Progressive scrooges almost squashed the holiday classic: ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

By: Renee Nal
New Zeal


The beloved holiday classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” was released in 1946. Despite it’s popularity today, it did not fare well at the box office, and it was given poor reviews by cynical movie critics at the time.

Jimmy Stewart said that out of all the movies he had made, “It’s a Wonderful Life” was his favorite. The Director, Frank Capra described the film’s theme as “the individual’s belief in himself” and explained further that he made it “to combat a modern trend toward atheism.”

But in the case of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” something magical happened almost 30 years after the movie was released. Because of a “clerical error” in 1974, the film’s copyright was mistakenly not renewed. Television stations were able to air the film at no cost.

So they did, and Americans fell in love.

The mainstream media’s disdain for anything wholesome and family oriented is not a new phenomenon. One critic decried the “sentimentality” of the movie.

Bosley Crowther from the New York Times concluded,

“the weakness of this picture, from this reviewer’s point of view, is the sentimentality of  its illusory concept of life. Mr. Capra’s nice people are charming, his small town is a quite beguiling place and his pattern for solving problems is most optimistic and facile. But somehow they all resemble theatrical attitudes rather than average realities.”

In 1947, film critic Manny Farber wrote,

“To make his points [Capra] always takes an easy, simple-minded path that doesn’t give much credit to the intelligence of the audience”, and adds that there are only a “few unsentimental moments here and there.”

In a 2010 ”Salon.com” piece, Richard Cohen described ”It’s a Wonderful Life” as “the most terrifying Hollywood film ever made“; in the “Pottersville” sequence, he wrote, George is not “seeing the world that would exist had he never been born“, but rather “the world as it does exist, in his time and also in our own.

Ah, the cynical critics have not changed. How many other potential classics were squashed?

Of the newfound success of the film, Frank Capra said,

“It’s the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen.”

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Iranian Nuclear Deal is a Catastrophic Hoax

By: Roger Aronoff
Accuracy in Media

The mainstream media blindly championed the Iranian deal at the expense of reason, celebrating its “signing” and every prospective step for implementation. But the not-so-surprising revelation is that there is, in fact, no Iran deal. There are just a number of political commitments made by each of the so-called P5+1 countries, in the hope that Iran will somehow reform itself.

Iran, on the other hand, seems barely, if at all, committed to the non-agreement. Rather, it is poised to receive international sanctions relief while continuing on its belligerent course.

The Obama administration acknowledged in November that neither America, nor the Iranians, nor the other P5+1 members have actually signed the accord ostensibly designed to stall Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons. Yet a review of Fox News, The New York Times, and other media organizations shows that the mainstream media remain uniformly committed to misleading the public. These reporters must know by now that the deal has not been signed—meaning that there is no deal—yet they continue to pretend that it is.

“The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is not a treaty or an executive agreement, and is not a signed document,” Julia Frifield, the State Department Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs, wrote in a November 19 letter to Republican Representative Mike Pompeo (R-KS).

Frifield added that the success of the accord “will depend not on whether it is legally binding or signed, but rather on the extensive verification measures we have put in place, as well as Iran’s understanding that we have the capacity to re-impose—and ramp up—our sanctions if Iran does not meet its commitments.”

The verification measures that the P5+1 agreed to are a total sham. The administration made concession after concession in pursuit of a deal designed to further President Obama’s legacy—at the expense of the world’s safety. “President Obama is not only using his executive power to engage a hostile, theocratic Iranian regime, he is also trying to pressure future presidents and Congress into perpetuating his damaging policies,” we wrote back in July. “His administration is also bending over backwards not to offend the Iranian regime, while this totalitarian government does everything possible to humiliate the United States.”

The reality is that the international community is now poised to grant Iran a sweetheart sanctions deal while the regime continues to flout both the spirit and the letter of that meaningless accord.

Iran has consistently acted in bad faith. “In addition to carrying out ballistic missile tests in October and November, Mr. [Bob] Corker [R-TN] said, Tehran has defied a U.N. travel ban by dispatching Gen. Qasem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s Quds Force—a military division responsible for clandestine international operations—to meet with Russian officials in Moscow,” reports The Washington Times. “He also pointed to Iran’s recent conviction of Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, a spate of Iranian cyberattacks believed to have been carried out by Iranian operatives against the State Department, and Tehran’s export of weapons to Syria and Yemen.”

