Berkeley’s Communist Antifa Are Stalking College Republicans… Targeting With Violence And Intimidation

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Antifa is possibly strongest here in the US in Berkeley, California. Currently they are threatening and stalking the University of California – Berkeley College Republicans. Antifa considers Nazis fascist, but they also consider anyone who believes in capitalism and the Constitution as fascist. Twisted, but that’s what they believe. Antifa is now listing these Republicans by their names and locations and putting it out on social media to alert other Antifa members that they are in their vicinity. They aren’t specifically calling for violence, but it is clear they are targeting the Republican students.

On Wednesday of this week, the Berkeley Antifa Twitter account put out the private meeting place of several Berkeley College Republicans. They claimed these students had been “drinking with Kyle Chapman and Joey Gibson.” Kyle Chapman is better known as “Based Stick Man.” He is a Trump supporter who physically attacked Antifa members. He rose to fame last March after hitting an Antifa supporter in the head. Joey Gibson is the founder of Patriot Prayers. They are a pro-Trump organization that is active in California and the Pacific Northwest.

There are a lot of fake Antifa accounts out there. This isn’t one of them. It’s managed by die-hard Antifa members based in Southern California. The account has been known to call for violence against conservative, free-speech advocates and anyone they deem to be “fascists.” Intimidation and violence are the calling card of Antifa. You will see them get more and more aggressive over time just as they have in Europe. They have stalked and intimidated conservatives within and outside of the campus. That particular account has named a number of Berkeley College Republicans, including Troy Worden, Ashton Whitty, Naweed Tahmas, Matt Ronnau and Angelie Castenada.

Last August, Ashton Whitty, who is a student there, was hunted down by Antifa and cornered at a gas station. They beat on her car trying to terrorize her. Whitty was interviewed on Fox News over the incident and they showed footage of the violent encounter. She related to Campus Reform that Antifa members had stalked her. They took pictures of her and tracked down her location to attack her. “It’s rather odd why these people would see us as such a priority when we’re just everyday people,” she said.

The VP of the Berkeley College Republicans, Nahweed Tahmas, bluntly stated that conservatives at UC Berkeley are “routinely targeted, harassed and stalked” by the anarcho-communist group. “Knowing that they have sympathizers within both the city administration and university administration, leftist groups will continue to target conservatives as they know there are no consequences to their actions,” he said. “It has become socially acceptable in Berkeley to physically beat someone for being a conservative,” Tahmas added. “In fact, it is even encouraged.”

On Tuesday, prominent Antifa leader Yvonne Felarca was arrested following the group’s “Victory March” in the city. Berkeley Police later released a mugshot of the activist, noting that she was arrested for “battery and resisting arrest.” You remember this woman, she is a middle school teacher and a violent Antifa member. In fact, there seem to be quite a few teachers and professors that run with Antifa.

For an in-depth explanation of Antifa and to see just how terrifying this group really is, watch Trevor Loudon’s excellent documentary below: America Under Siege: Antifa. You will see what we are facing and who the real enemy within is.

Antifa is the third episode in the America Under Siege film series from Dangerous Documentaries (a project of the Capital Research Center) and Cohesion Films. Each episode profiles the influence of radical Marxists on various segments of American society.

The communist movement known as Antifa (short for Anti-Fascist Action) has sparked violence across the nation. In the wake of their battling despicable white supremacist in Charlottesville, Antifa has begun to gain mainstream popularity. But unbeknownst to much of the public, the vast majority of Antifa violence isn’t targeted at genuine fascists, but mainstream conservatives and civilians. With help from those who have encountered Antifa, including Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Lauren Southern, Jack Posobiec, and Steve Deace, conservative author Trevor Loudon guides us through the history and ideas behind the Antifa movement, starting with Leon Trotsky and going all the way through the events in Berkeley, CA and Charlottesville, VA.


The film was written by and stars conservative author Trevor Loudon, directed by Judd Saul, produced by Jake (Joseph) Klein and Victoria Loudon, and executive produced by Capital Research Center’s Scott Walter and Matthew Vadum. You can view previous episodes of America Under Siege at DangerousDocumentaries.com.


US Shuttering Diplomatic and Tourism Operations in Cuba

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Twenty-one U.S. diplomatic personnel assigned to Cuba have been severely affected by some health condition with the cause still unknown officially. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has issued travel warnings to Cuba for civilians and has ordered a large number of government personnel to leave the island. Cuba is allegedly cooperating in the investigation and for more than a year, there have been no clues or resolutions. The FBI additionally sent an expert team to Havana to investigate all associated locations including the housing where these attacks have occurred. The housing for diplomatic personnel is provided by Cuba and as with all laws and standards, the host country must provide safe conditions and be approved by the U.S. State Department.

