Patrick Ruffini: The Truth about Trump’s Twitter Trolls

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By: Renee Nal – New Zeal

Screenshot of @yugemilo from March 1. S/he has since changed to ‎@WDFx2EU.

Screenshot of @YugeMilo from March 1. S/he has since changed to ‎@WDFx2EU

Patrick Ruffini, a founding partner and Chairman of D.C.-based political media firm Engage, LLC, has been doing some heavy-duty tweeting about “Trumpbots” that he claims have been working in unison to slander republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz, while promoting his opponent presidential candidate Donald Trump.

While it has been exposed at that self-proclaimed pro-Trump “liberals” are heavily active on social media, and that some of these operatives have made up fake stories to slander Ted Cruz, (see here, and here), Ruffini has been able to uncover metrics about what he refers to as “Trumpbots.”

It should be noted that many of the fake pro-Trump and anti-Cruz “news” stories being spread originate from outside the United States, particularly Macedonia.

Here are some of Patrick Ruffini’s revealing tweets:

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