5 thoughts on “Caroline Glick speaks at Stop Iran Rally in New York City #StopIranRally

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  2. My God but that woman is awesome! My entire system is still tingling. I’ve read her writings over the years and been amazed by her consistent clarity and alignment with reality. I had not heard her speak until now. I am literally awestruck. What a speech.
    What a lioness, nay a lion. I will follow her into battle. I believe this to be the most powerful speech in defense of our under attack system of morals and values in the half-century+ I’ve been on the planet.
    Simply stunning. If Caroline Glick were running for President of the United States of America, the election would be sealed following this inspiring and heart-felt telling of the truth. I don’t remember the last time I heard a politician tell the truth but I know the truth when I hear it. And she isn’t a politician. Perhaps that’s the difference.
    As she was born in the USA, I assume she could run for the Presidency legally. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I am not American.
    I have two citizenships and have told anybody who would listen, over the years, that there are three countries I would take up arms for; Ireland, America and Israel and not necessarily in that order. After hearing Caroline and contrasting her to that traitorous fraud be-fouling the shining City on The Hill, Israel takes precedence.

    I hope this inspires the sleeping American Patriots required to restore America, to take action. What a woman!

  3. Right there with ya, Brian! Caroline Glick is a good person and a true patriot for Israel and America. American’s better damn well wake up and soon. War is coming.

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