Ted Cruz vs. Jeh Johnson on Scrubbing Materials, Jihad

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Mr. Haney

Mr. Haney

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Jeh Johnson




Sen. Cruz Questions DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson About Administration’s Willful Blindness to Radical Islamic Terrorism

Highlights Obama administration’s dangerous practice of scrubbing anti-terror materials

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) continued pushing back against the Obama administration’s willful blindness to radical Islamic terrorism in a Judiciary Committee oversight hearing today.

While questioning Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson, Sen. Cruz said, “What concerns me, and I believe should concern the Department of Homeland Security, is that because of this effort – scrubbing your law enforcement materials of any acknowledgment of radical Islamic terrorism – when you see the red flags of radical Islamic terrorism, you do not follow up on them effectively. And we have terrorist attack, after terrorist attack, after terrorist attack that could have been prevented but for this Administration’s willful blindness.”

Maybe some one should check the records and see if Dick Durbin and Jeh Johnson have dinner together often. Why?

BizPac: Illinois Senator Dick Durbin has now admitted he was the one who ordered the FBI to remove words he deemed “offensive” to Muslims that were found in the Bureau’s training documents all at the behest of Muslim advocacy groups claiming to be offended by words such as “jihad” and other words linked to incessant Muslim terrorism.

Senator Durbin, the Democrats’ Senate Minority Whip, admitted he ordered the purge of nearly 900 pages of FBI training manuals because they contained the “offensive” words.

“I asked for it, because there were provisions in the training manual which were flat-out wrong and embarrassing and they didn’t characterize the threat to America properly and after the FBI re-visited the manual, they changed it and I’m glad they did,” Durbin told The Daily Caller.

Durbin also lambasted Texas Senator Ted Cruz for “badgering” a witness for what Cruz said was the government’s “lack of emphasis of radical Islam in combating terrorism.” The witness was testifying recently at a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearing.

Cruz maintained that the training document purge of words offensive to Muslims made America weaker by gutting the real-world reasons for terrorism in FBI terror training. ButFarhana Khera, president and executive director of Muslim Advocates, disagreed saying that using “inflammatory” words in FBI training documents “makes us less safe.”

“Our organization’s position is that training materials as well as intelligence products that were produced by the FBI are not only offensive, inflammatory and alienating Muslims and American Muslims, but, more importantly, they make us less safe,” Khera said at the hearing.

Durbin also insisted Muslims have no problem informing on other Muslims when they are suspicious of terrorist activities.

The Illinois Senator next claimed that Orlando nightclub terrorist Omar Mateen wasn’t acting as a Muslim and said the claim that the killer was acting in the name of ISIS was nothing but “baloney.”

Durbin’s dismissal, though, flies in the face of Mateen’s own claims on 9-1-1 calls that he was acting in the name of ISIS. It is also hard to reconcile since the FBI had already been investigating the killer under suspicion of having ties to ISIS.

Does Dick really have this kind of power and influence all by himself? Not likely.



Politico: Ted Cruz and Jeh Johnson clashed Thursday during a Senate Judiciary oversight hearing, with the Texas senator and former Republican presidential candidate grilling the Homeland Security secretary on whether he had investigated the “systematic scrubbing” of law enforcement materials to remove references to terms like “jihad,” “Muslim” and “Islam.”

Cruz began his line of questioning by noting that the same committee conducted a hearing on Tuesday that explored the consequences of President Barack Obama’s unwillingness to use words like “radical Islamic terrorism” to describe threats facing the homeland.

Among those who testified was former Homeland Security officer Philip Haney — who, Cruz recalled, said that “in October 2009, more than 800 Customs and Border Patrol documents were ordered, modified, scrubbed or deleted to remove references to jihad or the Muslim Brotherhood or other similar references.”

“Was Mr. Haney’s testimony that the Department of Homeland Security had ordered over 800 documents altered or deleted in CBB, was that testimony accurate?” Cruz inquired.

Johnson responded, “I have no idea. I don’t know who Mr. Hanen is. I wouldn’t know him if he walked in the room,” he added, mispronouncing his name on multiple occasions.

