Congressional Black Caucus Prayer Breakfast: The Great Black Deception

By: Lloyd Marcus

Flipping through my TV channels, I stumbled upon the 2017 Congressional Black Caucus Annual Prayer Breakfast on The Word Network; the world’s largest black religious channel. This year’s theme was, “And Still I Rise”.

Folks, I thought, “Oh my gosh, these people have no shame.” This breakfast was all about exploiting black’s Christian heritage to deceive them for the purpose of furthering Leftists’ anti-Christian agenda. Every musical performance praised Jesus. Leftists despise Jesus, aggressively seeking to ban the God of Christianity from the public square. http://fxn.ws/2tah6Q0 Several of the all democrat speakers quoted the Bible to strengthen their political deceptions. The truth is quoting the Bible is as repulsive to Leftists as showing Dracula the cross.

I thought, does anyone in that hall know Obama led Leftists’ war on Christianity, making him the most anti-Christian president in U.S. history? http://bit.ly/2plTsy0 Do y’all know the 2017 Women’s March and Trump resisters whom you’ve praised at this breakfast seek to continue the Leftists’ war on Christianity? http://bit.ly/2hnWvpq

The CBC Prayer Breakfast had nothing to do with Jesus or spreading His Love. Quite the opposite. It was about spreading hate for police, strengthening the Trump resistance and strengthening black’s bogus belief that they are victims in America. The breakfast was also about despicably instilling hate and fear to register new democrat voters.

Oh how I wish I could grab my fellow black Americans by their collar and slap them into reality. America is the greatest land of opportunity on this planet for all who choose to go for it. Forget the democrats/Leftists’ victim nonsense and pursue your dreams.

My 89 year old black dad was extremely active in the early civil rights movement. As a kid, I accompanied Dad to the 1963 March on Washington at which Dr Martin Luther King, Jr gave his remarkable, “I Have A Dream” speech. The modern civil rights movement has abandoned the vision of unity articulated by Dr King in his speech, “I have a dream that one day right there in Alabama little black boys and little black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.” Oh how the civil rights movement has fallen.

Though opposed by his peers, Dr King stood firm on the principle of non-violent activism. Today, democrats praise violent hate groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Obama honored Black Lives Matter at the White House. You have not heard a single word of criticism from the CBC against Black Lives Matter calling for the killing of cops and whites. http://bit.ly/2aDASII

Dad pressured/shamed me and my four younger siblings into voting and joining the NAACP. Dad said, “A lot of folks suffered and died to give y’all the right to vote.”

As a young man in the 1970s, I joined the NAACP. Upon attending my first meeting, I thought, “What is wrong with these people?” It felt like I stepped back into 1950. The vibe was depressing. I was surrounded by long faced blacks singing, “We Shall Over Come.” I commented to Dad that the meeting felt like I walked through a time warp into days of black misery. Dad chuckled.

I was a young black man enjoying the fruits of Dad and his fellow civil rights activist’s labors. I attended the mostly white Maryland Institute College of Art on scholarships. I was the first black graphic designer employed at WJZ-TV, ABC affiliate in Baltimore. Life was good. But the folks at the NAACP meeting were sad, depressed and angry; acting as though black slavery was alive and well in America.

Watching the 2017 CBC Prayer Breakfast, I witnessed the same absurd lie that America is still a hellhole of racism for blacks. The “And Still I Rise” theme means blacks stand strong despite being persecuted daily in America.

All that hate promoted at the Congressional Black Caucus Prayer Breakfast was insidiously shrouded in Christianity. As a Christian, I found the so-called “prayer breakfast” a sad evil deception.

As a black American, in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I command Leftists to, “Let my people go!”

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Author: “Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America.”
Singer/Songwriter and Conservative Activist


Refugee resettlement putting America at risk

By: James Simpson | Bomb Throwers

Foreign Policy magazine acknowledges Ann Corcoran as an expert on refugee resettlement although that wasn’t its intention.

Maryland’s diminutive and unassuming private citizen, Ann Corcoran, has been writing about refugee resettlement on her now-famous blog, Refugee Resettlement Watch, since 2007. Without her work it is highly doubtful we would know nearly as much about this dangerous and wildly out-of-control program. To know her, listen to her, watch her on TV, she reminds you of a kindly grandmother, quietly but assertively lecturing us to eat our porridge. You could never imagine the ire she has aroused among the radical Left and their allies in the refugee resettlement industry.

But she has.

