Hard Core Radicals Take Key Sanders Campaign Spots

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) listens to a question as he speaks at the NALEO Candidate Forum in Miami, Fla., on June 21, 2019. (Joe Skipper/Getty Images)

The Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign team is filling key spots with battle-hardened socialist organizers. These campaign hires re-affirm Sanders’ commitment to a grassroots campaign rather than the traditional Democratic route of big donors and multi-million-dollar ad buys.

These new “Sandernistas” have socialist street-cred and strong movement connections—including to enemies of the Constitution: foreign and domestic.

Winnie Wong and Claire Sandberg are campaign senior adviser and national organizing director, respectively. Both are veterans of the 2011 “Occupy” movement and Sanders 2016 campaign.

A “veteran anarcho-syndicalist,” Wong joined the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) in mid-2017. Before Sanders ran in 2016, Wong was part of the “draft Elizabeth Warren” movement. She was active in “Ready for Warren” and “Artists for Warren,” but when Warren declined to run, she became a New York leader of “People for Bernie.”

In 2018, Sandberg was deputy campaign manager for Abdul El-Sayed, a DSA ally and far-left Democrat who ran unsuccessfully for governor of Michigan.

In June 2017, Wong and Sandberg were in Norway to build bridges between the Sanders organization and the “Red Party”—formerly known as the Workers’ Communist Party. The Red Party is rooted in 1970’s Maoism and Pol Pot hero worship but is now largely an electoral group that models itself on the Bernie Sanders movement.

In September 2018, Wong and Sandberg were in Berlin as guests of Die Linke, a re-incarnation of the Socialist Unity Party—more commonly known as the East German Communist Party.

Somewhat embarrassed about their Stalinist past, the Berlin Wall, barbed wire, guard dogs, Stasi informants, labor camps, and the like, Die Linke now claims to be a “democratic socialist” party and is all in for Bernie Sanders. Some members of Die Linke have, however, been under German security service surveillance, and continue to support Russia—including Putin’s annexation of parts of Ukraine.

Becca Rast and Nick Martin are Sanders campaign national field director and deputy national field director, respectively. Both are also “Occupy” movement veterans and hail from the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, area, where both have been active in leftist politics since the early 2000s.

Rast co-founded “Lancaster Stands Up,” a group affiliated with Sanders’ Our Revolution and Liberation Road, the United States’ main pro-China communist group. Rast also managed Democrat Jess King’s unsuccessful 2018 congressional campaign against Republican Rep. Lloyd Smucker. She was also a top organizer for 350.org in the campaign against the Keystone XL pipeline in South Dakota.

At high school in Lancaster in the mid-2000s, Rast and Martin founded a local branch of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Modeled on the 1970s Maoist-leaning anti-Vietnam War organization, the new SDS was largely a front for the Freedom Road Socialist Organization—part of which is now Liberation Road.

According to The Intercept, after years of “social justice” work, including organizing against mountaintop removal in West Virginia, Martin returned to Pennsylvania to become a leading organizer with Lancaster Against Pipelines. He then started as the regional field director for the local Sanders campaign and also served under Rast in the Jess King for Congress campaign.

Melissa Byrne, also an ex-“Occupy” activist, is now California grassroots director for Bernie Sanders 2020. Byrne is a leader of the movement to abolish student loans. She helped Sanders win the New Hampshire Democratic primary in 2016 as his digital director and then served as MoveOn’s state director the same year when Hillary Clinton and Sen. Maggie Hassan both won by less than 1,000 votes. Byrne ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic National Committee vice-chair in 2016.

Tomas Kennedy is an Argentine immigrant who now serves as national events program organizer for the Sanders campaign.

Kennedy was, until recently, co-chair of Miami DSA and a chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party Progressive Caucus.

He has also been a deputy political director of Florida Immigrant Coalition Votes and a former “community organizer” at The New Florida Majority—a Liberation Road-connected group that recently endorsed Elizabeth Warren for president.

Kennedy was also a leader of the 2018 Andrew Gillum for Governor campaign.

