Ammo Ambassadors: Growing the Shooting Community


As Tuesday’s Democratic Presidential debate made painfully obvious, the non gun-owning American public has very little idea what owning a firearm is all about and what goes on when a legal, responsible gun-owner goes to a shooting range.

It seems the only way for someone who doesn’t grow up around guns to get an accurate picture of what gun culture means is to be introduced to firearms by someone who owns guns, respects the 2nd Amendment and understands how an individual can responsibly own and operate firearms in a way that isn’t threatening to other law-abiding citizens.

With that in mind, and Magtech launched an initiative called “Ammo Ambassadors” that’s offering free 9×19 ammo to established shooters who take a new shooter to the range. The goal is simple: introduce people who don’t know much about guns to shooting and the way responsible American gun-owners use their firearms.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the Magtech/ target on the 9mm ammo page at
  • Find a new shooter without experience around guns to bring to the range.
  • Safely introduce the new shooter to firearms and have them take aim at the target you downloaded.
  • Upload the target back to and you’ll receive two boxes of 115 grain, 9mm Luger Magtech ammunition for free.

“I shot a couple rounds first so she could understand guns are loud and see the recoil and muzzle rise. Then, I handed the gun over to her and she fired her first round,” Tony, a seasoned shooter near Columbia, Missouri who took a friend to the range as part of the program said. “After a few rounds and switching guns she found her groove very quickly. Her nerves settled down and a smile appeared!”

In all, Magtech and have set aside 100,000 rounds for the initiative. That should be enough to introduce 1,000 new shooters to the joy of firearms!

Ammo Ambassadors who have already taken advantage of the program are having great experiences.

“I took my girlfriend Lizzie shooting at Sharpshooters in Lorton, VA for the first time when she was home over fall break,” Justin, an ammo ambassador said. “She shot my S&W M&P 9mm and was a natural… It was a great day! She said she is definitely going to be back at the range again.”

There is no expiration date on the campaign. It will run as long as there are rounds left as part of the pool of 100,000 set aside for this unique initiative. Because the prospect of free ammunition is an enticing one, does suggest you move quickly if you’d like to take advantage of the Ammo Ambassador program.


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