She wrote a short book three years ago, Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America, which is still in the top 30 in the immigration category at Amazon. A short video produced to promote the book has been viewed over 2.9 million times. Her blog has thousands of entries on everything from the refugee resettlement budget and the despotic, arcane, and highly secretive process by which refugees are resettled into this nation, to the horrific crimes and terrorism committed by these nice refugees that we foolish deplorables are so worried about. Her work inspired me to write my own short (and not nearly as popular) book, The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America, and the (not nearly as popular) promotional video to go with it.

But to listen to the Left, you would never know she is kindly, unassuming, grandmotherly, articulate and correct. Perish the thought! The extreme left-wing smear merchants at the Southern Poverty Law Center have branded her an Islamophobe. Her blog is even mentioned in a pamphlet published by the private resettlement industry itself, titled Resettlement at Risk: Meeting Emerging Challenges to Refugee Resettlement in Local Communities. Yes folks, she is one of those “emerging challenges.”

She even attended a meeting in Pennsylvania where representatives of the U.S. State Department and HHS’s Office of Refugee Resettlement spoke of “pockets of resistance” to refugee resettlement cropping up around the country. We know that many of those “pockets” became motivated by following Ann’s blog. I subsequently organized a group we jokingly called the “pockets of resistance” to mock the industry. But they were no joke. One of those “pockets” recently threw out a five-term mayor who ignored public sentiment on refugees. Yes to all you refugee resettlement industry “stakeholders,” we natives who pay for all of this crap are getting restless.

To be clear here, refugees are resettled in the U.S. through a network of nine primary and 320 affiliate private contractors paid by the head to resettle refugees. In other words, the federal government incentivizes them to resettle ever more refugees in an endless stream. Since Trump reduced the annual refugee resettlement cap to 50,000 in 2017 and 45,000 in 2018, the contractors have been wailing ceaselessly about their loss of business.

What they don’t tell you is that when you add in other “refugee” categories, like asylum, the Unaccompanied Alien Children program, Cuban/Haitian Entrants and Special Immigrant Visas, the total is more like 150,000. Crocodile tears. And many of these “refugees” are not refugees at all, but economic migrants and others looking for a free ride. Fraud in the refugee and asylum programs is off the charts.

In Resettlement at Risk, the refugee contractors’ answer to challenges like that posed by Ann Corcoran and the “Pockets of Resistance” is to: “partner with… the Southern Poverty Law Center to learn more about individuals and groups leading local efforts to resist resettlement, to determine if they belong to organized anti-immigrant or anti-Muslim organizations or networks.”

In other words, using our tax dollars, they do what all leftists do when confronted with an effective opponent. They waste no time vilifying and smearing that person regardless — or perhaps because of — the factual information the person brings to the table.

Foreign Policy has now joined the fray. In response to the Trump administration’s most recent travel ban proposal, FP author Lauren Wolfe writes:

Indeed, the language in the directive is suspiciously similar to the language used online by white supremacists and members of the alt-right, including Ann Corcoran, who in June 2013 lamented on her nationalist website, Refugee Resettlement Watch, that the term “assimilation” is no longer a part of government lexicon and does not even occur in dozens of recent reports and papers generated about refugee resettlement. The operative term in vogue now is ‘integration’ with its clear intent of maintenance of ethnic identity.” And it’s not just that Trump’s determination echoes the language of racists and hate groups — such groups seem to have played a direct role in this language modification.” [emphasis mine]

Now, you have to marvel at such cheek. The goal for immigrants has always been to assimilate. They are required by longstanding law to learn English, understand the Constitution and swear their allegiance to their newfound nation to become citizens — as well they should!

But Foreign Policy apparently knows better! “Assimilation” is suddenly the code for racists and Islamophobes. What’s more, FP even cites the SPLC for its proof!

The Left has been trying for years to undermine the “assimilation” principle.  Championing the slogan “diversity is our strength,” leftists and their allies in the open borders movement advocate “integration” not assimilation.

Why? Because their true goal is anarchy. They strive to turn America into an “ungovernable” Tower of Babel. And they will of course be supported at the polls in their efforts by “New Americans” who can come to the U.S., be set up with welfare benefits, special grants and employment preferences unavailable to Americans, without even having to learn English!

