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Jose Calderon

Jose Zapata Calderon was, until his recent retirement, a Professor in Sociology and Chicano Studies at Pitzer College in Claremont. He is married to Marilyn Calderon who was once a staffer for Congresswoman Judy Chu.

Calderon received his B.A. from the University of Colorado in Communications and his MA and PhD in Sociology from the University of California Los Angeles.

As the son of immigrant farm workers from Mexico, he has had a long history of connecting his academic work with community organizing, student-based service learning, participatory action research, critical pedagogy, and multi-ethnic coalition building.

One of his first jobs after graduating from the University of Colorado in the early ’70s was with the Colorado Migrant Head Start program. Calderón also visited the National Headquarters of the United Farmer Workers of America in Delano, California.

In Greeley in the 1970s, Calderon started the Al Frente de Lucha (meaning in the forefront of the struggle), which worked on the UFW boycott of lettuce and grapes. He took California students to work with the UFW and has also worked with the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan or MEChA, the Marxist “let’s give the Southwest back to Mexico” student organization.

Jose Calderon

By 1979, Jose Calderon was a member of the pro-North Korea Communist Workers Party in Colorado.

The following year, Jose Calderon made national news after throwing an egg at Independent presidential candidate John Anderson.

Calderon was protesting the killings of five Communist Workers Party colleagues in North Carolina by the Ku Klux Klan. Despite tight security, Calderon got into the room on an official guest credential.

By the early 1980s, Calderon’s radical friend Judy Chu and husband Mike Eng had settled in Monterey Park, California, which was experiencing an influx of immigrants from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, “sparking a backlash among some longtime residents who sought a ban on Chinese-language storefront signs.” When a divided City Council voted in 1986 to support a resolution endorsing, among other things, English as the nation’s official language, Chu, by then on the school board, and Eng helped form the Coalition for Harmony in Monterey Park.

Calderon restrained.

“Judy and Mike were always trying to find ways to bring people together,” said Jose Calderon, another member of CHAMP who is now an associate professor at Pitzer College in Claremont. They started “harmony days” to celebrate the city’s various cultures and they led a petition drive that moved the council to rescind its divisive resolution.

Calderon wasn’t done protesting. In 2011, in a show of opposition to Pomona College’s decision to terminate 17 employees who could not verify their employment documentation before a December 1, 2011, 5 p.m. deadline, 15 supporters of the terminated employees were arrested for refusing to move from the middle of a local intersection. The arrests were part of a large protest that drew more than 100 students, workers, professors, union organizers and Claremont residents.

CPD officers arrested these 15 protesters, a group that included current 5C students as well as alumni and Pitzer College professor Jose Calderon, after they ignored repeated commands to disperse. As they were being handcuffed, these protesters called the names of fired workers and denounced what they described as an unjust decision by the Pomona administration, while a crowd of supporters chanted: “Sí, se puede” and “This is what democracy looks like” from the sidewalk.

In addition to the support of organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Pomona’s terminated workers have received a message of support from Judy Chu, a Southern California Democrat in the House of Representatives. Bryan Urias, a member of Chu’s staff, attended a protest on behalf of the congresswoman, who “may soon become Claremont’s representative because of citizen-led redistricting.”

“She wanted me to be here to let all of you know, to let the workers know, to let Pomona College know, that she is watching what is going on and she is disgusted with the process that happened here,” Urias said.

Urias added that Chu had personally called President Oxtoby to ask him to reconsider his decision to terminate employees who could not update their documentation by Dec. 1. He also said that Chu’s office intended to help the terminated workers who wanted to fix their documentation and get re-hired by Pomona.

In 2012, Jose Calderon was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

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List of Issues for Talks Between Trump and Kim Jung-Un

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

North Korea is holding up to 120,000 political prisoners in “horrific conditions” in camps across the country, according to estimates from a newly released State Department report.

The department on Tuesday issued its annual International Religious Freedom Report for 2017, which covers 200 countries and territories, documenting religious freedom and human rights abuses.

The findings on North Korea come as the Trump administration is working to engage the isolated regime. The White House says the administration continues to “actively prepare” for a possible summit with Kim Jong-Un.

The report, though, addressed the brutal conditions festering inside Kim’s kingdom. It revealed 1,304 cases of alleged religious freedom violations in the country last year, while detailing the harsh treatment of political and religious prisoners — and persecution of Christians.

