On The Precipice Of World War III: Russia Prepares For War On Multiple Fronts

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


Things are quickly spiraling out of control for the US. The Yuan has basically become the reserve currency now. Russia will now head the UN Security Council. And my favorite… Obama has handed the Internet to foreign entities comprised of our enemies… the Russians, Chinese and Iranians. Good times.

But the last couple of days have been REALLY interesting and not in a good way. It all revolves around Russia pretty much and their moves towards World War III. We have been in the beginning phases of the war for a number of years. The opening salvos have taken the form of intrusive cyber attacks. But a hot war is coming… I no longer have any doubt of that whatsoever.


Let’s start with Russia suspending diplomacy with the US over the conflict in Syria. Not good. The US has announced they are ending diplomatic engagement with Russia and are ‘reviewing’ our military options over the Aleppo boondoggle. We don’t seem to get it. Russia and Iran now own Syria. Whatever we do there now won’t be very effective. Russia has Tartus and now essentially the rest of Syria is being handed to Iran. Russia is prepping an offensive to gain ground in the Baltics and the Ukraine… and even further conquests are on the drawing board.

Earlier today the UN warned Russia on their bombing of Aleppo. That doesn’t matter at all to Russia… in fact, they are stepping up their bombing with bunker busters. They want to kill everyone and wipe them off the proverbial map. If we send troops into Syria, Putin is sure to do the same and it will be game on. We are now considering airstrikes on Syria as I write this. Top military leaders say this could very well lead to war with Russia… we are already there boys.

But wait… there’s more. Moscow announced yesterday that it was ending cooperation with the US on a 16 year-old program for the disposal of weapons-grade plutonium to curb the production of more nuclear bombs. Kerry’s ceasefire in Syria was a monstrous joke. In fact, he played right into Russia’s hands. What a tool. A 10 year-old would be better at military strategy than these fools.

Next, Russia has deployed an anti-missile system in Syria for the first time, potentially as a means for the Assad government to counter US and allied cruise missile attacks. That should end well. Yeah baby. Components of the SA-23 Gladiator anti-missile and anti-aircraft system, which has a range of roughly 150 miles, arrived over the weekend “on the docks” of a Russian naval base along Syria’s Mediterranean coastal city of Tartus.

I especially thought this quote from Fox News was appropriate:

While the purpose is not clear, one US official asked sarcastically, “Nusra doesn’t have an air force do they?” speaking about the Al Qaeda-linked group in Syria. The Islamic State also does not fly any manned aircraft or possess cruise missiles, in a sign that Russia is directing its actions to protect itself against any potential attack from the United States or its allies.

Today, the Russian embassy in Damascus was shelled from an alleged terrorist-controlled area of Syria. Guess who Russia is blaming? That’s right… the US. Tick freaking tock goes the war clock. Nobody was injured, but that just ticked the Russians off. Convenient.

The Russian embassy in Damascus came under fire on Tuesday from a neighborhood controlled by militant groups, including Al-Nusra Front, the Russian Foreign Ministry reports. Russia’s Foreign Ministry has declared that the shelling of the Russian Embassy in Damascus, Syria was the result of “those who, like the US and some of its allies, continue to provoke bloody conflict in Syria [and] flirt with militants and extremists of various types,” read a statement posted on the Foreign Ministry website on October 4th.

We already know that Russia and Iran – two arms of the New Axis of Evil are in Syria – well, here comes the third one… China. Beijing and Damascus have agreed that the Chinese military will have closer ties with Syria and provide humanitarian aid to the civil war torn nation, a high-ranking People’s Liberation Army officer said, adding that the training of Syrian personnel by Chinese instructors has also been discussed, according to Xinhua. This is a clear sign that Russia, China and Iran are aligning against the US. I hate to say I told you so, but I’ve been saying this was coming for years now. China has previously praised Russia’s involvement in Syria.