So, what are the likely explanations for U.S. personnel and Canadian personnel suffering from hearing loss, brain damage and even speech complications?

Well, as submitted by former CIA official John Sipher, who has served in some hostile nations, there are some explanation(s) as to what those nations have in the past done to U.S. facilities.

During my time overseas, I have had personal experience with several of these “attacks.” In the 1980s and 1990s, the Soviet and then Russian intelligence services deployed doses of nitrophenyl pentaden (NPPD) against American diplomats whom they suspected of managing espionage operations against Russian interests. This so-called “spy dust” was an invisible electromagnetic powder with a customized chemical identifier. It was smeared onto door handles, furniture and cars of suspected American spy handlers. It was a tagging agent used by Russian security elements to covertly monitor their own community by revealing unreported (and potentially espionage related) contacts between Russian and American officials. It was somewhat ingenious. After deploying the invisible material on a suspected U.S. intelligence officer, Russian counter-intelligence would snoop after-hours through the offices of Russian government employees looking for traces of the material. Discovery of the powder in the office of someone who had not reported contact with the American provided significant proof of suspicious activity.

What was not ingenious, however, were the threats to human health. There were concerns at the time that the material was carcinogenic and could be harmful to American diplomats. Following studies, the United States determined there was no specific evidence of a threat to the U.S. diplomatic community since it was only used against a handful of people. As someone who was “dusted,” that explanation didn’t really make me feel much better. However, the substance was at least a step up from earlier Russian tracking devices like radioactive nails hammered into the tires of U.S. diplomatic vehicles, allowing Russian surveillance vehicles to hang back unseen and follow along by using special equipment to track targets’ tire residue.

The Russian security services were also known to flood the U.S. embassy in Moscow with electromagnetic radiation. They would beam concentrated microwaves and electronic pulses at the Embassy in an attempt to eavesdrop on U.S. typewriters and conversations. In the 1970s, a U.S. Ambassador contracted and died of a blood disease that many assumed to be a result of the attacks. The State Department detected high levels of radiation in the embassy staff, and provided hazard pay to personnel who worked in Moscow. A variety of electronic attacks continued over the years to include mobile Russian vans that acted as a giant x-ray that could be directed at diplomats all over town. In a similar fashion, high frequency devices can be used to pulse other devices, perhaps turning on or off collection devices in homes or offices.

Similarly, the Russian security services undertook a massive effort to bug the new embassy building in Moscow with all sorts of technical gear, some of which could potentially affect the health of Americans. Indeed, the new embassy construction was even abandoned in 1985 due to the sheer volume and sophistication of electronic eavesdropping equipment that was found throughout the walls, concrete floors and underground. A second attempt to improve the security of the building also faltered when the United States found an equally aggressive and sophisticated attack, which included building listening devices directly into the steel beams holding the building upright. Even the sidewalks and streets throughout the neighborhood were embedded with electronic collection gear which was designed to turn the embassy building into a giant antenna. The United States lost hundreds of millions of dollars trying to fix the problems, and eventually tore off the top several floors of the Embassy and rebuilt it with specially imported materials put together by American-only labor – an effort the U.S. called the “Top Hat” solution. The decades-long process displayed the remarkable expertise of the Russians in the use of technical sensors and surveillance gear. Russian technology was consistently underestimated by the U.S. and often our best scientists had difficulty understanding what the Russians were up to. Full article here.

Photo Courtesy: CBS

Could Mr. Sipher be missing something or omitting something? Yes.

There is something called vibroacoustic syndrome — the effect of infrasonic output not on your hearing, but on the various fluid-filled parts of your body, which can affect hearing and loss of balance.

The low frequency of infrasonic sound and its corresponding long wavelength makes it much more capable of bending around or penetrating your body, creating an oscillating pressure system. Depending on the frequency, different parts of your body will resonate, which can have very unusual non-auditory effects. For example, one of the ones that occur at relatively safe sound levels (< 100 dB) occurs at 19Hz. If you sit in front of a very good-quality subwoofer and play a 19Hz sound (or have access to a sound programmer and get an audible sound to modulate at 19Hz), try taking off your glasses or removing your contacts. Your eyes will twitch. If you turn up the volume so you start approaching 110 dB, you may even start seeing colored lights at the periphery of your vision or ghostly gray regions in the center. This is because 19Hz is the resonant frequency of the human eyeball. The low-frequency pulsations start distorting the eyeball’s shape and pushing on the retina, activating the rods and cones by pressure rather than light.* This non-auditory effect may be the basis of some supernatural folklore. In 1998, Tony Lawrence and Vic Tandy wrote a paper for the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research (not my usual fare) called “Ghosts in the Machine,” in which they describe how they got to the root of stories of a “haunted” laboratory. People in the lab had described seeing “ghostly” gray shapes that disappeared when they turned to face them. Upon examining the area, it turned out that a fan was resonating the room at 18.98Hz, almost exactly the resonant frequency of the human eyeball. When the fan was turned off, so did all stories of ghostly apparitions. More here.