New Democratic Party

A new generation of young socialists who cut their teeth in the Occupy Wall Street movement and the 2016 Sanders presidential campaign are now on the verge of becoming the dominant force in the Democratic Party.

Sanders, in a surprise to many, including me, has laid the groundwork for a new hard-left Democratic Party. It’s very similar to what the DSA-friendly “Momentum” faction did to make far-leftist Jeremy Corbyn the leader of the British Labour Party.

The DSA, Communist Party USA, and Our Revolution, and some elements of Liberation Road are backing Sanders.

Some Liberation Road front groups and the Working Families Party have thrown in with Warren. If Warren continues to sink, much of her support will likely flip to Sanders. Unless former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick breaks out to claim the Obama mantle that should have gone to Kamala Harris or Cory Booker, it will likely come down to Bernie versus Biden.

Given Sanders’ superior organizational base and more consistent messaging, Biden would then be in deep trouble.

If the Republican Senate doesn’t betray President Donald Trump with a vote to impeach, he will go on to beat Sanders as badly as Boris Johnson beat Jeremy Corbyn.

If it comes down to President Pence with no Trump base versus candidate Sanders with an energized communist base, the whole country will be in for grief.

Trevor Loudon is an author, filmmaker, and public speaker from New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist, and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics.


Why Communists and Socialists Are Electing District Attorneys Across the Nation

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner speaks to a reporter at the election party of public defender Tiffany Caban running in the Queens District Attorney Democratic Primary election, in the Queens borough of New York City, on June 25, 2019. (Scott Heins/Getty Images)

Far-left district attorneys have been elected to several major jurisdictions across the United States.

In a recent interview with New York magazine, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani blamed leftist billionaire George Soros, saying: “He’s elected eight anarchist DAs in the United States.”

It’s likely that Soros and his friends in the ultra-secretive Democracy Alliance have helped finance at least some of these races. However, these victories could not have been achieved without on-the-ground support from the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and their pro-China communist friends from Liberation Road and LeftRoots.

The hard left is electing socialist DAs for several reasons—all revolutionary.

Respect for the rule of law is essential to the functioning of a free constitutional republic such as the United States of America. Socialist DAs, rightly or wrongly, claim a lot of discretion over which laws they enforce and which they don’t.

By not enforcing laws against vagrancy, street prostitution, public drug use, shoplifting, and petty vandalism, more serious crime soon becomes endemic. By heavily penalizing businesses and landlords for even the smallest failure, good businesses are forced out or are closed down. Soon poverty and homelessness increases, and police forces become demoralized and corrupt.

Discontent becomes the order of the day: “See the capitalist system is failing you,” the left says.

Lawlessness makes misery, and misery makes revolution.

Marxists also believe that crime is not the fault of the individual but is the result of the oppressive class structure of the “capitalist” system. Therefore, it’s illogical and unjust to penalize people for committing crimes that society is actually responsible for.

The police and the courts are not there to protect and serve the people. They’re there to protect “capitalism” and private property. And, as any good Marxist will tell you, “private property is theft.”

Therefore, a revolutionary DA sees it as a duty to reduce or eliminate penalties for property crime and to hamstring the police as much as possible to prevent them from oppressing the “people” on behalf of the “ruling classes.”

Larry Krasner

According to DSA-linked Jacobin magazine, “In Philadelphia, Larry Krasner, a self-described ‘completely unelectable’ defense attorney with a history of suing the city’s police department and representing Black Lives Matter and Occupy activists pro bono, became the city’s top prosecutor” in 2017.

Krasner ran on a radical platform: “With a campaign spearheaded by former Bernie Sanders volunteers and pledges to end to [sic] cash bail, the death penalty, and mass incarceration, he won by a three-to-one ratio, thanks largely to the votes of the city’s communities of color.”

The “former Bernie Sanders supporters” were in fact mainly DSA activists. Philadelphia DSA endorsed Krasner and threw hundreds of comrades into Krasner’s race.

