Fake ‘News’ Media Can’t Stop Us!

By: Lloyd Marcus

Super Tuesday, March 3rd, was the release date of my new Trump Train 2020 song and music video. It has been one heck of a journey.

We struggled to find a recording studio willing to record the song. Then, we struggled to find singers willing to sing backup on the song. I sent out a clarion call and Trump-loving singers came to the Maryland recording session from Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Florida. We proudly named them the Deplorables Choir. The recording session was awesome. Though meeting for the first time, it felt like a family reunion with everyone on one accord.

My wife, Mary and I along with members of the Deplorables Choir flew to California to shoot the music video. We sent out a call for Trump supporters to be extras in the music video. Locals were thrilled to participate because there are few safe-spaces in California to openly support Trump. Again, the atmosphere at the sound stage felt like a family gathering.

For weeks, Mary and I worked with a company to write a press release to distribute it to hundreds of media outlets, announcing the release of the song and music video. I thought it was odd that we had not received a single inquiry. Then, 3 days before our big release date, I received an email from the company saying they did not send out our press release. Here is an excerpt from their email:

“You and Mary are such awesome individuals and in a few weeks, I have such a strong professional and spiritual connection with you that I don’t know how to say this, but unfortunately, in spite of our repeated attempts, the news network did not accept your press release due to certain unavoidable technical reasons. We are refunding your payment via Paypal asap. Hope you’ll understand and not take it the wrong way.”

Clearly, this is simply another attempt to silence our voices to undermine the reelection of our awesome president.

Trump supporters are fighting the same media bias/blackout on social media. I have several thousand followers and sometimes only 250 people see my posts and tweets.

But, be of good cheer folks. We defeated/bypassed fake news media in the past and we will do it again.

In 2009, fake news media strategically staged a media blackout of the Tea Party movements’ rally in Washington DC protesting Obamacare. I never saw a single word about the upcoming protest rally in the mainstream media. And yet, 1.7 million patriots showed up.

I was touring on Tea Party Express. When our tour bus pulled up to the rally, I could hardly believe my eyes. How in the world did they pull off getting so many people to spend money on airfare, hotels and other travel expenses without any promotion by mainstream media? It was an amazing achievement by grassroots patriots working together.

Chairman of Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, Jenny Beth Martin, introduced me to sing my “American Tea Party Anthem.” Walking on stage to perform for a live audience of over a million was thrilling. Before I began singing, I proclaimed.“Hello, my fellow patriots! I am not an African American! I am Lloyd Marcus, AMERICAN-N-N!” The sea of patriots erupted into thunderous applause.

The rally was seen on national TV on C-SPAN. It was shocking to receive hate-emails from progressives calling me a “stupid n*****.” One wacko even threatened to find my address to kill me. Why were progressives so enraged because I proclaimed myself an unhyphenated American?

Fake news media would have you believe that Tea Partiers are extreme white supremacist lawbreakers. In truth, we instinctively respect the law, our fellow Americans and private and public property. We left the site of our 1.7 million person rally cleaner than we found it. I witnessed patriots picking up trash.

To counter our powerful grassroots Tea Party movement, Democrats launch their counterfeit and paid for the Occupy Wall Street movement where attendees were mugged and even raped. Infected with entitlement mindsets, OWS minions left mountains of trash and destroyed property. Occupy Wall Street minions dumped a bucket of human urine and feces in the lobby of an office building. Tea Partiers would never behave in such crazy and disrespectful ways.

Fake news media continues to try to hide our light of freedom and truth under a bushel. Let’s defeat/bypass fake news media like we did in 2009.  Enjoy and spread far and wide.

Trump Train 2020 a music video by Lloyd Marcus

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Is the Coronavirus China’s Revenge on Trump?

By: Cliff Kincaid

In his 1968 non-fiction blockbuster, The Biological Time Bomb, Gordon Rattray Taylor wrote about the prospect of germ warfare in the context of “undeclared war.” He explained, “In current thinking, the best way to wage war is to wage it without your enemy even being aware that it is happening.” He was predicting the use of infectious diseases to cripple a nation.

The current war, however, is out in the open.

Looking at the economic damage being inflicted on the United States and the world, one cannot dismiss the possibility that the rapidly-spreading coronavirus is China’s revenge on America for President Trump’s trade war. The virus has the potential impact to cause a major economic recession and sabotage President Trump’s reelection effort. Health emergencies are being declared around the country as the number of coronavirus cases increase. The interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve is an indication of desperation.

“Whether the agent comes from a deliberate biologic warfare attack or the natural emergence of a novel virus, the results could be devastating,” notes the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness in a commentary on potential mass casualty events.