Going back as far as 1998, the Foreign Military Office at Fort Leavenworth published a short summary of what was described then as ‘wonder weapons’. In part:

A recent edition of U.S. News and World Report highlighted several of these “wonder weapons” (acoustics, microwaves, lasers) and noted that scientists are “searching the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums for wavelengths that can affect human behavior.” A recent Russian military article offered a slightly different slant to the problem, declaring that “humanity stands on the brink of a psychotropic war” with the mind and body as the focus. That article discussed Russian and international attempts to control the psycho-physical condition of man and his decision making processes by the use of VHF-generators, “noiseless cassettes,” and other technologies.

An entirely new arsenal of weapons, based on devices designed to introduce subliminal messages or to alter the body’s psychological and data processing capabilities, might be used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control or alter the psyche, or to attack the various sensory and data-processing systems of the human organism. In both cases, the goal is to confuse or destroy the signals that normally keep the body in equilibrium.

This article examines energy-based weapons, psychotropic weapons, and other developments designed to alter the ability of the human body to process stimuli. One consequence of this assessment is that the way we commonly use the term “information warfare” falls short when the individual soldier, not his equipment, becomes the target of attack.

A 2014 study in the journal Royal Society Open Science found that low-frequency sounds below the audible range could disrupt little whistles made by the ear, called spontaneous optoacoustic emissions, in response to noise. (How that is mapped to symptoms, however, wasn’t clear.)

In this instance, one possibility is that the infrasound stimulated the part of the ear not dedicated to hearing — the vestibular system that controls balance, Liberman said. In that instance, the symptoms wouldn’t appear immediately.

“You could imagine them being very slow onset and very persistent,” Liberman said. “It might take days before you even notice any funny sensations.”

Sonic Weapons

While the idea of a silent sonic weapon sounds like something out of James Bond, Inspector Gadget or the reject pile of DARPA, the idea of using sound as a weapon has a long history.

For instance, studies show that animals exposed to high-intensity, focused ultrasound can experience lung and brain damage. And a cruise line circling the pirate-infested waters off the Somali coast has taken to using a military-grade “sonic weapon” to deter would-be hijackers, the BBC reported. This long-range device, also known as a sound cannon, can cause permanent hearing loss at distances of up to 984 feet (300 meters), according to the BBC. Other companies have developed a magnetic acoustic device, commonly referred to as a sound laser , that deploys incredibly painful, focused beams of sound to deter people from an area, NPR reported. The Israeli army has also used a device known as “The Scream,” which damages the inner ear, causing nausea and dizziness, Wired reported. More here from FNC.

There is more going on than is being reported. Further, I would be asking all allied nations that have access to Cuba what they know and I would be challenging all SIGINT communications on the island…surely there is chatter about this very event. Since there are some Canadian personnel involved, has Canada made any inquiries and launched investigations? Crickets…


Steven Crowder Infiltrates Antifa At Shapiro Event… Offered Weapons [VIDEO]

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I’m impressed with Steven Crowder and Not-Gay Jared. They have stones… these two infiltrated Antifa at the University of Utah before Ben Shapiro’s speech there. They shared their information with the police, who were grateful for it. Maddeningly, they tried to share it with the media, who wanted no part of it. Figures. Two comedians did what these behemoth media outlets can’t be bothered with… they worked their way into a domestic terrorist outfit and were offered knives and shivs. The members spoke of having guns and killing people. They even discussed luring people back to the parking lot to take them out. I fail to see how that is not news.

Trevor Loudon released his new documentary this week, entitled: America Under Siege: Antifa. Loudon’s documentary is so good and so insightful, that Antifa is threatening him now. That won’t stop Trevor… it never has. It’s below… if you haven’t seen it, watch it. He explains who Antifa is and what their goals are. Antifa is a reincarnation of Black Bloc. They evolved out of the Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous movements. They are not unique to the US. You see them throughout Europe now. They are anarcho-communists and are exceedingly violent. Antifa – or anti-fascists – believe there are two types of fascists. Your run-of-the-mill Nazis and anyone who supports capitalism. In their twisted minds, this justifies violence against most Americans. In progressive cities, those liberals who are in power are ordering the police to stand down so Antifa can get their violence on. Do you really think that is just a coincidence? It’s by design. It’s why the leftist media will not address Antifa at all… they support them.

