The Deep State Wants Trump Impeached Over Syria

By: Cliff Kincaid

The foreign policy elites from both major political parties reacted with outrage to President Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. forces from the illegal and undeclared war in northern Syria. This was an indication that the interests of the Deep State, especially the CIA, were at stake. What we have discovered is that this area, known to our “allies” the Kurds as Rojava, was being developed as a revolutionary nation-state dedicated to “killing the dominant male,” in the words of  Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) founder and cult leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Keep in mind that Ocalan is the communist leader of the Kurds in the PKK and YPG that President Trump is accused of betraying. The real question is how the U.S. was manipulated — and by whom — into arming and supporting these Marxists.

“Man is a system,” declared Ocalan, the convicted terrorist leader and lunatic leftist imprisoned by Turkey. “The male has become a state and turned this into dominant culture…When man is analyzed in this context, it is clear that masculinity must be killed.” In his feminist manifesto, Liberating Life: Woman’s Revolution, he added, “Indeed, to kill the dominant man is the fundamental principle of socialism. This is what killing power means: to kill the one-sided domination, the inequality and intolerance.”

This may help explain who so many Kurdish fighters featured in the western media are depicted as ruthless female killers, with some even posing with their weapons for a photoshoot in the Marie Claire fashion magazine.

Some Christian fighters who wanted to fight ISIS discovered the truth on the field of battle. One seven-year U.S. Army veteran was going to join a Kurdish YPG unit until he found out they were “a bunch of damn Reds.” These “damn Reds” were being armed and trained by Obama’s CIA and Pentagon.

Nevertheless, Christian televangelist Pat Robertson actually compared Trump’s withdrawal from Syria to Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Adolf Hitler. And Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who plays a Trump supporter on television, said that Trump was making the “biggest blunder of his presidency” by pulling American troops back from the conflict.

What’s more, so-called “conservative” groups and entities such as the American Enterprise Institute and Foundation for Defense of Democracies savagely attacked President Trump for fulfilling his campaign promise to get out of these endless wars.

Male-Powered Radical Feminism

If you recognize Ocalan’s Marxist mumbo-jumbo as rhetoric justifying extreme forms of “women’s liberation” and even transgenderism, you’re beginning to understand the sheer insanity of the so-called “Kurdish Project” established by the Marxist revolutionaries who ran Obama’s foreign policy. This is a scandal that dwarfs anything Trump is accused of doing or saying.

The evidence, never publicized by the fake news media, shows that, under Obama, a governmental structure had been set up in northern Syria, titled the “Self-Administration of North and East Syria,” supported by the global left and obviously orchestrated by John Brennan’s CIA. Those in charge had developed a “social contract” or constitution for this region, to be guided by adherence to various United Nations documents. In effect, it was a nation-building scheme, a building block of a New World Order in the Middle East.

One of the best insights into what was happening came in a research paper, “Re-enchantment of the Political: Abdullah Ocalan, Democratic Confederalism and the Politics of Reasonableness,” from a 2018 conference funded in part by the Open Society Foundations of George Soros. Whenever Soros money is at work, you know that something sinister is most likely involved.

“Democratic Confederalism stands as a highly salient emancipatory alternative to authoritarian theocracy, statist nationalism, and neoliberal capitalism,” said the research paper. The author, an academic lecturer, proudly reported that women’s liberation and radical feminism, as well as an “ecologically sound society,” were the pillars of this new emerging Marxist state. Much of what was planned sounds like the political agenda of the four Democratic Congresswomen known as the “Squad.”

History shows that Abdullah Ocalan founded the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in order to create “Kurdistan.” It was conceived as another Soviet-sponsored “liberation movement.” Indeed, Ocalan was named as a KGB-trained agent by dissident KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko, and The Wall Street Journal just recently quoted one expert as saying that the PKK “remains a lever for Russian policy against Turkey given four-decade-old ties between the Russian security elites and the PKK.” Knowing this, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has to understand that his relationship with Russian President Putin is one of mutual suspicion. He was forced to deal with Putin because of the residual effects of Obama’s pro-terrorist policy in the region.

Extreme Makeover

In order to make this movement more palatable to a Western audience, Ocalan’s philosophy was said to have undergone a radical transformation from old-fashioned Marxism-Leninism to this so-called “democratic confederalism.” Ocalan explains in a book by that name that he now favors the creation of a new society dedicated to ecology and feminism.

What also happened over the last several years was that Ocalan’s Marxist followers took advantage of the chaos in the region in order to posture as “allies” of the Americans against the Islamic State, or ISIS. In the process, they established several camps along the Turkish border that they tried to make into a nation-state. Not surprisingly, Turkey took exception to this, eventually announcing the recent border security operation to clean out these camps of Marxist terrorists. Wisely, President Trump decided to get U.S. troops out of the way. He did not want American blood to be spilled in a confrontation between the PKK and the Turkish Armed Forces.

Many conservatives accepted the lie that the Marxist Kurds were our allies. The left knows better. Supporters of Ocalan in the United States, including such leftist luminaries as Angela Davis, the former top Communist Party official and California college professor, and Marxist academic Noam Chomsky, have been demanding his release from prison. These leftists have compared Ocalan to Nelson Mandela of South Africa, who, after his death, was revealed to have been a communist all along.

Ocalan is also being viewed by the global left as some kind of Antonio Gramsci figure, a reference to the Italian communist who promoted a strategy of subverting Christian values and Western institutions. In the previously cited paper from the Soros-funded conference, we are told, “The influence of Democratic Confederalism has also increased in North America and Europe with the spread of radical left solidarity groups.”

This is a typical international communist “solidarity” operation, the kind the Kremlin used to sponsor regarding countries like Nicaragua, El Salvador, Venezuela, and even the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.

