Should We All Be Preparing for the Next World War?

By: Sandra | The Right Side of Truth

The world is on edge, and with all of the infighting going on in Congress to undermine our country’s values and our way of life, it’s possible to miss the big picture. It’s easy not to realize a war (and a large scale one at that) is not only a possible but probable expectation for the near future.

And no matter who fights and where, it will be an utter disaster. If America gets involved, NATO (read: most of Europe) gets involved, and that means NATO will be pushed to its limit, resulting in its reassertion of strength or its total dissolution. Given the power of modern weaponry, the casualties will be catastrophic. America will win, but rebuilding will cost trillions of dollars the world doesn’t have.

Let’s take a look at some of the ongoing world situations that could potentially devolve into a much larger conflict.


Russia is making grabs for power both outside and inside its borders. Its laws are getting more restrictive, and Putin is holding tightly onto the reins of power (the only time he wasn’t President of Russia in the last 17 years was when he was Prime Minister of Russia). The Crimea crisis and the invasion of Georgia before it in 2008 were base attempts to expand Russian territory. The country, which undoubtedly wants to return to the “glory days” of the USSR, is trying to build nearby allies. Erdogan’s strongarm ploy in Turkey will benefit Russian interests more than anyone else.

And now there are accusations of tampering with the 2016 election, with all but President Trump and his most staunch supporters agreeing with the intelligence community on the issue. Regardless of the truth of the matter or not, people want someone to blame. Should things escalate and should more information come to light, America will find itself in a diplomatic crisis. It would damage America’s credibility to not launch some sort of countermeasure, but Russia is a nuclear power and clear military options are off the table, unless the U.S. is willing to start World War III.

While armed conflict is unlikely to happen between two global superpowers (the damage would simply be too much, and there would be little to gain), it is possible rogue agents or personnel could spark a conflict that would certainly rattle life for the ordinary citizen in both countries.

North Korea

Without outside intervention, North Korea isn’t going to change. Sanctions haven’t really worked, doing nothing more than slowing the country down for a few months, at best. China goes back and forth as to whether the buffer between it and South Korea is really worth it, and North Korea continues to attempt to create weapons systems capable of damaging the US. Also, Americans are in North Korean prisons, which only adds to already-high tensions between the two countries.

Many think the only reason the world has yet to take action against the oppressive state is the large amounts of artillery directed right at South Korea (mostly Seoul, the capital and a metropolis of nearly 10 million people). The United States would steamroll right through the country with minimal losses, but Seoul would be destroyed and millions of people would die in the process. Yet with North Korea escalating its weapons programs and continuing its human rights abuses, there’s a chance military action may occur anyway.

It may or may not lead to World War III, but it would be a major armed conflict that would define the decade. The fallout would be great, and the conflict itself could evolve into something greater that would bring states around the world into the fold, or the aftermath could put the region on edge for another, larger conflict as states make grabs for power.

The Middle East, Instability and Proxy Wars

The Middle East has always been a storm of trouble, and it’s always been unpredictable. Every time America attempts to bring peace and stability to the region, it’s only had marginal effectiveness due to the intense infighting between religious and terrorist groups in the region. The government militaries have disappointed as well, with the Iraqi army leaving equipment behind to fall into the hands of terrorists.

No one is going to start World War III over a bunch of terrorist organizations, but Syria is another situation. Israel is also fighting against Iran via proxies and airstrikes in the region, and Russia is sending support to groups fighting U.S.-supported rebels. While some ceasefires are taking place and hundreds of thousands of refugees are returning home (albeit not to the safest conditions), the conflict, in general, isn’t going away soon.

The concern here is that it would escalate much like Korea or Vietnam. More troops would be sent in, and an incident would kick off a military conflict that didn’t just involve rebel groups and small-time forces. However, instability and geopolitical tensions in this region are nothing new. It would take a major show of force from one party or a radical shift in U.S. foreign policy to make the area the starting point for WWIII.

So is WWIII imminent?

We would have to find ourselves in a globally suicidal and absurd situation to reach the point of a full World War III. America and its allies are simply too powerful, and that’s not even taking into account nuclear weapons, which would act as a deterrent against taking military action against the US for any state.

