China Aims at Global AI Dominance by 2030

By: Denise Simon | Mind Matters News

China’s systematic use of AI for social surveillance and control should cause us to think carefully about what that means.

A 2017 central government document laid out the country’s plan for global dominance in AI by 2030, asking all “people’s governments of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government, all State Council ministries, and all directly controlled institutions” to ”please carefully implement.“ (translation)

To achieve that timeline, China has employed several operations against the United States including the Confucius Institutes (fronts for Chinese propaganda according to the FBI, 2020), the Thousand Talents Program (spying and intellectual-property theft, Bloomberg, 2019) and cyber theft. While many Confucius Institutes have been exposed by key members of the Senate and many are being terminated domestically as a result, Chinese-driven cyber theft is costing the U.S. economy more than $100 billion per year, according to the White House.

U.S. officials are considering whether to fully terminate the Thousand Talents Program on the ground of its functioning as an espionage operation in academia, legalized either by foreign donations or by visas. An estimated 350,000 Chinese students are enrolled in U.S. universities where R & D and research are performed for U.S. government ventures. The awkward problem is that China passed a law in 2014 that mandates the full cooperation of any Chinese citizen/student in the U.S. to collect and provide intelligence to the Chinese intelligence services, More than 100 universities are under scrutiny, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

During the last year, several arrests, charges, and findings of guilt have been recorded in various media:

-US professor arrested, accused of hiding relationship with Chinese university (The Hill, February 7, 2020)

-Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate China Related Cases (United States Department of Justice, January 28, 2020)

-Texas professor charged with stealing Silicon Valley tech for China’s Huawei (Fox Business, September 12, 2019)

-UCLA prof guilty of conspiring to steal missile secrets for China could face more than 200 years in prison (Campus Reform, July 8, 2019)

In February of this year, President Trump signed an Executive Order to develop an aggressive action plan to make AI a major U.S. priority. But will that be enough to compete with China?

The answer appears to be: Not at present. China has at least a three-year advantage and continues to seize U.S, intellectual property, and trade secrets by all means available. Patents, data, and intelligence are then provided to various Chinese universities to exploit under the Double First-Class Initiative at several Chinese universities to grow internal education, skill, and talent to achieve the 2030 goal.

AI is pervasive within China for the purpose of total surveillance. It is applied to students and the general population in many areas including digital, behavior modeling and scoring, healthcare, environmental, supply chain acquisition, space, energy, economic growth, transportation, social intersections, biometrics, variable robotic applications, and computing.

China has also provided venture capital to start-up companies, working capital to existing companies to expand their production models, and has offered exceptional tax break enhancements. Three large tech companies in China—Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu—have been tasked with the collection and data control and management of all Chinese entities, internally and globally. Their respective systems model, score, and decide which priorities and risks that both help and hinder their collective 2030 goal.

Meanwhile, U.S. companies such as Google, Amazon, and IBM—all of which have facial recognition as well as other technologies inside the digitized AI sector—have made decisions to no longer sell to or cooperate with several U.S. federal government agencies due to privacy debates and criticisms of law enforcement policies.

Thus China has a distinct advantage over the United States because, in China, corporate ethics would strongly favor collaboration and cooperation with the government for the sake of the nation, whereas in the United States, powerful tech companies are under no such obligation. That creates a quandary for policymakers and the federal government on how to gain and maintain an edge over China with regard to AI and technology in contested areas such as the military and space. Thus dominance appears to be shaping up as a global competition between the United States and China where the U.S. needs visionaries and allies to reach a higher AI frontier than that of China, now and for 2030.


Builders and Destroyers: The 2020 Battle for America

By: Linda Goudsmit | pundicity

There are two kinds of people in this world – builders and destroyers. You know who you are.

Our forefathers were builders who rejected monarchy in favor of limited government and the challenge of self-rule. Our forefathers understood the difference between servitude and citizenship. They chose freedom and built a more perfect union – a government of the people, by the people, for the people. The building of the United States of America was the most successful experiment in individual freedom and prosperity the world has ever known.

Our forefathers built America with a Constitution articulating its secular laws, and the Ten Commandments articulating its moral laws. We are a Judeo-Christian country built on the Judeo-Christian foundation of the Ten Commandments. Let’s examine them.

Commandments 1-4 codify rules for membership in the group, they are the unifying principle of monotheism. Monotheism is at the heart of the Ten Commandments and its moral laws. Freedom and independence require self-respect, self-control, and respect for others. It is a delicate balance that requires maturity and the ability to agree to disagree.

Commandments 5-10 codify the ethos of individualism and respect for others: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Constitution and the Commandments define the balance between self and society, and between the individual and the group. There is no disagreement about the need for mutuality or respect for the individual.

Collectivism is an affront to individualism, adult mutuality, and the morality of Judeo-Christian tradition. Collectivism, whether socialism, communism, Islamism, or globalism, destroys the value of the individual and insists the value of the group takes precedence. The problem, of course, is that even in collectivism the group is made up of individuals!

The humanitarian hoax of collectivism is the destruction of the individual. Socialism is the destructive democrat party platform being marketed as altruism. Radical blue state Democrat leaders are telling the citizens of their states that anarchy, looting, robbery, rape, murder, and mayhem perpetrated by destroyers will bring equality and social justice. It is a lie. Anarchy precedes tyranny.

We still have the choice between builders and destroyers in November. We can choose between ordered liberty or the Seattle CHAZ—Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone that has become the country’s first No-Go zone. The radical Democrat destroyers support anarchy and the defunding of police departments, but without law enforcement, there is only anarchy. Ask yourselves, “Do you want to live in the anarchist country of CHAZ?”

CHAZ is the predicted escalation of radical Democrat sanctuary cities and sanctuary states that protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding citizens. In CHAZ the criminals have taken over the government. This is how violent revolutions begin. This is what the radical Democrat destroyers are offering you in November. Voter beware!

Law-abiding communities, black and white, are builders who want to live the American dream of freedom and equality rooted in American individualism articulated in the Constitution and the Ten Commandments. Law-abiding communities, black and white, reject the destroyers of the radical leftist Democrat party who foment racial divisiveness and religious divisiveness by embracing Antifa anarchists, Black Lives Matter supremacists and Islamic sharia law supremacists who are all diametrically opposed to the Constitution and the Ten Commandments.

The Democrat hype of the coronavirus pandemic and their support of anarchist pandemonium are both tactical weapons in the radical leftist Democrat war of destruction against America and America-first President Donald J. Trump.

There are two kinds of people in this world – builders and destroyers. You know who you are.

The 2020 presidential election is a battle between builders and destroyers. The outcome will determine if the dreams of our forefathers for a more perfect union of citizenship and individualism prevail, or if the radical Democrat destroyers successfully surrender our country to collectivism and servitude.