Secretary of States Mike Pompeo is meeting with 4 Star General and head of the military intelligence, Kim Yong Chol is a longtime spy chief and vice chairman of the ruling Workers’ Party was responsible for hacking Sony. More here.

Then North Korea has 2 satellites in orbit and more planned in 2018-2019.

“The Unha launcher can put maybe 100 kilograms [220 lbs.] into a pretty low orbit, maybe 400 or 500 kilometers [250 to 310 miles]” above the Earth’s surface, Wright said. “By increasing the thrust, it allows North Korea to lift satellites to higher altitudes, or to carry a greater payload to longer distances if it is a ballistic missile.”

Wright noted that the earlier, Nodong engine was essentially a scaled-up version of the one in the Scud, the Soviet missile that Iraq often used during the Gulf War of the 1990s. Whereas the Nodong used Scud-level propellants instead of ones used in more modern rockets, Wright noted that the color of the flame coming from the new engine in photos of the test suggest that this missile uses more advanced propellants that can generate higher thrust. [ buy modafinil in canada Top 10 Space Weapons]

“The surprise has been why North Korea has stuck with Scud propellants for so long,” Wright said. “There have been reports for 15 years now that North Korea had bought some submarine-launched missiles from the Soviet Union after it collapsed that used more advanced propellants, yet in all this time, we didn’t see them launch missiles with anything but Scud propellant.

In 2016, At United States Strategic Command, controllers likely had a high-workload evening as STRATCOM monitored the launch of a Russian Soyuz rocket from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome just eight minutes prior to North Korea’s launch, as is typical for launches from Russia’s military launch site. The ascending Unha rocket was tracked using the Space-Based Infrared System in Geostationary Orbit, capable of detecting the infrared signature of ascending rockets from ground level all the way into orbit. This allows the U.S. military to track the vehicle’s trajectory in real time before relying on ground-based radars to track any objects that entered orbit. More here .

Ah, but there is but one more issue at least. Yes, North Korea imploded their nuclear test site at Punggye-ri. But…there are 4 more locations.

The most important is Yongbyon, while the other locations appear to have slight or no activity.

Further, North Korea maintains a rather advanced air defense system, listed among the top in the world.

However, while North Korean technology is relatively primitive — the nation’s air defenses are coordinated.

“They do have an old Soviet computerized anti-aircraft command and control system. Most of the radars are old, but they did receive some newer Iranian phased array radars,” Kashin said. “This is what I know, the anti-aircraft units are extensively using underground shelters for cover—not easy to destroy.”

Thus, while generally primitive, North Korean defenses might be a tougher nut to crack than many might expect. Moreover, while their technology is old, North Korea’s philosophy of self-reliance means it can produce most of its own military hardware. More here.

North Korea has a fairly robust chemical and biological weapons program. The 46 page report is found here.

Lastly, but hardly finally, is the cyber weapons produced and applied by North Korea.

Most recently is: May 29, 2018, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released a joint Technical Alert (TA) that identifies two families of malware—referred to as Joanap and Brambul—used by the North Korean government. The U.S. Government refers to malicious cyber activity by the North Korean government as HIDDEN COBRA.

In conjunction with the release of this TA, NCCIC has released a Malware Analysis Report (MAR) that provides analysis on samples of Joanap and Brambul malware.

NCCIC encourages users and administrators to review TA18-149A: HIDDEN COBRA – Joanap Backdoor Trojan and Brambul Server Message Block Worm and MAR-10135536-3 – RAT/Worm.

While there has been recent discussions about applying the Libya model to North Korea for removing nuclear weapons, you can bet Kim Jung-Un is going to demand the Pakistan model.


What Is The Magnitsky Act Anyway?

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

The Global Magnitsky Act enables the United States to sanction the world’s worst human rights abusers and most corrupt oligarchs and foreign officials, freezing their U.S. assets and preventing them from traveling to the United States. Sanctioned individuals become financial pariahs and the international financial system wants nothing to do with them.

Before proceeding, ask yourself: is Global Magnitsky right for my case? The language of the Global Magnitsky Act as passed by Congress was ex-panded by Executive Order 13818, which is now the implementing authority for Global Magnitsky sanctions. EO 13818 stipulates that sanctions may be considered for individuals who are engaging or have engaged in “serious human rights abuse” against any person, or are engaging or have en-gaged in “corruption.” Individuals who, by virtue of their rank, have ordered others to engage or have facilitated these acts also are liable to be sanctioned.