Hopefully the conviction of Rezaian isn’t the only reason the Post attacked the “agreement” this week, as well as President Obama’s deception about it: “Iran is following through on the nuclear deal it struck with a U.S.-led coalition in an utterly predictable way,” stated a December 20th Washington Post editorial. “It is racing to fulfill those parts of the accord that will allow it to collect $100 billion in frozen funds and end sanctions on its oil exports and banking system, while expanding its belligerent and illegal activities in other areas—and daring the West to respond.”

“Unfortunately,” they added, “the Obama administration’s response to these provocations has also been familiar. It is doing its best to downplay them—and thereby encouraging Tehran to press for still-greater advantage.” The usually Obama-friendly Post editorial board gets even stronger from there:

“It’s not hard to guess the reasons for this fecklessness. President Obama is reluctant to do anything that might derail the nuclear deal before Iran carries out its commitments, including uninstalling thousands of centrifuges and diluting or removing tons of enriched uranium. The same logic prompted him to tolerate Iran’s malign interventions in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere, along with the arrest of Mr. Rezaian, while the pact was under negotiation.”

According to the BBC, “Under the July nuclear deal, Iran was ‘called upon’ to refrain from developing ballistic missiles for up to eight years” and “the UN Security Council’s Panel of Experts on Iran said that the Emad rocket was a ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.”

However, the BBC reports, “Iran said the test did not violate the agreement.”

“Iranian President Hassan Rouhani discouraged his nation’s parliament from voting on the nuclear deal in order to avoid placing legal burdens on the regime,”writes Joel Gehrke for National Review. He quotes Rouhani as asking, “Why should we place an unnecessary legal restriction on the Iranian people?”

While The New York Times continues to peddle the falsehood that the deal has been “signed,” it also reports that “Some officials feared that if Iran was given a pass [on IAEA inspections], it would send a signal to other nations—including North Korea—that their obligations to respond to international investigators could be negotiated away in a political deal.”

“President Obama eventually concluded that the larger goal of halting Iran’s ability to produce a nuclear weapon for the next decade-and-a-half was more valuable than setting a precedent about the integrity of inspections,” wrote David Sanger for the Times on December 15. He reported that the IAEA concluded its “long-running, and largely unsuccessful, effort to get Iran to fully answer a series of questions about suspected activities.”

This is the IAEA investigation that required Iran to provide the IAEA with samples from the Parchin nuclear site. It had also previously threatened to harmthe IAEA’s head, Yukiya Amano.

When Amano did visit Parchin in September, CNN reported, the facility showed signs of recent renovation—but there was no equipment there. CNN celebrated this victory under the headline “IAEA inspects Iran’s Parchin military site for first time.”

The IAEA has failed in its duties. “The additional protocol grants the IAEA expanded access to materials and sites beyond declared nuclear facilities and materials, allowing the IAEA to eventually conclude that it has found no indication of the diversion of declared nuclear material from peaceful nuclear activities and no indication of undeclared nuclear material or activities,” states the IAEA December 15 press release. That’s right: “eventually conclude.”

The latest humiliating concession made by the Obama administration to Iran wasspelled out in a letter from Secretary of State John Kerry to his Iranian counterpart, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, waiving a visa requirement that targeted Iran and was just passed into law as part of the omnibus spending bill, and signed by President Obama. The letter was delivered one day after Zarif complained about the visa requirement in an interview he gave to the New Yorker magazine. In that same interview, as pointed out by MEMRI(the highly regarded Middle East Media Research Institute), Zarif made it clear that “Iran is now demanding to make an essential change to the agreement so that the U.S. first acts to lift the sanctions and only then will Iran meet its obligations.”

Despite recent letters sent respectively by 35 Republican senators and 21 Democratic senators expressing concern about Iran’s ballistic missile activity, the Obama administration and its allies are still lining up to provide Iran with rapid sanctions relief, perhaps in January. Secretary of State Kerry recently sent a letter to Congress saying that “Iran had not engaged in any covert or other activities that could significantly advance its nuclear weapons program,” according to The Washington Times.

Iran’s parliament, such that it is, approved a deal, but it was not even the same deal that the P5+1 holds out as the agreed upon deal.

As Iran gets close to receiving a huge cash reward for its lack of cooperation, deceit, and continued belligerence, the mainstream media still refuse to call this deal what it is: a sham agreement founded on nothing but what Iran says it will be. If Iran finds this farcical political agreement’s terms nonbinding, why shouldn’t America do likewise? President Obama is perpetrating a dangerous hoax through his triumphal advocacy for this so-called deal, and the media, for the most part, are participating.