Interestingly, the so-called anti-war left came out in support of keeping the U.S. military in northern Syria to protect the region called Rojava, with Chomsky saying the Kurds have “succeeded in sustaining a functioning society with many decent elements” in Syria’s north.

The new left-wing state called Kurdistan was on its way to being created until Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan decided he could no longer tolerate terrorist enclaves on his border. Whatever you may think of Erdogan and his involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood, his country has historically been anti-Soviet and anti-communist. He could play the same role today with a friendly American president like Trump in office. But threats against Turkey from the likes of Senator Lindsey Graham make that difficult.

Antifa in Syria

The Kurdish Project has been a magnet for American left-wingers. In fact, members of Antifa from the United States had been heading to northern Syria to fight. A writer for the socialist magazine Mother Jones visited Kurdish fighters and found an American named “Barry” wearing a black and red anarcho-syndicalist patch on the arm of his uniform. The writer, Shane Bauer, said, “Back in the United States, Barry was part of the Antifa movement. He would brawl with fascists, sometimes carrying a concealed gun to protests ‘just in case.’ It was in these circles that Barry first heard about Rojava, the semi-autonomous Kurdish region in northeast Syria that has become a cause célèbre in anarchist circles.”

After acknowledging that Ocalan is the “ideological inspiration for the Rojava project,” Bauer went on to say:

“Today, it is nearly impossible to drive down a street in the Kurdish parts of Syria without seeing Ocalan’s face smiling through a bushy mustache. He is stenciled on walls, plastered on billboards, and stuck on cellphone cases. The United States considers his group a terrorist organization, but his image is often patched on the uniforms of the militiamen who guard coalition bases and carry weapons provided by the Americans.”

As part of this effort, the so-called “libertarian socialist caucus” of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) had issued a statement of solidarity with the “Rojava Revolution.” Another DSA chapter declared Rojava a “revolutionary homeland under the principles of Democratic Confederalism.”

Illegal American support for the PKK was somewhat disguised by Obama’s Pentagon and CIA routing the weapons through the PKK affiliate known as the YPG. Trump came to realize that the policy he inherited from Obama was getting the U.S. further embroiled in a war that could quickly involve NATO member Turkey. He had his then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo kill the $1 billion program of arming terrorist groups in Syria, to be followed by the American military withdrawal we have just witnessed.

Now, with sanctions against NATO member Turkey having been lifted, Trump has the opportunity to patch up relations with Turkey that Obama had done so much to disrupt and destroy.  Obama was doing what the Soviets/Russians always wanted to do – divide and destroy NATO. The resolution of this crisis is a great victory for Trump.

The CIA Destabilizes Turkey

On cue, the Deep State’s house journal, Foreign Affairs, a publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, has published an article attacking Turkish President Erdogan. The author, a college professor who serves as an Adjunct Senior Fellow for Middle East Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, denies the charge of participating in a CIA plot to overthrow Erdogan. He claimed the coup attempt which took place during the Obama Administration appeared to be linked to Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish Islamic cleric who runs a facility called the Golden Generation Retreat and Worship Center in Pennsylvania, the Alliance for Shared Values, and a network of charter schools.

Interestingly, Gulen came to the U.S. for medical treatment and has been here since 1999. He was reportedly given an immigration green card to stay in the U.S. at the request of individuals associated with the U.S. intelligence community.

In order to adjudicate these matters in a court of law and determine whether the CIA was involved in a coup, Turkey has asked that Gulen be extradited to stand trial on sedition charges. For his part, Gulen denies being part of any plot against Turkey.

The pressure is building on Trump to deal with the Gulen presence on American soil. It’s safe to say that, until he gets to the bottom of the Deep State’s operations in Syria and against Turkey, Trump will not fully understand the nature of the threat to his presidency.

Impeachment Now Possible

What is also clear is that the withdrawal of American troops from Syria has become the tipping point, the real reason, for Trump’s impeachment.

An honest left-wing writer by the name of Jim Kavanagh notes that allegations involving Ukraine and Russia, and all the rest of the accusations against Trump, amount to nothing politically significant. He says, “Stipulate the worst: Trump tried to wheedle some personal political benefit from a foreign leader. Shocked! Shocked! Are we?” Instead, he says, the real issue is Trump’s “unreliability as a trigger-puller, his aversion to ordering big military attacks” that makes him vulnerable. He explains, “In the last few months, Trump has made decisions either to reduce US military presence or explicitly not to take military action that was expected and planned.”

In this context, a withdrawal of U.S. troops from northeast Syria was seen by the Deep State, as the New York Times put it, as the decision which “touched off a broad rebuke by Republicans, including some of his staunchest allies.”

Trump has been firm, and his supporters in the American heartland have strongly applauded his stance. “I campaigned on the fact that I was going to bring our soldiers home and bring them home as quickly as possible,” Trump said. “I held off this fight for almost 3 years, but it is time for us to get out of these ridiculous endless wars.”

One important question Trump has to answer is why the CIA, whose “whistleblowers” are leading the charge for impeachment, would be supporting Marxists in the Middle East once sponsored by Moscow.

Other questions: Whose side are they on? Why do they want endless wars? And what gives them so much power over Senators Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, and Mitch McConnell?


Deep State Hate For Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

By: Cliff Kincaid

Trying to fulfill his campaign promise of getting American soldiers out of illegal and undeclared wars, President Trump encounters opposition from Democrats and Republicans in Congress. This is a body that passed the NATO Support Act (H.R. 676) by a vote of 357 to 22 in January but has now condemned President Trump for standing by NATO member Turkey.

If Congress had done its job during the Obama Administration, all of this might have been avoided. Remember that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) had introduced legislation to curb the Obama administration’s pro-terrorist policy, in the form of legislation called the Stop Arming Terrorists bill. This is the same member of Congress now being attacked by Hillary Clinton, Obama’s former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate. Hillary implies that Gabbard is a Russian agent for opposing the war in Syria.