Keep in mind that prior to the EO’s expansion of the language, human rights sanctions were limited to “gross violations of internationally recognized human rights” as codified in 22 USC § 2304(d)(1). The original language also stipulates that any victim must be working “to expose illegal activity car-ried out by government officials” or to “obtain, exercise, defend, or promote internationally recognized human rights and freedoms.” As for sanctions for corruption, it identifies “acts of significant corruption” as sanctionable offenses. This is generally thought to be a stricter standard than the EO’s term “corruption.” It may be worthwhile to aim for this higher standard to make the tightest case possible for sanctions.

As a rule, reach out to other NGOs and individuals working in the human rights and anti-corruption field, especially those who are advocating for their own Global Magnitsky sanctions. Doing so at the beginning of the process will enable you to build strong relationships, develop a robust network, and speak with a stronger voice.

Download the full guide to learn more.

***  And harass they did. Bill Browder is a distant buddy and I watched his communications this morning as he was arrested in Spain. The warrant:

Spanish anti Russian mafia prosecutor Jose Grinda about the huge amount of money from the Magnitsky case that flowed to Spain. Now that I’m released my mission carries on. Meeting with Prosector Grinda now. This was the SIXTH Russian arrest warrant using Interpol channels. It was NOT an expired warrant, but a live one. Interpol is incapable of stopping Russian abuse of their systems. He is right.

There is not, and never has been, a Red Notice for Bill Browder. Mr Browder is not wanted via INTERPOL channels. https://t.co/8zI3IepOMh

— INTERPOL (@INTERPOL_HQ) May 30, 2018

Interpol is a mess for sure. Which is it Interpol? Did you make a call to have Browder released? Un huh…

Then Browder responded: Russia has sent notices to have me arrested through Interpol systems at least THREE times in the last 10 months. It’s a matter of public record that Russia slipped these notices through Interpol controls without them noticing.


United States citizens are outraged about the Kremlin’s incursion into the U.S. electoral system, but that is unfortunately just the tip of the iceberg. Russia is also trying to hijack the U.S. judiciary for corrupt purposes, expropriation and political repression, which has received little attention.

Unlawful seizure of private assets and private companies by the Kremlin has been the norm since Vladimir Putin became president in 2000. Russia’s law enforcement agencies and courts are regularly used for the enrichment of the ruling elite.

Annual State Department and Freedom House reports underscore that the Russian judicial system lacks independence from the country’s powerful executive branch.

The Sergei Magnitsky case is the best-known example of the Russian state’s co-opting of the courts to support its kleptocracy. A cabal of Russian tax and law enforcement officers conspired to defraud Russian taxpayers of $230 million, the largest tax fraud in Russian history, by targeting Bill Browder’s company, Hermitage Capital.

When Magnitsky, Browder’s tax attorney, discovered the fraud and notified authorities, Hermitage and Magnitsky were charged with their own fraud. Magnitsky was then arrested and died in pre-trial detention at the age of 37.

Since then, Russian authorities have repeatedly called on Interpol to disseminate red notices to harass Browder and other victims. Interpol, which is meant to facilitate cross-border coordination among law enforcement agencies, is susceptible to abuse as it passes on requests and notices from states without much scrutiny.

Russia misuses Interpol’s red notices to gain the support of international law enforcement agencies, including U.S. law enforcement, in pursuing political dissidents and victims of corporate raiding.

Russian legal authorities also abuse the U.S. court system by exploiting U.S. federal discovery laws. Under these laws, a foreign party can use the U.S. federal courts to compel discovery from any person under U.S. jurisdiction.

The Russian authorities used this law repeatedly against Yukos and its affiliates, after confiscating the oil giant from Mikhail Khodorkovsky and other shareholders.

More recently, agents of the Russian state have engaged in two federal court cases in New York: a 2016 attempt to loot the assets of Janna Bullock and her real estate investment firm RIGroup, and a 2018 effort to plunder the personal property of banker Sergei Leontiev, a former shareholder of Probusinessbank.

The Russian state is using the discovery process to extract information to further criminal charges and extortion schemes against individuals who fled to the U.S. seeking the protection, safety and rule of law now being undermined.

