A Resurgence of Old-school Courageous Americans

By: Lloyd Marcus

Following the horrific El Paso and Dayton shootings, I boycotted media. As expected, Democrats and fake news media were despicably giddy, thrilled for another opportunity to push for disarming law-abiding gun owners and falsely demonizing Trump and his supporters. I boycotted media because was I could not stomach wimpy Republicans and #NeverTrumpers running to microphones to surrender to anti-American leftists’ spin of the facts. I thought, “I am not going to allow cowards supposedly on our side to raise my blood pressure.”

A case in point is John Kasich, who raced to the CNN microphones to further the insidious lie that Trump is responsible for the shootings. What is wrong with Kasich, and why does he call himself a Republican?

Some on our side do not comprehend that Democrats and fake news media are not interested in truth and fairness. Attempting to play nice with these anti-American progressives is insane. Progressives are like unruly children. They must be firmly told no and sent to their rooms. Progressives must be defeated.

Allowing progressives to dominate public education, social media, the fake news media, and entertainment media has gotten us into this mess. Christian churches abandoned God’s command to be salt by foolishly staying out of politics. Consequently, we are one election away from transformation into a socialist country in which debauchery is government-mandated.

The Democratic Party has become a cesspool of pure evil and anti-Americanism. Their demonic behavior is expected. It is upsetting when people on our side surrender to the Democrats’ false premises rather than staying on offense and strongly pushing back with the truth.

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‘Freedom Road’ Maoists Aid Maduro Regime and Latin American Marxist Revolution

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times

Striking Chicago teachers and their supporters attend a rally at Union Park September 15, 2012, in Chicago, Ill. Scott Olson/Getty Images)

American Maoists are working to support the embattled regime of illegitimate Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and to strengthen ties with Latin American communism.

In mid-July, the militant Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) sent a delegation to Caracas to build “solidarity” with socialist VenezuelaAccording to delegation leader and CTU charter school organizer Richard Berg:

“We are interested in show[ing] solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and the Venezuelan people and at the same time we want to interact with Venezuelan labor union leaders with [a] focus on teacher unions to learn from them how they have counter[ed] US sanctions and to inform them about our recent victories in the US, like the recent strike CTU organized in Chicago.”

Berg was referring to the successful May CTU strike against Chicago charter school owners. Three of the five delegates—special education teacher Sarah Chambers, English teacher Fabiana Casas, and math teacher Valeria Vargas—were strike captains during the May industrial action. The delegation was led by Berg and Maria Moreno, the financial secretary of the CTU.

The CTU is heavily influenced by America’s largest openly Maoist grouping: Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO). Chambers, CTU area vice president and prominent strike leader, is close to the FRSO, as is MorenoBerg has been heavily active in midwestern Maoist politics since he was president of the Marquette University Progressive Student Organization in the early 1980s.

The trip came straight after a CTU official resolution calling for “an end to U.S. intervention in Venezuela.”

Chambers told FRSO’s FightBack! News that Venezuela’s dictators care more about education than do Chicago’s Democratic Party leaders:

“Through major economic hardships, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro never closed a single public school or a single health clinic. This stands in stark contrast to our experience in Chicago, where Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed 50 public schools and several mental health clinics in a single year.”

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Update On My Husband’s Cancer Treatment – 08/12/19 – Moving Forward

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

The last week or so has been a monumental shift for us in our fight for Garry’s life. For those of you new to his cancer updates, my husband was diagnosed last December with Stage IV colorectal cancer. We have been through a very rough series of radiation treatments, chemo, blood transfusions, and Garry almost passing away because of pain and deterioration.

Then his surgeon performed a colostomy and saved his life. Garry is just about his old self these days and his numbers are surprising the doctors even with on-going chemotherapy.

We were unable to get a definitive diagnosis from the doctors though on whether this was really curable or if he would be on chemo the rest of his life. I cornered the oncologist who said he did not think Garry was a candidate for cyberknife radiation to remove the tumor in his lung. That meant the surgeon would never remove the colorectal tumor and Garry would be on ongoing chemo indefinitely. But the doc did say Garry would live many more years that way.

That was until we got a new radiologist. Our old one got breast cancer, so now Dr. Mrackian enters the picture. He’s from Australia. He asked us questions we had never been asked before and compiled a complete timeline of Garry’s case. He was angry it had taken so long to do the colostomy and that this had not progressed faster. He also said Garry was a slam-dunk for cyberknife radiation. That changed everything because it now means this is curative… not just maintenance.

We told the doc we were on a tight deadline as we are moving back to Reno, NV at the end of September. He immediately got us appointments to get this going and done before we go. He also told us the colorectal tumor could be removed in four to seven months depending on a PET scan. When that surgery occurs, Garry will be down for two months.

With all we have been through and the medical costs decimating us, we feel blessed. My husband will beat this, we will be together and take over my son’s townhome in Reno. It’s amazing how good news can lift a weight from your heart and soul the way it did this week. And we are finally going home.

If you want to help Garry out, one of our daughters put up a GoFundMe page and we have already met our goal but it is being extended for additional costs – she increased it by six grand to help with final medical expenses and moving. You can donate here. You can also donate on PayPal. My email there is [email protected] or you can use the PayPal link on the upper right side of NoisyRoom.net to get there. If you would like to donate some other way, email me at [email protected] and I’ll send you instructions.