Last, but certainly not least… Russia is holding a massive evacuation drill for more than 40 million people to prepare for nuclear war. More than 200,000 emergency services personnel and soldiers will use 50,000 pieces of equipment during the massive civil defense exercise. Management bodies and forces of the Emergency Ministry’s territorial bodies have been put on simulated high alert. Representatives of federal executive authorities, heads of regions, local governments and organizations are taking part in the massive drill. Emergency Ministry’s forces and facilities are fully engaged, including rescue military divisions, rescue units, paramilitary mine rescue units and State Small Vessels Inspectorate, fire departments and aircraft. It has already been widely reported that Russia has been busy building nuclear bunkers all over Moscow. I assume in actuality, it has been all over Russia.

Russia’s western missile forces are testing their battle readiness by practicing fire and preemptive strikes on crucial enemy infrastructure, state news agency Itar-Tass reported. The missile brigade in Leningrad region, which surrounds St. Petersburg and borders Estonia, as well as Finland, is on high alert as a part of combat-readiness drills, testing the unit’s preparation. It is conducting fire against a “simulated enemy” from short range Iskander missiles systems. Some of the 500 troops drafted to the regional drill will also practice camouflage, biological and chemical defense of troops in the field and counter-reconnaissance.

As recently as last year, Russia conducted a simulated nuclear hit on an area the size of Sweden. I’m sure that was no accident.

This is a classic preamble to war. Russia is heightening fears of a nuclear confrontation. They have set the US up as the fall guy. Now they are making a very public display of prepping Russians for World War III. Don’t get me wrong… World War III has already started, I just don’t think nuclear bombs are on the table… yet anyway. The war is far more likely to be a massive debilitating cyber war to begin with, but there will be hot elements on the ground as well.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures at a conference of international news agencies and journalists in Moscow in September, discussing Iran's need for nuclear weapons.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures at a conference of international news agencies and journalists in Moscow in September, discussing Iran’s need for nuclear weapons.

Today’s exercise is being run by EMERCOM, Russia’s Emergencies Ministry. It will go on for four days. Civil Defense Department Director Oleg Manuilov told Interfax: “Training will be held from October 4 to 7 and will be attended by more than 40 million people, more than 200 thousand professionals rescue units and 50 thousand pieces of equipment.”

Russia is spreading this fear mongering throughout their media outlets and official statements. One headline on the website Zvezda last week read “Schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow” – claiming the US wanted to punish Russia over challenges in the Middle East.

EMERCOM announced on Friday that underground shelters which could fit the entire population of Moscow – 12 million – if war broke out were ready and waiting.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) meets with U.S. President Barack Obama on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China, September 5, 2016.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) meets with U.S. President Barack Obama on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China, September 5, 2016.

Russia currently has the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons with 8,400 and a section of its nuclear doctrine which allows for use of the weapons if there is a vague suggestion of a threat. America has 7,500 warheads, considerably less and those are pretty much outdated. In the past, Dmitry Kiselyov, head of Russia’s main news agency, has said only Russia would be able to turn the US into “radioactive ash.” And you know who is egging all of this on? Alexander Dugin of course. This fits his apocalyptic view of warfare rather nicely.

Putin has invested heavily in decking out top secret facilities around Moscow in the event of war. He has even ordered the building of a 400-square mile facility in the remote wasteland of the Ural mountains from where any future conflict could be directed. Satellite images reveal the location of the huge center near Mount Yamantau.

Russia, China and Iran are actively preparing for war with the United States and soon. You have to wonder why they are prepping their people and we aren’t ours. Russia must be overjoyed at that. Time is running out to stop the Russians and they know it. I fear we have already fallen off the precipice of World War III.

21 thoughts on “On The Precipice Of World War III: Russia Prepares For War On Multiple Fronts

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  3. 40 million Russians are said to be participating in an annual civil defense exercise. When was the last time you heard a U.S. politician or other leader even mention civil defense? Two decades ago, three maybe?

    How many Americans have never seen a nuclear target map, or have no idea if where they live or work is in a nuclear fallout zone?

    If you’re not a high profile U.S. politician or some high level bureaucrat, in a worst case scenario, you’re gonna be on your own. Plan accordingly.

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  5. Are you frikkin insane? Really? You are going to be a John Kerry & John Kirby propaganda outlet?