The Russian government and its associates have developed similar strategies to use federal and state courts to recognize and validate bogus decisions from Russian courts, exploit the U.S. Bankruptcy Code on behalf of sham creditors aligned with the Russian state and enforce illegitimate claims and orders issued by corrupt Russian judges.

Although U.S. judges are permitted to consider evidence questioning the legitimacy of a foreign judicial decision, they are rightly hesitant to speculate on whether another country upholds the rule of law.

Such a determination requires significant analysis beyond the scope and ability of most courts and therefore leaves the U.S. judiciary ill-equipped to defend itself against Russian incursion.

The U.S. is slowly beginning to fight back against Russian intrusion into our courts. In 2017, the United States sanctioned two Russian private-sector lawyers, Yulia Mayorova and Andrei Pavlov, who repeatedly represented Russian government agencies in the United States.

After passage by Congress of the “Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act,” the U.S. sanctioned Artem Chaika, the son of Russia’s prosecutor general, who used his father’s position to extort bribes and win contracts for himself and his cronies, while driving out competition.

More needs to be done to keep Russian lawlessness abroad at bay. The House and Senate judiciary committees should investigate the hacking of U.S. courts and hold hearings to examine the threat they pose, with an eye toward developing legislation that will help block future attacks.

The Department of Justice and the State Department should consider establishing a joint task force to coordinate with U.S. courts, where victims of abuse by corrupt governments could submit their evidence.

The State Department already produces annual reports that opine on the state of foreign judiciaries, which can be put to good use to protect the integrity of U.S. courts.


Commentary: #DavidHogg, Icon of ignorance

By: Peter Gunn | New Zeal

David Hogg on MSNBC

Leave it to the Progressive left to hoist an unaccomplished high school student up as their “golden calf”, their messiah, their Anointed One to deliver civilian disarmament where nearly 50 years of lies and deceit have failed.

Despite the fawning and sycophancy, David Hogg is nothing special. His only claim to fame is he was present at a tragedy. “Survivor”: is a bit hyperbolic. In defense against the accusations he was not at school the day of the shooting, a teacher came forward and stated that she pulled him into a classroom for his safety.  Ok, fine he was in the building. He did not witness the shooting, nor was he under fire. Was it a sad and frightening experience for him? No doubt, but that hardly qualifies him as a “survivor” The word was deliberately chosen by his minders to make him both a sympathetic character and to make him seem above reproach, being a “survivor” is akin  to being a “victim” and how DARE you question a victim! This courtesy, of course, is only reserved for Friends of The Narrative.

Amanda Collins who is an ACTUAL victim and survivor (raped outside the campus police station at University of Nevada-Reno in 2007) was attacked by Democratic Colorado State Senator Sen. Evie Hudak who opined that if Ms Collins had been allowed her concealed carry gun on campus not only would she have been raped but that the rapist would have taken her gun and used it against her.  But I digress….

Mr. Hogg has not graduated High school, attended college, held an adult job (or any job that I could find).  He has not raised a family, invented anything, built anything, ran for office, won a campaign, nothing. Of course he is just a  High School student and these accomplishments would be rare among his peers, nor had I accomplished anything of note at his age. The question therefore is why then is HIS voice so important?  Optics. It looks cool to have high school students at the podium and it plays well. Everything with the Left is marketing, optics, and messaging. If their position was honest and truthful, they wouldn’t need to do any of it. I also can’t help but notice there were originally more in his little authoritarian gaggle, but like TV Talent shows, the judges have picked him to be the next Progressive Idol.  If Emma Gonzales had stepped up her game and not worn the Cuban flag on her Che Guevara army jacket it might have been her I would be writing about today.

The rhetoric he spouts is nothing new, it’s the same tired crap most of us have been fighting since before he was born.  He has no experience with firearms, and nothing to qualify him as an “expert” on gun violence, its causes, or solutions. He is like a cover version of a song that wasn’t any good to begin with.  He only knows what his handlers tell him, he has not done any research on the subject (except what he is handed to read). He just stands at the mic, spews his uninformed vitriol and basks in the adulation.  Tragically, he believes that this is how his world will always be..

His latest “Five point plan ” is an essay in ignorance.  It is so easily refuted even his classmate Kyle Kashuv easily slapped it down.

