The Gates To Gehenna

By: Tabitha Korol

Gehenna, in both Judaism and Christianity, means hell.1 Bill Gates openly admits that he is a globalist and eugenicist working toward the New World Order. He has a plan to mass vaccinate and depopulate the planet by 10% to 15%. Which may suggest to alert minds that his vaccinations will not improve life, but eliminate life. Bill Gates’s Quantum Dot Vaccine will have an enzyme called Luciferase. With injection into a human, it will “mark” the person like cattle, and be trackable.2 The patent application filed by Microsoft Technology Licensing, LCC, and registered on 26 March 2020, is WO/2020/060606, known as “6663 and titled, “Cryptocurrency system using body activity data.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and its role and goal

There have always been voices aiming to abolish national sovereignty for globalism – a Master Plan for world conquest. In addition to the discernible despots, you have the self-defined intellectual elites – the enlightened ones. Their world government would guarantee protection for the submissive or unaware in exchange for their freedom and human dignity.

Bill and Melinda Gates, aided and abetted by the Obama administration, led the way in destroying public education, turning out undereducated Marxists with the Common Core curriculum.

It also oversexualizes the children toward transgendering, demeaning the boys for toxic masculinity, their virility, and desire to father the next generation with the anticipated result of depopulation, Gates’s ultimate purpose. His foundation for depopulation, with Warren Buffet’s $30 billion donation for funds, contributes to engineering millions, perhaps billions, of human casualties and tragedies.

Discriminatory lockdowns

If the global warming panic and the gender madness failed to subdue us effectively, the coronavirus, COVID-19, fortuitously, if not purposely created to deliver the scare tactics, continues the assault. Inexperienced epidemiologists were suddenly in authority, spouting severe cautionary statements, only to change them the following week. This is an American, even a World, First to force-quarantine the healthy, using carefully manipulating behaviors. All but “necessary” businesses were shut down indefinitely, some open under strict conditions. The elite in the limelight remained well-coiffed and free to conduct their own affairs.

More harm than good – by design

To the false goals of flattening the curve and bogus fatality rates, power-seekers added new prohibitions. Having achieved submission, despotic governors issued additional senseless proclamations, varying in type, intensity, and duration, that turned:

  • Long-term care facilities into virus breeding grounds,
  • Workforces into depressed unemployed,
  • Some homebound into spousal abusers, and
  • The desperate into suicides.

School closings may have caused irreparable damage to the children who, left on their own, would fall further behind the studious and gifted. Many businesses closed their doors forever, and major industries – travel, real estate, construction, and more – suffered serious financial effects.

Bill Gates and his mad doctor, Anthony S. Fauci

Dr. Antony Fauci, “respected” epidemiologist, immunologist, and member of Gates’s Leadership Council issued many directives based on available data, only to modify them later, with the media adding to the hysteria. Dr. Stephen M. Smith, a widely respected infectious disease specialist, called hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) a “game-changer,” a safe, effective treatment for COVID-19. The FDA had ruled it safe for the last half-century. In April, a poll of 62,000 physicians in 30 countries found HCQ to be the best drug available to treat this virus – used in conjunction with azithromycin, zinc and Vitamin D. But Fauci endorsed remdesivir, a failing antiviral drug having significantly higher mortality rates (5%), but also a significantly higher profit margin.

The naysayer publishes clear contrary evidence

Peter R. Breggin, MD, has now published his findings, “Fauci’s Remdesivir: Inadequate to Treat COVID-19 and Potentially Lethal.” Adverse reactions may include lung damage – respiratory failure or acute respiratory distress syndrome. Five percent of patients develop a life-threatening decline in condition. Fauci clandestinely ended a double-blind clinical trial “to let the placebo group know so they can have access to remdesivir.” However, since the drug:

  • Was not saving lives,
  • Had serious effects from earlier trials, and
  • Had disappointing and controversial results,

“Fauci may have needlessly endangered the lives of the placebo patients by unleashing remdesivir upon them.” Fauci’s research is considered worthless, “except to raise serious doubts about the drug’s hidden safety profile.” Lancet reported the drug’s potential increased damage to the lungs.

Fauci changes definitions

Through the duration of the trial, Fauci must have realized that his drug was not going to reduce the mortality rate or even lead to complete recovery. When success criteria were dropped, the primary marker became “time to recovery.” Fauci then “reinvented the concept of recovery” to include patients who remain hospitalized or at home, requiring oxygen and needing to limit their activities – to get his desired results. We further learn that of Fauci’s 50 committee members who set treatment guidelines, nine had financial ties to Giliad, the manufacturer of remdesivir, the drug Fauci is peddling. The FDA removed the less profitable HCQ as an option with no verifiable statistics; remdesivir is in use today.