“So you have not investigated whether your department ordered documents to be modified in 2009 to remove references to jihad, radical Islamic terrorism, the Muslim Brotherhood, you have not investigated that question?” Cruz followed up.

“No I have not taken the time to investigate what Mr. Hanen says, no,” Johnson answered.

Cruz then asked, after noting that the department did not participate in Tuesday’s hearing, whether Johnson or anyone in his staff had looked into those issues.

“No, but you have me right here, right now, to ask questions of, so here I am,” Johnson shot back.

Cruz responded, “Your answer is you don’t know. I am asking you. In 2009 and again in 2012, Mr. Haney testified there were two “purges,” and that was the word he used, “purge” at the Department of Homeland Security to remove references to radical Islamic terrorism. Is it accurate that the records were changed—”

“Same answer I gave you before. I have no idea, sir,” Johnson said.

“You have no knowledge of any records being changed at the Department of Homeland Security?” Cruz asked, and Johnson repeated that he had “no idea.”

Asked if he would be concerned if Haney’s account was accurate, Johnson got defensive about Cruz’s line of questioning.

“Senator, I find this whole debate to be very interesting, but I have to tell you, when I was at the Department of Defense giving the legal signoff on a lot of drone strikes, I didn’t particularly care whether the baseball card said Islamic extremist or violent extremist,” Johnson said.

“I think this is very interesting,” he went on. “But it makes no difference to me in terms of who we need to go after, who is determined to attack our homeland. The other point I’d like to make, sir, is that, and I have to think in practical terms in Homeland Security. I think this is all very interesting, makes for good political debate. But in practical terms, if we in our efforts here in the homeland start giving the Islamic State the credence that they want to be referred to as part of Islam or some form of Islam, we will get nowhere in our efforts to build bridges with Muslim communities, which we need to do in this current environment right now that includes homegrown violent extremists.”

As Cruz noted that his time was running short, Johnson snapped, “Hold on just a second please,” adding that Muslims “all tell me that ISIL has hijacked my religion, and it’s critical that we bring these people to our side to do this.”

“You’re entitled to give speeches other times. My question was if you were aware the information has been scrubbed,” Cruz retorted. “I would note the title of the hearing Tuesday was ‘Willful Blindness,’ and your testimony to this full committee now is that you have no idea and apparently have no intention of finding out whether DHS materials had been scrubbed.”

Johnson remarked as Cruz spoke, “That’s not what I said.”

“And you suggested just a moment ago that it’s essentially a semantic difference,” Cruz said. “Well I don’t believe it is a semantic difference that when you erase references to radical jihad, it impacts the behavior of law enforcement and national security to respond to red flags and prevent terrorist attacks before they occur.”

Cruz then offered two separate examples of what he said were intelligence failures under Obama’s watch, in the 2009 shooting at Fort Hood and in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

“I disagree with your factual predicate,” Johnson said after Cruz broached the Fort Hood example. When asked to qualify, Johnson remarked, “in one minute, I couldn’t possibly answer your question.”

Asked point blank whether the “Obama administration” knew the shooter Nidal Malik Hassan was communicating with terrorist Anwar Al-Awlaki, Johnson asked how Cruz was defining the term “administration.”

Cruz responded, “The Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

“The entire Federal Bureau of Investigation? I can’t answer that question sitting here,” Johnson said.

“OK, the answer is yes, and it is in public record, sir,” Cruz remarked.

On the Boston Marathon bombing, Johnson remarked that as a result of lessons learned, the intelligence community is “doing a better job of connecting all the right dots.”

Cruz noted that the pattern of failing to connect the dots “keeps occurring over and over and over again,” bringing up what he said were lapses before attacks in San Bernardino, California, and Orlando Florida.