Give Yourself a Great Gift for Christmas: Liberation From PC

By: Lloyd Marcus

Lloyd Marcus

The dictionary defines a phobia as “an abnormal or irrational fear of a specific thing…” Therefore, a phobia is a mental illness. I am fed up with the Left being allowed to decree that everyone repulsed by two men kissing on national TV is mentally ill; abnormal and irrational (homophobic).

In response to SCOTUS ruling in favor of same sex marriage some Americans said, “What’s the big deal? Who cares if homosexuals marry?” These naive Americans did not realize the ruling was only the beginning of government forcing Americans to condone homosexuality. Despite not having the authority to do so, in essence, SCOTUS made it a crime to choose not to actively participate in the normalization of homosexuality.

Regardless of religious or moral convictions, non-compliance with government mandated embrace of homosexuality has resulted in putting people out-of-business and even jailed; a Vermont pastor sentenced to a year in jail for refusing to marry a homosexual couple. http://bit.ly/1RGOff4

Yes, the Left uses the tactic of attaching the word “phobic”, telling us we are stupid, bigoted or crazy, whenever we reject them forcing its radical anti-God and anti-American agenda down our throats.

To the majority of Americans who realize that America and Christians are under attack by Islamist, the Left (Obama) says we are Islamophobic. In other words, we are mentally ill, irrational and abnormal – crazy. http://bit.ly/1I4pSib

In 2016, to save the lives of Americans and restore our great nation, it is crucial that Americans have a “Network” moment. As instructed in the movie, “Network”, Americans must throw open their windows and yell, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” http://bit.ly/1bago48

Rush Limbaugh recently pointed out that not long ago, political correctness demands were laughed at; thought too absurd to be implemented. Today, PC dictates are mainstream, enforced with an iron-fist and wrecking havoc across America; endangering and enslaving Americans.

When I was a black kid growing up in the projects of Baltimore, anyone who allowed a bully to push them around was called a “chump.” My fellow Americans, we have been allowing the Left to make chumps of us for far too long. Frankly, I am sick of it. In 2016, “Screw PC!” And, I’m not crazy!

Just before Christmas, I made a deposit at my bank’s drive-through. My favorite teller (a middle-age Hispanic woman) greeted me with, “Happy Holidays.” Then she asked, “Do you say the right (PC) thing, Happy Holidays?” I replied, “I say, Merry Christmas.” A huge smile of relief swept over her face. She responded with a hearty, “Merry Christmas Mr Marcus!”

Patriots we have had a very challenging, heartbreaking and yet hopeful year. Atop my grown up Christmas list is that we who love freedom and America grasp the seriousness of what we are up against. I pray that we are gifted with the courage to liberate ourselves from the bullying of PC; enabling us to restore liberty and save our God given freedoms which includes free speech.

Here’s a link to me singing, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” https://vimeo.com/82439395

Enjoy and May God Bless Us Everyone!

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American


NOT SHOCKING, LITERALLY: Obama’s Iranian Partners in Peace Trying to Bring Down U.S. Electric Grid

Doug Ross @ Journal

By The Tower

Iranian cyber-attackers have been targeting the U.S. electrical grid’s networks and stealing highly sensitive data, an Associated Press investigation revealed on Monday.

Brian Wallace, a researcher at the cyber-security firm Cylance, discovered that critical files from Calpine Corporation, which operates 82 power plants in 18 states and Canada, were stolen in a breach that began around August 2013 and may be ongoing. The information in those files included passwords, diagrams, and sensitive engineering designs of power plants, at least one of which was marked “Mission Critical.” After analyzing circumstantial evidence, investigators concluded that the data was compromised by Iranian hackers.

Robert M. Lee, a former U.S. Air Force cyber-warfare operations officer, told AP that having this level of control could allow Iran to launch an attack on America’s electrical infrastructure at any time. “If the geopolitical situation changes and Iran wants to target these facilities, if they have this kind of information it will make it a lot easier,” he warned.

Cylance researchers determined that the stolen files were stored on unencrypted servers and embedded with code to spread malware, as well as software to mask the hackers’ Iranian IP addresses.

Last December, Cylance found “bone-chilling evidence” that Iranian hackers had taken control over airports in three countries, including Pakistan. At the time, reports noted that the Taliban had previously launched an attack at a gate in Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport that had been hacked by Iranians, though it is unclear whether the hacked information was used to facilitate the attack. Monday’s AP report mentioned that Wallace determined that the hackers who targeted Calpine also carried out attacks against Pakistan International Airlines.