His “plan” includes a mix of things that already exist, and things that would have done nothing to save his classmates (I doubt he even remembers them at this point),   He clearly copied these answers of off someone else’s paper. He probably should have cheated off the smart kid

It is completely evident to anyone who can see through the Progressive left propaganda that David Hogg is now fighting a defensive battle to maintain his relevance. Like a child actor from a cancelled series, he is just starting to learn the  sun is setting for him.

At press time, there have been two school shootings since Parkland, and neither of them have fit the narrative.  In Maryland, the shooter was engaged by police officer, Was deliberately targeting a girl who broke up with him, shot two students (which negates the “mass” definition)  and used a stolen pistol. In Santa Fe Texas the shooter used a revolver and a shotgun, both Stolen.

Mr Hogg’s cliche about “high capacity magazines” in his five point plan ignores that his classmate/shooter used the supposedly “safer” 10 round magazine.

In a way, I feel bad for Mr Hogg.  By virtue of my advanced years, I can predict his future;  All of the handlers behind Mr. Hogg’s meteoric rise to fame will be on to the next best thing any minute now.  News agencies will no longer record his every word, and he will no longer be booked on the TV shows. David Hogg will cease to be a household name.  He will go to college and be no more special than any other student. I can easily see him trying to drop names and rekindle his faded notoriety in a failed effort to ”seal the deal” as it were with a romantic interest a few years from now.   It is incomprehensible to him right now that he is simply a useful idiot and nothing more, to be discarded like an empty soda can when his use is done. What will be interesting to see, is what a 35-40 year old David Hogg will be like: will he ever realize he was just being used?  Will he be bitter? Will he realize he was wrong? Time will tell.


Arkady Babchenko Was Assassinated Until He Wasn’t

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Babchenko reacts during the news conference in Kyiv on May 30.

Hat tip to Ukraine officials, they have fully embraced Russian tactics and used them against the Kremlin’s normal hit job assignments on journalists.

Related reading: Journalistic death and Critics toll in Putin’s Russia

Babchenko wrote a chilling book, titled One Soldier’s War in 2009. In 1995,  he was forced into the Russian military and sent to Chechnya. He has a history with the brutality of Putin.


Before ushering Babchenko into the room, Gritsak said investigators had identified a Ukrainian citizen who allegedly was paid $40,000 by the Russian security service to organize and carry out the hit. The unidentified Ukrainian man in turn allegedly hired an acquaintance to be the gunman, Gritsak said.

The man allegedly paid to organize Banchenko’s killing was detained Wednesday, he said, showing a video of the arrest.

Gritsak said killing Babchenko was part of a larger alleged plot by Russian security services. The Ukrainian man was also supposed to procure large quantities of weapons and explosives, including 300 AK-47 rifles and “hundreds of kilos of explosives,” to perpetrate acts of terror in Ukraine, he said.

Babchenko said he was not allowed to go into the details of the sting operation, but said Ukrainian law enforcement had been aware of a contract on his head for two months. He said he was approached by the Ukrainian Security Service, the SBU, a month ago.

KYIV — Ukrainian security officials said they faked the death of a dissident Russian journalist in an effort to catch people it says were involved in a Russian plot to kill him.

Vasyl Hrytsak, the head of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU), shocked reporters at the SBU headquarters in Kyiv on May 30 when he announced that journalist and Kremlin critic Arkady Babchenko was still alive, a day after Ukrainian authorities announced he had been killed by a gunman outside of his Kyiv apartment.

Hrytsak told reporters that Ukrainian intelligence sources learned that Russia’s security services had ordered the killing of Babchenko several months earlier.

ALSO READ: Transcript Of Babchenko’s Remarks

Hrytsak also said a suspected organizer of an attempted murder plot against Babchenko, identified as a Ukrainian national, was detained as a result of a “special operation” by the SBU.

“We have prevented an attempted murder of Babchenko by carrying out a special operation,” Hrytsak said on May 30. “Thanks to this operation, we were able to foil a cynical plot and document how the Russian security service was planning for this crime.”

Babchenko made a dramatic appearance at the live May 30 television briefing after Hrytsak’s announcement, saying the fictitious reports of his death were part of an SBU operation that had been prepared for two months.


“As far as I know, this operation was prepared for two months. A result of that was this special operation,” Babchenko told the briefing. “They saved my life. I want to say thanks. Larger terrorist attacks were prevented.”