Leon Trotsky formed the first Antifa-like units. They were armed thugs who suppressed opposition to communism prior to the Bolshevik uprising – Red October. It’s the same old story of the communists versus the fascists, only we are all being branded as fascists now in the communist left’s violent attempt at taking over America. Eventually 55 percent of the Brown-Shirts for Hitler would be former Antifa communist members. They called them Beef Steak Nazis… brown on the outside, red in the center.

Antifa is prevalent across Europe, with a big presence in Germany and Italy. There are towns in Germany called Antifa-towns. People fear them there. If you step out of line, they threaten your family and will come in and destroy your home. It’s not just the radical Islamists that are problematic there, Antifa is terrorizing these people as well.

So, you see, the answer to Steven Crowder’s question, “Are they really an inconsequential group of rabble rousers?”, is a resounding no. Antifa counts among its members many teachers, professors and students. They are being funded by very wealthy people as well. The only reason they get away with calling Ben Shapiro fascist (he’s Jewish), is that he believes in capitalism and constitutional rights. That is why Antifa considers him so dangerous to them. He’s a master debater and gets his message across to others, which Antifa will not tolerate.

Watch both videos and see the threat that Antifa truly is. They are militant and want revolution and chaos in the streets. They aren’t going away and will have to be defeated at some point. These are communists and this is their political agenda. They have been called many names throughout history, but their tactics, hatred and violence are always the same.


Aaron Rogers Asking for Fan Demonstration During the Anthem; How Patriotism Says No

By: Arlen Williams | Gulag Bound

Dylan Buell / Getty Images photo, from Washington Post

The NFL’s most heralded rivalry, Bears vs. Packers, continues tonight at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, with the series tied at 94-94-6. But out-hyping the drama of this actual game, as the generations-long contesting teeter-totters, is this from Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers, themselves.

Aaron Rodgers calls for fans to link arms like players

GREEN BAY – Quarterback said the Packers are going to ask the fans at Lambeau Field to join the players in linking arms on Thursday night during the national anthem prior to the game against the Bears.

Without getting into the ins and outs of the whole orchestrated President The Donald vs. NFL pro-wrestling style blow-up, for your perusal, my comments at the article two days ago, are as follows.

Respecting the standards of the founding of the United States of America brings about racial healing, among other good effects. Disrespecting the flag is not a cure for the personal sins of racism or a minority of rogue cops.

But then again, those that are determined to believe that criminals who are threatening to kill police and who happen to be black are innocent victims, are apparently obdurate against reality.

Hush up and learn. Do your jobs. Then, use your own soapboxes.

Stand at attention. Hand over heart. That’s the standard, to respect our national standard, the U.S. flag.

So, does that help anyone?

Insolence can sneak into the human soul very subtly. From his ESPN interview a few days ago, Mr. Rogers is on a spiritual journey. As with “Christian” in Pilgrim’s Progress, I hope that Packer progresses in the right direction, rather than the typical outcome of the “progressive.”

As for the NFL’s present political herd mentality, along with considering how they have dealt with concussions and other injuries, the world of sports betting, and their influence on children over the years, I suggest this fresh article, featured in a very recent edition of The Globe & Malevolence,Humans are Herd Animals: Study Finds People are More Unethical when Operating in Groups.”

Also see this political linkage, explored in Gulag,Richard Trumka and the NFL, That Explains It,” plus comment #1 to the article.


One America News Schedules Several More Showings Of “America Under Siege: Antifa”

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

Our new documentary is proving to be a major hit at One America News.

Due to “overwhelming demand,” One America News is extending additional airings of our new documentary America Under Siege: Antifa on Friday at 10:30 am EDT and 11:30 pm EDT, along with weekend airings on Saturday and Sunday at 5 pm EDT.

Please circulate this information as widely as possible.


Do you recognize any of These Names? Nov. 4, National Demonstration

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Andy Zee, PZ Myers, Carl Dix, Jeremy Scahill, Imam Ayub Abdul-Baki, Rev. Doris Johnson, Sunsara Taylor, Immortal Technique, Fran Luck, Gloria Steinem, Chase Iron Eyes, Isabel Cardenas.

Andy Zee is one of the initiators of REFUSE FASCISM and the Spokesperson for Revolution Books. He is also an advocate for The New Communism developed by the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian.

PZ Myers is an associate professor of biology at the University of Minnesota Morris.

Myers is better-known as a popular atheist blogger. His primary blog is Pharyngula (“Evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal”), where he criticizes creationism, advocates for the popularization of science and gushes about cephalopods. He occasionally blogs for the Panda’s Thumb.

Carl Dix is a national spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA. He is a veteran revolutionary fighter from the ‘60s who has never sold out or compromised.

Jeremy Scahill is an investigative reporter, war correspondent, co-founder of The Intercept and author of the international bestselling books Dirty Wars: The World Is A Battlefield and Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army.  He has reported from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, the former Yugoslavia and elsewhere across the globe. Scahill has served as the national security correspondent for The Nation and Democracy Now!, and in 2014, co-founded The Intercept with fellow journalists Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and investor Pierre Omidyar.