Before you cast your vote in November, remember Communist China Premier Zhou Enlai’s dismissive comment, “One of the things about Americans is that they have absolutely no historical memory.” The radical leftist Democrat destroyers are counting on you to forget the millions of people killed in the name of collectivism.

Remember that every group is made of individuals, this means if you choose radical Democrat collectivism you are choosing to destroy your self.

Remember that the ruling elite always takes care of the ruling elite. The radical Democrat political party does not represent individualism and American interests. The radical Democrat party leaders are lobbyists for their globalist financiers who fully intend to bring socialism to America in preparation for the internationalized new world order of their globalist bosses.

There are two kinds of people in this world – builders and destroyers. Be a builder and reject the destroyers in November.


Roof Koreans: How Civilians Defended Koreatown from Racist Violence During the 1992 LA Riots

By: Sam Jacobs | Ammo.com

Roof Koreans: How Civilians Defended Koreatown from Racist Violence During the 1992 LA RiotsThe riots of the spring of 2020 are far from without precedent in the United States. Indeed, they seem to happen once a generation at least. The 1992 Los Angeles Riots are such an example of these “generational riots.” And while most people know about the riots, less known – though quite well known at the time – were the phenomenon of the so-called “Roof Koreans.”

The Roof Koreans were spontaneous self-defense forces organized by the Korean community of Los Angeles, primarily centered in Koreatown, in response to violent and frequently racist attacks on their communities and businesses by primarily black looters and rioters during the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. Despite their best efforts, over 2,200 Korean-owned businesses were looted or burned to the ground during the riots. It is chilling to imagine how many would have suffered the same fate had the Koreans not been armed.

Standing on the rooftops of Koreatown shops they and their families owned, clad not in body armor or tactical gear, but instead dressed like someone’s nerdy dad, often smoking cigarettes, but always on alert, the Roof Koreans provide a stirring example of how free Americans of all races can defend their own communities without relying upon outside help.

The Koreans of Los Angeles were the ultimate marginalized minority group. They were subject to discrimination and often victimized by the black community of the city. Due to language barriers and other factors, they lacked the political clout of other minority groups, such as the large Mexican community of Los Angeles County. This in spite of their clear economic success in the city beginning in the 1970s and 80s.

The reasons for the tensions between the Korean and black communities of Los Angeles pre-dates the riots, which were largely just the match that ignited the powder keg that had been this region of Los Angeles for years. To understand what happened in Koreatown in 1992, it is necessary to understand much more than simply the Rodney King trial and the resulting riots.

The Roots of Korean Business Ownership in Black Communities

How is it that the Korean-American community of Los Angeles ended up owning so much property in what were largely black neighborhoods? The answer, ironically, lies in a previous riot, the Watts Riot of 1965. This riot, which included six full days of arson and looting, was kicked off when a black man was arrested for drunk driving.

The riots occurred roughly at the same time that the Koreans started showing up in America. This meant that, among other things, businesses and real estate were very cheap to purchase. The newly arrived Korean immigrants began buying up the businesses that no one else wanted. By the 1980s, it wasn’t limited to Los Angeles – Koreans were dominating the mom-and-pop shops from coast to coast. But the resentment in the City of Angels was growing.

Prologue: The Death of Latasha Harlins

Roof Koreans: How Civilians Defended Koreatown from Racist Violence During the 1992 LA RiotsWhile it was not the start of tensions in the city between these two communities, the killing of Latasha Harlins in 1991 certainly ratcheted the situation up to a new level.

Harlins, whose personal life is a hard-luck story that does not bear repeating here, was 15 at the time when she was shot and killed by Korean shopkeeper Soon Ja Du, a 51-year-old woman born in Korea. Du generally didn’t even work in the store, a task that typically fell on her husband and her son. However, that day she was covering for her husband who was outside in the family’s van.

Du claimed that Harlins was trying to steal a $1.79 bottle of orange juice, but witnesses said they heard Du call Harlins a slur and heard Harlins say she planned to pay for the juice, with money in hand. After reviewing videotape footage, the police agreed with the witnesses. Video footage further showed Du grabbing Harlins by her sweatshirt and backpack.

Harlins responded by striking Du twice, which knocked the latter to the ground. Harlins started to back away, prompting Du to throw a stool at her. The two struggled over the juice before Harlins went to leave. Du went behind the counter and grabbed a revolver, firing at a retreating Harlins from behind from three feet away. Harlins was killed instantly by a bullet to the back of the head.

Billy Heung Ki Du, Ja’s husband, rushed into the store after hearing the gunshot. His wife asked where Harlins was before she fainted. Mr. Du then called 911 to report an attempted holdup.

Mrs. Du was charged with voluntary manslaughter, a charge that can carry up to 16 years in prison. At trial, she testified on her own behalf. The jury recommended the maximum sentence, which the judge rejected, instead giving Mrs. Du time served, five years probation, 500 hours of community service and a $500 fine. The California Court of Appeals upheld the sentence about a week before the riots began in a unanimous decision. Harlins’ family received a settlement of $300,000.

The case wasn’t the first example of tensions between the two communities, but it was a microcosm for them and perhaps the worst from an optics perspective. In 1991, the Los Angeles Times reported that there were four shootings in the span of just over four months involving a Korean shooter and a black target. The store was eventually burned down during the riots, never to reopen.

That same year, there was an over 100-day boycott of a Korean-American-owned liquor store that ended when the owner was effectively bullied into selling his store to a black owner. Then-Mayor Tom Bradley, who many blamed for the riots, was instrumental in coming to this “settlement” which chased a Korean owner out of the area.

The Rodney King Verdict: The Riots Begin

Roof Koreans: How Civilians Defended Koreatown from Racist Violence During the 1992 LA RiotsThe other relevant background story is the trial of Rodney King. This was what touched off the LA riots. The short version of the story is that Rodney King led the police on a high-speed chase going up to 115 miles per hour. He was evading them because he was driving while under the influence and was on parole at the time. His two passengers were loaded into the squad car first, with King exiting the car last.

King was beaten for approximately two minutes straight on a 12-minute tape recorded by a nearby civilian. He was also tazed. King repeatedly attempted to get up despite instructions to stay down. Officers later testified that they believed he was on PCP at the time, but his toxicology test ruled this out. The tape became a national sensation and then-Chief Daryl Gates described himself as being in “disbelief” when he saw the tape.

Four of the five officers on the scene were charged. The jury, which contrary to popular belief, was not “all white,” but did not include any black members, acquitted the four officers on assault, acquitted three of them on excessive force, and resulted in a hung jury on the fourth charge after seven days of deliberation.

At 5 p.m. after the verdicts were announced, Mayor Tom Bradley gave a press conference interpreted by many, including Assistant Los Angeles police chief Bob Vernon, as effectively giving permission to riot. Vernon stated that police incidents increased noticeably after the mayor’s statement.