Babchenko did not specify what those other planned attacks were. But Hrytsak said the SBU had received information about a plot to kill 30 people in Ukraine, including Babchenko. The security service declined to say who the other 29 people were.

Hrytsak said the detained Ukrainian citizen in the case — a former separatist fighter in eastern Ukraine — had been recruited by Russia to find someone to kill Babchenko. The SBU said the Ukrainian suspect was given $40,000 to organize the killing of Babchenko — $30,000 for the killer and $10,000 for being an intermediary.

“It is known that once the killing was done, [the suspect] was planning to leave Ukraine…He was planning to travel to Russia via a third country,” Hrytsak said.

“We managed not only to break this cynical provocation but also to document the preparation of this shameful crime by Russian special services,” he added.

Prosecutor-General Yuriy Lutsenko, who appeared alongside Babchenko at the May 30 press briefing, said it was necessary to fake the journalist’s death so that the organizers of the plot to kill him would believe they had succeeded.

Babchenko said he had no choice but to take part in the operation.

“I did my job. I’m still alive,” Babchenko said.

“I would like to apologize for what you have all had to go through,” said Babchenko, who broke into tears at times. “I’m sorry, but there was no other way of doing it. Separately, I want to apologize to my wife for the hell that she has been through.”

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said his government would provide round-the-clock protection to Babchenko and his family and called the security services’ effort a “brilliant operation.”

“Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are becoming stronger every day in countering Russian aggression,” Poroshenko said on Twitter. “It is unlikely that Moscow will calm down — I’ve given an order to provide Arkady and his family with protection.”


Вітаю з блискучою операцією зі збереження життя російському журналістові Аркадію Бабченку. Українські правоохоронні органи з кожним днем стають сильнішими у протидії російській агресії. Навряд чи Москва заспокоїться – доручив надати Аркадієві та його родині охорону

Ukrainian by

Congratulations with a brilliant operation on preserving the life of the Russian journalism Arcadia Babenku. Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are becoming stronger in counteraction to the Russian aggression. Hardly Moscow will calm down-commissioned to give the arcade and his Family Protection

11:16 AM – 30 May 2018

Meanwhile, the Reporters Without Borders media watchdog criticized Ukrainian authorities for staging Babchenko’s death, saying it “would not help the cause of press freedom.”

“It is pathetic and regrettable that the Ukrainian police have played with the truth, whatever their motive…for the stunt,” Christophe Deloire, the head of the group, said.

“All it takes is one case like this to cast doubt on all the other political assassinations,” he said, referring to the deaths and attempted assassinations of several Kremlin critics outside of Russia in recent years.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said after Babchenko’s reappearance on May 30 that officials in Moscow were glad Babchenko was still alive.

But Zakharova said Ukrainian officials had circulated a false story as “propaganda.”

Transcript: Arkady Babchenko’s Remarks After SBU Sting Operation (Edited)

“First, I’d like to apologize for everything you’ve had to go through. I’ve been at the funeral of many friends and colleagues, and I know this nauseous feeling. Sorry for imposing this upon you, but there was no other way.

“Special apologies to my wife for the hell she’s been through these two days. Olya, excuse me, please, but there was no other option.

“I’d also like to thank the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) for saving my life. … This operation has been prepared for two months. I was told about this a month ago. …

“A week or two ago, Russia announced that [Islamic State] were preparing terrorist attacks before the Champions League [final in Kyiv]. I think it was going to be my [assassination]. …

“What else to say? As I said, two months ago I was approached and told that my assassination has been commissioned and money allocated. Forty-thousand dollars. It turns out I’m quite valuable!”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that he had only seen media reports so far and otherwise had “no information on the matter.”

He said he did not know “who is doing the accusing and what the accusations are…I cannot say anything,” Peskov said.

Kyiv police and officials from Ukraine’s Interior Ministry had announced on May 29 that Babchenko had died in an ambulance on the way to a hospital after being shot in the back at his Kyiv apartment, where he has lived in exile since August 2017.

Reports of the 41-year-old’s supposed death had stunned colleagues and added to tension between Moscow and Kyiv, whose ties have been badly damaged by Russia’s seizure of Crimea and backing for separatist militants in a devastating war in eastern Ukraine.

In a post to Facebook just hours after news of Babchenko’s death emerged, Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroysman said, “I am convinced that the Russian totalitarian machine could not forgive his honesty and principled position.”