Obama’s support for terrorism did not get the kind of attention that the media, led by the Washington Post and New York Times, lavished on anonymous but false charges from unnamed intelligence officials regarding Russia supposedly helping Trump during the 2016 campaign.

Looking back, perhaps we can safely conclude that Russia-gate was designed to divert the public’s attention away from Obama’s involvement — and the involvement of the CIA — in supporting terrorism in Syria.

While Rep. Gabbard has some typical left-wing views and gave a bizarre “Yoga Day” speech at the U.N. years ago, we noted at the time of Trump’s election to the presidency that she had emerged as an independent voice in the Democratic Party who is willing to blow the whistle on a pro-terrorist Obama Deep State policy that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands in the Middle East. In this area, she strikes a chord with President Trump and many of his conservative supporters.

Interestingly, Trump met with Gabbard when he was assembling his cabinet and grappling with Obama’s foreign policy legacy. She reportedly said that Trump “asked her to meet with him about the country’s policies regarding Syria, the fight against terrorist groups and other foreign policy challenges.”

This isn’t something Republicans or Democrats want to talk about, since many were implicated in Obama’s destruction of Libya, Syria, and much of the Middle East. Instead, in support of the so-called NATO Support Act, the vast majority of House Republicans joined Democrats to pass the bill in January by a vote of 357 to 22, after members of both parties gave impassioned speeches for why the NATO alliance was so vital to preserve and protect.

Yet, when NATO member Turkey engages in a border security operation in Syria, to protect its people from the Communist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and other terrorists, most members of Congress condemned Turkey and Trump. Indeed, in this latest vote, 129 Republicans joined 225 Democrats in condemning Trump for finally getting U.S. troops out of northern Syria. Only 60 members of the House — all Republicans – voted for Trump’s position.

Let’s understand that Congress failed to authorize the military intervention by Obama but objected when Trump does his constitutional duty by getting U.S. forces out of harm’s way. This serves to validate the point made by Republican Senator Rand Paul – that the U.S. military presence in Syria is the result of an illegal policy.

“The Constitution is quite clear,” Senator Paul notes. “No authorization has ever been given for the use of force in Syria. No authorization of declaration of war. No permission to be there at all. So if they want to insert themselves into this civil war, by all means, let’s have a debate. Let’s have the constitutional debate. But I, for one, am not willing to send one young man or one young woman — one soldier — over there without a clear mission. There is no clear mission.”

The picture is confused by right-wing commentators and conservative web sites being critical of Trump’s decision to withdraw American forces from Syria.

What was the alternative? To keep U.S. troops in northern Syria and have them wage war against the Turkish Armed Forces? It would have gotten American troops killed. And it would have defeated the purpose of having NATO members take more care of their own security needs.

My survey of various conservative news sites showed that most had a knee-jerk response in favor of our Marxist Kurdish “allies” and the Christians who fought alongside them in a front called the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and have ended up as human shields.

Many Christians, here and abroad, forget the Kurdish involvement in the genocide against the Christians in Armenia in 1915. As Trump has said, the Kurds have always fought for themselves and their own interests. Their long-time ally has been Moscow, not Washington.

What we can also say with certainty is that much of this conflict and bloodshed resulted from President Barack Hussein Obama’s policy of using John Brennan’s CIA to funnel $1 billion to various groups fighting the Assad regime in Syria. That cost figure was applied by the New York Times when it noted that Trump’s first CIA director, Mike Pompeo, had pulled the plug on that dangerous and expensive program. The Times, however, indicated no interest in identifying the Deep State operatives behind the policy with blood on their hands.

The fact is that Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan was in charge of an Obama policy that decimated the Middle East by producing an estimated 500,000 dead with seemingly endless wars that produced millions of refugees. And the crisis is ongoing, now with Turkey finally acting to clean up part of the mess on its own border.

For opposing this policy from within the Democratic Party, Gabbard finds herself under attack. But Hillary & Company have picked on the wrong target. Gabbard served two tours of duty in the Middle East and continues her service as a major in the Army National Guard. She understands the cost of American involvement in military conflict.

As a presidential candidate, one of her legislative priorities, H.Res.411, declares that “if the President initiates wars without prior congressional declarations, such action shall constitute impeachable ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’ which shall cause the House of Representatives to vote articles of impeachment.”

Even without such legislation, of course, Obama could have been impeached. It is still not too late to investigate this policy and expose those behind it.

For her part, Gabbard has promised to continue “calling for an end America’s interventionist wars of regime change that have cost our nation trillions of dollars and thousands of lives, simultaneously creating more devastation, human suffering, and refugees in the countries where U.S. regime change war is waged.”

It is a charge that is demonstrably true but which damages Obama, not Trump. After all, Trump is trying to extricate the U.S. from this misery and death. This fact helps explain why Hillary and her Deep State backers are so desperate to smear Gabbard – and defeat Trump.


Investigate Obama’s CIA For Syria Fiasco

By: Cliff Kincaid

Many Republicans and Democrats seem to think American national security lies with several thousand communist terrorist homeless Kurdish fighters, who are devoted to a mythical “Kurdistan,” over and above the Turkish Armed Forces, the second largest standing military force in NATO.

Nothing would please Vladimir Putin more. The Russians have long worked to destroy NATO. Now, the Congress, led by Senators Lindsey Graham and Chris Van Hollen,  is doing it for them, threatening to pass economic sanctions against Turkey because the nation is defending its borders from terrorists armed by Barack Hussein Obama’s CIA and Pentagon.

All of this is being allowed to happen because the conservative media have become indistinguishable from the left-wing media on the matter of the alleged U.S. betrayal of our Kurdish “allies.”

