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Dear Friends:

You know you’re not getting the truth when you hear the networks recite liberal talking points.

You know the last thing Barack Obama’s going to do is tell the truth to you and your family about – well, about anything!

If you’re reading this, in fact, then you know who has been battling, fighting, grinding away to get you the real story, unvarnished and absent the righteous liberal narrative for more than eight years.


RSN has been at the forefront of our battle:

Those are just a few of the stories RSN has delivered to you. But here’s a story I don’t want you to miss:

Without your support, RSN will have to shut its doors at the end of this month. Liberal mouthpieces like HuffPo, MSNBC, Politico, Think Progress and other leftist websites will go on spreading lies.

RSN will not be able to counter. To get you the truth. That’s if you decide you can’t help us today.

I am asking you for your most generous contribution to keep RSN alive. Any amount will do;$100, $50, $35, $25 or even $12. $12 will pay for 1 day of our dedicated server.

Since July 4th of 2007, RSN has been the consummate summary source for relevant news and information the leftist mainstream media will not let you see.

Every day, RSN brings news and insight from all over the globe you just can’t get elsewhere. However, unlike the Soros-funded Media Matters or HuffPo – built with millions from Ariana Huffington’s divorce settlement – RSN operates on a shoestring budget, underwritten by publisher Jeff Bayard.

Bayard and his staff do not take compensation. They do this solely out of concern for our country, and like many of us, recognize that we are in extreme danger of losing it.

But the website costs money, real money. Expensive cutting edge technology provides a speedy and clean browsing experience, while keeping RSN’s massive database of articles readily accessible.

I will be blunt.

RSN costs a minimum of $1,000/per month to operate. Please consider a monthly donation. If only 40 readers committed to $25.00/month (less than a dollar a day), RSN could continue operation. Alternatively, 200 donors committed to just $5 or $10 per month would put us back on our feet.

The growing government police state; the massive intrusions into our private lives; the use of the IRS and other federal agencies as weapons against anyone with ideological differences with Obama and his administration…these are dangerous times!  You need a news source that’s not intimidated and able to operate at its best journalistically and technologically!

We have all sacrificed in our efforts to save our great country. I know you feel as I do; otherwise you would not be reading RightSideNews.com and would not be receiving this letter.

This Christmas season can you please commit to keeping this essential news site alive? $100, $50, $25 or even just $10 will help.

Here is what some prominent readers say about RSN:

RSN is the voice of truthful facts necessary to protect our nation. Without the strategic insight of RSN with Jeff Bayard at the helm — the light of truth will expire and pernicious enemy invaders will flourish unopposed” – Martel Sobieskey

What attracted me about the content of the Right Side News articles was that they dealt with the nation’s and the world’s critical topics when these topics were ‘on the front burner.’ Furthermore, the articles provided a conservative intellectual explanation of international developments that didn’t waste my time with ‘political correctness.’ It is the right side of the news.” – Tom Snodgrass, Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

You (RSN) were instrumental in the success of both the Qatar Awareness Campaign and the Betrayal Papers… RSN is also one of the few conservative websites I know of that is cataloged by Google News, which definitely increased our exposure to the public and mainstream media.” – William Palumbo

Please folks, we must support this worthy enterprise. Please consider your most generous contribution of $100, $50, $25 or even just $10 will help. Or please consider signing up for a modest monthly donation.

Yours in liberty,

James Simpson


How Best to Keep the Progressive Agenda Going?

By: C. Dawley

The progressive mantra of long-term man-made Global Cooling proved to be wrong and now man-made long-term Global Warming is falling on hard times having been supported by manipulated data.

How best to keep the progressive agenda going per Obama’s Marxist Mentors?


Change the focus to man-made Climate Change, which of course has been going on since the eons of time.  Start the drum beat of horror and impending disaster, and, with fear mongering, get the public to adopt all sorts of liberal agenda items such as:

  • new taxes (carbon tax)
  • open borders
  • gun control
  • removal of the lines between separate sovereign states, thereby compromising the world’s most successful national form of government (the Constitutional Democratic Representative Republic)
  • introduce centralized government planning for all citizens
  • foment chaos by blaming the weather on human behavior
  • establish a one-world government with only “well-controlled” citizens of the world
  • redistribute wealth, thereby making all nations and individuals economically the same which ultimately destroys individual incentive and reward
  • establish rule by the intellectual elite over the uninformed and ignorant masses (communist socialism), consequently destroying the middle class
  • and the list could go on and on.

Yes, our President has revealed his Marxist leanings if not his fundamental core beliefs this week in Paris.


His mentors, Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky among many of the same stripe, should be extremely proud of the slight-of-hand their protégée has once again shown before the world.