“First of all, virtually every day I read about the good work of our law enforcement personnel, our Homeland Security personnel and our intelligence community connecting the dots to identify potential terrorist plots, terrorist plots on our homeland, irrespective of the label you want to put on it,” Johnson responded. “I think our people are smart enough to identify somebody who is a violent extremist, who is self-radicalizing, who is moving toward violence when there are some warning signs, like somebody who see somebody buying a gun or training or buying weapons of explosive material. Every day I see people connecting the dots across our law enforcement, Homeland Security intelligence communities.”

“Are there lessons learned? Could we do a better job? The answer is probably yes,” the secretary continued. “But every day I see this happening, and I think we are doing a better job, and I think that our people are smart enough to identify potential terrorist behavior whether you call it Islamic or extremist or anything else. I think the labels, frankly, are less important except where we need to build bridges to American Muslim communities and not vilify them so that they will help us help them. That is my answer to your question, sir.”


Who’s Behind the Bloodbath in Turkey?

By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media


Apologists for Vladimir Putin, including his propaganda channel Russia Today (RT), have been telling us for months that Turkey has been facilitating and even funding the global Islamic terrorist group ISIS. But the carnage at the Istanbul, Turkey, airport, apparently carried out by ISIS, demonstrates this is a big lie. ISIS is doing Russia’s dirty work in targeting the only Muslim and Middle Eastern country that is a member of NATO.

This would not have been the first time that ISIS had attacked Turkey. In fact, a suicide bomber who struck a busy tourist area in central Istanbul on Saturday, March 19 was also an ISIS terrorist.

But there’s also the possibility that the PKK, the Kurdish terrorist organization also known as the Kurdistan Workers Party, was behind the attack. The PKK has killed thousands of people in Turkey, and has bombed or attacked the country’s tourism industry, hospitals and businesses.

Incredibly, in a scandal that could turn into another Benghazi, it has been confirmed that President Obama’s administration is arming the Democratic Union Party (PYD)—a branch of the PKK—supposedly to fight ISIS. But the PYD’s increasing consolidation of power in northern Syria could pose a military threat to Turkey.

Turkey, a long-time NATO member, is caught in the middle between ISIS and the PKK, while Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan says Obama’s support for the PYD is helping to create a “sea of blood” in the region.

In addition to sponsoring International Coalition military attacks on ISIS from its own Incirlik Airbase, Turkey is the only Muslim country that belongs to NATO. Since the days of the old Soviet Union, Russia has hated NATO and has wanted to see it abolished. During the Cold War, American nuclear weapons were deployed in Turkey to counter the Soviet/Russian threat.

The timing of this terrorist attack was significant. The NATO Summit of Heads of State and Government in Warsaw, Poland is scheduled to begin on July 8.

If it turns out that another terrorist group carried out the attack, such as the PKK, that would not be surprising either. Turkish President Erdogan has directly accused Russia of providing anti-aircraft weaponry and rockets to the PKK. “At this moment, terrorists are using anti-aircraft guns and missiles supplied by Russia,” Erdogan recently said. “The separatist terrorist organization is equipped with these weapons. They have been transferred to them via Syria and Iraq.” These charges followed revelations that the PKK used a Russian-made shoulder-launched missile to down a Turkish helicopter.

Retired Turkish diplomat Murat Bilhan, who served in Moscow, noted, “The PKK had an office in Russia and from time to time it received assistance and support from Russia in the 1990s; Russia never considered PKK as a terrorist organization.”

Indeed, the PKK was another one of the “liberation movements” started by the old Soviet intelligence service, the KGB.

Turkish commentator Burhanettin Duran noted that Obama’s support for the PYD “continues to strain ties between Turkey and the United States.” He added, “A recent visit to Kobani by U.S. special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS (DAESH), Brett McGurk, where he accepted gifts from a former PKK member who now serves in the PYD leadership, took the crisis to the next level…To make matters worse, State Department spokesman John Kirby stated at least twice that the United States would continue working with the PYD, which the U.S. does not consider to be a terrorist group.” He went on to say that McGurk offered “to protect Turkey against the PKK,” but that he “came out in favor of strengthening the PYD’s armed People’s Protection Units (YPG) even after President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an openly asked the administration to choose between Turkey and the PYD.”