The event credited with touching off the riots was the arrest of 16-year-old Seandel Daniels at 71st and Normandie in South Central Los Angeles. The rioters began attacking Koreatown on the second full day of rioting.

Koreatown Gets Attacked During the 1992 LA Riots

Koreans began moving to Los Angeles in large numbers after the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, a radical departure from previous immigration laws that dramatically changed the demographic character of the nation, including Los Angeles. Many Koreans opened successful businesses in the area, but incurred resentment and racism from black residents, which is documented in popular culture of the time such as Do The Right Thing and Ice Cube’s “Black Korea” off of Death Certificate.

When the riots spread throughout the city, the LAPD blocked roads going through Koreatown into more affluent neighborhoods. This was seen by many residents as a containment that effectively left Koreatown residents trapped inside the riot zone. What’s more, the police and other first responders ignored the pleas for help coming from within Koreatown.

Of the nearly $1 billion in damages done during the riots, over half of it was done to Korean-owned businesses.

Enter the Roof Koreans

Roof Koreans: How Civilians Defended Koreatown from Racist Violence During the 1992 LA RiotsThe Korean community of Los Angeles did not simply sit by and allow their neighborhood and businesses to be destroyed by rioters without lifting a finger. On the contrary, the images of Korean shopkeepers and their families defending themselves from the rooftops of their buildings soon became one of the most iconic images of the riots. Live footage of gun battles was circulated on cable news and elsewhere. The images still resonate with freedom lovers to this day – what image could be more powerful than an ethnic minority refusing to subject itself to a pogrom, instead taking to the rooftops to defend themselves with deadly force, if necessary?

For firearms collectors, the Roof Koreans present another avenue of interest: They used many cool weapons that largely left the market after the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 was passed. The Intratec TEC-9 and the A.A. Arms Kimel AP-9 are just two of the weapons used by the Roof Koreans, alongside more standard weapons such as the Daewoo K1, standard issue for the Republic of Korea’s military.

The Republic of Korea’s military is another key part of the story with regard to the Roof Koreans. Far from an untrained mob of men who took up with arms sans training, the Roof Koreans were, by virtually any definition, “a well-regulated militia.” Many of them had experience in the South Korean Army, as South Korea has conscription with very few exceptions.

It’s worth noting that virtually every weapon used by the Roof Koreans to defend themselves, their businesses, their communities, and their families would be against the law or, at least, highly restricted today. “High capacity magazines” (anything over ten rounds) are against the law and there is a 10-day waiting period for all firearms purchases. As the riots lasted five days, this would have put anyone who had not already purchased a firearm in a seriously precarious position.

The Lessons of the Roof Koreans

Kurt Schlichter was in Inglewood at the time of riots, one of the hardest-hit areas. He speaks eloquently on the topic of the Roof Koreans (or “Rooftop Koreans” as he calls them) and the need for communities to defend themselves. His account of defending Los Angeles against riots is worth reading, despite the fact that he was not in Koreatown.

He makes the case that it is not just wise, but the responsibility of all Americans to prepare themselves for such events. And while we would not go as far as him to suggest that people ought to be legally required to prepare for such an event, we do agree with him that everyone is their own first responder. More than that, there is a solid argument to be made that we have a duty to our community to prepare for those times when individual defense is not enough, but a common defense is necessary.

The Roof Koreans provide a perfect, real-life counter-argument to the idiotic question of gun grabbers that free men justify why they “need” certain arms to defend themselves. If ever anyone “needed” a fully automatic rifle with a 100-round magazine, it was the Korean community of Los Angeles.


Melinda Gates: (Perilous) COVID-19 Vaccines Must Go to Blacks and People of Color Before Whites

By: Arlen Williams | Gulag Bound

Witness Time’s article of June 4, “Melinda Gates Lays Out Her Biggest Concern for the Next Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic” and this excerpt, emphasis applied.

(G) The first people that need this vaccine are the 60 million health care workers around the world. They deserve to get it before anybody else. Then you start tiering.

(T) Who needs it after health care workers?

(G) In the U.S., that would be black people next, quite honestly, and many other people of color. They are having disproportionate effects from COVID-19. From there, people with underlying health conditions, and then people who are older. Those are the ones who all need it first. We also need to think about essential workers who are keeping our grocery stores open for us so we can buy food, or who are making sure that food moves through the warehouses.

Bill and Melinda Gates, photo by Kjetil Ree. © 2009

So, guinea pigs, while they “get the kinks out” of the proposed vaccines? Worse?

We link you to Natural News’ Mike Adams, who exquisitely details the racist and intentionally atrocious worst-case scenario potentially herein, one which we should ponder (June 10). Then, to show how the story is slowly spreading, to the less opinionated Jay Greenberg of Neon Nettle (June 12). And we give you extra credit for reading to the end, here, and either knowing what “Delphi Technique” is, or clicking and reading about it.

The Gates’ do assess their vaccine can harm or kill a great many. But how many people and whom? Of course, no one but God can tell.

Knowing the racist history of eugenic progressivism (including that of Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger, Nazis being some of her biggest fans) plus the numerous declarations of Bill Gates that vaccinations are critical for population reduction, plus actual mass instances of vaccine sterilization generated by the Gates Foundation, yes we should be alarmed. Those inducers, not to mention vaccines’ common use of continuous development fetal cells in their production, and of a plethora of poisonous adjuvants, in order to generate an immune system shock, for maximal vaccine effect.

Then there are the Gates linkages between Gates and both Communist China at one evil end and Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci at the U.S. government end. Fauci participated with exquisite timing, along with the ChiComs and their controlled World Health Organization, to poo-poo any significant COVID-19 dangers long enough to spread the disease rampantly, and then focused his efforts upon the falsely founded, universally cataclysmic, election season lock-down, rather than truly protecting the vulnerable, especially the elderly who were at least effectively targeted for disease and death, by some Democrat governors, through their transfer of COVID-19 patients into nursing homes.

Since then, this globalist, Oligarch Sector: Bio-Tech has been responsible for suppressing the highly effective and inexpensive hydroxychloroquine cocktail prophylaxis and/or early treatment, has pushed China’s Remdesivir, a minor aid if at all, plus tortuous death by ventilator, and taken numerous measures including the lock-down, to slow the development of our herd immunity, which obviates an alleged need for the mega-lucrative vaccine.

All this paves the path for the Grand Vaccine Stratagem (with or without tracing and surveillance, with or without microdot bio-identification) as their predetermined Delphi Technique solution in process, all those slavish fetal cells churning and burning away, for it. A mass exercise in population reduction and racist eugenics? Let us not say these people are too virtuous for that; they push the abortion holocaust, worldwide.

We leave you with the above links and fresh Gatesian quotation. Dig in, pray like Hell’s just down the road (it always is, Heaven too), and warn your neighbors.