State Gun Control in America: A Historic Guide to Major State Gun Control Laws and Acts

By: Ammo.com

Gun Control in America: A Historic Guide to Major State ActsThe Second Amendment guarantees American citizens the right to bear arms, but both federal and state governments determine how citizens may legally exercise that right. And while both federal and state gun control laws regularly change, laws at the state level change more frequently and often without the media coverage that surrounds changes at the federal level.

This results in a constant challenge for gun owners to keep up with the latest state laws, especially for those who carry their weapons across state lines. Because while some states have more restrictions than others, state gun control policies across the country are diverse and can change quickly – too easily putting responsible gun owners on the wrong side of the law.

This guide is a timeline of major state gun control acts throughout the history of the United States – not only to help gun owners understand the state laws that have influenced our nation, but also to showcase how one state’s gun laws can set an example for others, creating a domino effect of gun control policy for the entire country.

Colonial America: Slavery Versus The Second Amendment

Pre-Constitution, the original Articles of Confederation established that “every State shall always keep up a well-regulated and disciplined militia.” The Bill of Rights’ Second Amendment holds that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” However, those rights were at that time granted specifically to white males.

Fear of slave and Native American uprisings prompted many colonial states to establish laws banning “free Mulattos, Negroes and Indians” from having firearms. By the antebellum period, southern states like South CarolinaLouisianaFloridaMarylandGeorgiaNorth CarolinaMississippi, and even Delaware all had various laws denying guns to people of color and allowing search and seizure of weapons as well as punishment without trial. Crucial to all of this was the Supreme Court case Dred Scott v. Sanford.

Previously a slave, Dred Scott sued for freedom based on the fact that he’d lived in the free state of Illinois and a free area within the Louisiana Territory for a decade. When his suit was unsuccessful in Missouri, he appealed to the federal courts. The contention was whether “a free negro of the African race, whose ancestors were brought to this country and sold as slaves,” was a citizen with protections under the Constitution. The Supreme Court decision on Dred Scott v. Sanford in 1857 denied “a free negro of the African race” citizenship – a milestone its issuer cited as “the most momentous event that has ever occurred on this continent,” excluding the Declaration of Independence. In that moment, those denied citizenship were also excluded from any of the rights associated with it.

After the Civil War: The Postbellum Era, Emancipation, Reconstruction, and the Black Codes

While President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation freed all slaves, President Andrew Johnson’s failing leadership brought with it all the struggles of the Reconstruction Era. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court Dred Scott decision still denied people of African descent citizenship.

Former Confederate states enacted Black Codes to define and restrict freedmen’s positions within society. Along with mandating legal responsibilities, land ownership rights, contract labor wages, and harsh criminal laws, nearly all the Black Codes effectively and pointedly banned “persons of color” – anyone “with more than one-eighth Negro blood” – from possessing firearms. MississippiSouth CarolinaLouisianaFloridaMarylandAlabamaNorth CarolinaTexas, and Tennessee all enacted Black Codes, attempting to maintain the status quo and deny weapons to people of color.

The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments banned slavery, provided all citizens equal protection under the law and ensured voting rights for all citizens. The 14th Amendment was particularly important, as it defined citizenship as “all persons born or naturalized in the United States,” overturning the Dred Scott decision, establishing people of color as citizens and overriding state statutes denying them the right to possess firearms based on their heritage.

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Milkshakes to Molotov Cocktails: The US Left Veers Toward Violence

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage (R) has what is thought to have been a milkshake thrown over him as he visits Northumberland Street in Newcastle Upon Tyne during a whistle stop UK tour on May 20, 2019 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

The left in the United States is on a path to acceptance and even encouragement of political violence.

Desperate to achieve traction against the obvious economic and political successes of President Donald Trump, the left is increasingly willing to use violence—from low-level “milkshaking” assaults to life-endangering terrorism—as a tool to shut down the opposition. Unless stopped, the left will take the United States down a very dark path.

On June 1, it was reported that Pensacola, Florida, activist Amanda Kondrat’yev was “charged with battery” after throwing a drink—apparently a milkshake—at Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.).

The media generally made light of the assault, mentioning many times that Kondrat’yev had previously stood for Congress against Gaetz. The media failed to report, however, that Kondrat’yev is a leader of the Pensacola branch of the nation’s largest Marxist organization: Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Most media also forgot to mention that Kondrat’yev was one of four plaintiffs involved in a lawsuit against the city of Pensacola to force the city to remove a 78-year-old cross, which was placed in Bayview Park in 1941 by the community as the United States was entering World War II.

Kondrat’yev’s attack on Gaetz was clearly premeditated. On four separate days preceding the attack, Kondrat’yev posted many memes on Facebook praising the practice of throwing milkshakes at political opponents.

Milkshaking started in the UK in May, with incidents targeting firebrand patriotic activist Tommy Robinson, UK Independence Party supporter Carl Benjamin, and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

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Birthright Citizenship is NOT in the Constitution

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

This topic has long been debated with no resolution including at the Supreme Court level. Much has been written about what ‘birthright’ is including in the New York Times as recently as in 2015.

The simple requirement is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, not subject to a foreign power. A birth must be to parents who were legally domiciled to the United States as citizens themselves. There is no such thing legally as an anchor baby. There must be a provable bind to the United States.

President Trump has ordered a team to investigate the definition of the 14th Amendment leading to his possible signature of an Executive Order which would lead government agencies to act in accordance with the clarification and regulations around the Citizenship Clause.

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