The constant pro-Kurdish propaganda demonstrates that the Deep State, with its hooks into both major political parties and much of the media, is desperate to keep the U.S. bogged down in endless and costly military conflicts. Trump is, so far, standing up to the pressure.

Indeed, at a news conference, Trump put the blame where it belongs – on Barack Hussein Obama, saying, “Obama started this whole thing” when he “created a natural war with Turkey and their longtime enemy, PKK. And they’re still there.”

The PKK is the Marxist-Leninist designated terror group whose Syrian affiliate, the YPG, was armed and funded by Obama’s Deep State. Their rationale was that funding one group of terrorists was necessary in defeating another group of terrorists, ISIS.

At this point, despite a ceasefire and plan to move YPG terrorists away from the Turkish border, it’s not clear what the future holds.

Under these circumstances, however, it makes no sense for President Trump or Vice-President Pence to threaten Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It’s his country that has been under attack for decades by the communist PKK/YPG. He has every right to fight back. And it makes absolutely no sense for the Congress to vote against the president’s policy and then threaten Turkey with crippling economic sanctions to drive it further into the arms of Vladimir Putin.

Turkey’s border security operation wouldn’t have been possible without Trump’s wise decision to get American troops out of the way, and out of the business of protecting Marxists fighting for the Marxist-inspired “liberation” of “Kurdistan.” That was Trump’s only practical way out of this morass. He has nothing to apologize for. Indeed, he ought to express support for Turkey, a long-time member of NATO, in this struggle.

Ignoring the communist terrorist orientation of the PKK/YPG, Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy referred to the Kurdish forces that “fought bravely alongside ours in the recent, successful campaign to destroy the Islamic State caliphate.”

But any real conservative would not justify using one terrorist group to fight another when American troops are bound to get caught in the middle of the bloodletting. There’s no justification for supporting Obama’s illegal policy of supporting terrorism, on the grounds that “our” terrorists were better than some other terrorist group. This is the kind of madness that results in endless wars and thousands of wounded and dead American military personnel. This has got to stop.

In getting U.S. troops out of the business of funding and protecting the PKK and its affiliate, the YPG, National Review’s Rich Lowry claimed that Trump was repeating Obama’s mistake when Trump was, in fact, reversing the Obama policy of support a Marxist guerrilla movement. Lowry, of course, never explained to his readers the Marxist roots of the Kurdistan Workers Party, the PKK, and its demands for their own state of “Kurdistan.” National Review is returning to its Never-Trump roots.

Also at National Review, a “conservative” journal, Andrew McCarthy talked out of both sides of his mouth about our Kurdish “allies,” the PKK and YPG, saying, “…I would be open to considering the removal of both the PKK from the terrorist list and Turkey from NATO. For now, though, the blunt facts are that the PKK is a terrorist organization and Turkey is our ally. ”

So despite its terror campaign of killing innocent people, he is suggesting we should consider whitewashing the Marxist PKK’s record or consider changing the law to permit support for terrorism.  This deadly mumbo jumbo is what passes for modern conservatism.  Such a view is guaranteed to get the U.S. more deeply involved in disastrous Middle East politics.

In more confusing rhetoric, he writes, “Without any public debate, the Obama administration in 2014 insinuated our nation into the Kurdish — Turk conflict by arming the YPG [an affiliate of the PKK]. To be sure, our intentions were good. ISIS had besieged the city of Kobani in northern Syria; but Turkey understandably regards the YPG as a terrorist organization, complicit in the PKK insurgency.”

This former federal prosecutor, who had stated publicly that Robert Mueller was a great choice for Russia-gate prosecutor, doesn’t seem to understand that the lack of “public debate” means that “conservatives” at the time said and did nothing. McCarthy writes that arming the Kurds “undermined our anti-terrorism laws while giving [Turkish leader] Erdogan incentive to align with Russia and mend fences with Iran.” Yes, Obama broke the law and pushed Turkey into the arms of Russia. That’s why there is chaos in the region today.

Obama’s intentions were good? The law prohibits support for foreign terrorist organizations. Why wasn’t Obama held accountable or even impeached?

Other commentators on the right, including at the “conservative” American Enterprise Institute, are imagining all kinds of reasons and excuses to continue supporting communist Kurds. Marc A. Thiessen, who also writes for the Washington Post, is regularly on Fox News trying to get Trump to beat up on Erdogan.

The AEI is financed by big conservative foundation money.

One of their most popular arguments is that bolstering Marxism in the region somehow helps Christians. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council buys into this one. He says the U.S. must “stand” with the Kurds, ignoring their history of Marxist terror.

In the face of the well-documented facts about the communist nature of the PKK, easily ascertained by such diverse sources as The New American and the Wall Street Journal, a so-called “conservative” writer named Quin Hillyer wrote a piece for the Washington Examiner accusing President Trump of malfeasance for supposedly abandoning these brave and heroic people. He makes no mention of their affinity for a philosophy that has killed one hundred million people.

Rather than bash President Trump over Syria or attack long-time NATO ally Turkey, Congress ought to open investigations into the activities of the Deep State under Obama. The inquiry would and should examine CIA support under pro-communist CIA Director John Brennan for the PKK/YPG.

That investigation would take real guts. Let’s see if Senator Lindsey Graham has the courage to launch it.


The Next Ilhan Omar Could Be a Kurd

By: Cliff Kincaid

In response to one of the predictable and common “Trump Betrays the Kurds” pro-impeachment stories, a reader of the libertarian Reason magazine noted, “They are Marxist guerrillas who want to establish an independent socialist state in their ancestral lands. They’ve been fighting for that goal for half a century and they can and will continue doing so without US support just as they always have.”

This reader, armed with common sense and true facts, understands something that most of the media pretend not to — that our Kurdish “allies” are communist terrorists who have murdered thousands of people in Turkey.