I will probably add further pertinent information in Gulag Bound’s comments section over the next few days. Please be invited to do so as well.


Cloward-Piven Strategy Resurgence in the Form of BLM and ANTIFA Led Riots

By: Jason Brown | Gulag Bound

Richard Andrew Cloward and Francis Fox Piven are two names that are largely unfamiliar to the average American, but their historical relevance is being seen all over the country today as we watch civil unrest in the form of riots ensue.  The Cloward-Piven strategy is well known among modern-day revolutionaries including democratic socialists. These two individuals have long been members of the Democratic Socialists of America.

This strategy has origins all the way back to 1965 when there were riots in Los Angeles that started after LAPD Officers attempted to subdue a man that was suspected of drunk driving using batons. In 1966, Cloward and Piven produced an article entitled “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty.” It was published in the May 2. 1966 issue of The Nation.  After tens of thousands of reprints, many recognized this work as a strategy that could be utilized in a crisis.

The Cloward-Piven strategy made an argument that the elite ruling class was subduing the poor through a welfare system that kept those on the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder in check through appeasement. The rationale that was used here, was that oligarchs avoided rebellion by the poor through the implementation of an economic safety net.

The case to be made here was that the poor would only see progress when society was afraid of them. The plan here was to overload the system so that the system collapses. This then opens the door to the installment of a totalitarian regime to control the masses.  This strategy was conceived with an inherent hatred for capitalism and the desire to collapse our economic system.

Saul Alinsky was an inspiration for many early Cloward-Piven advocates.  Alinsky authored Rules for Radicals, a work that has inspired leftist revolutionaries for decades. Hillary Clinton was also very partial to this work by Alinsky and wrote her thesis for school using ideology and concepts from the book. Alinsky was introduced to Hillary by a Methodist Pastor that had befriended her and started pointing her in a direction that led her away from her conservative beliefs at the time.

Hillary was a Goldwater girl before turning to the dark side, so to speak.  Alinsky’s background takes us all the way back to Chicago in the age of prohibition as he rode along with Al Capone’s bag man, learning the ropes from the professionals. Alinsky took what he learned and formed his own qualities as an agitator, but chose to do so through strategic placement of individuals in positions of authority in the government, to take control from the inside.

The article that sparked the explosion of the Cloward-Piven strategy called for, “cadres of aggressive organizers” and to utilize “demonstrations to create a climate of militancy.” Controlled media efforts with sycophantic journalists are made to push the narrative. The only thing today that is different from the original intent of this strategy is that the application that we are seeing now is not related to the welfare system. The main objective still leads to the same end, overwhelming the system and forcing it into collapse. They are now trying to disband law enforcement and/or cut their funding.

We must acknowledge that there is an organized effort, by bad actors, foreign and domestic, that want to see the destruction of our republic. We cannot be intimidated by those that want to call us conspiracy theorists, or make fun of us and our “tin foil hats.” We have to speak truth to our elected officials and remind them that they work for us and that we are not their subjects.

Putting an end to these revolutionary insurgents is only possible if we recognize them for what they are. The first step to solving a problem is acknowledging that you have one. We need to be united as a people because together we are strong. When we are divided along lines of race, gender, sexual orientation, and political ideology we are weak as we fight each other, rather than push back against those that are doing the damage to this country. We need to realize this and stop sabotaging our fellow Americans.

Jason A Brown, a husband, father, and a practical nurse of 13 years holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security. He studies and applies arenas of thought including sociology, philosophy, constitutional law, politics, and history.


Trump Hires “Bush’s Brain” to Lose to Biden

By: Cliff Kincaid

Karl Rove, also known as “Bush’s Brain,” is now advising the Trump 2020 presidential campaign and promoting Republican Senator Tim Scott’s push for federal “reform” of local police forces. This is a teaching moment. It tells us how Republicans sell out by pushing a “light” version of what the Democrats are pushing. It’s how the Democrats win by losing. They force the GOP to move left.

This is the same Karl Rove who predicted that Donald J. Trump could not win the 2016 presidential election.

Republicans like Karl Rove seem to think that capitulating to the revolutionaries, albeit on a slow-motion basis, is the right way to go. Grass-roots Republicans who support Trump don’t agree. One of them wrote to me through my website America’s Survival saying, “I live in a St. Paul, Minnesota, suburb and as I watched Minneapolis burn on Memorial Day weekend, I thought that I was watching what Detroit must have looked like in the ’60s… And yet, there hasn’t been ONE SINGLE Republican or conservative politician who has denounced what has or is currently going on via BLM [Black Lives Matter] or Antifa or whomever these loons are – NOT ONE! I am so sick and tired of the left taking advantage of us with no consequences whatsoever.”

A former George W. Bush strategist, Rove should have retired into oblivion after the Bush presidency exploded into America’s financial meltdown in 2008, ushering in the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. But after the disaster of the Bush presidency, the famous GOP strategist lost $300 million betting on a Mitt Romney victory in 2012. That’s the amount of money Rove sucked out of GOP donors to pour into ads for Romney and against Obama. Rove had advised Romney not to call Obama a socialist because there would be a backlash. Perhaps Romney didn’t need to be persuaded. These days he marches with the Marxist Black Lives Matter group.

In a challenge to Rove’s status as a political power broker in the Republican Party, conservative political consultants Larry Ward and Carter Clews once wrote an article calling  Rove “the political world’s pre-eminent empty-suit analyst” who wasted $300 million that could have been used to defeat Obama, elect real conservatives to Congress, and underwrite the activities of authentic conservative groups. They say Rove’s strategy of moving to the center and the left, in order to appeal to Obama voters, “drove away millions of hardcore conservative activists who form the base of the Republican Party.”

From his perch as a regular Wall Street Journal columnist and Fox News contributor, he has now maneuvered his way into the Trump campaign. His  latest column in the Wall Street Journal is about “police reform.”

While the Republicans attempt a pale imitation of Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats, the real issue in several cities is not “reform” but a lack of police. Jared Taylor of American Renaissance has pictures of the vandalism and damage to historical monuments in Richmond, Virginia, and was told by one officer, “We were told to hold back. You could have burned every car in the city and we wouldn’t have done anything.” In Seattle, the “new nation” of CHAZ, which is a cop-free zone, is in its 8th day. In Minneapolis, where it all started, a police precinct was burned down.

Police “reform” is simply one step in the agenda to federalize and even internationalize America’s local police.  Rather than push back, President Trump keeps repeating “Law and Order,” and his campaign sends messages to his supporters sometimes three or four times a day asking for money.  It’s President Trump’s birthday, they say. Send money. “He works so hard for America.” His son Eric Trump bombards one of his wayward supporters with such messages as, “I’m reading over the list of patriotic supporters who stepped forward to help my father’s Senate allies reach their May [fundraising] goal. Even though my brother, Mitch McConnell, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Karl Rove all reached out MULTIPLE times – you still didn’t help.” The tag line is “We failed.”

