Constitutional Conservatives vs. the Trump Mob

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Ted Cruz

In the beginning, like so many others, I wanted to like Donald Trump. I really did, until I started to really listen to what he had to say. Then I became uneasy… then worried… then alarmed… then convinced the man is not who he claims to be. He says just enough of the right things, so that you overlook all the really egregious things he puts forth.

It’s more than true that Americans are fed up with corrupt elitists on both sides of the political aisle. It is what has driven so many to Donald Trump. It is also true as this lady put it: “There’s nothing short of Trump shooting my daughter in the street and my grandchildren — there is nothing and nobody that’s going to dissuade me from voting for Trump.” Really? Careful what you wish for. This fight is no longer just between the establishment and Republicans… it is also between constitutional conservatives and the Trump mob. There are those of us who very much object to what Trump stands for in certain areas. We are for closing the border and stopping the refugee resettlement program… but we are also for gutting Obamacare and stopping Planned Parenthood. We are for smaller government, less taxation, the Constitution and the rule of law. We are not ‘flexible’ as Donald Trump now says he is. We are conservatives.

Ted Cruz1

This is a fight for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. People would love to see Trump smack the establishment and media around, but I’m far from certain that is what he will do. Conservatives have one more chance to get this right and that means electing Ted Cruz. That will rock the Republicans even more. He’s the only one who can right this ship. Trump is now saying that Cruz is too strident on stopping illegal immigration. He’s shifted his stances so much and so often he has everyone confused. Romney’s speech was reprehensible… but that doesn’t mean that Donald Trump should be president. He’s not inevitable and this is now a two man race… between a conservative and a Progressive. Who will you choose?

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Yet another prominent leftist chooses Trump: Cruz is ‘a hard-line, Tea-Party style, evangelical warrior’

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican presidential hopeful, speaks during the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Md., March 4, 2016. The four-day conference to unite the political leaders of the conservative movement continues through Saturday. (Stephen Crowley/The New York Times)

Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican presidential hopeful, speaks during the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Md., March 4, 2016. (Stephen Crowley/The New York Times)

Australian “public intellectual and Professor of Public Ethics” Clive Hamilton explained that Donald Trump is the lesser of two evils for the Republican nominee because Donald Trump “has a history of taking liberal stances on a range of issues,” while Ted Cruz “is a hard-line, Tea-Party style, evangelical warrior who would ruthlessly use the power of the presidency to impose his vision on America.”

Hamilton’s revealing article was first published at the Conversation, and was re-printed at econotimes. Hamilton laments that while Cruz has a “record of fanaticism,” Donald Trump is more of a “dealmaker.”

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Cruz Louisiana Rally: A Throwback to Saner Times

By: Lloyd Marcus


I saw America last night folks; the America I grew up with in Pumphrey, Maryland, a black suburban community outside of Baltimore. The unspoken philosophy of our tiny all black community was education, hard work, respect for elders and God. Pumphrey birthed numerous successful blacks. My sister’s-in-law brother Butch Keaser from Pumphrey was the first black wrestler to win an Olympic medal. http://bsun.md/1VYszt8

We kept score at sporting events in Pumphrey. There were winners and losers. Such is real life. Rev Lemon was pastor of the Baptist church. My dad, Rev. Lloyd E. Marcus was pastor of the Methodist church. Pete was my mom’s homosexual hairdresser. Mom and Pete were good friends. Pete would never think of demanding that my mom approve of his homosexual lifestyle. Dad treated everyone with respect. Local drunkards, we called “wine-os” were guardians of my four younger siblings and me. A wine-o would say, “Hey, that’s Rev. Moccasin’s (Marcus) kid, don’t mess with ’em!”

Last night at the Ted Cruz rally in Louisiana with 2500 people, I felt like I was at a community event in Pumphrey 40 years ago; a revival meeting of traditional American principles and values.

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