The corrupt Veterans Administration study claimed to show HCQ useless and dangerous. The media ridiculed President Trump’s treatment of hydroxychloroquine. But frontline physicians around the world contend their studies have shown it to be an “astonishingly effective … miracle drug!”

The public fear redounds to the Gate goal

Inaccurate “statistics,” the lockdowns and job losses to ruin the economy, made many people fearful. So much so that it triggered neuroses, obsessive behavior, anger, and cruelty. Face masks are still a requirement, although Dr. Fauci admitted their purpose was primarily for psychological reassurance. For some, they cause anxiety, PTSD, claustrophobia, and exacerbate asthma, headaches, and respiratory issues. The masks and media perpetuate the fear, keep the public eager for vaccinations, and prevent specific rallies and in-person voting. The public is in limbo, their lives on hold, eagerly awaiting a “blessed” vaccination.

Bill Gates, his elite allies, and his desperate foot soldiers

The millions of out-of-school students and lockdown-unemployed are free to:

  • Become Bill Gates’s willing army of contact tracers for an illusion of safety, and
  • Ensure that his vaccinations are implemented according to his plan.

To what end? To:

  • Collect data and encourage people to tattle on others,
  • Keep the public vulnerable and acquiescent while demanding his vaccine of choice for the trillion-dollar industry, as well as to:
  • Destroy our America for the One World the elites covet.

The globalist crème include:

  • Bill and Melinda Gates,
  • The Soros foundations,
  • Hillary Clinton,
  • The Rockefeller Foundation,
  • Carnegie Corp.,
  • The Ford Foundation,
  • Warren Buffet, and
  • 150 mainstream media outlets.

The immunity passport

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), representing 299 airlines, is the prime promoter of a global ID tracking system – contract tracing for an “Immunity Passport” for the right to travel. Sold as necessary for “the common good,” the passport is already operating in some states by the 13.5 IOS update on the iPhone. Gates’s control reaches wealth, policies, priorities, population, health, narratives, minds, land, industries, the rights to movement, and our future. He is involved with everything, and he is willing to risk other people’s lives.

How Bill Gates exerts his control and wants more

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As noted investigative journalists Corey’s Digs report, the WHO, UN, and Gates control:

Bill Gates intends to control the global population based on their immunity, as verified by the “digital certificate.” The $3 trillion coronavirus package submitted to Congress includes $75 billion for Nancy Pelosi’s COVID19 testing, tracing, and isolation program. Which is being marketed to governors across the country and already underway in Massachusetts.

About that contact tracing

Contact tracing, whose structure already exists for Partners in Health (PIH), with Chelsea Clinton on the board of trustees, has been well funded by Bill Gates. The program:

  • Is designed to investigate one’s personal life,
  • Includes quarantine camps and mandatory masks in public despite Dr. Fauci’s admission (above), and
  • Provides mobile units (contact tracing armies) that will seize and isolate anyone who tests positive.

The supporting programs:

  • Already exist in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, and North Carolina;
  • Are under discussion in California, Minnesota, and Maryland; and
  • Are planned for the rest of the world.

They judge President Trump a “national security risk” because Trump was going to “unravel vital ties across the Asia-Pacific region.” I take that to mean an impediment to Gates’s vaccination plans.

Where contact tracing now takes place

The contact tracing has begun. Washington state forces restaurants to keep daily logs of their customers – name, address, phone number, time of arrival. Indiana is outsourcing their tracing to Maximus, a 500-people staff at a cost of $43 million a year. California’s Governor Newsom has mandated masking and building a tracing army, a volunteer corps of 10,000. Michigan’s Governor Whitmer has already recruited 2,000 volunteer tracers. Tennessee has been housing the homeless during the pandemic, a forced quarantine. Wisconsin’s Supreme Court struck down the stay-at-home order and seizure of power, which would have had citizens detained and confined without the benefit of trial.

How Gates hopes to expand his control

Gates hopes to implement digital certificates, to obtain everyone’s virus and vaccination histories. He wants a “national tracking system,” a human “barcode,” to determine the person’s health, vaccination identity, and status. He assures us that this is merely for safety and convenience. That is, until it’s not, when he may desire the information’s value for other reasons, against our human and civil rights.

Bill Gates extends his unlimited wealth and reach far beyond travel, for credit, purchases, job opportunities, healthcare access. Lacking credentials, he transformed his self-image from software magnate into a visionary capable of defining the health of billions of people around the globe. As The Corbett Report notes, the Gates Foundation has spent tens of millions of dollars per year on media partnerships. The purpose: to boost his new image and his connections with global alliances and big pharmaceutical companies. This will earn him profits in the billions.

Gates helped to create:

  • Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance;
  • The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria;
  • Programs ostensibly to control ten tropical diseases;
  • The Global Financing Facility for Women, Children, and Adolescents;
  • Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations;
  • World Health Organization;
  • National Institute of Health;
  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,
  • Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security,
  • And more, including their pledge to “fight” coronavirus, with Dr. Gauci as representative.