Imam Ayub Abdul-Baki is the Imam that pushed the Park 51 mosque in New York at ground zero. He participated in the Disrupt J20 event with Bill Ayers. per this tweet.

Chase Iron Eyes has been active with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe activists at the Dakota pipeline. Further, he is a criminal as noted here.

Isabel Cardenas is a Salvadorian activist honored by Hilda Solis as noted here.

The rest you should already know. Further, you can also include the media outlet for these activities which is Don Lemon at CNN. Note the video here.

  • Bill Ayers, activist, educator
  • Herb Boyd, activist, author, journalist and teacher
  • Isabel Cardenas, Salvadoran-American activist, Los Angeles
  • Carl Dix, founding member, Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
  • Niles Eldredge, evolutionary biologist
  • Charles Gaines, visual artist
  • Chase Iron Eyes, Native activist, Standing Rock Sioux
  • Everett Iron Eyes Sr., Water Administrator, Standing Rock Sioux
  • Robin D. G. Kelley, Gary B. Nash Professor of American History at UCLA
  • Fran Luck, Executive Producer of Joy of Resistance, Multicultural Feminist Radio at WBAI
  • Rebeca Méndez, designer, focusing on “Design as a Social Force”
  • PZ Myers, evolutionary developmental biologist
  • Milton Saier, PhD Professor of Molecular Biology, UCSD
  • Sunsara Taylor, writer, Revolution Newspaper
  • Cornel West, writer, professor
  • Michael A. Wood Jr.
  • Rev. Frank Wulf, United Methodist minister
  • Andy Zee, spokesperson, Revolution Books
  • David Zeiger, filmmaker

See this site for previous revolutionary events.

Do you wonder where this ‘take a knee’ movement began? Look no further than here.

In language and tone that channeled slaveowners in the plantation days, Donald Trump lashed out over and over last week at NFL players who have taken a knee during the national anthem.

In response, over the weekend of September 24, there was a beautiful show of defiance by dozens of athletes who refused to participate in the forced patriotism and flag worship that this regime uses to whip their white supremacist, fascist base into a frenzy.

FLASH: 9/26, downtown Los Angeles, Refuse Fascism blocks rush hour traffic, taking a knee and holding letters that spell out NOV 4 IT BEGINS.

Take To The Streets And Public Squares
in cities and towns across the country continuing day after day and night after night—not stopping—until our DEMAND is met:

This Nightmare Must End:
The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America!

A Nightmare:

Immigrants living in terror—their next step could mean detention, deportation, being torn from children and loved ones.

A Nightmare:

Muslims and refugees demonized, banned and cast out.

A Nightmare:

Millions—children, the elderly, disabled, the sick, the poor—denied healthcare, food assistance, the very right to live.

A Nightmare:

Women objectified, degraded, and denied the basic right to control their own reproduction, with fundamentalist Christian fascism increasingly being made law.

A Nightmare:

LGBTQ people stigmatized, ostracized, and denied civil rights recently won.

A Nightmare:

Black and Latino people openly threatened by the President, with maximum sentencing, stop-and-frisk going national, intensified police brutality and murder of our youth with no holds barred.

A Nightmare:

People all over the world facing bombings, occupations, war and the threat of nuclear war with Donald Trump’s “America First” finger on the nuclear trigger.

A Nightmare:

The truth bludgeoned—lies and more lies—critical thinking being destroyed in education and public discourse.

A Nightmare:

The whole planet in peril from a regime that denies global warming and shreds all environmental protections.

A Nightmare:

A regime step by step discarding basic democratic rights, targeting group after group, and suppressing dissent and resistance. A regime unleashing the violence of white supremacists, anti-semites, and fascist thugs. This is fascism—a qualitative change in how society is governed. History has shown that fascism must be stopped before it becomes too late.

THIS NIGHTMARE MUST END. Millions feel this and ache with the question of how to stop this unrelenting horror. The stakes are nothing less than the future of humanity and the planet itself.

Who will end this nightmare? We will. Only the determined struggle of millions of people acting together with courage and conviction can drive this regime from power.

Get Organized! Leaflets, Posters, Graphics for November 4

ON NOVEMBER 4, 2017:

We will gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country, at first many thousands declaring that this whole regime is illegitimate and that we will not stop until our single demand is met: This Nightmare Must End: the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

Our protest must grow day after day and night after night—thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions—determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power.

Our actions will reflect the values of respect for all of humanity and the world we want—in stark contrast to the hate and bigotry of the Trump/Pence fascist regime.