The New York Times has been slow to acknowledge the scandal that is developing with another Obama administration policy in the Middle East. However, the paper did run astory in February that Turkish President Erdogan “called into question the American commitment to fighting terrorist groups in Syria and cited Washington’s failure to recognize a Syrian Kurdish rebel group as a terrorist organization.” That group was the PYD. “Are you on our side or the side of the terrorist PYD and PKK organizations?” Erdogan asked.

At the State Department’s daily press briefing on February 8, spokesman John Kirby said, “…we don’t, as you know, recognize the PYD as a terrorist organization. We recognize that the Turks do, and I understand that. Even the best of friends aren’t going to agree on everything.”

During testimony before a Senate panel, Obama’s Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said “yes” when asked by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) whether the PYD and its militia force, the YPG, were aligned with the PKK. The Reuters news agency noted that Graham had said, “We are arming people inside of Syria who are aligned with a terrorist group: That is the finding of the Turkish government.”

Isn’t that a variation of the pro-terrorist policy that led to the Benghazi massacre?

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at [email protected].View the complete archives from Cliff Kincaid.


Leftist Nightmare: Black Conservatives Running for Office

By: Lloyd Marcus


Someone passed on to me the latest video commentary by black conservative AlfonZo Rachel. http://bit.ly/28WbjVI Awesome! The brother boldly speaks the truth with humor, passion and intelligence. I first met Zo about 7 years ago.

His video caused me to reminisce about how we black conservatives have been out there on the front lines for many years; trying to wake up fellow blacks, encouraging them to liberate themselves from government and Democrat party slavery.

Some blacks are just plain stuck on stupid. Sorry folks, but that’s the truth. I have an idiot relative in mind. No matter what facts I show him about how blacks continue to suffer greatly due to Obama and democrat policies http://bit.ly/1OpoIk9, his reply is I should be ashamed of myself for not supporting our black president.

Liberal mainstream media have done an excellent job keeping black conservatives off American’s radar. Leftist’s greatest fear is for the masses to hear blacks expressing love for their country; saying they don’t hate or resent fellow Americans who are white; blacks who don’t believe they are owed anything and believe they can succeed without democrats lowering standards or government intervention.

When I toured on Tea Party Express, CNN was embedded, producing a documentary. They were with us for at least 35 tea party rallies. I spoke and opened each rally singing my “American Tea Party Anthem.” https://youtu.be/q1byTDgu7iA Also traveling with us were various black conservative speakers, politicians and authors. And yet, when CNN aired their documentary, not a single black participant was featured. CNN’s sin of omission contributed to my dad believing the left’s lie that the tea party movement is racist, a bunch of scary redneck white people.

As I stated, the liberal mainstream media have done a great job keeping black conservative sightings almost as rare as Bigfoot sightings. Race exploitation profiteers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are household names among blacks. Meanwhile, my dad and most blacks that I know never heard of black conservative national radio talk show host, entrepreneur and businessman extraordinaire Herman Cain until his brief presidential campaign. http://www.caintv.com/

Leftists claim to be advocates for blacks. Given the epidemic of black school dropouts, fatherless households, unemployment and crime plaguing urban blacks, one would assume Leftists would celebrate Herman Cain as a role model of what can be achieved via hard work and right choices. Instead, Leftists (liberal media, NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus and so-called civil rights advocates) despise Herman Cain. Cain contradicts Leftist’s story-line that America is racist and only voting for democrats and total dependency on government can save blacks.

For years, the only black conservatives I knew of and heard on national media were Walter Williams http://walterewilliams.com/, Dr Thomas Sowell http://www.tsowell.com/and Mychal Massie http://bit.ly/28X7sqx of Project 21. http://bit.ly/28VdSpV I first met Mychal about 6 years ago and was pretty starstruck. Today, Mychal is a dear conservative friend, still fighting the good fight.

There’s a new crop of black conservatives entering the political arena. It does my heart good hearing about young blacks who rejected drinking the Left’s America-sucks-and-you’re-entitled-to-other-peoples’-hard-earned-stuff Kool-Aid.