Nobody expects the truth from the liberal “fake news” media. But conservative media seem just as ignorant or clueless as their left-wing counterparts. In raw displays of pro-Marxist propaganda, they are now calling Turkey’s border security operation “ethnic cleansing” or even “genocide.”

To its credit, the Wall Street Journal ran an article in 2015 about our “allies,” openly identifying them as Marxist and even Maoist. The writers noted “the remarkable rise” of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, a “cultlike Marxist-inspired group” that evolved “from ragtag militia to regional power player.”

But this evolution was no accident. President Barack Hussein Obama’s CIA and Pentagon set up a PKK front, the YPG, then integrated that outfit into another front, the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). It was a shell game to disguise a pro-terror policy, justified in the name of defeating another terror group, ISIS.

The Journal article noted, “The Kurdish guerrilla groups pledge allegiance to Abdullah Ocalan, the PKK chief imprisoned on a Turkish island since 1999. From jail in 2005, he established PKK affiliates that evolved into today’s YPG, HPG and PJAK. The PKK and affiliates have car-bombed Turkish cities, kidnapped hundreds and killed Turkish and Kurdish state employees. In 2009, the U.S. Treasury Department designated their leadership as significant narcotics traffickers.”

This is the group Obama directed money and arms to through the Pentagon, the CIA, and other Middle East countries. It is a classic Deep State operation that resulted in more suffering and death.  The same Deep State that ran this illegal undeclared war now wants to impeach Trump because he promised to end it.

For its part, Turkey has every right to defend itself and its citizens. Consider that we have a bad enough problem with our porous southern border. If terrorists were killing Americans from a base in Mexico, we would demand an invasion of Mexico and a declaration of war on Mexico from the U.S. Congress.  That’s the kind of problem Turkey faces across its border.

Turkey’s anti-terrorism operations do not in the least constitute “ethnic cleansing,” as a writer for the Gatestone Institute claims. People may not like Turkey’s government or president, but the fact remains that the nation is a member of NATO and is defending its borders. Traditionally, it was an anti-Soviet American ally.

The Journal article, which is now ignored in the publication’s coverage of the plight of the “Kurdish fighters,” noted that the PKK practices an offshoot of Marxism it calls “Democratic Confederalism” and that it “aims to create a Maoist-inspired agrarian society that opposes landowning classes, espouses gender equality and distances itself from religion. Its guerrillas speak of a leaderless society of equals but also glorify Mr. Ocalan with fanatical devotion. ” Ocalan was identified as a Soviet KGB agent by dissident KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko before he was poisoned by Russia over his knowledge of Russian terror networks.

So this group is not only a Marxist organization, it is a death cult. But its sympathy for “gender equality” undoubtedly made it popular with the left-wing in this country. (The Journal article focused on female Kurdish Marxist fighters).

A young writer for The New American, Alex Newman, had this all figured out years ago, when he wrote an article headlined, “Obama Showers Support on Communist Terrorists in Syria, Iraq,”  He noted, “All of the support [for the Kurdish PKK/YPG] means, in short, that the Obama administration was once again openly and unlawfully providing material support to a designated terrorist organization. Similar activities by an everyday U.S. citizen would and often do see that citizen promptly thrown into prison.”

Looking at the history of this group, which is documented by various open and public sources, Newman pointed out, “The radical outfit [the PKK] was created in the late 1970s by communist militant Abdullah Ocalan, with backing from the mass-murdering Soviet dictatorship. Its primary goal was the creation of a Marxist-Leninist regime to rule over the Kurds in Turkey, with ambitions to one day rule over all Kurds from Iran, Iraq, and Syria under a unified ‘Kurdistan.’”

He wrote, “Congress must take immediate action to rein in the Obama administration’s deadly support for communist and Islamist terrorist groups, as well as its flagrant violation of anti-terrorism laws.”

But Congress did nothing. Instead, in the wake of Trump’s smart decision to withdrawal from this hell hole in Syria, the House passed H.J.Res.77, “Opposing the decision to end certain United States efforts to prevent Turkish military operations against Syrian Kurdish forces in Northeast Syria.” It passed by a 354-60 vote, with all 60 dissenting votes coming from Republicans. All House Democrats voted for more war and the Marxist Kurds.

Obama was never impeached over his illegal foreign policy that was passed on to Trump.  And once President Trump decided to get the U.S. out of this no-win situation, members of both political parties and their lapdogs in the media went nuts, accusing Trump somehow of abandoning or betraying our “allies,” in this case Marxist terrorists.

Trump is right: Washington is insane. It seems like the Deep State is promoting Moscow’s objectives in the region.  When Trump pushes back, he is accused of serving Moscow’s interests. It’s a massive scam.

Now, in the pages of Reason magazine, we see the next phase in the anti-Trump campaign.  In an article entitled, “Let the Kurds Come to America,” the writer says we should open our borders to about one million Kurds and that, “Even if they all came to the U.S., America could absorb them without breaking a sweat.”

It’s Kurdistan in America, another source of votes for the “progressive” Rainbow Nation strategy of total power.


America’s Marxist “Allies” in Syria

By: Cliff Kincaid

Despite what you may have heard, America’s Kurdish “allies” are not our friends. They are mostly Marxists. The founder of their movement was trained by the KGB. They are not worth one drop of American blood.

In the same away that President Barack Hussein Obama supported Al Qaeda in Libya, leading to the Benghazi massacre, he armed the PKK/YPG Kurdish forces in Syria who are in reality, Marxist terrorists.

In this media age, when the phrase “Trump Betrays the Kurds” is easy to repeat for purposes of impeachment, it’s important to take a moment and look at the facts. Once again, we find Trump is the victim of “fake news” from the Deep State and its media allies.