Col. (res.) Dr. Gabi Siboni, director of the Cyber Security Program at Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies,warned earlier this year that the next 9/11-style terror attack would be perpetrated by hackers taking control of critical computer systems.

A recent increase of cyber-attacks against American government personnel is believed to be linked to the recentarrest of Iranian-American businessman Siamak Namazi in Tehran. Namazi’s computer was confiscated by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps after he was detained. A scheme by Iranian hackers to get sensitive information from professionals in the defense and telecommunications industries using fake LinkedIn profiles was discovered and shut down in October.

Earlier this year, the U.S. recruited Israel and Great Britain to help fight growing cyber threats from Iran. An Israeli cyber-security firm identified a wave of Iranian-backed hacking attacks on Israeli, Saudi Arabian, and Yemeni targets in June. In August, it was reported that Iranian hacking attempts also targeted political dissidents.

In Iran Has Built an Army of Cyber-Proxies, which was published in the August 2015 issue of The Tower Magazine, Jordan Brunner warned that the risk posed by Iran’s cyber-proxies should not be underestimated:

For the most part, the United States and its allies do not see these private cyber-actors as a real threat, certainly not on the level of nation-states like Iran, China, Russia, and North Korea. One reason appears to be that attacks from states like China are part of a global strategy, while proxies like those employed by Iran concentrate on local areas. A perfect example would be the case of the SEA, whose primary role is to stifle internal dissent. Even if cyber-actors like the SEA are able to reach beyond their borders and attack regional allies or the U.S. itself—as was the case with the SEA’s attacks on American news organizations like the Associated Press, The New York Times, CNN, and even The Onion—the Obama administration tends to see these attacks as unsophisticated and “clearly a nuisance” rather than a serious threat.

But this ignores a problem that could turn deadly in certain circumstances. The idea that private cyber-actors are not a threat because they tend to be “local” in nature not only ignores the danger as “not our problem,” but also ignores the fact that it could very quickly become our problem. Illicit cyber-activity in the Middle East causes instability, which harms U.S. interests. If the U.S. is drawn into a fight directly or through groups like the Syrian rebels, it could see itself devastated by attacks against its cyber-infrastructure, either at home or abroad. In addition, nations like China also use their cyber-capabilities to quell internal dissent. Yet China uses the same capabilities to strike the U.S. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Read more at The Tower


WHITE HOUSE: Congressional Crackdown on Terrorists Attempting to Enter U.S. Will “Violate Iran Deal”

Doug Ross @ Journal
Hat Tip: BB

Just when you thought the Obama administration had maxed out the Insane-o-Meter, it pulls another rabid killer rabbit out of its hat. An incredulous Adam Kredo reports:

Senior Obama administration officials are expressing concern that congressional attempts to tighten laws preventing terrorists from entering the United States could violate the Iran nuclear agreement and prompt Tehran to walk away from the agreement.

Congress is considering measures that would tighten the Visa Waiver Program to make it harder for potential terrorists to legally enter the United States by increasing restrictions on individuals who have travelled to countries with prominent terrorist organizations from bypassing security checks upon entering the United States.Iranian officials have in recent days repeatedly issued threatening statements to the Obama administration, saying that such moves would violate the nuclear agreement, and the Obama administration last week conveyed the Iranian anger to American lawmakers.


No, really.

Let me repeat the key graph for slow-witted Democrats (but I repeat myself) reading along (with their lips moving): “Senior Obama administration officials are expressing concern that congressional attempts to tighten laws preventing terrorists from entering the United States could violate the Iran nuclear agreement and prompt Tehran to walk away from the agreement”.

So Iran has executed a series of military provocations that violate U.N. Security Council resolutions,including testing advanced ballistic missiles.

And the Islamic terror state was just caught trying to bring down the U.S. electric grid.

But, according to the Obama-Hillary-Kerry suicide triad, trying to prevent terrorists from entering the United States is the real deal-breaker.

I’ll say it again: the next 12 months can’t happen fast enough.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


AIM Editor on Conservative Commandos radio about Media and Muslim Brotherhood

Accuracy in Media

AIM Editor Roger Aronoff appeared on December 17 on the Philadelphia, PA Conservative Commandos radio show to talk about his recent column “Media Continue Attacks on Muslim Brotherhood Critics.”

