Update On My Husband’s Cancer Treatment – 05/31/19

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By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

We met with Garry’s surgeon and after inspecting things he says the only recourse is surgery.

The surgeon says all chemo has to be stopped and surgery is necessary now. If he did the full surgery there’s a 30% chance part of it would fail and have to be redone giving the tumor in Garry’s lung time to spread. So, he’s going to do a partial surgery and reroute the plumbing with a colostomy bag but not seal everything off at this point. Surgery should be in four weeks or so. We have to wait 6 to 8 weeks after the last chemo treatment to do the surgery.

Garry is in good spirits and is fighting this for all he is worth. Right now, his blood counts are good, his coloring improved, he’s lucid and feeling better. The only real pain is when he goes to the bathroom.

We are working on getting his little sister, our oldest daughter and our son-in-law here for the first surgery. It makes all the difference in the world to Garry in having them here.

If you want to help Garry out, one of our daughters put up a GoFundMe page and we are just over two-thirds of the way to our goal. You can donate here. You can also donate on PayPal. My email there is [email protected] or you can use the link on the upper right side of this site to get there. If you would like to donate some other way, email me at [email protected] and I’ll send you instructions.

Prayers are always appreciated and please pass this along to others on social media. As you know, I was banned on Facebook for being the editor of Right Wing News so I can’t post this there. It would be greatly appreciated.

We are within $100 of our goal – please help us cross the finish line and thank you to all who have so generously given in donations and prayers!

4 thoughts on “Update On My Husband’s Cancer Treatment – 05/31/19

  1. May GOD Bless all of YOU and Grant a Speedy Cure and Recovery. My Daily Prayers are with you.

  2. Garry — and, indeed, all of you — continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. When it comes to fighting the Big C, attitude counts for so much, and it’s clear that you all are aces in that department.

  3. Thank you Bookie – passing on to Garry. He is better as long as he doesn’t stand up. 😉 The surgery will stop the pain and he can heal so he can finish this trek. You are the best.

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