The PKK, a designated Kurdish Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization also known as the Kurdistan Workers Party, has killed thousands of people in Turkey and has bombed or attacked the country’s tourism industry, hospitals and businesses. Its Syrian affiliate is known as the YPG, for People’s Protection Units.

Dr. Andrew Bostom, an expert on the politics of the Middle East who has analyzed the Kurds as a Marxist-driven movement, tells me,  “I have to say, Trump’s gut-driven ‘vision’ that the Muslim world is a body and soul and wealth-destroying morass for the U.S. and getting the hell out of it, is far wiser than any comparable muddled ‘vision’ from the oxymoronically dubbed ‘think tanks.”

​Indeed, various commentators from the think tanks (on the right and left) and in the media, from Fox News to MSNBC to CNN and even the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), are giving us disinformation about our Kurdish “allies” supposedly being “betrayed” in northern Syria.  Our formal alliance in the region is with the Turks, a member of NATO, not the Kurds. Turkey is a member of NATO with an orientation that has historically been anti-Soviet and therefore anti-Russian. Obama’s policies pushed the Turks closer to Russia.

This was because, under Obama, the Marxist Kurds got a new lease on life.

As explained by former Obama official Wa’el Alzayat, “Following the rise of Daesh [ISIS] in 2014, the Obama administration scrambled to confront the terror group without committing US ground troops…In Syria, it settled on the Syrian franchise of Marxist-guerrillas known as the YPG – and from the beginning, the decision was problematic. The YPG shares the same command structure and ideology as their Turkish counterparts, the PKK, who were and remain a designated terror group by Turkey and the United States.”

Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian intelligence agent poisoned by Russian intelligence, had identified a number of terrorist leaders as actual KGB agents, including Abdullah Ocalan, head of the PKK. His knowledge of Soviet/Russian terror networks is one reason why he was killed.

In the same way, Al Qaeda spawned ISIS, the PKK gave rise to the YPG. Alzayat adds: “In an effort to repackage the group, US Department of Defense officials convinced the YPG to rebrand as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and to add some Arab elements.”

Alzayat, who served as a policy expert at the U.S. Department of State, has given us a very honest and candid assessment of the disastrous Obama policy that Trump inherited. In effect, the Obama Administration played into Russian hands, leading to the conflict and chaos we see today.

Obama had transformed a Marxist terror group into a “democratic” anti-terrorist movement supported by the Pentagon and the Deep State’s CIA. It was a foreign policy never voted on by the American people and which should have necessitated Obama’s impeachment.

Trump was wise – and fulfilling a campaign promise – when he got U.S. forces out of this quagmire.  But he should not fall into the trap of blaming Turkey for what Obama’s policy has done to the Middle East. Turkey is defending itself.

But in order to weaken Trump’s presidency and prepare him for impeachment, his alleged “betrayal” of the Kurds has been trumpeted far and wide. The charge is a lie based on Deep State and CIA propaganda. What should be done is to expose the traitorous Obama policies that produced the current debacle.

Israeli journalist Caroline Glick notes in her column that “Taking on the defense of Syria’s Kurds would commit the US to an open-ended presence in Syria and justify Turkish antagonism. America’s interests would not be advanced. They would be harmed, particularly in light of the YPG’s selling trait for Obama – its warm ties to Assad and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.”

One of the few voices of reason in the media, Luke Coffey of the Heritage Foundation, has described the YPG as America’s Marxist and terrorist-linked “partners” in Syria.

It makes no sense to fight Jihadists with Marxists, or vice versa, when they are all opposed to American interests and play into Russian hands.

From the start, as President Trump has suggested, the Kurds have been fighting for their own land and state. They were, of course, willing to take Pentagon and CIA support for their own purposes. They did what was in their interest. In truth, however, they were another Soviet-funded “liberation” movement, part of the “Red Jihad” engineered by Moscow over the course of decades.

It’s sad to see so many “conservatives” and national security “hardliners” buying the left-wing Marxist propaganda about America’s Kurdish “allies.” The development demonstrates that, like the left, many in America’s “conservative” movement are geopolitical ignoramuses with little real understanding of Russian maneuvers in the Middle East.

This helps explain why, until Trump, we had a ‘bipartisan” foreign policy of losing wars and producing thousands of wounded warriors.

It’s time for that bloodshed to end.

*Cliff Kincaid, president of America’s Survival, Inc., www.usasurvival.org  is the author or co-author of 15 books, including Red Jihad,  Permanent Revolution and Back from the Dead: Return of the Evil Empire.


Your Forced RSVP To The Cancel Party

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

This list is hardly a complete list but it should stimulate some critical thought when it comes to Progressives attempting to run our lives and force law and policy upon us. The Progressives equal the Democrats, the Socialists, the Liberals. The notion of civil society is fading fast.

The Fight Doesn’t End With Kavanaugh | Earthjustice

Consider the following:

  1. The impeachment inquiry consuming Washington, DC is effectively canceling not only the vote for Trump to drain the swamp but to undo and redo past administration(s) actions.
  2. Canceling history, changing the education syllabus on civics, monuments, and principles.
  3. Canceling the protections of the Bill of Rights, mostly all of them forcing government, state, and federal to dispense their own versions of protections.
  4. Democrat organizations conspiring with media to cancel real news and facts with opinion.
  5. Canceling and omitting law for protests, demonstrations, gang violence, and shame.
  6. Canceling new life for late-term abortions while opposing the death penalty.
  7. Canceling public safety and sovereignty by enabling homelessness, sanctuary cities, and legal challenges on immigration law.
  8. Canceling self-governance for full reliance on government(s).
  9. Canceling access to health treatment(s) and medicines with overwhelming costs, deductibles, and policy restrictions.
  10. Canceling any privacy protections when it comes to banking records, healthcare records, personal habits, buying trends, education, travel, and home life.
  11. Canceling consequences for unlawful acts while selectively applying consequences for others, application of indictments and sentencing is subjective.
  12. Canceling constituent access and legislative input.