Well, many Trump supporters think the president has failed to follow through on his promise to restore “Law and Order.”

“Rove said he is friends with Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, and that Parscale calls him from time to time,” The Hill newspaper reported.  Other sources say Rove is helping Trump’s 2020 bid by focusing on voter outreach and swing-state strategy.

Parscale has been criticized for a lavish lifestyle that includes a $2.4 million beachfront mansion, a yacht, and a Ferrari.

For his part, Rove is skilled at blaming others for his own bad advice. After Romney’s defeat, Rove blamed the Romney campaign for not responding aggressively to attacks on the Republican presidential nominee. But his close friend and associate, Ed Gillespie, was a top Romney adviser. Gillespie lost the Virginia Governor’s race in 2017 to Ralph “Blackface” Northam.

“I thought Trump was the man who would take charge of this current situation and shut it down,” said one Trump supporter. “Instead, he has dithered the offensive position away and is forever going to be on defense, with no one having his back. Congressional Republicans are the most worthless excuse for spineless jellyfish there ever were.”

Such voices do not have much clout in Washington, D.C. circles. They do not read Karl Rove’s column in the Wall Street Journal. But they are the voices of those who elected Trump in the first place. They can arm themselves, install security cameras, and stay home in November.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org.


Fundamental Transformation

The Contemplative Observer

It’s happening. Right before our very eyes. The final chapter of the World Revolution, by communists, referred to as “World October.” is upon us!

As the countries of the West are still struggling to contain the Chinese-orchestrated pandemic and are desperately trying to get their grounded economies back running, the spiral of calculated escalation has moved on to the next stage: the instigation of chaos (possibly civil war) as a means to bring down the rule of law and government itself. These are not spontaneous protests against a “systemic racism” that doesn’t even exist (certainly not in the United States). This is a coordinated attack on nothing less than the constitutional foundations of the American Republic, carried out by Moscow/Beijing-directed communists (sailing under whatever banner) and reminiscent of every communist revolution in history (including the French Revolution, by the way).

With so much at stake – it’s now a matter of life or death! – one would expect the U.S. federal government (as well as state- and local governments) to act swiftly and rigorously to protect the country and its citizenry from otherwise certain destruction.

But not so. The President appears to be isolated in his wanting to stamp out the flames of insurrection with full force (and has meanwhile retracted). He is surrounded by appeasers and worse, while a new, revolutionary spirit has taken hold of the land, that goes way beyond mere appeasement (mind, appeasement to anarcho-communists): a spirit of flat-out submission. America appears to have lost, virtually overnight, its pride and self-esteem, and instead, kneels down before political radicals intent on creating a communist America. If one takes into account that quite a number of states and big cities are under the control of Democrat politicians who are in fact (like former President Obama) communists, it becomes clear why these people support the burning and looting and even call for defunding, if not abolishing, the police and opening the prisons: Both are more-than-obvious revolutionary demands designed to bring about a total collapse, a reign of terror (and/or civil war), and ultimately a military invasion by China and Russia.

We are now witnessing an America in its death-throes. The “land of the free and the home of the brave.” that has so greatly inspired (and attracted) so many people from all over the world, that great experiment of “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” that “shining city on a hill,” is in mortal danger (and with it, the whole of the free world, if not to say: Christian civilization altogether). Once a bright and hopeful place “from sea to shining sea,” it is today threatened, particularly from those same shores, by a generation that no longer identifies with America; that believes in the hoax of anthropogenic global warming; that believes in an inflated socialist nanny state; in “economic redistribution” (read: expropriation, and it’s coming); ultimately, in Marx and Engels and all the rest of them. With several generations in a row indoctrinated in schools and universities by Marxist infiltrators, there has occurred a silent, gradual, but nonetheless colossal, paradigm shift.

And there is no sufficient alarm, even now. At least, about whence the attack is coming. After all, an overwhelming majority (including, sadly, America’s political and economic elite) swallowed the bait of “collapsible communism” and of the “great investment prospects in the East” thirty years ago. America’s suspected “victory of the Cold War” was prematurely carved in stone; Gorbachev, and then Yeltsin, were hailed as honest democrats (rather than understood as unchanged communists). America and the West got quickly caught up in the overall lie of a “defunct USSR” and a “defunct communist bloc.” Nothing could have been further from the truth. The communist world even massively expanded its global influence post-1991, precisely because the West saw no communist threat anymore! (Enter: South Africa; Venezuela; Nicaragua; the Congo; Nepal – not to mention the EEC’s odd transformation into a much more centralized political union, only weeks after the “demise” of the Soviet Union). One who certainly must have been in the know was President Clinton, a man far less “moderate” than it seemed. Both his predecessor and his successor, the two Bushes, appeared to conveniently see and hear no evil. In fact, Bush the Younger even notoriously said at his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin – less than three months prior to the Moscow-directed false-flag attack of 9/11 – that he had been able “to get a sense of his [i.e., Putin’s] soul.” Bush the Father, on Christmas Day 1991 when Gorbachev declared the Soviet Union dissolved, celebrated the event as “a victory for democracy and freedom”. How wrong he was! It’s been a continuous process of sinking ever deeper into an ocean of lies and deceit. And here we are: The communists, Barack Obama not the least among them, had been organizing and preparing for this present moment for a long time. Their vision of “fundamentally transforming the United States” (as expressed by Obama in a campaign speech shortly before the 2008 presidential election) has more than ever become a very real possibility.

Unmatched Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn warned in his 1984 reference work, New Lies for Old:

The communist bloc, with its recent accretions in Africa and South-East Asia, is already strong. European-backed Soviet influence and American-backed Chinese influence could lead to new Third World acquisitions at an accelerating pace. Before long, the communist strategists might be persuaded that the balance had swung irreversibly in their favor. In that event, they might well decide on a Sino-Soviet “reconciliation.” The scissors strategy [i.e., the fake Sino-Soviet split that began after 1960] would give way to the strategy of “one clenched fist.”