That being said, a major conflict could flare up in the event of an extremist group attacking or a rogue state finding itself in a desperate situation. America will need to stay strong and vigilant to combat these threats, and as such, we need to do everything to support our military and maintain our presence overseas. While it might not be best to play world police when America has a host of moral and societal problems at home to be solved, interests require protection and the world needs to know not to provoke the United States of America.

We don’t need to prepare. We are already prepared.

About the Author: Sandra is a writer for Secure Thoughts and The Right Side of Truth who has longed looked into conspiracies and political movements both within the states and abroad. She’s determined to protect our freedoms by revealing the truth and letting citizens know of the threats that stand against them.


Tweet On, Mr President

By: Lloyd Marcus

President Trump is criticized from all sides for sparing with fake news media via tweets. Some say Trump’s tweets are a distraction from getting out his message. The truth is fake news media are relentlessly 24/7 distorting and misrepresenting Trump’s agenda and message. Tweeting is Trump’s direct line to the American people which is the reason his tweets infuriate and frustrate fake news media.

Some say Trump responding to attacks and lies from media hacks is unworthy of his time and below his office. I disagree. How many times must we witness the accumulative toxic effect of allowing absurd lies on Republicans to go unchallenged? Such lies take root and grow. Leftists know if they attack a Republican with a big enough lie long enough, people will come to believe it. Leftists’ unchallenged huge lie, “Bush lied and people died” eventually tanked Bush’s approval numbers.

When Mitt Romney ran for president, I laughed at fake news media’s lies launched to destroy him. Fake news media said Romney caused the death of an employee’s wife; Romney abused his dog by hauling it on the roof of his car and Romney bullied a fellow student in school. I thought these attacks were too absurd to be believed or too trivial to care about. Little did I realize these seemingly unworthy-of-a-response attacks on Romney were building a false image of this genuinely decent and kind human being in the minds of low-info voters.

I chuckled hearing Michael Jackson say in his classic “Thriller” music video, “I’m not like other guys.” When will Washington DC and fake news media realize Trump is not like other Republicans? It is not in Trump’s DNA to sit back and allow himself to be attacked and lied about without pushing back harder. Frankly, I love that about our new sheriff in town.

Trump confronting fake news media’s lies in tweets is driving Leftists crazy because they do not know how to deal with it. Leftists are accustom to Republicans cowering in fear, rolling over and taking fake news media assassinating their character.

Fake news media has a proven track record of 24/7 negative nitpicking a Republican to death. This is why fake news media made a huge deal about Trump supposedly getting two scoops of ice cream while everyone else only gets one. http://bit.ly/2stsAki What appeared to be much ado about nothing was really a strategically planned attempt to further fake news media’s branding of Trump; an ego maniac mean bully.

Still, there are folks on our side who want Trump to stop tweeting and play by traditional Washington DC establishment and fake news media rules for Republicans. Why should Trump allow his unhinged morally bankrupt enemies to dictate the rules of engagement. Tweeting is a technological powerful weapon available to president Trump. I say tweet on Mr President. Tweet on.

Political experts advising Republicans to walk-on-eggshells when dealing with the first black president, Democrats and fake news media have brought us patriotic Americans nothing but frustration and the furtherance of the extreme radical left’s agenda.

I will not bore you with the long list of Obama’s unconstitutional overreaches http://bit.ly/2q1Edd7 to which the GOP response was, “That’s not legal, but we dare not oppose him.” Real regime change in DC was birthed out of the Tea Party pushing Republicans to behave outside of expert’s advised timidity. This resulted in the GOP winning the house, senate and White House.

Hypocritically, fake news media lectures Republicans about how to behave while supporting Democrats doing whatever necessary, including breaking laws, to implement their extreme liberal agenda. For example. Fake news media supports Democrats’ proven bogus narrative that allowing illegals to invade our homeland makes Americans safer. http://fxn.ws/2t0ertS The fact that sanctuary cities are arrogantly breaking the law is of no concern to fake news media.

On a recent retreat, MSNBC was one of the few news channels I could get on TV. Folks, watching the totally propaganda network was astounding. MSNBC lies, distorts and spins against Trump practically 24/7; clearly laser focused and obsessed with taking down our president.

Not only is Trump not like other Republicans, he is not like other presidents. I am confident that I speak for millions of Americans when I say that is just fine with us as long as he constitutionally fulfills his campaign promises.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Author: “Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America.”
Singer/Songwriter and Conservative Activist