I am extremely excited to report that black conservative/Republican Darryl Glenn is running for the Colorado US Senate seat. Glenn, endorsed by Ted Cruz, plans to knock off Democrat incumbent Senator Michael Bennet. Anything you can do to assist this rock-solid conservative is greatly appreciated. http://eepurl.com/b7h3kv

A black conservative whom I greatly respect told me he dislikes adding race into the equation. He dislikes saying we need more black conservatives. He thinks we should say we need more conservatives. Period. While I see his point, the reality is the Left has made race an issue. They say if you’re black and conservative, you are stupid, mentally ill and a betrayer of your people. We need more black conservatives in office, in the high-profile big arena, spreading truth.

Another powerful black conservative still out there fighting the good fight is Niger Innis. http://bit.ly/290yLTG Niger’s late dad was civil rights icon, Roy Innis. Unlike the despicable race profiteers of today, Mr Innis was a “for real” civil rights activist. I came across a debate on Youtube between Al Sharpton and Roy Innis on the Morton Downey Jr TV show. It got so heated that Mr Innis physically pushed Sharpton out of his chair. http://bit.ly/28WCptZ While I have never seen Niger get up into liberal’s grill, he is the Left’s worse nightmare; a black articulate upbeat advocate for conservatism; a politician, tea party activist and spokesperson.

I met sister Dr Alveda King years ago when we were panelist at a DC press conference. I was a bit starstruck meeting the niece of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. As a black conservative activist, Alveda’s calling and passion is centered around the issue of abortion. http://bit.ly/1R0emg4 Blacks are aborting themselves into extinction. http://bit.ly/1oGRjVA

Years ago at an event, a hostess approached me with a black conservative she wanted to introduce to me. He planned to run for congress. It was Col. Allen West. Wow, need I say more. http://www.allenbwest.com/

Black conservative powerhouse, Star Parker is a former welfare cheat. You can imagine how upsetting it is to liberal democrats to have lost her. http://bit.ly/296GlJZ Using her personal story, Star exposes how welfare dependency destroys black families. http://bit.ly/28X6zOJ

There are numerous other black conservatives out there that have been spreading the good news of conservatism for a long time; underfunded and underexposed due to liberal mainstream media bias.

It took years, but I finally led my black brother to the light of conservatism. He had dinner with a group of black buddies. After one guy had a few adult beverages, he verbally attacked my brother for his conservative political views. “You’re a white man! And I bet you’re even a Republican!” My brother took out his voter registration card, held it up for them to see and proudly proclaimed, “You’re right, I am a Republican.”

Folks, we black conservatives still have much work to do, breaking down old stereotypes and democrat/liberal media lies and deceptions.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee


Sen. Mike Lee Launches Epic Rant After Conservative Show Host Asks Him Why He Hasn’t Endorsed Trump

By: Tré Goins-Phillips | TheBlaze

Republican Sen. Mike Lee went off on an epic rant against Donald Trump Wednesday when one show host asked the Utah lawmaker why he hasn’t endorsed the presumptive GOP nominee.

Newsmax TV anchor Steve Malzberg wanted to know why Lee isn’t “out there trumpeting Trump,” adding that he “doesn’t understand” why he wouldn’t be backing the billionaire businessman. Lee offered a laundry list of reasons.

Photo by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

Photo by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

“Hey look, Steve, I get it. You want me to endorse Trump,” Lee responded. “We can get into that if you want.”

At that, Lee slammed Trump for pushing a conspiracy theory that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael, was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and said the candidate’s comments about Muslims are “religiously intolerant.”

“We can get into the fact that he accused my best friend’s father of conspiring to kill JFK,” the senator said. “We can go through the fact that he’s made statements that some have identified correctly as religiously intolerant. We can get into the fact that he’s wildly unpopular in my state, in part because my state consists of people who are members of a religious minority church.”

Lee added that part of the reason some Utahns — many of whom are Mormon —  dislike Trump is because, as “a people who were ordered exterminated by the governor of Missouri in 1838,” policy proposals like the real estate mogul’s Muslim ban “make them nervous.”