Each of these items requires the reader to apply real events to prove the points. Admitting the truth is the first step to seeking solutions, importance, and call to actions by voters.

In this fractured and separated landscape, hate and apathy prevail such that any notion of recovery is fleeting. We have class warfare, fake news, deep fakes, shadow operations, new definitions and promoted manufactured dangers.

We have lost confidence in enforcing the law, statesmanship, leadership, trust where it has been replaced by distrust, fear, self-censorship, and isolation.

Pew Research this past June published a fascinating study.

Many Americans see declining levels of trust in the country, whether it is their confidence in the federal government and elected officials or their trust of each other, a new Pew Research Center report finds. And most believe that the interplay between the trust issues in the public and the interpersonal sphere has made it harder to solve some of the country’s problems. This research is part of the Center’s ongoing focus on issues tied to trust, facts and democracy.

The first item in the study:

Three-quarters of Americans say that their fellow citizens’ trust in the federal government has been shrinking, and 64% believe that about peoples’ trust in each other.

When asked a separate question about the reasons why trust has declined in the past 20 years, people offer a host of reasons in their written answers. Those who think there has been a decline of trust in the federal government over these two decades often see the problem tied to the government’s performance: 36% of those who see the decline cite this. Some worry the government is doing too much, others say too little, and others mention the government doing the wrong things or nothing at all. Respondents also cite concerns about how money has corrupted it and how corporations control the political process. President Donald Trump and his administration are mentioned in 14% of answers, and a smaller share lays the blame on Democrats. Additionally, 10% of those who see decline lay fault at the feet of the news media.

Those who think interpersonal trust has declined in the past generation offer a laundry list of societal and political problems, including a sense that Americans on the whole have become more lazy, greedy and dishonest. Some respondents make a connection between what they think is poor government performance – especially gridlock in Washington – and the toll it has taken on their fellow citizens’ hearts. Overall, 49% of adults think interpersonal trust has been tailing off because people are less reliable than they used to be.


Nearly two-thirds (64%) say that low trust in the federal government makes it harder to solve many of the country’s problems. About four-in-ten (39%) who gave follow-up answers on why this was the case cite domestic concerns, topped by immigration and border issues, health care, racism and race-related issues, or guns and gun violence issues. Some also cite environmental issues, tax and budget matters, or political processes like voting rights and gerrymandering.

Another 70% of Americans believe that citizens’ low trust in each other makes it harder to solve problems. (They were not asked a follow-up question to explain their answer.)

Most think the decline in trust can be turned around. More than eight-in-ten Americans (84%) believe it is possible to improve the level of confidence people have in the government. Their written responses about how to make headway on trust problems urge a variety of political reforms, starting with more disclosure of what the government is doing, as well as term limits and restrictions on the role of money in politics. Some 15% of those who answered this question point to a need for better political leadership, including greater honesty and cooperation among those in the political class.

Read the full study here.


Trapper’s Quote Of The Week

By: Trapper Pettit

You know things are f*cked up when the Obama administration shattered the law targeting the Trump administration. Seemingly with impunity. Yet, when Trump merely asks a question on Biden’s interference in Ukraine (publicly admitted), it’s off with his head. Justice redefined isn’t justice. It’s political tyranny.


U.S. Attorney Durham Seized 2 Interesting Blackberries

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

AG Barr assigned John Durham to investigate the origins of the FBI’s counterintelligence operation known as Crossfire Hurricane. Durham is working the globe on the investigation and two key people are Joseph Mifsud and Stephan Halper. There may be others that include Alexander Downer and Azra Turk. It seems that Peter Strzok issued two Blackberries to Joseph Mifsud. Durham has those two phones in his possession. You can bet that Durham is working the channels to see who else has FBI issued phones. The FBI loves those phones.

US News on Flipboard by The Epoch Times

Mr. Mifsud, a university professor and well-traveled lecturer, told George Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign adviser, in London in April 2016 that Moscow owned thousands of Hillary Clinton emails. When the news reached the FBI in July, agent Peter Strzok initiated the probe.

Ms. Sidney Power is representing General Michael Flynn as she has added to the Mifsud intrigue with her motion before District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan asking him to order the government to turn over the BlackBerrys’ data. The filing lists the two phones’ model number, PIN and SIM card information. She filed a court motion on Monday disclosing the phones’ existence while tying them to Western intelligence.

She told the judge that on Oct. 11 she asked the prosecution for phone data. She was ignored until she sent notification days later that she planned to file the discovery motion.

The motion says: “Michael T. Flynn requests the government be ordered to produce evidence that has only recently come into its possession……… This information is material, exculpatory, and relevant to the defense of Mr. Flynn, and specifically to the “OCONUS LURES” and agents that western intelligence tasked against him likely as early as 2014 to arrange—unbeknownst to him—‘connections’ with certain Russians that they would then use against him in their false claims. The phones were used by Mr. Joseph Mifsud.”

“OCONUS LURES” is an FBI acronym for an operation to lure a person back to the U.S.

Ms. Powell has been filing motions demanding the government turn over exculpatory evidence. She wants to show it was withheld early on, violating Judge Sullivan’s order.

Reacting to the BlackBerry disclosure, Mr. Papadopoulos tweeted: “I lived this spy story. The governments of the UK, Australia, Italy sent their agents: Mifsud, Downer, Halper, Azra Turk and many more. With the new info on Mifsud’s phones with the DOJ, my story was the one that exposed the greatest spying scandal in history. Downer is next!”