Our determination to persist and not back down will compel the whole world to take note. Every force and faction in the power structure would be forced to respond to our demand. The cracks and divisions among the powers already evident today will sharpen and widen. As we draw more and more people forward to stand up, all of this could lead to a situation where this illegitimate regime is removed from power.

Spread the word and organize now. Be a part of making history. Don’t let it be said that you stood aside when there was still a chance to stop a regime that imperils humanity and the Earth itself. Join in taking to the streets and the public squares day after day and night after night demonstrating that In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America.

On November 4, 2017, we will stand together with conviction and courage, overcoming fear and uncertainty, to insist that: This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must GO!


Two Year Treasury Yields Are Now The Highest Since 2008

By: Kent Engelke | Capitol Securities

Equities were mixed as President Trump announced his tax plan; the approval of such will cause a brutal fight in Congress. The NASDAQ and the smaller capitalized companies out performed yesterday. The former because of an acceleration in the expensing of capital good and the later because of potential greater economic activity and inflationary pressures as well as lower tax rates. Financials were also strong on rising interest rates.

The immediate response of the proposal was what all expected complete condemnation from the left side of the aisle and internal bickering on the right side.

I think it is accurate to write society is exhausted by the ineptitude and the inability of Washington to accomplish any objective. The environment is toxic, a toxicity that I am certain will continually be reflected in any immediate or intermediate election.

Speaking of elections, the Iraqi Kurds voted overwhelmingly for independence. The vote is nonbinding, but both Iraq and Turkey are adamantly against the referendum. Will Turkey follow through on its threat to close the Kurdistan pipeline that runs through Turkey? This is the only source of revenue for the Kurds, pumping about 500,000 barrels a day.

If the pipeline is closed, how will the oil markets be affected? Global demand is greater than current production by over 1.2 million barrels a day. Will oil prices rise to $60 barrel in the immediacy if a closure does take place? Will such an increase cause inflation to rise, negatively impacting the bond market?

Speaking of the bond market, long dated Treasuries fell about 1 1/2 points as yields are quickly approaching 2017 highs. One month ago, yields were around annual lows. The reasons for rising yields… delayed response to Yellen’s remarks, durable goods orders that were stronger than expected, and potential tax reform. The two-year Treasury, or the instrument most sensitive to monetary policy, is now yielding the most since 2008.

What will happen today? There is little on the economic calendar, thus suggesting headlines may overly influence the markets.

Last night the foreign markets were mixed. London was down 0.22%, Paris was up 0.05% and Frankfurt was up 0.34%. China was down 0.17%, Japan was up 0.47% and Hang Sang was down 0.80%.

The Dow should open flat. The 10-year is off 4/32 to yield 2.34%.


WATCH: Trevor Loudon Speaks On #Antifa With FreedomProject

From: New Zeal

Trevor with Duke Pesta at Freedom Project

Cross-posted from FreedomProject

FreedomProject welcomes Trevor Loudon, in-studio, to discuss his latest film, “America Under Siege: Antifa.” Trevor is an author, filmmaker and public speaker from Christchurch, New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics.

“The communist movement known as Antifa (short for Anti-Fascist Action) has sparked violence across the nation. In the wake of their battling despicable white supremacists in Charlottesville, Antifa has begun to gain mainstream popularity. But unbeknownst to much of the public, the vast majority of Antifa violence isn’t targeted at genuine fascists, but mainstream conservatives and civilians. With help from those who have encountered Antifa, including Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Lauren Southern, Jack Posobiec, and Steve Deace, conservative author Trevor Loudon guides us through the history and ideas behind the Antifa movement, starting with Leon Trotsky and going all the way through the events in Berkeley, CA and Charlottesville, VA.”

“Antifa” is the third episode in the “America Under Siege” documentary web-series from Dangerous Documentaries (a project of the Capital Research Center) and Cohesion Films. Each episode profiles the influence of radical Marxists on various segments of American society.


Is the Headquarters of the Deep State in Moscow?

By: Cliff Kincaid

A reporter from Bloomberg called the other day about complaints that television producer Jerry Kenney and I had made years ago regarding the operations of Moscow-funded Russia Today (RT) television. Kenney challenged Obama’s Department of Justice to register RT as a foreign agent of influence in the U.S. I challenged the Federal Election Commission to sanction RT for interfering in the 2012 U.S. presidential election. The Bloomberg reporter was curious about the complaints because of the brouhaha that has now transpired over Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

This is the first time I have ever received an inquiry from a mainstream media reporter about these matters. I told the reporter the current Russia-gate controversy involves partisan politics, since the Obama Administration could have acted on our complaints many years ago and decided not to do so. We’ll see if she follows up on that.

I have attempted to put the pieces of the puzzle together in two books, Comrade Obama Unmasked and Red Star Rising. They tell the story of how Obama came to power and was protected in office by Deep State operatives in the U.S. intelligence community who were then enlisted in a campaign against President Donald J. Trump.