    How ignorant. The U.S. and it’s NATO allies brought this upon us in Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc…. plus prepositioning thousands of heavy and light armor, artillery, combat aircraft, anti-ballistic missiles (for Iran), and etc. on Russia’s borders from Estonia, all the around to Georgia. USNATO plans 172 wargames for the year 2017 on Russia’s borders,and typical AmeriKan hegemony demands that Russia roll over like some puppy. Wave the flag boys.


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  9. I agree with Curtis.

    The current breakdown in negotiations was caused by the Pentagon’s unilateral cancellation of the Kerry-Lavrov cease fire agreement when they attacked Syrian army units near Aleppo. This was a virtual mutiny by the US military, and it should have led to widespread dismissals in the Pentagon from Ash right down the Air Force chain of command to the unit commanders in Incirlik. The fact that Kerry and Obama acceded to this attack and are now following the Pentagon’s lead puts into question whether we still have civilian control of the military in this country.

    More disturbing is the constant neocon drumbeat for war with Russia. What are these clowns thinking? The Russians obviously are expecting a pre-emptive military attack by the US somewhere.

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  11. US leaders will be hard pressed to find many Americans who vilify Putin. Putin has wiped the floor with Obama and Clinton and Kerry with our blessings…. we despise Obama and his ilk… They wont let us impeach him, jail him or kick him out of office… so I guess the only option is to relish in their humiliation of him..

  12. Is this a guest post by Susan Rice? You apparently have some pretty stupid people around here if they thin k Russia is planning to attack a behemoth like us. They are planning to survive an attack by the US to be much more accurate. what business is it of ours in Syria, the Russians invited in by an elected government we showed up to bomb shit and back Al Queda on behalf of the Sauds and Qatar, you stupid, really ignorant or carrying water?

  13. I would greet the Russians as liberators at this point. Who do we think our military comprised of feminists, faggots, and diversity hires is going to defeat at this point? It’s an embarrassment.

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  16. Unless otherwise proven, I would take most of the above commentators as either paid Russian trolls, or in support of same.

    The Kool-aid has been drunk, by the conservative right in this country (like Curtis and his bros above). The effect of drinking this Kool-aid is to believe the US to be the aggressor and the bad guys, and Russia to be the innocent victim of US imperialism and expansionism. Those are terms that the Communists used to hurl at us from behind the Iron Curtain. Now they are being hurled by supposed patriotic Americans. What in inversion of reality! It’s a shame how the Right has been manipulated and infiltrated. But… that’s to be expected, since Russia plays a strategic game that we have long ago walked away from because we thought we “won”. Ha. Joke’s on us, isn’t it?

    I place no hope in our own government to save the US from whatever Russia / China / Iran, etc, have up their sleeves for the West. But we (the people who know what’s coming, and from where) won’t just acquiesce to the coming turn of events. Ever seen Red Dawn? :^)

  17. this is the type of crap disguised as reporting, when in Fact, it is a directed piece of opinion based on conjecture and out right lies presented as a smoke screen to raise your anxiety levels with ‘mega data’ not collated,fact-checked or even peer reviewed by Experts in the fields of War.
    Ask your self what are the carrots being dangled in the Politicians’ faces to keep sending our money and troops where they are being used to insure the Drugs that are OPIUM BASED <herion etc.The favorite drug of control and access, to areas we have no business being in.

  18. Wow, those Russkies are tricky, first they put their country next to all our military bases and now they are gunning for New Orleans through the Aleppo route.. Brilliant damn chess players, invited in by their long time ally Assad, the US invited in by Al Qaeda and Qatar who wants a pipeline built through Syria to weaken Russia. 2015 Russian gdp 3.7 Trillion, the US right around 16 trillion. You got it Marko its a stealth invasion the Lilliputians are coming after Gulliver again… Dolt..

  19. No one wants a war with Russia and its allies. There can be no winner. With that said, now is the time for the U.S. to show off those world dominating super-secret weapons our government has been hiding from the public for years. When faced with total and complete annihilation of their country, that will immediately stop any potential aggressor.

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