DSA comrade Zach Campbell was Larry Krasner’s field director for the Working Families Party. DSAer Amanda McIllmurray was the lead organizer for the Reclaim Philadelphia contingent backing Krasner. DSA comrade James Cersonsky led the Philadelphia Student Power Network for the Krasner campaign.

Liberation Road backed Krasner through their 215 People’s Alliance. Old Maoists such as Ron Whitehorne and younger LeftRoots radicals such as Bryan Mercer were all out pounding the pavement for Krasner.

Public defender Tiffany Caban, then a candidate for Queens District Attorney, speaks with supporters in Jackson Heights, Queens hours before polls closed for the borough’s Democratic primary election, in the Queens borough of New York City, on June 25, 2019. (Scott Heins/Getty Images)

Tiffany Cabán

In 2019, directly inspired by Krasner, a virtually unknown public defender, Tiffany Cabán, ran for DA in Queens, New York. Cabán built a grassroots campaign that brought in community organizations, such as Liberation Road-aligned Make The Road New York, plus the Working Families Party, Citizen Action, and the DSA.

New York DSA member Oren Schweitzer revealed the extent of DSA involvement in the Caban campaign in The Call.

“Cabán is a career public defender and DSA member who is running a racial justice campaign with a clear class-struggle message. Her campaign is focused on ending the use of cash bail, declining to prosecute a plethora of crimes of poverty such as jumping turnstiles, ending the war on drugs and sex workers, and demilitarizing the police. Moreover, Cabán has promised to use the Queens County District Attorney’s office to prosecute abusive landlords and despotic ICE agents, set up participatory budgeting for the district attorney’s office, and launch a wage theft unit to take on hyper-exploitative bosses.

“DSA-sponsored events accounted for thousands of the signatures needed to get Cabán on the ballot, and DSA members also contributed significantly to non-DSA petitioning events. And just recently, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed Cabán, throwing the campaign onto the national stage.”

Schweitzer also makes it clear that the DSA sees “criminal justice reform” as a critical component of socialist revolution.

“Criminal justice reform, and ultimately destroying the existing prison system, is central to any socialist program—especially because of the role that incarceration plays in racial oppression. Black and Latinx people make up 56% of those in prison and jail despite comprising only 28% of the total US population. People of color are also disproportionately victims of police violence and murder, and ICE routinely terrorizes immigrant communities of color.

“Ultimately, as socialists, we fight for the elimination of police and prisons in their current form. In the current moment, that means organizing explicitly toward ending mass incarceration and demilitarizing the police in order to build greater consciousness about the need for even more radical reforms. Tiffany Cabán’s campaign is so powerful because it builds off the example being set in Philadelphia by Larry Krasner and pushes precisely these immediate reforms forward. …

“That message was front and center at the first canvass I attended for Cabán. The DSA members leading the training advocated that at the door, we explicitly point out the ludicrousness of charging people for jumping turnstiles while landlords throughout Queens get away with illegally denying their tenants heat during the winter. The canvass was an excellent reminder of how DSA members, by working alongside other activists and speaking to thousands of people, can explicitly connect class-conflict politics with the fight for criminal justice.”

In the end, while Cabán was ahead on the night of the June primary, she narrowly lost to a slightly more moderate Democrat when the final votes were tallied.

The shopkeepers and upstanding citizens of Queens must have breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Chesa Boudin

Schweitzer explicitly connected the recent election of Chesa Boudin to San Francisco DA to the Cabán race:

“New York is by no means the only city in dire need of radical criminal justice reform. And Tiffany Cabán is by no means the only progressive running for District Attorney. Chesa Boudin, a proud socialist, is running for San Francisco District Attorney on a platform similar to Cabán’s.”

When Boudin narrowly won, DSA’s Eric Wimer and presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) both offered congratulations.

Wrote comrade Wimer on Facebook:

“A lot of DSA members worked hard for this campaign, Tiffany Caban among them (a consolation for her loss is that she helped Boudin win), and for Dean Preston for Supervisor, which we endorsed. Happy that the late ballots pulled them over the top!!”

