WATCH: Communism has never been tried? (video)

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

Communism has never been tried?

Watch the following video, courtesy of @votenixon72!

One thought on “WATCH: Communism has never been tried? (video)

  1. BTW Kant is an idiot. I ponced down Kants promoted path in a humanities course I was required to take. I nodded along with the rest of the class until that twisted wood quote. Having nearly been brainwashed, I burst out with, “My God! Kant’s an idiot!”

    My logic was thus: Kant lived in a world with no plastics or synthetics of any kind. Objects were either wood or metal of some kind. Kant had to know that the most twisted wood was, and still is, used to produce the most beautiful pieces. Even today figured veneers are simulated in almost every plastic. So, either Kant was totally ignorant of how the world around him actually worked, or he was deliberately misleading. Either way his opinion and logic train is worthless.

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