An Update On NoisyRoom And My Husband’s Condition

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Garry Hamilton – my best friend in the world and my hubby.

Some of you may be wondering why I am not writing as much as usual and why I have been quieter than normal. Some of you may be relieved or happy over that last one. Lol.

I decided today to catch all of you up on what has been going on with me and my family over the last five months. It’s been very rough.

It all started when I needed a simple surgery last December that went wrong, requiring a second one and then wound care that I’m still dealing with. It’s almost healed now but in December I almost didn’t make it. I was fortunate but it was expensive.

Then my husband got laid off right at Christmas. That would have not been a show-stopper except he was diagnosed right after that with Stage IV rectal cancer. He also has a tumor in his lung they are going to remove and there will be a surgery that will wrap all of this up hopefully.

My husband Garry is a wonderful, kind, and strong man. He has just finished radiation and has endured some of the worst pain I’ve ever seen someone live through. He’s now on chemotherapy and it has it’s own side effects.

A couple of times I thought I might lose him but he is still fighting and they think he can beat this. So do I. I have put pretty much everything aside to help him get through it, take care of him, and be there for him. He’s my whole world.

Though I think both of us will make it now, the costs are something else. We have insurance and Garry is also on Medicare but there is still a lot of costs involved that are not covered. We have blown through our savings and retirement and I don’t regret it in the least. I would give my own life to save his.

That is why I have not been writing as much. If you want to help Garry out, one of our daughters put up a GoFundMe page yesterday. You can donate here. You can also donate on PayPal. My email there is [email protected] or you can use the link on the upper right side of this site to get there. If you would like to donate some other way, email me at [email protected] and I’ll send instructions.

I’m not sure where we will go from here. Probably move into my son’s townhouse in Reno before long. I will keep writing and I am still at Right Wing News and on Trevor Loudon’s sites as well as Gulag Bound.

Prayers are also greatly appreciated as we battle Garry’s cancer. Our family is helping all they can and somehow, we will get through this.

Thank you to all of you for continuing to visit and read the blog. We have lots of work still to be done and adventures to be had.

12 thoughts on “An Update On NoisyRoom And My Husband’s Condition

  1. It is a pleasure to share this on social media as you have a fan club larger than you may know. You have been missed for sure. I will stand with you both during this health adventure knowing on the other side there will be new adventures waiting for you both due to the love so many have for you coupled with the talents the country needs.

  2. Oh, Terresa!
    Your husband looks like a wonderful man. And I expect his Wife is just as wonderful.
    God love you – this has all been so hard for you both – but one foot goes in front of the other – and may you both beat the bad things. I am so happy you have support from people who are nearer than I.

  3. Thank you for the prayers are we are hanging in there one step, one hour, one day at a time. Thank you to all of you. You make this much easier and you give me strength more than you know.

  4. Praying, praying, praying.

    Jesus has promised two things: 1. trouble in this world, and for His believers: 2. His overcoming power of love in this world, 3. eternity with Him, where all things are made just right.

  5. Dear Terresa,
    Love and faith in the abiding power of Jesus magnified for you and Garry. Much love and appreciation for all you do.

  6. Thanks for the update Terresa. (saved me an email this morning. lol). How did the opportunity for Garry pan out this week?
    Sincerest prayers as as always for y’all

  7. Well, it never materialized. Although it is illegal not to hire someone who has cancer, that is probably what happened here. We will prevail. 😉 Thanks Craig – you have been with us since the beginning and I don’t know what I’d do without you.

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