Alexander Downer was the Australian ambassador in London to whom Mr. Papadopoulos relayed the Mifsud gossip. Mr. Downer denies he was a spy. Stephan Halper and Azar Turk were FBI/western intelligence spies assigned to Mr. Papadopoulos in London.

Justice Department spokesperson Kerri Kupec declined to comment on the Flynn motion.

When news broke that Mr. Durham was in Rome, she released a statement:

“As the Department of Justice has previously announced, a team led by U.S. Attorney John Durham is investigating the origins of the U.S. counterintelligence probe of the Trump 2016 presidential campaign. Mr. Durham is gathering information from numerous sources, including a number of foreign countries. At Attorney General Barr’s request, the President has contacted other countries to ask them to introduce the Attorney General and Mr. Durham to appropriate officials.” More here for full story and context.

*** One other detail from the Daily Beast — due to AG Barr’s travels to Rome with John Durham they were able to listen to a taped deposition of Joseph Mifsud. Meanwhile:

The Italian intelligence community had Mifsud on its radar for some years before he got involved in the Trump campaign’s troubles. His affiliations with both the Link University of Rome and London Center of International Law Practice—both often affiliated with Western diplomacy and foreign intelligence agencies—made him an easy target. So did the slew of apartments he owned in Malta that are allegedly tied to a racket involving Russians buying Maltese passports for cheap.


Two New Items on Biden and Burisma

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Due to two recent testimonies, a few fascinating items have surfaced. Burisma was considered a money-laundering operation and in order to clean up the image of the company, they hired Hunter Biden because his last name would point to credibility and a boost in reputation.

George Kent, a top U.S. State Department official, told lawmakers Tuesday he warned the Obama administration that the Ukrainian company that employed then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son was corrupt.

Kent’s comments came during his deposition in the House Democrats’ impeachment probe.

Near the end of an article on his testimony, NBC News noted:

During his nearly 10 hours of testimony, Kent also told members of Congress and their staff that Burisma, the energy company where Hunter Biden was a board member, was corrupt, according to a separate person who was present in the room. Kent said he told the Obama administration in 2016 that they should not hold an event with Burisma because of the company’s extensive corruption in Ukraine. More here.


Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent testified that he worried Ukrainian officials would use Hunter Biden’s position at the company, Burisma Holdings, as an opportunity to influence his father. Kent said he tried to convey his opinion to Joe Biden’s office, but that a staffer told him the vice president didn’t have the “bandwidth” to address the issue because his other son, Beau, was battling cancer.

This is the first known instance in which a career diplomat tried to raise concerns regarding Hunter Biden’s business holdings in Ukraine. Several of Joe Biden’s former advisers also reportedly had discussions about whether his son’s business dealings could be seen as a conflict of interest.

Old School by ni-kit-a


Hunter Biden worked for the Boies Schiller Flexner law firm that consulted for Burisma. Biden was in charge for the company’s legal affairs with international companies, according to a press release, but Biden has disputed that characterization. At the time, Burisma’s founder faced multiple investigations into alleged tax evasion and money laundering.

Hunter Biden later stepped down from the board in April 2019 when his term expiredMore here.

Rudy Giuliani claimed Monday that he's learned that a Ukrainian laundered $3 million through Joe Biden's son, and the Obama administration had a prosecutor fired to cover the scandal up

Coming from NPR in part:

Burisma is registered in Cyprus and is invisible in Kyiv. Lucian Kim of NPR: That’s Alexander Paraschiy, the chief of research at the Ukrainian investment bank Concorde Capital. After the bloody revolution on Kyiv’s streets five years ago, Mykola Zlochevsky, like many other government officials, fled the country. Burisma was facing a money laundering investigation and questions over how it had obtained its licenses.

PARASCHIY: Hiring some reputable guys with recognition in the world is one of the easiest and maybe cheapest ways to protect your business in Ukraine.

KIM: Burisma appointed Hunter Biden, son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, to its board of directors. A former president of Poland also joined the board.

DARIA KALENIUK: I believe the only reason Burisma and Zlochevsky were inviting people with such names was to whitewash their reputation and to present themselves as the company which is doing legitimate business in Ukraine.

KIM: In other words, the appearance of a conflict of interest arose because Hunter Biden’s father, Joe Biden, was responsible for U.S. policy on Ukraine as vice president. But Joe Biden, like many other Western leaders, was criticizing Ukraine exactly because it failed to convict a single high-level official for corruption, including Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma.

As for Burisma, the company has continued to try burnishing its reputation. In 2017, it added another American to its board, Cofer Black, a former CIA official and a foreign policy adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

KIM: But for a company with global ambitions, it’s hardly transparent. Burisma is registered in Cyprus, keeps a low profile in Kyiv and has ignored NPR’s repeated requests for comment. Nobody knows where its owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, lives. But behind the scenes, he’s continuing to buy influence.

Burisma supports the Atlantic Council, a Washington think tank, and hosts an annual energy conference on the French Riviera attended by the prince of Monaco and former European and U.S. government officials. Hunter Biden, for one, no longer works at Burisma. He left the company earlier this year as his father was launching his presidential campaign. More details and context here.

Burisma was founded in 2002. Consolidation of Burisma Group took mainly place in 2006–2007. It became a major shareholder of Sunrise Energy Resources, a Delaware Corporation, which in 2004 acquired Ukrainian companies Esko-Pivnich and Pari, which owned natural gas exploration licenses.

What is really weird about Sunrise Energy, while being a registered Delaware corporation, the official address is 5353 Memorial Drive, Houston, Texas suite 4012. This is NOT an office building but rather a luxury high rise residential building. This is noted to be the address of the principal executive offices.

5353 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77007

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, 570 7th Ave., New York is also listed as an address. Well, this is a tall building that is also multi-use condos.

There will likely be more… stay tuned.