Islamic leaders have explicitly stated that their goal is to avoid assimilation. Every Muslim’s favorite “Muslim progressive” (if that is not a contradiction in terms I don’t know what is) Linda Sarsour, says, “Our number one and top priority is to protect and defend our community. It is not to assimilate and to please any other people in authority…”

This view has been echoed by other Muslim leaders. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has offered similar counsel to American Muslims:

We need rules, institutions, and support to enable people to integrate into cohesive communities and for the avoidance of doubt, I don’t mean assimilation, I mean integration, and there’s a difference…People shouldn’t have to drop their cultures and traditions when they arrive in our cities and countries.

But that defines the problem in Europe, where mostly Muslim immigrant communities have walled themselves off and refuse to assimilate, creating their own separate legal system and “no go zones,” where police dare not tread and terrorists plot with impunity.

Now listen to how FP’s Wolfe cleverly twists the argument to make Trump’s demand for “assimilation” appear unreasonable:

According to both international and U.S. refugee law, people like my great-grandfather have for decades been candidates for refugee resettlement based solely on their well-founded fear of persecution in their home countries. Their ability to ‘assimilate’ — learn English and embrace the customs of the United States — had no bearing on their asylum applications.

The Left excels at lying. If you can’t make the argument with the facts, change the facts. The statement above is true. It is also irrelevant. Asylum applications don’t include a requirement to “assimilate,” but the hoped-for citizenship that comes with it requires assimilation as it does with all people who apply for citizenship. It is also something all immigrants like her great-grandfather strove for immediately because it was the ticket to success in their newly-adopted nation, as it would be in any nation.

I suspect Wolfe’s great-grandfather would be on Trump’s side in this issue and be appalled at his descendant’s base dishonesty.

But it gets worse. Wolfe quotes the Migration Policy Institute, an open-borders advocacy group that poses as a think tank:

“Assimilation is kind of the erasure of cultural markers,” according to Kathleen Newland, a senior fellow at the Washington-based Migration Policy Institute. “It’s important to make a distinction,” because, she said, the word “has that connotation of erasure of one thing and absorption into the mainstream culture.”

Once again, the Left stands reality on its head. Notice how the word “erase” has been worked into their lexicon. I have not heard them use it before. This may be in response to the book I wrote. I’m not flattering myself. They dissect every bit of opposition literature, no matter how obscure, and a key strategy employed by the Left is to accuse others of what they are doing.

The refugee resettlement program, asylum, the unaccompanied alien children program, the diversity visa and other programs seek to import foreign nationals from hundreds of other nations for the specific purpose of erasing America’s national character to both dilute traditional America’s political power and weaken our national resolve. The job of refugees is to assimilate. No one demands that they abandon their culture. But they mustassimilate to become Americans.

To the Left, “diversity is our strength” precisely because it weakens and dilutes American culture, its constitutional underpinnings, the rule of law and everything about Western society they despise, i.e. the part that makes us exceptional. Antifa, the Revolutionary Communist Party, and the other street thugs now making daily showings in the news, are simply the ugly front of this burgeoning movement. If they can’t win at the ballot box — and they are losing everywhere as Americans come to realize what they are up to — they will try to win by replacing the voters and ultimately replacing our entire society. They want us to forget who we are, and if they have their way, there will be no real Americans left to remember.

God bless Ann Corcoran for what she has done and continues to do — for no compensation and to no fanfare — just as you would expect your loving grandmother to do for you. Foreign Policy has now jumped into the fake news realm with both feet and joined the legion of leftist hacks who use vilification and slander to smear opponents rather than offering any credible counterargument. What a disgrace.


Open a Criminal Investigation of Barack Hussein Obama

By: Cliff Kincaid

It’s suddenly big news that there are perverts in Hollywood. The really big news is that former President Barack Hussein Obama’s communist and terrorist-support network remains a state secret. Attorney General Jeff Sessions won’t touch it.

Until we come to grips with Obama, our first Marxist president with radical Muslim sympathies, we are adrift as a nation. He ran for office as a “committed Christian,” a monumental deception to conceal his record of service to the communist cause, Muslim background, and grooming by suspected Soviet espionage agent Frank Marshall Davis.

As the world marks the 100th anniversary of the 1917 Russian revolution, America should take note of our own communist revolution – the eight years of the Obama presidency and his leadership of the global anti-Trump “resistance.”

A WND story says former Trump White House aide Sebastian Gorka believes radical Islamic jihadists, China and radical leftists pose the greatest threats to U.S. national security, but that “they will be defeated by President Trump and his supporters who are restoring America’s global dominance and reclaiming the country’s culture.”

Based on the record so far, this is as likely as Hollywood coming completely clean about Harvey Weinstein’s perversities.