Aronoff’s article discusses how Frank Gaffney, a strong national security advocate warning about the dangers of shariah law and the Muslim Brotherhood, was attacked during a recent CNN appearance for allegedly promoting “McCarthyite” politics, and also belittled by The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank.

Aronoff said that Gaffney, who heads the Center for Security Policy, is “someone who I have great admiration for.”

“I think he’s been a powerful force in this country for good, and for peace through strength,” said Aronoff.

Gaffney has been a leading critic of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has been clearly identified as a Hamas or Muslim Brotherhood front organization posing as a civil rights organization, noted Aronoff.

CNN host Don Lemon misled his viewers by falsely claiming during his segment with Gaffney that “There is no direct knowledge that we had that CAIR has anything to do with the Muslim brotherhood.”

“The FBI used to have a relationship with CAIR, and after the Holy Foundation trial a decade or so back, they cut off ties with them because it became quite clear that they are a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood,” said Aronoff. “And these are sensitive topics, but our survival is at stake.”

“So the real question—and this should be a discussion—Should we be concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood, or should we just think of them as sort of the Elks Lodge of Muslims?” asked Aronoff on the show.

“Let’s go ahead and make the disclaimer right now,” said Aronoff, continuing, “we’re not saying all Muslims are terrorists, but I guess we’re saying that all jihadists are Muslims, and that jihadists, whether they are the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood types or the Iranian Shiite, they are of great concern.”

Aronoff argued that Obama really has gotten a “free pass” on having advisors who are connected to the Brotherhood. “I think it’s something that should be asked of every candidate: what they know about them, and what they think about them.”

Asked why the mainstream media refuse to cover the truth, Aronoff said that the mainstream media are still largely in bed with the Democrats, and “always looking to protect them, cover for them.” The mainstream media remain corrupt and biased so that its members continue to ask tough “gotcha” questions of Republican presidential candidates, like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, whilerefusing to give Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton the same treatment, noted Aronoff.

You can listen to the entire interview here…


Taken Too Soon: In Memory of Avi Davis

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Avi Davis

Avi’s funeral will be held Tuesday 22-Dec-2015 at 11:00 am at the Home of Peace cemetery, 4334 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023.

UPDATE III: It is with a heavy heart that I report that Avi Davis has passed away in the early morning hours of December 21, 2015. Avi leaves behind two sons, Mati and Amiad. Avi’s parents are Betty and Jack, a sister Yvette and brothers Yoni and Shimmi.

A Message from Avi’s Family:

It is with tremendous sadness that we wish to inform you that Avi passed away peacefully at the UCLA Medical Centre surrounded by family this morning 21 December at 06.59 Los Angeles time.

We are grief stricken but comforted by the fact that he was greatly loved and deeply respected by so many people.

We would like to thank the many friends who visited him in hospital and those who sent prayers for a speedy recovery.

Avi always lived life to the full, several lives, rich with energy, joy, passion and intellect. He still had much to do but realised many dreams.

We will advise you of funeral arrangements, to take place in Los Angeles today, very shortly.

Davis Family

Some friends are posting at Avi’s Facebook page here. Information about Avi’s foundation and whether the family is accepting donations will be forthcoming.


UPDATE II: Friends, there are no updates as of December regarding Avi’s health. Please continue to pray for Avi and I will update this post when I can provide solid information.

UPDATE: Avi is currently being brought out of an induced coma. Today and tomorrow will be pivotal in determining how his brain is functioning. Avi’s family has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of friends and supporters. It is clear that Avi has touched many lives in a positive way.

As Avi’s close friend Jeffrey said this morning, it is a “good time for miracles to happen.” Tonight, on the last evening of Hanukkah, please continue to pray for Avi.


I just received some very upsetting news.

My friend Avi Davis, president of the American Freedom Alliance, is in the UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital fighting for his life.

Avi was cycling in Los Angeles when he suffered a major heart event. He is currently in an induced coma while doctors run neurological tests. The prognosis is very unclear at this stage.

Avi is physically as tough as nails and extremely strong-willed, but this is a serious injury and he needs all the prayers and support you can give him.

Whatever you believe, or don’t believe, please pray for Avi’s recovery and strong recuperation.

Avi’s good friend Jeffrey Stromberg has offered to be a contact person for any of Avi’s many, many friends seeking further information.

Please contact Jeffrey on 424-232-5251 or email him at [email protected]