Wrote comrade Sanders on Facebook:

“Now is the moment to fundamentally transform our racist and broken criminal justice system by ending mass incarceration, the failed war on drugs and the criminalization of poverty. Congratulations Chesa Boudin for San Francisco District Attorney on your historic victory!”

Chesa Boudin is the son of Kathie Boudin and David Gilbert, former Weather Underground terrorist leaders who were jailed in connection with an attempted robbery of a Brink’s armored car in 1981 that resulted in the death of two police officers and a guard. Chesa was raised in Chicago by Weather Underground leaders and long-time Obama friends Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

Chesa Boudin’s maternal grandfather was New York communist attorney Leonard Boudin.

Chesa Boudin will likely be the most radical DA in a very long line of leftist San Francisco DAs—including youthful communist sympathizer Terence Hallinan and his successor “red diaper baby” Kamala Harris.

The crime and filth infested streets of San Francisco are not likely to improve much with Chesa Boudin running the prosecutor’s office.

More and more businesses and affluent taxpayers will likely leave San Francisco over the next few years. Once the greatest tourist city on the West Coast, it’s sinking into crime, misery, and disease.

And misery is just what the revolutionaries are aiming for.

Trevor Loudon is an author, filmmaker, and public speaker from New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist, and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics.


Let’s Win the War at Home in 2020

By: Cliff Kincaid

The year 2020 opens with a booming economy and a culture still in rapid decline. One of the leading associates of dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein says she is being protected from arrest and prosecution because she has dirt on powerful people. Epstein belonged to several influential organizations, including the Council on Foreign Relations, and rubbed elbows with such notables as Bill Gates.

In Louisiana, a Boy Scout leader was arrested on more than 500 counts of child pornography, while a married couple has been indicted on a total of 150 counts, including rape and child pornography. The wife was a school teacher and the husband was a former law enforcement official.

Meanwhile, a top education official in New York City has been arrested for trying to have sex with an underage boy.

These are just a few of the recent stories about the sickness that pervades our society.

On Capitol Hill, Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.), the head of the House Armed Services Committee, said he wants to reverse President Trump’s ban on mentally-confused transgenders in the military. On the campaign trail, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren listed millionaire Ed Buck, an accused sexual predator, on a list of her endorsers. Buck had been a donor to the campaigns of Barack Hussein Obama and Adam Schiff, now chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Profiteering from Addiction

On Thursday’s Fox Business Network, the sad spectacle of people waiting in line for up to three hours to buy legal marijuana in Illinois and get high was turned by host Charles Payne into a money-making opportunity.  The issue was buying “pot stocks.” Not one word was said about the addictive qualities of the dope and the evidence that heavy use of marijuana is linked to brain damage, mental illness, and even violence.

At a time when our society is still cleaning up the human wreckage from opioid abuse, do we really want or need a $50-billion pot industry that exploits vulnerable people?

On Glenn Beck’s show, the topic was Psychic Nikki, psychic to the stars, and her predictions for 2020. It’s really not so funny when America’s Judeo-Christian foundations have been shaken to their core by the growing acceptance of such dangerous New Age and occultic nonsense.

“There was a time when America had a firm moral foundation,” notes Devvy Kidd, in a column on “Satan’s Pimps” that is required reading. She’s correct that there was a time when the Ten Commandments were paramount to the way Americans lived their lives. That was a time when the public right to pray was protected in public schools.

Today, she points out, kids are exposed to drag queens and prostitutes – in schools and public libraries. She says Walmart, Amazon, and Target are selling books for children as young as 5 to summon demons. One book is described as just a “parody.”

In real life, two Satanic organizations are openly competing for influence, with one claiming to be more pro-abortion and pro-trans than the other, while seeking the establishment of After School Satan Clubs.

Gay Satanists

Commenting on the presidential race, Devvy Kidd notes the following of “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, who is “married” to another man.  “Mayor Petey is Satan’s pimp,” she says.