At that point, the shift in the political and military balance would be plain for all to see. Convergence [of East and West] would not be between two equal parties but would be on terms dictated by the communist bloc. The argument for accommodation with the overwhelming strength of communism would be virtually unanswerable. Pressures would build up for changes in the American political and economic system on the lines indicated in Sakharov’s treatise. Traditional conservatives would be isolated and driven toward extremism. They might become the victims of a new McCarthyism of the left. The Soviet dissidents who are now extolled as heroes of the resistance to Soviet communism would play an active part in arguing for convergence. Their present supporters would be confronted with a choice of forsaking their idols or acknowledging the legitimacy of the new Soviet regime. […]

In the new worldwide communist federation the present different brands of communism would disappear, to be replaced by a uniform, rigorous brand of Leninism. The process would be painful. Concession made in the name of economic and political reform would be withdrawn. Religious and intellectual dissent would be suppressed. Nationalism and all other forms of genuine opposition would be crushed. Those who had taken advantage of détente to establish friendly Western contacts would be rebuked or persecuted like those Soviet officers who worked with the allies during the Second World War. In new communist states – for example, in France, Italy, and the Third World – the “alienated classes” would be reeducated. Show trials of “imperialist agents” would be staged. Actions would be taken against nationalist and social-democratic leaders, party activists, former civil servants, officers, and priests. The last vestiges of private enterprise and ownership would be obliterated. The nationalization of industry, finance, and agriculture would be completed. In fact, all the totalitarian features familiar from the early stages of the Soviet revolution and the postwar Stalinist years in Eastern Europe might be expected to reappear, especially in those countries newly won for communism. Unchallenged and unchallengeable, a true communist monolith would dominate the world.

Also in 1984, Yuri Bezmenov, another interesting Soviet defector, reminded America of nearing disaster:

The next stage [after years and decades of  (1) demoralization and  (2) destabilization], of course, is a crisis. It may take only up to six weeks to bring a country to the verge of crisis, you can see it in Central America now. – And after the crisis, with a violent change of power structure and economy, you have, so-called, the period of ‘normalization’; it may last indefinitely. ‘Normalization’ is a cynical expression borrowed from Soviet propaganda: when the Soviet tanks moved into Czechoslovakia in ’68, Comrade Brezhnev said, ‘Now the situation in brotherly Czechoslovakia is normalized.’ This is what will happen in the United States if you allow all these schmucks to bring the country to crisis, to promise people all kind of goodies and the paradise on earth, to destabilize your economy, to eliminate the principle of free-market competition, and to put a big-brother government in Washington, DC,  with benevolent dictators like Walter Mondale who will promise lots of things, never mind whether the promises are fulfilled or not; he will go to Moscow to kiss the bottoms of a new generation of Soviet assassins, never mind, he will create false illusions that the situation is under control. The situation is not under control. The situation is disgustingly out of control! Most of the American politicians, media, and educational systems are training another generation of people who think they are living in peacetime. False! The United States is in a state of war; undeclared, total war against the basic principles and the foundations of this system! And the initiator of this war is not Comrade Andropov, of course. It’s the system; however ridiculous it may sound: the World Communist System, or the World Communist Conspiracy! Whether I scare some people or not, I don’t give a hoot; if you are not scared by now, nothing can scare you! – But, you don’t have to be paranoid about it. – What actually happens now that, unlike myself, you have literally several years to live on, unless the United States wakes up. The time bomb is ticking. With every second – tick, tick – the disaster is coming closer and closer. Unlike myself, you will have nowhere to defect to – unless you want to live in Antarctica with penguins. This is it; this is the last country of freedom and possibility.

J. R. Nyquist, who in this author’s opinion is America’s most profound political analyst today, wrote in his 1998 groundbreaking book, Origins of the Fourth World War:

During the 1940s Joseph A. Schumpeter characterized the typical American attitude toward Soviet Russia: “Let Russia swallow one or two more countries, what of it? Let her be well supplied with everything she needs and she will cease to frown. After twenty years the Russians will be just as democratic and pacific as are we – and think and feel just as do we. Besides, Stalin will be dead by then.”

Each decade, however, has found us rolled back by communist takeovers in places like Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, China, Angola, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Tibet, Afghanistan, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and now, more recently, Zaire; and by the infallible progress of men like Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, and – dare we say? – Nelson Mandela. Soviet socialism ebbs and flows unlike anything we’ve seen before. Take for example the year 1941, when Hitler decimated the Red Army. Yet the Red Army rose phoenix-like out of the ashes. One recalls Lenin’s political and military disasters, like the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and the Soviet invasion of Poland. We remember Khrushchev’s harebrained scheming and his break with Maoist China. But each Soviet disaster is transformed, over time, into victory; e.g., the collapse of Brest-Litovsk, the communization of Poland, and finally, a new coziness with China. The Soviet talent for resurgence must be taken into account. To find resilience as great as this, there is only the example set by the Romans after Cannae. But is Russia, like Rome, destined for a world empire? We cannot be sure. All we know is that Russia, whatever comparisons we incline to, proves to be a special entity following a law of development all its own. Perhaps Schumpeter was on to something when he wrote: “The Russian century once started may run its course almost of itself.” Why? Because Russian foreign policy has purpose, energy, style, depth; while American foreign policy is rambling, sentimental, and shallow. This gives a tremendous advantage to Russia and very little to America. The American people want prosperity, not imperial burdens. At heart we are isolationists. Therefore, the most dangerous event of all is this recent and apparent collapse of the Soviet Empire. For should the Soviet Union, as the phoenix, once again rise out of the ashes, we shall be compelled to rise out of ashes of our own.

And what are the various analysts and commentators saying today, as the situation is ever more spiraling out of control?

J. R. Nyquist (To the Americans Who Are on Their Knees, June 4, 2020):

We are near the end of the Republic. A revolution has begun and no decisive counter-revolutionary actions have been ordered. Why has this happened? Because we have been psychologically and linguistically disarmed.

For example: — The oath of allegiance of federal officials is to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic; but if we refuse to acknowledge the existence of enemies, if we cannot name our enemies, no defense will be possible. And this is the one thing, above all, that has been forbidden: We are not allowed to name our enemies.

Trevor Loudon (Cities Burn, but None Dare Call It Communist Insurrection, June 6, 2020):

In the past few days, several cities have seen chaotic rioting. Cars and buildings have been torched, looting is rampant and even the Third Police Precinct in Minneapolis was burned as officers abandoned the building. More is to come.

The protests ostensibly began because of the death of George Floyd during an arrest. Systemic racism and police brutality, leftist pundits argue, is to blame.

Some leftists are claiming, as they did during the Occupy Wall Street movement, that the protests have been hijacked by a violent element intent on discrediting the movement.

Conservative commentators, on the other hand, speak of frustration and rage, of a reaction to the claustrophobia of weeks on end lockdown.

They all miss the mark.

The violence since the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis is a communist-inspired insurrection — nothing more, nothing less.

Cliff Kincaid (The Law and Order President Is Failing America, June 11, 2020):

Millions of people depending on Trump’s Twitter feed for the blunt truth are now getting a lot of empty threats.

As this column is being written, Trump has sent out another “Law and Order” Tweet demanding that the authorities in Washington State and the city of Seattle restore law and order. In defiance, they told him to return to his White House bunker. Trump looks weak.

