious leaders should be outlawed

Video: Robert Spencer on Sun TV on the Islamic war on free speech

Reactions On Twitter To Attack On ‘Charlie Hebdo’ – Including Hashtags #Paris Is Burning, #Vengeance For [Insulting] Allah’s Messenger, #Lone Wolves Are Terrorizing France

Watch VIDEO: Assault on the kosher supermarket where 16 Jewish people were held as hostages by devout Muslims in Paris

France: Jewish Hostages Taken By Devout Muslims Escaped by Hiding in -3 Degree Freezer

ITALY: Following Islamic terror attacks in Paris, the mayor of Padua has declared a ban on construction of any more mosques in the northern Italian city

BREAKING! France’s most wanted female Muslim terrorist is now thought to have escaped to Syria

#IamNOTcharlie: Exposing its fury over global support for Charlie Hebdo, leaked Al-Jazeera emails order its journalists to slam the cartoonists

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