2 thoughts on “Senator Ted Cruz at RedState Gathering 2015

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  2. There are bigger issues here: Never mind that Megan Kelly didn’t put the ‘Rosie issue’ into context, reminding viewers that it was Rosie who (unprovoked) started the dust up by eviscerating Trump on nationwide television on The View months earlier. Never mind that the RNC in concert with the ‘corporate media’ had, as its pre-game strategy, to castrate Trump as a legitimate Republican Party candidate. Never mind that the questions were wordsmithed and, without a doubt, were approved all the way to the top of Fox News before they were asked. Never mind that the moderators took up 31% of the air time in self-adulation. Never mind that Fox News thought it unnecessary to ask questions regarding Iran, Ukraine, the national debt, government regulation, lawless federal agencies such as the IRS and DHS, record levels of unemployment and underemployment, Obamacare, the Keystone pipeline, foreign policy in the Middle East, the nation’s dismal education record, racial unrest literally being stoked by the Administration, open borders, a rogue judiciary, a flaccid Congress that has proven traitorous to the wishes of the people, and the subsidy of illegal alien migrants at the expense of American citizens, etc.

    Then we come to the issue of Erik Erickson at Red State disinviting Donald Trump to an important speaking engagement of all Presidential contenders, which was an act of mind-boggling censorship and abrogation of the First Amendment. Whether you like ‘The Donald’ or hate him, all Americans are entitled to hear what he has to say. Erik Ericson does not unilaterally decide what voices Americans choose to listen to. I would argue that Erik Erickson, in denying ‘The Donald’ his place at the podium with other candidates for POTUS, engaged in act of abject censorship of freedom of speech. He fore-ever-more should be the face of a disgraceful historic low point in the once proud alternate media. Red State and Erik Erickson are to journalism and respect for the Constitution what Planned Parenthood is to respect for life. I can’t begin to describe my disappointment that the rest of the Republican candidates, so blinded by self-interest, did not recognize the 1st Amendment issues and willingly allowed Donald Trump to be excluded while they blithely participated, complicit in the denial of another candidate’s freedom of speech. Erick Erickson and the remaining Republican contenders disgraced themselves. Is this the best the Republican Party can do?

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