The only way Lee could move on, he said, is if he “heard the right things” from Trump moving forward.

“I can go on if you like, … but don’t sit here and tell me, Steve, that I have no reason to be concerned about Donald Trump,” Lee told Malzberg.

In response, the Newsmax anchor seemed surprised the issues the senator listed would be reason enough to withhold an endorsement, telling Lee his complaints “dwarf” in comparison to concerns over Hillary Clinton.

“To me, the concerns that you should have about Hillary Clinton would dwarf most if not all, in my view, I can’t speak for you, of what you just said,” Malzberg said. “She’s under FBI investigation, she takes money from countries that kill gays, that treat women like garbage. You know, we know about the email scandal, I mean, the list goes on: the Clinton Foundation, the conflict of interest, I mean, the corruption, the lifelong corruption. It goes on and on and on.”

Malzberg then seemed to suggest Trump’s peddling of conspiracy theories about Cruz’s father pales by comparison, but Lee wasn’t quite ready to let it go.

“Right, right, he said that,” Lee interjected. “He actually said that. He said that without any scintilla, without a scintilla of evidence. Now that concerns me.”

Lee, who “can’t vote for” Clinton, told Malzberg he would like to see “assurances” from Trump that he is going to be a “vigorous defender” of the U.S. Constitution and won’t lead in an “authoritarian” manner.

“I’m sorry, sir, but that is not an unreasonable demand,” he concluded.


WON’T YOU PLEASE HELP? We Must All Join Together to Find a Cure For Sudden Islamic Combustion Syndrome (SICS)

Doug Ross @ Journal

Political scientists at The New York Times and Vox are baffled by the thousands of recent incidents of a disease termed Sudden Islamic Combustion Syndrome (or “SICS”).

Voxsplainer and political commentator Ezra M. Klein III recently lobbied Congress to fund a worldwide effort, led by the United Nations, to find the root cause of SICS.

“We have yet to find a root cause or some underlying pattern that would explain why certain individuals suddenly detonate, killing individuals around them, often with oddly shaped pieces of metal that resemble nails and shrapnel,” said Klein.

“It’s imperative that we find a root cause, because there’s no discernible pattern to SICS. There’s no particular ideology, faith, or military cult packaged as a religion that we can tie back to the disease.”

In the mean time, The New York Times and Vox have teamed up to create a charitable foundation and slush fund that a spokesman said will devote a “significant percentage” of its revenue to finding a cure for SICS.

Contacted at her home in Chappaqua, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supported the effort to research SICS and also stated that “gun control may be the answer.”


Hillary: Savant of Washington Insider Corruption

By: Lloyd Marcus

Hillary Clinton

One of my brothers concluded, “Being in Washington as long as she has, Hillary Clinton has to have learned something. Therefore, she is probably the most qualified to be president.” From his low-info voter perspective, his assumption sounds reasonable.

As the informed political activist that I am, I wanted to scream, “Are you nuts? Hillary is the Devil!” I was stunned that my brother whom I have been sending my articles for years would ever consider voting for Hillary. Has he not been reading his big brother’s articles? But, I digress.

Yes, Hillary has learned quite a lot during her years in Washington.

Hillary has learned how to deceive voters by publicly trashing banks while selling her influence to them; earning $21 million in two years for making twenty minute speeches. http://bit.ly/28MewK2

Folks, please bear with me while I explain to voters like my brother. Hillary was Secretary of State and could become president. Therefore, banks, corporations, foreign governments and businesses want to be on her good side. They want Hillary in their pocket. Paying her a bag of money would be illegal. So they paid her payola via speaker fees of $250,000 and higher for 20 minute speeches.

Hillary is well-schooled in DC insider corruption; becoming a multimillionaire while crushing little people along the way. Though she portrays herself as a champion of women, Hillary’s history confirms that she is the complete opposite.