Trump threatened to restore law and order through the Insurrection Act and when his own Secretary of Defense Mark Esper undercut him, he backed off. Who is in charge anyway? Now, Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark A. Milley has in effect denounced Trump for including him in that photo-op in front of the church. Why does Milley still have a job? This seems like a “Seven Days in May” scenario where the top brass revolt against their Commander-in-Chief.

In the movie, the president wins. In real life, who knows?

Tucker Carlson, Fox News, June 5, 2020: The Cultural Revolution has come to America (8 min.):

Glenn Beck, June 11, 2020: CULTURAL REVOLUTION: America’s new religious devotion to race wars, division & silencing dissenters:

But you can also take it straight from the horse’s mouth:

What does this all leave us with? Communism is about to have its great and murderous day of harvest. Two things we should now focus on: On the spiritual level: repentance and prayer. On the practical level: preparation. The rest we have to leave up to our God and Lord, in Whose hands-only our entire fate rests (for better or worse). Psalm 34 may give us the strength and unwavering faith necessary for the days ahead:

I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad. O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together. I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed. This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles. The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them. O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. O fear the Lord, ye his saints: for there is no want to them that fear him. The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing. Come, ye children, hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the LordWhat man is he that desireth life, and loveth many days, that he may see good? Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile. Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it. The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry. The face of the Lord is against them that do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth. The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles. The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all. He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken. Evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate. The Lord redeemeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate.


Pelosi Kneels Before BLM Wearing Scarf Honoring Slavery

By: Daniel John Sobieski

If you try to wear a Mexican sombrero or an Indian headdress on Halloween or to a costume party, liberals will try to shame you with the charge of  “cultural appropriation” or stealing someone’s culture for personal benefit. Yet House Speaker Nancy Pelosi found no shame in wearing historic African dress, namely  Kente cloth stoles, for her personal political benefit

and that of the Democratic caucus to allegedly mourn the murder of George Floyd. When President Trump walks to a church burned by Black Lives Matter terrorists, liberals call it a “photo-op”. When Pelosi trolls for votes bt exploiting a racially charged murder, it is called being “woke”.

Pelosi could have al least dome her homework before donning the African garb but liberals and Democrats are woefully ignorant of the racial history of America, including slavery. Democrats talk a lot about slavery but all they have succeeded in doing with their power is to move African-Americans to a different plantation. And there they were, in all their pandering glory, wearing the scarves of slave traders:

These scarves were traditionally worn by the wealthy land-owners and dignitaries of the Ashanti (or Asante) tribes of what is now known as Ghana. They were made of silk, making them not only rare but also symbolic of wealth. More importantly, they were adorned by those who were involved in the pervasive slave trade the wealthy of the Ashanti tribe embraced.

You read that right. The elite in the Ashanti tribe who wore these stoles throughout history were slave owners and even slave traders. They were a scourge throughout the reason, taking people from tribes they would conquer and selling them as slaves. According to Wikipedia:

The Ashanti live in Ashanti specifically in Ashanti capital Kumasi metropolis and due to the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, a known diaspora of Ashanti exists in the Caribbean, particularly in Jamaica. Slaves captured by the Ashantis and sold to the British and the Dutch along the coasts were sent to the West Indies, particularly Jamaica, Barbados, Netherlands Antilles, British Virgin Islands. the Bahamas etc. Ashanti are known to be very opposed to both the Fante and the British people, as the Ashanti only traded with the Dutch in times of their ascension to becoming a hegemony of most of the area of present-day Ghana.

Blacks trading in black slaves is a historical fact that goes unmentioned by Democratic leaders along with other historical facts such as the fact that the first resistance movement against a Republican president had a name. Oy was called The Confederacy. The irony is that most of those statues being torn down and beheaded are of Democrats who were mad that Republicans led by Abraham Lincoln freed those Democrats considered their property.

Before she and her colleagues knelt in supplication for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the length of time a rogue cop held his knee on George Floyd’s neck, Pelosi piously pandered:

“We are here to observe that pain,” Pelosi said. “We are here to respect the actions of the American people to speak out against that, specifically manifested in police brutality. We are here to honor George Floyd.”

Pelosi read the names of Floyd and other African-Americans killed in police actions, and she invited her fellow Democrats to call out names she may have missed. (In remarks after the 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence, she described the black men as “martyrs.”)…

Democrats in both the House and Senate are about to introduce national police reform legislation called the “Justice in Policing Act.”…

“We cannot settle for anything less than transformative, structural change,” Pelosi said. She also called for the demilitarization of police.

Of course, if Pelosi wanted transformative change she could have called for the election of Republicans in jurisdictions that have been run by liberal progressive Democrats for decades. For the most part, we are talking about police misconduct, real and alleged, are in states rum bt Democratic governors and cities run by Democratic mayors working with Democratic city councils, mayors who appoint the police chiefs responsible for the hiring, training, and discipline of their police departments.  White privilege? How about Democrat privilege? As Bob Woodson, founder of the Woodson Center, told Tucker Carlson on Fox News:

“In the past 50 years, $22 trillion has been spent on poverty programs. Seventy percent goes not to the poor but those who serve poor people,” he said. “So many of those people taking office use this money to create a class of people who are running these cities, and now after 50 years of liberal Democrats running the inner cities, where we have all of these inequities that we have, race is being used as a ruse, as a means of deflecting attention away from critical questions such as, why are poor blacks failing in systems run by their own people? It’s more class than it is race … and now race is being used to deflect attention away from the failures of people running those institutions. The question is why are black kids failing in school systems run by their own people?”

“When Eric Holder was a U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C., a lot of young people were shot by the police, but they were black police shooting black kids, and not one was prosecuted,” he continued. “But there was no public outcry because as long as illegality or evil wears a black face, then it escapes detection and that’s what’s wrong with looking life through the prism of race. I don’t know what systemic racism is. Maybe someone can explain what that means.”

If black lives matter, then so do black livelihoods as inner-city businesses are burned to the ground. Before the pandemic and the riots, black unemployment was at a historic low as Trump’s Opportunity Zones brought needed investment and opportunity to the inner city.  If black lives matter, rioters should be outside Planned Parenthood under whose leadership black babies are being aborted at a disproportionate rate in pursuance of founder Margret Sanger’s dream of extinguishing the black race, It is Democrats, not racism or bad cops, that have historically held blacks back.

Notice that no one has demanded that statues of former Democrat Senator and KKK icon Robert Byrd be removed, statues honoring the hard-core former white nationalist Hillary Clinton once called her friend and mentor, including one prominently displayed in the West Virginia state capitol:

With the tearing down of confederate statues, removal of confederate flags, and the destruction of anything from America’s past that is controversial or downright deplorable, one statue has managed to escape scrutiny from protesters.

It involves a U.S. Senator from West Virginia. A prominent, highly successful member of the Democrat party. And a mentor to the woman who almost became President of the United States.