My group America’s Survival, Inc. will hold a November 10 conference in Washington, D.C. at the National Press Club to unravel Russia-gate and examine the Deep State treachery that continues to unfold before our very eyes. “Draining the Swamp” sounds good in theory. In practice, it means that heads will have to roll. And yet, at this stage in his presidency, it looks like Trump’s head is the only one on the chopping block. The Swamp will win unless America demands a real course correction.

The evidence demonstrates that the investigation of Trump, unleashed by Obama and his operatives as he was leaving the White House, was a disinformation operation using our own intelligence agencies that came to rely in part on Russian sources in the notorious Trump Dossier. This document was passed along by Senator John McCain to then-FBI Director James Comey and written by a former British spy working for Hillary Clinton supporters. All of this is known and based on facts in the public record. There has been some limited congressional interest in the FBI’s handling of this document and who was behind it. But answers have been slow in coming.

The rationale for going after Trump as a Russian agent was a clever maneuver on the part of Obama, Hillary, and their Russian backers. The Russians did not want their influence operations in the Obama Administration exposed. You may recall that Anna Chapman, a sexy Russian spy, was accused of seducing an unnamed cabinet official in the Obama administration in an effort to obtain classified information. She was one of several Russian agents caught and quickly expelled from the U.S. in 2010.

Thanks to McCain and the Russian-fed dossier, the calculated change in focus to Trump has preoccupied official Washington, D.C. for the first year of the Trump presidency. Of course, McCain will also go down in history as the Republican presidential candidate who, in running against Obama for president in 2008, was advised by the GOP establishment not to call the first-term Senator from Illinois a socialist. McCain had also admonished a supporter who questioned Obama’s Muslim background and sympathies. His presidential campaign was a disaster, paving the way for the election of America’s first Marxist president.

As Trump finds himself under fire for his alleged Russian connections, Obama has personally benefited enormously, as the matter of his own service to the Russians (and that of his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) has become a non-issue. The Obama/Clinton Administration worked hand-in-glove with the Russians by resetting U.S.-Russian relations, bringing the Vladimir Putin regime into the G-8 and the World Trade Organization, making a nuclear arms deal with Moscow, and selling American uranium assets to a Russian company.  In addition, Obama worked with the Russians to conceive the flawed Iranian nuclear arms deal. Obama had ridiculed his 2012 Republican presidential opponent, Mitt Romney, for saying Russia was still a threat.

Now, as the Russia-gate Special Counsel and former FBI director Robert S. Mueller zeroes in on Trump, the Senate is planning a hearing on two bipartisan bills to protect Mueller from being fired by Trump. One bill has been introduced by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Cory Booker (D-NJ), while the other has been introduced by Senators Thom Tillis (R-NC) and Chris Coons (D-DE).

Meanwhile, Obama has returned to the national and global stage, speaking to Wall Street fat cats and collecting millions of dollars for his Obama Foundation from such corporations as Bill Gates’ Microsoft. Obama gave Gates and his wife Melinda a Presidential Medal of Freedom last year, before leaving office, and just appeared with them at the 2017 Goalkeepers event in New York City, which was hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is designed to promote the “sustainable development” or global socialist goals of the United Nations, whose current Secretary-General, António Guterres, is a former head of the Socialist International.

Obama’s Russian maneuver, which depended on the cooperation of the “fake news” media, was a classic case of someone yelling “thief” when caught in thievery. Operatives like Obama CIA director John Brennan were called upon to tar and feather Trump with the same accusations that could tarnish the Obama presidency. Brennan was a typical Obama appointee He voted communist when attending college and rose through the ranks of the CIA, serving as Station Chief in Saudi Arabia and reportedly converting to Islam, before becoming director. This mixture of Marxism and Islam came to characterize the Obama presidency. It was unprecedented in American history and most conservatives to this day have still not come to grips with it. That is why my group America’s Survival, Inc. has announced our November 10 conference on the Russia-gate conspiracy.

In addition to the furor over the scurrilous Trump Dossier, which has guided the FBI investigation of Trump, you may recall that in January of this year Obama’s Director of the Office of National Intelligence, James Clapper, released a report, “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections,” which cited the activities of RT. This report set the stage for the many months of accusations, charges, and hearings, including the on-going Special Counsel investigation of Russia-gate. The “intelligence” in the report on RT is something we had completely documented many years before. It was old news, recycled for a partisan political purpose.