Before Babchenko’s dramatic reappearance on May 30, Peskov said allegations of a Russian assassination plan were part of an anti-Russia smear campaign.

Aleksandr Bortnikov, the head of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), said Ukrainian allegations of an FSB plot were nonsense and a provocation.

Babchenko is well-known for his criticism of the Kremlin.

His reporting about Moscow’s support for pro-Russia separatist fighters in eastern Ukraine brought him severe criticism by Russian state media and from Russian officials.

Babchenko told RFE/RL in December 2016 that “all of the elements” of Russia’s state “propaganda machine” were engaged against him after he posted comments to Facebook about the crash of a Russian military plane in the Black Sea.

All 92 people on board were killed, including members of the Russian Army’s renowned choir, the Aleksandrov Ensemble, who were traveling to give a performance for Russian troops in Syria.

Babchenko said the reaction by state officials and state media to his remarks was intended to send a signal to Russian society that “we must be in one line; we must express sadness; we must appear sad — and anyone who doesn’t must be destroyed.”

‘Forced To Flee’

Babchenko told RFE/RL in late 2016 that State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov, Federation Council member Frants Klintsevich, and Russian media like Channel One and Life News were “stitching together some fake news” about him.

Babchenko said: “A major effort is being organized. They aren’t investigating why the plane crashed but instead are persecuting me.”

In February 2017, writing for Britain’s The Guardian newspaper, Babchenko said: “I can tell you what political harassment feels like in [President Vladimir] Putin’s Russia. Like many dissidents I am used to abuse, but a recent campaign against me was so personal, so scary, that I was forced to flee.”

Babchenko served in the Russian Army during the first separatist war in Chechnya in the 1990s before he became a journalist.

He worked as a military correspondent and wrote for several Russian media organizations, including the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily newspaper and Novaya Gazeta, as well as TV Tsentr, and Channel One TV.

He had been scathingly critical of the Kremlin in recent years. He moved to Kyiv in the autumn of 2017, where he worked as a host for the Crimean Tatar TV station, ATR.


Trevor Loudon Needs Your Help With New Project To Release Short Videos Exposing Subversive Candidates

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

Trevor Loudon is about to launch an exciting new project. Starting soon, and continuing until the elections and maybe even beyond, Trevor Loudon will be launching a series of short, professionally produced videos exposing domestic enemies of the Constitution with research compiled at sister site KeyWiki.org.

These videos will be  mobile-phone friendly and designed for mass distribution before the 2018 elections.

Democrats sit-in demanding gun control legislation on June 22, 2016

Do you want to expose:

  • The vulnerable Democratic Senator who has spent years supporting Colombian narco-terrorists,
  • The senior Democratic Congresswoman who meets regularly with the local Communist Party branch,
  • The two Democrat Congressmen who work with the Pro-China Communist Party, while serving on the Armed Services Committee,
  • The radical Islamist serving on the House Intelligence Committee,
  • The aspiring US Senator with a Communist Party past,
  • China’s “best friend” in the US Congress,
  • The senior Senator tied to pro-North Korean and Muslim Brotherhood fronts,
  • The former Black Panther leader now serving in the Crime Prevention Caucus?

These examples are the tip of the iceberg.

Trevor Loudon has written two books about the subversive elements who have infiltrated the federal government. He has been smeared by the left – but he has never been challenged on a point of fact. Trevor’s work is indisputable because he uses source documentation.

Please help us produce as many of these 90-to-180 second mini-documentaries as possible before the November election. It takes money to produce quality documentaries and countless hours to do the research necessary to find what the subversive candidates don’t want us to uncover. These enemies of the Constitution go completely unchallenged by the complicit mainstream media.

With your help, we will expose these people for who they are.

Right now the left is on the offensive. They are desperate to take back the House in November and move to impeach President Trump. Let’s hit them where they’re vulnerable. Let’s wipe the smirks off their faces. The country depends on it.

If you’ve supported Trevor Loudon or KeyWiki in the past, please do so again. If you never have before, please do so now. This project can make a real difference.

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I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemiesforeign and domestic…

Thank you in advance.

From Trevor:

P.S. This is the most important appeal I’ve made. Please help today. For “grassroots” money, we can produce material that megabucks “consultancy” firms would never dare touch. We can broadcast important, compelling material that will shock American voters.

Trevor Loudon for Keywiki.