He also happens to be a former card-carrying member of the KKK. In fact, he created his own chapter along with 150 of his friends and colleagues.

Where is the outrage and destruction of this statue?

That is former Senator Robert Byrd who was once elected a top officer – the Exalted Cyclops, whatever the hell that is – in the local Klan unit in the early 1940s.

He is a man who once vowed never to fight in the military along with “race mongrels” or “with a negro by my side.”

After his passing, Hillary Clinton eulogized Byrd in a 2010 video in which she called him “my friend and mentor.”

The alt-left’s historical amnesia omits the fact that it was Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat of West Virginia and former “Grand Kleagle” with the Ku Klux Klan, who holds the distinction of being the only Senator to have opposed the only two black nominees to the Supreme Court, Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas,  and led a 52-day filibuster against this legislation.

Sen. Al Gore, the father of the former vice president, voted against the act, as did Sen. J. William Fulbright, to whom Bill Clinton dedicated a memorial, current senior Senator from South Carolina Ernest Hollings, Sen. Richard Russell and, of course, Sen. Strom Thurmond, who was a Democrat at that time.

Booker forgets that it was Democrats who unleashed the dogs and turned on the fire hoses on civil rights marchers. It was Democrats who stood in the schoolhouse door and are still standing there by opposing school choice and trapping minority children in failing schools. It was Democrats who blocked the bridge in Selma.

Booker’s amnesia omits the fact that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would never have been possible without Republican leadership. Not only was that legislation a personal victory for Illinois Republican Sen. Everett Dirksen, then-Senate Minority leader, Republicans in both the House and Senate also supported the measure in far greater percentages than Democrats. Only six GOP Senators voted against the act, compared with 21 Democrats. The party of Abraham Lincoln beat back the fire hoses and dogs of the party of Robert Byrd. As one pundit put it, the Democrats should know a lot about Jim Crow laws, since they are the ones who wrote them.

The alt-left talks of white nationalism but ignores the true character of movements like Black Lives Matter.  Not long ago, as the Daily Caller reported and a video showed:

Black Lives Matter protesters marching on the Minnesota state fair on Saturday spewed violent anti-cop rhetoric just hours after a Harris County, Tex. sheriff’s deputy was ambushed and executed at a Houston-area gas station.

“Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” activists with the St. Paul, Minn. branch of Black Lives Matter chanted while marching behind a group of police officers down a highway just south of the state fairgrounds.

The Democrats are the party of Jim Crow, slavery, Jim Crow, and the KKK. So the next time Pelosi takes a knee and can’t get up she’d better fact-check her history first.

* Daniel John Sobieski is a former editorial writer for Investor’s Business Daily and freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in Human Events, Reason Magazine, and the Chicago Sun-Times among other publications.


Oprah is a Leftist Trojan Horse

By: Lloyd Marcus

Discovery networks carried Oprah Winfrey’s “OWN Spotlight: Where Do We Go From Here?”  The description of the show says, “Conversation with Black thought leaders to answer imperative questions and give tangible action plans to address systemic racism.”

The sanctimonious tone of the propaganda TV show was extremely stomach-turning, especially since it is rooted in the huge leftist lie that America is systemically racist.  Obviously, Oprah believes that conservative “black thought” is not relevant because the entire panel for her discussion was black extreme leftists.  Oprah banning conservative blacks from her discussion is as racist and insulting to blacks as Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden saying, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Oprah hit the national scene as an I’m-every-woman kind of gal.  The stout, dark-complexioned black woman was embraced by millions of women of all races.  In reality, Oprah is a Trojan horse.  Hidden inside her black-skin exterior is an extreme leftist operative whose mission is to turn Americans away from biblical Christianity, away from traditional marriage and family, and away from patriotism.  Oprah supports Democrats’ desire to transform America into a socialist/communist country.

Oprah produced Selma, a movie about the early civil rights movement. To promote her film, Oprah ranted, absurdly claiming that blacks are suffering the same cruelty and discrimination today as they did in the 1950s.  Did I dream that white America elected a black guy president and gifted him two terms?

While falsely demonizing and scolding America for being a racist nation, Oprah owes her extraordinary wealth and success to the goodness of white America.  Blacks are only 13% of the U.S. population.  Therefore, as of 2020, white America made Oprah’s net worth $2.6 billion.

Oprah is exploiting George Floyd to further her fellow progressives’ far-left-radial agenda.  If she really cares about blacks, Oprah would focus on addressing out-of-control black-on-black homicides in cities controlled by Democrats.  As a true advocate for blacks, Oprah would focus on ending generational poverty, gangs, drugs, and incarcerations due to fatherless households.  Sixty-five percent of black kids grow up in fatherless households, which is the highest of all races in the United States.

Oprah should be encouraging blacks to accept total responsibility for their lives and stop sleeping with their enemy, the Democratic Party.  America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to pursue their dreams.  Anything else is a lie.  Insidiously, Oprah blames every problem plaguing black Americans on white Christians, conservatives, and Republicans who are minding their own business, earning a living, and paying their taxes.

Oprah and her Democratic Party love Planned Parenthood, which was founded by racist Margaret Sanger.  Sanger believed that blacks are inferior and wanted to protect society from “the unfit.”  Still targeting black babies, 70% of Planned Parenthood abortion shops are in black neighborhoods.  While black women are only 14% of the childbearing population, 36% of aborted babies are black.  Why don’t Oprah and Democrats give a rat’s derrière about those black lives?

Oprah’s Democratic Party relentlessly attacks charter schools, where urban black students perform outstandingly.  Why?  The dirty little secret is Democrats are throwing black students under the bus to appease the teacher unions and keep them voting for Democrats.  Also, Democrats want our kids in government-controlled public schools, where they can indoctrinate them into becoming social justice warriors and instill the LGBT agenda, anti-Americanism, anti-Christianity, and anti-capitalism.

Minorities make up two-thirds of charter school enrollment nationwide.  Joe Biden vows that if elected president, he will shut them down, robbing black parents of choices.  Oprah is totally on board with Joe Biden’s agenda.

How dare Oprah, her fellow Democrats, and fake news media look down at us from their sinking-sand platform of moral superiority, lecturing us about how black lives matter when everything they have done, are doing, and desire to do harms blacks?

Oprah and her panel of black far-left-radicals’ condemnation of America and demands for new entitlement programs are so abhorrent that they must be summarily rejected.  We must not fall for their morally superior intellectual-sounding gobbledygook.  They are wicked people who are exploiting the death of a black man to transform America into their dream socialist, progressive, and communist heaven.

Folks, the worst thing we can do is pander, shut up, and physically or emotionally kneel to Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  Both are nothing more than evil leftist hate groups.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” —Edmund Burke

Folks, together, we can defeat them.  God bless America.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Image credit: Aphrodite-in-NYC via Wikimedia Commons.