Throughout their marriage, Bill Clinton has been unable to keep it in his pants. Women were coming out of the woodwork going public with affairs and sexual assault allegations against Bill. Hillary headed up the Bimbo Eruption Squad to destroy, intimidate and silence her husband’s lovers and victims. http://dailym.ai/1Id0N4j

As the attorney for a child rapist, Hillary got him off. Hillary accused his 12 year old victim of being a mentally ill slut. His 12 year old victim said, “Hillary Clinton took me through hell.” http://bit.ly/1MDvZug

As Secretary of State, Hillary hung our US Ambassador and his staff out to dry. With the anniversary of 9/11 approaching, our ambassador feared an Islamic terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi Libya. He requested more security from Obama and Hillary. Ambassador Stevens’ request was denied. http://bit.ly/1pdcX4K

It was election time. Providing extra security would contradict Obama’s story-line that he ended terrorism. Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed in a well-planned terrorist attack on our consulate. Ambassador Stevens was tortured and his body was defiled and paraded through the streets. Before the terrorist killed Ambassador Stevens and his staff, we had assets in the area that wanted to intervene. They were told to stand down. http://bit.ly/28NkQzZ

Staffer Sean Smith was also killed in the Benghazi terrorist attack. Hillary is a sociopath. She looked Sean’s mom, Pat, in the eye and lied to her. She vowed to get back to Pat with more answers. Hillary also told Pat she would punish the SOB who made the anti-Muslim video that angered Muslims which caused the attack and death of her son. Hillary knew the attack had nothing to do with a video. Heartbroken, Pat Smith spoke publicly about Hillary, “She’s a proven liar.” http://bit.ly/28MHLqb

Hillary has learned how to put her political best interest above American lives. This was exposed in the best-selling book and accompanying movie, “13 Hours” which tells the horrific account of how Americans were left to die in Benghazi. http://bit.ly/28X6kDN

Hillary has learned how to deceive black voters; insultingly talking down to them by speaking with a black dialectic (“I don’t feel no ways tired”) http://bit.ly/1MXewEt and claiming to carry hot sauce in her purse. http://bit.ly/1MDRKBt Oh please!

As a black person, I have always found it repulsive the way Hillary and democrats consistently imply that blacks are mentally inferior. For example: In essence, Hillary and her fellow dems say it is too hard for simple-minded coloreds to acquire a photo ID. Thus, requiring a photo ID to vote is racist and disenfranchises blacks. This is absurd and extremely insulting. http://bit.ly/28YFPfP

Blacks have suffered greatly under Obama, epidemic unemployment and so on. http://bit.ly/1OpoIk9

Hillary will continue Obama’s failed policies, furthering the downward spiral of black Americans; more poverty, more joblessness, more black on black crime, more fatherless households and more government dependency and enslavement. http://bit.ly/28Q9qKr As a black guy, it sickens me that so many blacks continue stupidly voting for their greatest Nemesis, Democrats.

Hillary has learned how to create a charity in which only 10% goes to the people she claims to champion. Her Clinton foundation enabled her to market her influence as Secretary of State and her future presidency to foreign governments and businesses; making her and Bill extremely rich. http://bit.ly/1TgD4Vz

Hillary has truly mastered the technique of portraying herself as a champion of various groups while stabbing them in the back. Hillary claims to champion homosexuals while accepting millions from countries that execute homosexuals and enslave women. http://bit.ly/1Uxl8qo

My low-info voter brother’s time is consumed coaching kids football and working a full time job. He gets his news from mainstream media. His only knowledge of Hillary’s email scandal is the media and Democrat operative’s spin that says evil Republicans are out to get her. My brother does not know that as Secretary of State Hillary broke extremely serious national security protocols, putting American lives at risk. http://bit.ly/1tb1Xfw Government employees with far lesser violations have been thrown into jail. Hillary has learned that being a Democrat in Washington permits her to arrogantly function outside the law without consequence.

In conclusion, my low-info voter brother is correct about Hillary learning a lot during her many years as a Washington DC insider. For that very reason, we must not allow this vile, master of corruption and sociopath liar anywhere near the people’s Oval House. http://bit.ly/28N17LH

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee