The “Joys” of Marijuana, Murder, Mental Illness, and Mayhem

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Will President Trump resist the demands of the paid-off politicians for marijuana legalization on the federal level? California’s far-left Senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris says marijuana brings “joy” to people and it should be legalized nationally. But Sheriff Jon Lopey of Siskiyou County, California, says the Mexican drug cartels are moving into California under the cover of legalization, producing death and destruction in the Golden State and “exporting” these problems to the rest of America. Lopey, once the target of a bribery attempt by a marijuana producer, cites evidence and studies linking marijuana to mental illness and violence. He supports the Border Wall and urges President Trump to expand resources for law enforcement. “The federal government has to stand strong” against legalization, he says.

One thought on “The “Joys” of Marijuana, Murder, Mental Illness, and Mayhem

  1. What about your total Reefer Madness horse manure!
    California legalized “medical cannabis” way back in 1996 over 23 years ago. In truth “recreational” consumers have never had trouble getting a cannabis card and have been able to obtain herb easily the entire time. California officially legalized “recreational cannabis” November 2016. Retail sales of “recreational herb” began January 1st, 2018.

    Over 23 years of cannabis legalization and lo and behold California is by far the largest economic engine in the U.S. and just went from the 6th largest economy to the 5th largest economy in the world. California’s insurance rates have remained steady and not a single police agency in the state even keeps a statistic on traffic fatalities caused solely by cannabis intoxication because incidents are so rare. California leads the planet in aerospace, high technology, agriculture, video and musical entertainment media and tourism. We host headquarters for numerous international corporate giants like Apple, Intel, Netflix, Lockheed, Paypal, Tesla, Oracle, Google, TRW, Rockwell International, Unisys, Yahoo, Disney, and AMD to name just a few. An average of over 250 million tourists visit California annually spending upwards of 100 billion dollars providing over a millions jobs. Other than that, in California we’re just stoned slow and lazy!

    The madness is over! Legalize, regulate and tax recreational cannabis!

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