This sounds harsh because the candidate appears so likable. But how else do you describe a candidate who advertises a “lifestyle” that is banned in the Bible as an abomination and openly embraced by Satanists? “Gay people are turning to Satan,” notes one chapter of a Satanist group. This is a major trend.

With social and cultural decay all around us, encouraged by the major media, it’s no wonder socialism is being accepted by more and more people. The plan has always been to destroy the traditional family and make its members more dependent on the state.

Powerful financial forces are behind this plan. Consider that “Mayor Pete” pulled in a $24.7 million fundraising haul in the fourth quarter. That was more than Joe Biden.

Obama was labeled America’s first gay president by Newsweek, even though it was never firmly established that he was gay or bisexual. In Buttigieg, you have a real gay, one who is gay, proud, and “Christian.”

This is a major breakthrough for America on the road to Sodom and Gomorrah.

If you thought they only wanted tolerance and to be left alone, think again. You can’t really hide from it anymore. One of CNN’s openly gay anchors, Anderson Cooper, spoke about his mother and male sex organs during live coverage of New Year’s Eve in Time Square. “CNN hosts Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen downed shots during New Year’s Eve coverage in Times Square while a reporter jumped into a bath of rum with a drag queen mermaid,” said the Daily Mail.

The American people in 2020 will be exposed on a constant basis to degenerates who think it’s funny and trendy to talk dirty and flaunt their own perverted and corrupt lifestyles.

Catching Predators

The power of the homosexual lobby is such that it has infected the Trump Administration, as Ambassadors Richard Grenell and Kelly Craft have started lecturing Christian countries and other members of the U.N. about changing laws to accommodate the needs of the George Soros-funded LGBTQ community. Some of these countries have been devastated by HIV/AIDS.

Here, with criminal justice reform letting more criminals back out on the streets, those of us who want to protect children might want to make sure there are no perverts in our own neighborhoods eager to kidnap and abuse them.

The National Sex Offender Public Website exists to help people search for the latest information from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and numerous Indian tribes. The evidence shows that 861,837 registered sex offenders are in the United States.

My search of the Maryland Sex Offenders Registry found 10 convicted sex offenders living in my zip code.

Churches Are Part of the Problem

Many churches are either AWOL about what’s happening around us or embracing the decadence.

Buttigieg wouldn’t be in this position were it not for his Episcopal Church, which ordains lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender clergy and married him and his “husband.” He left the Catholic Church, which claims to follow the Bible but which continues to tolerate a gay Mafia that escapes accountability for many of its crimes.

Still, many follow Pope Francis, who was grabbed in St. Peter’s Square by a woman who must have considered him to be like Jesus Christ. The story from the Bible says the cloak of Jesus was touched by a desperate woman in need of physical and spiritual healing. Jesus told her, “your faith has made you well; go in peace.”

By contrast, Pope Francis slapped her hand and pulled away. A religious leader who promotes an earth-centered religion and complains about capitalism, he apparently wanted her to hug a tree and meditate.

It’s not reassuring to cite moral problems and corruption by the elites, including religious leaders. But it is just as much of a war as the attacks on our embassy in Baghdad. We have to take sides and take action.

Devvy Kidd goes through the many horrors of modern America, including abortion, and we’ve just learned that there were 42 million deaths from abortion worldwide in 2019. The “mainstream media,” run by people such as Jeff Bezos of the Washington Post, who was caught in a sex scandal of his own, do not make this genocide of the unborn into an issue at all.

President Trump deserves credit for engaging in what the Center for Family & Human Rights calls “pro-life diplomacy.” But the U.S. is still mostly isolated. “In the plenary session of the [U.N.] General Assembly,” notes its report, “the U.S. received support from up to fifteen countries in 2019, a significant increase from only one in 2018.  Even so, more than 100 other countries coalesced against U.S. pro-life amendments alongside the [pro-abortion] Europeans, an increase from some eighty last year.”

