Who’s Behind the Drug Crisis?

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Under the “Choom Gang” President Obama, illegal and legal drug use has accelerated. The role of billionaire hedge fund operator George Soros in the crisis that is taking tens of thousands of lives a year is examined by drug policy expert David Evans. Soros is behind the marijuana movement and even heroin injection centers, such as those proposed in Seattle. Evans looks at how the drug companies pushing opioids benefited from a law passed by Congress and signed by Obama and sparked an opioid epidemic.

One thought on “Who’s Behind the Drug Crisis?

  1. Any drug abused by an addict is not the fault of the pharma companies. If you wish people to do without pain relief I can only hope you undergo back surgery and experience pain so great that you cannot sleep without the benefit or hope of drugs to reduce the pain.

    To those doctors that abuse their duty and those that traffic illegally in these drugs put them in prison for 20 years without hope of pardon. But I think we all know what those who condemn the pharma companies are really after. Just as those who blame guns for the crimes of individuals have their own evil agenda, the pharma attackers are the same animal.

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