Trapper’s Quote Of The Week

By: Trapper Pettit

When the odds are against you, go big or go home. The key to winning against the probabilities is complex. Follow your gut, stand by the promises made, take the heat, and your team will rally the victory. If not, you are toast.

One thought on “Trapper’s Quote Of The Week

  1. Three Branches of Government

    Legislative Branch. The Capitol Building is where the legislative branch works.
    Executive Branch. The White House is where the President works.
    Judicial Branch. The Supreme Court building is where the nine justices meet.
    Three Branches of Government – Fact Monster
    People need not worry if law suits are filed in the district court. They are not part of the Judicial Branch and therefore the President is over them. So if a suit is filed in the district court the President should ignore it and continue building the wall until it reaches the SCOTUS and he’ll win.

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