Russia is not even on the list of Gorka’s top three threats! Yet Russia is behind the Jihadists, is in an alliance with Red China, and still backs the radical leftists.

Gorka tells WND, “The immediate term threat is the Shia-jihadis – this is Iran, this is the Republican Guard, Hezbollah. If they get nuclear weapons, that’s a game changer and that’s why it’s so important the president decertified the Iran deal.”

Yet, Iran’s nuclear weapons program is made possible by Russia. Why no mention of that? And why didn’t Trump cancel the Iran deal  as he promised to do?

In the first place, Obama should have been impeached. Under United Nations  auspices, he ordered the bombing of Libya, in order to depose a ruler, Gadhafi, who had given up his weapons of mass destruction and was fighting al Qaeda. The massacre of Americans in Benghazi by Jihadists resulted from this illegal and unconstitutional war. All of this benefited the Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, Obama issued a secret 2011 Presidential Study Directive-11, or PSD-11, supporting this radical Islamist group throughout the Middle East.

National security reporter Bill Gertz said, “The directive, according to officials familiar with its contents, outlined how the administration would seek to support the Muslim Brotherhood around the world despite the Islamist supremacist organization providing the ideological underpinning for jihadist terrorism for both al Qaeda and its successor, the Islamic State.”

PSD-11, which is still secret, should be released by the Trump Administration and declared exhibit number one in a criminal investigation of Barack Hussein Obama.

Trump was supposed to turn things around. In Afghanistan, Gorka tells WND that Trump’s speech sending more American soldiers to their deaths in an endless conflict didn’t use the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” He was upset about that omission. But Trump also didn’t mention Russia’s role in sending arms to a Taliban faction killing our troops.

This is what we called the Red Jihad, a book quoting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as saying that Soviet/Russian support for international terrorism made radical Islam into the threat it is today. He explains that, “without the support offered by the Soviet bloc and the Arab world, international terrorism would revert to its earlier, localized manifestations before the 1960s and would hardly dominate the global scene.”

If you want to defeat radical Islam, engineer regime change in Russia, which is still the global center of revolutionary violence against America.

Domestically, Sebastian Gorka mentions in the WND interview the influence of Obama associates Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in academia, but ignores how their communist terrorist networks spawned the Obama candidacy and presidency. These networks, nurtured even today by Bill Ayers in his new book, Demand the Impossible: A Radical Manifesto, are promising an uprising of some sort on November 4. The Refuse Fascism group, which is behind the November 4 protests, is a front of the Revolutionary Communist Party and its founder, former Ayers and Dohrn associate Bob Avakian.

As we document in Comrade Obama Unmasked, Obama supported America’s enemies at every opportunity, including the communist regime in Cuba, the communists running South Africa, and even the FARC narco-terrorists in Colombia.

But he stands out during his eight years in office as the real Russian agent, who was passive when Russia invaded Ukraine and Syria, gave Russia a nuclear weapons advantage over the U.S., and awarded the Russians special trading privileges. Working with Russia, he conceived the Iran nuclear deal.

However, on his way out the door, in a classic Marxist dialectical maneuver, his CIA director John Brennan launched an investigation of President Trump as a Russia agent. It was a stroke of genius that put Trump on the defensive, gave the liberal news media months of joy, and resulted in multiple Russia-gate investigations, including by a former FBI director determined to get Trump.

On the 100th anniversary of the Virgin Mary Fatima revelations about Russia’s threat to world peace, we also learn from Dr. Paul Kengor’s new book that the Soviets were behind the May 13, 1981, attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II.  The book, A Pope and a President: John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and the Extraordinary Untold Story of the 20th Century, says Reagan’s CIA director Bill Casey confirmed the Soviet role, in the face of official CIA resistance to the finding.

Until the reality of Obama’s communist support is examined and the secret role of Russia in global conflict exposed, the former president and America’s enemies will have the upper hand.

But Gorka and Trump seem clueless. “China has the most leverage to deal with North Korea,” Gorka told WND. “And the fact that the president and Ambassador Haley at the U.N. have managed to convince China that even if you’re in a competition with us, you will not profit by having a nuclear war on your border and they joined us with Russia – it’s a big deal – in the tightest sanctions package against North Korea in history, that tells you how big a problem North Korea is. China may be our long term enemy, but they don’t a war in their back doorstep either.”