The Bloomberg reporter who called me was intrigued that my group America’s Survival, Inc., and television producer Jerry Kenney had complained about the operations of RT many years ago to no avail. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) dismissed my well-documented 2012 complaint about RT’s open support for libertarian Ron Paul and his pro-Russia views. It appeared the Russians wanted to disrupt the Republican presidential primary process. We cited evidence that RT was funded by the Kremlin and prohibited under law from intervening in U.S. elections. The FEC dismissed the complaint, saying RT was a legitimate press entity and a U.S. corporation with First Amendment rights. The Department of Justice was not interested in the matter of RT acting as an unregistered foreign agent. Now, suddenly, RT is reporting that it is being advised to register as a foreign agent. Why didn’t the Obama Administration act?

In the real Russia-gate scandal, the FBI knew not only that Hillary had used a private unsecured email server but that she had communicated with Obama over that server.  What’s more, Obama had used a pseudonym in these communications, to protect his own identity. Who else was he communicating with and why? Remember Obama had been caught secretly promising then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that he would have more “flexibility” regarding his policies toward Russia after his re-election in 2012. “I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” Medvedev said.

As a result of Obama’s policies, toward Russia, China, and the Arab/Muslim world, President Trump inherited an America in serious global decline. Domestically and culturally, Obama’s legacy is now being felt. The FBI reports a rise in violent crime and the Centers for Disease Control has documented another record in the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. The use of mind-altering drugs is increasing, including violence associated with it.

Putting “America First” is a worthwhile goal. But it cannot be done without purging the Deep State operatives who protected Obama and then investigating the communist-Muslim network that spawned the Obama presidency. Soviet/Russian moles in the CIA and FBI have included Aldrich Ames, Harold Nicholson, and Robert Hanssen. We have a right to know if others exist, and if Obama was among them.

Rather than protect Mueller from being fired by Trump, why can’t we have bipartisan hearings into whether, as my book says, we had a Marxist mole in the White House for eight years and whether Obama, Hillary, and his Russian backers are behind the anti-Trump campaign? If you want to get to the bottom of this scandal, join us in Washington, D.C. on November 10 and offer your suggestions about how to “Drain the Swamp.”

* Cliff Kincaid has written two books on Obama, two on the United Nations, and many on media bias.  His public policy group America’s Survival, Inc., has produced several films and videos on America’s first Marxist president and was instrumental in disclosing Obama’s communist connections in Chicago and Hawaii before he was elected. Cliff can be reached at [email protected] 


Some folks must have missed those lessons

By: T F Stern | Self-Educated American

I’ve been scratching my brain trying to figure out what happened; I mean, (in my best Arlo Guthrie voice), I mean… how come so many Americans seem to hate just about everything that makes America great.  The latest attention grabbing news for those who may have just finished the crop circle after traveling millions of miles in their alien space craft…taking a knee in protest to our National Anthem prior to participating in a sporting event.  (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

The news media has been playing on this since it makes them lots of money; viewers can’t get enough.  You do understand that most of the major news media outlets are nothing more than propaganda centers for the far left (communists); tell me you knew this already, you did know this, right?

Here’s a link to one of the many articles which list the 45 ways to destroy America as pointed out in Cleon Skousen’s book “The Naked Communist.  Consider this one of the lessons you might have missed; it’s important.

There are so many lessons about life in America as to make it difficult to fathom which ones were the ones missed by those who hate it so much.  Maybe these will help…

Several years ago my father in law had a medical condition and had been staying with us until his health returned.  When the phone rang it meant someone needed a locksmith and I’d write down the particulars as I prepared to go.  My father in law blurted out, “You have to go to work now.”, his face implying the drudgery of making a living.  I turned to him, smiled and corrected him, “No; now I get to go to work.”  It’s all about appreciating opportunities.

I remember reading an account of the British blasting Fort McHenry in Baltimore Harbor while brave men within made sure the Star Spangled Banner remained upright and visible for all to see.  How many men gave their all for the cause of Liberty; that’s right, so that you and I can enjoy that Liberty even today?

Yes, I stand when the National Anthem is played; you couldn’t hold me down if you tried.  It’s a simple way of showing gratitude for those who fought and died for those intangible God given inalienable rights mentioned in our Declaration of Independence.

Some of you might find it hard to believe; but this land we call America was set apart long ago as a choice land held in reserve for a worthy people, a people who would follow God’s laws and be a shining light upon a hill for the rest of the world to see.

“Behold, this is a choice land, and whatsoever nation shall possess it shall be free from bondage, and from captivity, and from all other nations under heaven, if they will but serve the God of the land, who is Jesus Christ, who hath been manifested by the things which we have written.”

God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ gave his life for all of us; the ultimate sacrifice.  Here in America we can follow the dictates of our heart and worship Him; at least that hasn’t changed, at least not yet.

Yes, I stand when the National Anthem is played.  That special tune reminds me to show gratitude for this land of Liberty we call America.  No, I don’t have to stand when they play that tune…That’s right…  I get to stand!