And so the battle continues…

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By: T F Stern | Self-Educated American

I’ve posted a scan of a postcard sent to my folks many years ago when a friend was visiting Scotland.  It’s the Fraser Clan colors along with the family moto, All My Hope Is In God.  I keep this image at my desk, a reminder of where I sprang from as I bear my grandfather’s last name as my middle name.

My grandfather was something of a scrapper, in today’s terms, a piece of work.  He did a good job of sprucing up in his later years; it was either that or he wouldn’t have been permitted near any of his grandchildren from what I learned.

He joined AA and never took a drink during my lifetime; but even as a young boy I could see there was an untamed spirit held hostage somewhere in his soul.  He delighted in the idea of showing off his machismo at the drop of a hat.

One time while visiting him on my birthday weekend he decided I needed a haircut.  Never mind that my parents had taken me to the barbershop the day before traveling into town on the train; he said I needed a haircut.

We went to one of the rougher areas of New York, the same place he went to get his hair cut.  Looking around it gave every impression of being the kind of place to avoid.  It’s my guess, just a guess mind you, that my grandfather had hoped to get into some kind of ‘dust up’, a chance to show his fighting skills.  It didn’t happen; but he had a sly grin on his face as if he’d won all the same.

That’s the Fraser Clan spirit; and of course All My Hope Is In God.  You might wonder why I’ve gone down this path…

I too like a good ‘dust up’ from time to time, a chance to get up in someone’s face, back them into a corner or simply drop them to the floor.  I know; it’s something I shouldn’t be proud of, a personality trait that I’m supposed to leave behind as I learn how to become more Christ like.

I’m a work in progress and recognize my need to repent; but it sure felt good as the adrenaline poured through my veins sharpening my wits as each move landed me one step closer to victory.

The Spirit can’t abide contention and so I’m left to my own devices when I permit myself to sink back into the Fraser Clan mode of dealing with adversaries.  I do enjoy explaining my point of view in public forums like Facebook; however, as often happens, I let my old Fraser Clan personality run roughshod over others.  For this I must repent; and will do so… some other day.

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