Does he really think another in an endless series of U.N. resolutions will make any difference? The U.N. is another communist front, designed by a Russian agent working in our State Department by the name of Alger Hiss. Have we forgotten?

Working through the U.N. is a dangerous dead end.

Our book The Sword of Revolution conclusively demonstrates that the “Sino-Soviet split” was a fraud. What’s more, the “collapse” of Red Russia was itself a fraud, too. Together, China and Russia, combined with Obama’s inaction during his two terms, have made a nuclear North Korea a reality.

What’s more, China is still communist. An article in China Daily, entitled, “Adapting Marxism called crucial,” explains how Marxism is guiding the country’s future. Here’s a quote:

President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China [CPC] Central Committee… said that as a party upholding Marxism, the CPC should make sure its theories keep up with the times. Drifting away from or betraying Marxism will lead to the Party’s losing its soul and direction as it moves forward, Xi added. Marxism is unsurpassed in achieving great heights and having a huge influence, he said.

The reliance on China to deal with its nuclear client, North Korea, is another dead end.

The key failure involves the inability or unwillingness to investigate Obama’s global network and what his anti-American policies were designed to do.

In terms of the threat within, consider that the FBI website still features wanted posters of two fugitives: Donna Borup and Elizabeth Anna Duke, both members of the May 19th Communist Organization.

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert, a speaker at our upcoming November 10 National conference on Obamunism, has cited evidence that Obama was a member or supporter of the May 19th Communist Organization, an above ground support group for the Weather Underground based in New York City from 1978-1985.

He notes that the May 19 Communist Organization was described by Obama pal and former communist terrorist Bill Ayers as providing “a sea for the guerillas to swim in.”

Some May 19 members committed acts of violence and terrorism, such as the 1981 Nanuet Brinks robbery and murders, the bombing of South African offices in 1981, and the U.S. Capital bombing in 1983, notes Gilbert. He adds, “I spoke with a former FBI informant who told me the May 19th Communist Organization had a weapons training camp in the Catskill Mountains, run by former Black Panthers. In addition, some May 19 members were sent to Cuba for several weeks each year with the Venceremos Brigades, a continuation of the SDS/Weather Underground program begun in the sixties, for explosives training from Cuban intelligence, DGI.”

Here’s the big revelation: “A former May 19 member I spoke with identified Obama as participating in their public protests and meetings. In his ‘Dreams’ book, Obama mentions transferring to Columbia to pursue his interest in activism and recounts attendance at some events similar to those sponsored by May 19.”

This might help explain why Borup and Duke are still on the loose. And why Obama never demanded the extradition of Black Liberation Army cop-killer Assata Shakur and FALN bomb-maker William Morales from Cuba.

In addition to the focus on Obama, our November 10 conference will expose the Red Pope, Francis, who was Obama’s collaborator after a George Soros-engineered coup forced Pope Benedict to resign. The old joke, “Is the Pope Catholic?,” is not funny anymore. This pope is not Catholic; he’s a communist.


Trevor Loudon Tours Montana This Week

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

I’ll be touring Montana this week, the first time since 2012. I’m so looking forward to meeting lots of strong Conservatives and Constitutionalists, and checking out the wildlife and the scenery.

Here’s where I’m going to be speaking.

  • Monday, Oct 16 – 3803 Brooks St., Missoula, 6.30 pm
  • Tuesday, Oct. 17 – Fairbridge Inn, 1701 Hwy 93, Kalispell 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday, Oct 18 – Red Lion Ridgewater, 209 Ridgewater Dr., Polson 6:30 pm
  • Thursday, Oct 19 – Holiday Inn, 7th Avenue, Bozeman 6 pm
  • Friday, Oct 20 – 1401 Market Place Dr, Great Falls 6:30 pm

I hope you can make it. Please bring some friends.


American Freedom Alliance to screen ‘America Under Siege: Antifa’ at Freedom of Speech Conference

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

“Crushing Free Speech: How the Left Silences Dissent and How We Can Fight Back”

The American Freedom Alliance will be hosting a vitally important conference: “Crushing Free Speech: How the Left Silences Dissent and How We Can Fight Back.” Join AFA “in our powerhouse event addressing the various ways in which these dissenting voices are being silenced.”

Trevor Loudon will be one of the speakers of the event along with Dr. Jamie Glazov, Christine Brim, Frank Gaffney, Dr. Robert Epstein and Dr. Carol Swain (see more below).


The conference will be held on Sunday, November 5, 2017 at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel at 11461 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

From the invitation: Continue reading