The U.N. is a losing cause – except for the bureaucrats. The U.N. pension fund is now worth $67.8 billion, thanks in large part to the world body’s biggest contributor, the U.S. taxpayer.

What Trump Can Do

Trump deserves support for his pro-life campaign and effort to restore sanity to the Armed Forces on the matter of “transgenderism.”  But the misguided and even dangerous approach on homosexuality taken by the U.S. Mission to the U.N. has to be ended before more damage is done to America’s standing in the world.

While taking action on vaping, he has failed to stop the tide of drug legalization that will further corrupt the young and do absolutely nothing to end black market marijuana (which is cheaper than buying dope at the government-sanctioned stores).

With no pushback, Buttigieg is now proposing decriminalization of all drugs, including cocaine and LSD. The madness gets worse by the day.

As some “experts” tempt Trump to attack Iran and start another costly no-win war, let’s remind the president that there is a war at home that is far more important. With the right leadership, it’s winnable.

That leadership should begin with “Evangelicals for Trump,” which is holding a January 3 news conference.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org


The Demise of the Private College

By: Tabitha Korol

Private colleges are in financial straits, induced by their own progressive policies.

Private colleges are in serious financial trouble.  According to Bloomberg, they may have to merge with others or close their doors.  The seeds planted by the “homeless, tempest-tossed” academics from Frankfurt, Germany, 84 years ago, are now bearing fruit.

The private colleges are yet another casualty of the plot against American values and exceptionalism initiated by those outcasts from the Frankfurt School of Social Theory who arrived in New York, in 1935.  The theorists began their long march through the Institutions, including higher education, changing the system that was among the best in the world, and poisoning the wells as they advanced.  Whether fools or rogues, they soon realized that the Judeo-Christian West’s superiority could only be destroyed from within, by having their operatives join the machinery of the old institutions, and by collaborating with Third World liberation movements and other dissident minority.  It would take some generations, but the prize of the most envied capitalist country in the world – America and the Free West — was worth their patience.

The learned academics within the private colleges readily complied with the new Common Core curricula, textbooks, teaching films and scripts, recognizing the Frankfurt stamp of approval.  They introduced identity politics, which now requires a six-figure professional to help the children cope with the resultant tribalism and victimhood – sorely needed funds down the drain.

They welcomed new professors who spew antisemitism and anti-Americanism and stood mutely by while guest speakers with opposing opinions were jeered out of the lecture halls.  The students are emerging as leftists, socialists, communists, and Islamists, decidedly ignorant in every discipline, but eagerly engaged in social justice courses, community organizing, political protests, and deadly violence to destroy the spirit of freedom and the soul of our nation.  Critical Theory has taught the younger generation to break down fences before they understand why they were erected.

These are the rebels with a thousand empty causes, the socialists who will not support their universities, but who will expect compassion.  Unsurprisingly, this is affecting the coffers of Academe; the alarms have been sounded.

The business of destroying American education from within is gathering momentum.  As  Walter E. Williams explained in Fraud in Higher  Education, only 37% of white college students test as college-ready, but 70% are admitted, and only 17% of black high school graduates test as college-ready, but 58% are admitted, with most unable to read, write, and do math at 12th-grade level.  Forty percent of college students require developmental math and English classes at an annual cost of ~$7 billion.  Only 25 percent of students who took the ACT in 2012 met the readiness benchmarks in English, reading, math, and science.  Students are advanced by their race, not by achievement, showing no significant improvement in critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing by the end of their sophomore year.  Education Secretary Betsy DeVos just confirmed, “The country is in a student achievement crisis.”


Ronald Reagan famously said, ”Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Every generation must uphold the legacy of freedom and to do so, it must understand the origins of democracy, our government structure, rights and responsibilities, and methods of public engagement.  But the work of the so-called Progressives (ultra Regressives) has brought the knowledge of civics and government to an all-time low.  Some young people are even learning tolerance and social justice from books supplied by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an FBI-recognized global and domestic terrorism-inspiring hate group, a perfect example of the bedfellows recommended by the Frankfurt outcasts.

