Socialists Running as Democrats Win Primaries in Pennsylvania

By: Renee Nal | New Zeal

(left – right) Elizabeth Fiedler, Summer Lee, Kristin Seale, and Sara Innamorato

DSA members Sara Innamorato, Summer Lee, Elizabeth Fiedler and Kristin Seale won their primaries in Pennsylvania on Tuesday night. While the mainstream media is excitedly referring to the four socialist candidates as “socialist-backed,” make no mistake: Sara Innamorato, Summer Lee, Elizabeth Fiedler and Kristin Seale are not “democrats,” they are Marxists.

Two of the candidates – Summer Lee and Sara Innamorato – don’t even have competition, as there are no Republican candidates to run against them.

Great job, GOP!

DSA Member and Pennsylvania Primary winner Kristin Seale wants to “bring the capitalist system to its knees.”

The euphemistically-named “Democratic Socialists of America” (DSA) is a Marxist organization whose platform is more radical than the Communist Party USA’s platform. DSA wants to abolish prisons and police officers entirely. Despite their radical beliefs, their Marxist members keep running as democrats and winning.

DSA member Kristin Seale retweets post praising Marx

See a list here of DSA-Affiliated Candidates and Elected Officials.

The DSA is brilliant when it comes to organizing.

Marxist professor Corey Robin explains:

The day after the Pennsylvania Primary, DSA members and friends took to twitter:

Sara Innamorato, Summer Lee, Elizabeth Fiedler and Kristin Seale are just four of many socialist candidates across the country who have wormed their way into government. Could they honestly swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic?

One thought on “Socialists Running as Democrats Win Primaries in Pennsylvania

  1. The snark, the smarm, the ignorance. Overwhelming.
    Capitalism “on the backs” of fill-in-the-blank shows a clear blindness to irony: no one is forcing anything on anyone in a capital oriented system. “On the backs” recalls slavery, another word for socialism, Lenninism, Marxism, etc. Those women and their supporters are tyrants and seek inequality over liberty. That will be opposed, and violently.
    The feel-good nonsense of idiots like Bernie and those dames in PA will always run afoul of reality. When has that NOT happened?

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