Politically, Trump and the Republicans could be the casualties.

Looking at modern warfare, Gordon Rattray Taylor had also predicted, “Some minor human epidemics might help. Even the common cold keeps people away from work. It might be ten years or more before it dawned on the health authorities that they were really being too unlucky with minor illnesses.”

China is admittedly the source of this deadly disease, also known as COVID-19. However, the regime claims that attributing the virus to a biological weapons lab in the region is a “conspiracy theory” spread by “anti-China forces.” It is going after independent journalists and whistleblowers who dispute the regime’s version of events. Globally, the high-tech social media companies such as Facebook are playing into China’s hands by censoring content that the virus is a bioweapon.

Also called by some the Xi virus, named after the Chinese dictator, the communist Chinese regime claims it somehow came out of a food market. Typical is the claim that the virus is thought to have originated from wild animals, probably bats.

However, some counter-claims are getting out. National Taiwan University public health researcher Fang Chi-tai reportedly thinks it’s possible that China’s scientists were working on a virus more difficult to contain than SARS and that the likely source of the virus is the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The latest “official” information from the U.N.’s World Health Organization is that the coronavirus mortality rate has jumped to 3.4%, as compared to a mortality rate of less than 1% for the flu. SARS, another virus from China, had a mortality rate of 9.6 percent in 2003, but COVID-19 is believed to be far more contagious than SARS.

By all accounts, the Communist regime has engaged in economic and military warfare against the United States. The United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission was established “to review the national security implications of trade and economic ties between the United States and the People’s Republic of China.” One of the witnesses back in 2017 was Edward H. You, Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI’s Biological Countermeasures Unit in the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate. His job was described in one story as following “fast-moving developments in labs” and making sure “they don’t lead to a bio-attack.”

But American scientist Dr. Steven Hatfill was one of the innocent victims of the FBI’s post-9/11 anthrax letters investigation, known officially as “Amerithrax.” The FBI had tried to blame Hatfill for the anthrax mailings before exonerating and paying him $6 million in financial damages.   There was never any evidence indicating that Hatfill was anything other than a patriot who tried to help America prepare for the terrorist attacks that were blamed on him. A foreign connection, involving al Qaeda, was never seriously investigated by the FBI. The FBI eventually blamed the attack on another scientist.

Robert S. Mueller, Russia-gate special counsel, was in charge of the FBI at the time.

The threat today is so great that the Trump White House is working with Congress to get billions of more dollars for battling COVID-19 and other public health threats. But throwing more money at the Centers for Disease Control — the “professionals” who failed to quickly develop a reliable coronavirus test — is a smokescreen.  Where are the hearings into the source of this virus and whether it had been weaponized by a Chinese lab? Is the FBI on the job, again?

Unrestricted Warfare, a book on military strategy written in 1999 by two colonels in the People’s Liberation Army, refers to the “new concepts of weapons,” including biological weapons. The book referred to financial attacks on nations by billionaire hedge fund operators such as George Soros, the 1995 gas attack on the Tokyo subway by the disciples of the doomsday cult Aum Shinri Kyo, and attacks by Islamic terrorists such as Osama bin Laden.

To accentuate the current economic downturn, our media have played a familiar role. CNBC featured a “top economist” by the name of Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics saying a coronavirus pandemic could spark a deep recession and pose a “significant threat’’ to Trump’s reelection. What CNBC did not disclose is that Zandi is a Democrat who contributed to Hillary Clinton and said Trump’s election in 2016 would itself cause a recession.

Zandi’s June 17, 2016, report had claimed, “…the economy will be significantly weaker if Mr. Trump’s economic proposals are adopted” and that “Under the scenario in which all his stated policies become law in the manner proposed, the economy suffers a lengthy recession and is smaller at the end of his four-year term than when he took office.”

Last October, however, he reversed himself, saying that Trump was a strong favorite to win a second term based on positive economic trends. But with a 10 percent correction in stock prices, “the picture changes dramatically and Democrats win under a typical turnout scenario,” he said. That has happened as a result of panic over the coronavirus. Trump’s reelection is now in question and Democratic Senate challengers are surging in the polls, threatening to take back the majority from the Republicans. Republican Senators in Colorado (Cory Gardner), Arizona (Martha McSally) and North Carolina (Thom Tillis) are all in serious trouble.

Without Senate control, a reelected Trump would not be able to get his conservative judges approved.

The stakes are high as the White House pursues a “Coronavirus Plan of Action.” Does that plan include moving to a war footing with the communist regime in Beijing? The National Defense Strategy already recognizes China as a major threat to U.S. security and prosperity.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org