National pride and patriotism are slated for destruction, corroborated by history classes that use Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States,” which focuses on the communist’s views of America’s historic injustice, with its dubious evidence and conclusions.  America is shown as a colonialist oppressor of the poor and disenfranchised, with no reference to our 13th amendment to the Constitution that abolished slavery here.  The students are intentionally dumbed down about America’s history and taught to accept a whitewashed Islam and Communism.  Their violence against the monuments is a denial of our history and extends to disrespect and breakdown of our laws and law enforcement.

Progressives vilify our national pride and corrupt public trust so as to destroy our society and reconstruct it into another – hideous – image, with the morale or soul of the generation siphoned out.  Therefore, the bulk of high-quality fiction, poetry, theater, and other imaginative and inspiring texts are replaced by informational prose, newspaper and social media stories – dry topics of social studies designed to enervate the individual and discourage reading.  Instead of topics that encourage and inspire, young teens read of emotional difficulties and social justice issues – topics such as teen angst, bullying, and sexual harassment, underage drinking, sexual molestation, complex relationships in dysfunctional families, and suicide.  These depressing social issues, irrespective of the students’ emotional maturity, may well have a direct correlation to their increased suicide rate, doubled for boys and tripled for girls.  Our thirty million illiterate adults are a step toward the illiteracy of despotic regimes.

The intellectual depletion shows our 15-year-olds to be lagging behind in math at 39th of their peers in 69 other countries.  These are not “cultural differences,” as math is the most concrete and easiest way to judge across cultures.  Common Core math offers a “one size fits all” approach that holds the children back and thwarts autonomy.  DeVos reported that eighth-graders failed to meet the low standard of the ‘90s, sinking below their predecessors from two years before.

In an unexpected twist, Progressives have found some inspiration in Islam and the two are now cooperating to destroy and restructure the society that has nourished them.  Common Core includes the study of LGBTQ history for a full year, with transgender organizations, activists, and websites abetting gender confusion, encouraging life-altering “treatments” that damage their bodies and mental health.  This is sold as “inclusivity,” but is a step toward fully accepting and imitating the Islamic family unit of one man with four wives as young as age 7, and the approval of pedophilia.  The Islamic family unit is a hotbed of dysfunction, complete with rivalry, tension, childhood rape, stealth homosexuality, blame, shame, and extreme violence.

The closer we come to emulating Islam, the further we fall from grace, from the morality of Judaism and Christianity, until we become no better than lower species.  Quotes from Islam’s most famous spokesman, Ayatollah Khomeini, provided only partially here, may be found on the Internet: Sex and Islam, http://www.truthbeknown.com/islamquotes.htm    Pedophilia and Bestiality in Islam, by Jennifer King, stipulates that all Muslims are ordered to imitate Muhammad’s perfect example in thought, word, and deed.  The Prophet engaged in bestiality; it is not forbidden, but bathing instructions must be followed.

The traditional family, based on fidelity, is the surest bastion against the collective-hive society that is being planned for us.  For this reason, schools are increasing sexualization even in Kindergarten, encouraging masturbation, sexual intimacy and intercourse. The comparison with Islamic practice is inescapable: the man has no need to develop self-control and the woman is responsible only to him, invisible, covered from head to toe and obedient under the threat of rape or death.  The Progressive is coalescing with the Islamic mindset to shape the future agenda.  The schools have replaced our Judeo-Christian values with a shared commitment to social causes – racism, supremacism, climate change, America’s evils, boycotting Israel, gun control, unlimited abortion, and more.

David Coleman was the architect of the Common Core standards.  It was developed by a leftist-Washington-based think tank, Achieve, and funded with millions of dollars from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Center for American Progress, and others, allies of the left and George Soros groups.  Coleman’s vision was profoundly flawed, and parents were not consulted.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos admitted, “The results are, frankly, devastating.”  Literacy and civics must be made a national priority and it is time to denounce what socialism is doing to our children. This is America’s wake-up call.