His “philanthropy” of investing his Microsoft stock into his foundation, during the Decade of Vaccines, doubled to $103.1 billion; philanthropy becomes revenue.

Gates leveraging his acolytes to more control – and immunity from prosecution

The accolades Gates received for vaccines the world over led to:

  • Enormous profits for Big Pharma companies,
  • Greater control for the Gates Foundation over global health, and
  • Greater power for Bill Gates over the planet’s population.

He persuades us that we cannot return to normal until there’s a vaccine for all. Yet he acknowledges the risks:

  • The paralysis of 40 to 500 children, and
  • The paralysis of 490,000+ in India from the oral polio vaccines given between 2000 and 2017.

Therefore, he wants to advance legal immunity for the pharma companies. He continues to threaten our freedoms with impending doom in order to market his untested, experimental vaccinations to everyone on the planet.

Tragedy would be the undeniable result

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced 20% of human test subjects were severely injured from Gates-Fauci coronavirus vaccines by Moderna. Fauci was so confident that he waived ferret and primate studies. So 15 human guinea pigs suffered a serious adverse event within 43 days of receiving Moderna’s injections. A vaccine with those reaction rates could cause grave injuries in 1.5 billion humans if “every person on earth” receives it. Corey’s Digs assures that money is not the end goal of Gates’s “philanthropic” activities. It is also not control of only the health industry, but of the human population itself.

Further reading on Bill Gates, his history, and his plans

About the image

“Microsoft Bill Gates” by Masaru Kamikura is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Editor’s Notes

1 During the time of Christ’s Public Ministry, Jerusalem threw its garbage onto a municipal bonfire that never went out. The people called this bonfire Gehenna. Jesus used that name as an apt metaphor for hell.

2 In predicting such a regime, St. John of Jerusalem used the Greek word charagma, which means a cattle brand stamp.

3 The original Greek symbol consisted of the letters chi, xi, and stigma—which is the letter sigma at the end of a word. The Greeks used letters of their alphabet to stand in for numerals, as did the Hebrews. The numerical value of a letter depends on its position in the alphabet. The stigma form appears sixth in order, between epsilon and zeta. As an initialism instead of a number, chi-xi-stigma could stand for Christos, Xulon, Stauros—Christ on a wooden cross. Which suggests to an alert mind that whoever uses that symbol. presumes to stand in for Jesus Christ Himself.


‘People’s War:’ Pro-China Communists Claim Credit for ‘Sparking’ US Riots

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times

A protester fires fireworks at the police by the steps the State House during a protest against the death of George Floyd, in Boston, Mass., on June 2, 2020. (Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images)

Leaders of the pro-Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) have claimed credit for “the spark that has inflamed the world,” referencing the recent wave of rioting that has devastated several U.S. cities.

There’s also evidence that the Beijing-loyal FRSO was not just a catalyst for some of the most destructive civil unrest in U.S. history, but also laid the groundwork for and is playing an active role in maintaining momentum for the ongoing insurrection.

One of the most striking things about radical left movements is their ability to cause such great damage with comparatively minuscule numbers of agitators. Many of these individuals and organizations work relentlessly to bring about a revolution with little to no scrutiny.

A great example of this is reflected in a June 18 Facebook post by Chicago FRSO leader Joe Iosbaker, who wrote about his comrade Frank Chapman’s recent visit to Minneapolis. Readers are likely not aware of Frank Chapman, but everyone is familiar with the riots that he and his comrades take credit for “sparking” after decades of communist exploitation of race for revolutionary purposes and anti-police agitation.

The communist organizers could pass for a group of friends at a neighborhood barbeque, but their innocent appearance should not lull citizens into complacency.

Their leaders are trained Maoist revolutionaries.

“Frank Chapman is in Minneapolis/St. Paul today to meet with the movement that launched the nationwide rebellion in the wake of the police murder of #GeorgeFloyd,” Iosbaker proclaimed.

Accompanying photographs in the post highlighted Chapman giving a raised fist salute with several leaders of the Minneapolis-based FRSO front “Twin Cities Coalition 4 Justice 4 Jamar,” and also addressing a meeting of the organization.

In a June 20 Facebook post Chapman wrote:

“Part of my Juneteenth was spent in Minneapolis/St. Paul with the rebels that gave us the spark that has inflamed the world. I also visited the George Floyd Memorial and discovered in the park next to it this memorial cemetery created by the rebels for the far too many Black, Latinx, Indigenous, LGBTQ, and Trans people murdered by the police. … ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!”

The Twin Cities Coalition 4 Justice 4 Jamar was founded in late 2015 after 24-year-old black man Jamar Clark was fatally shot during a physical altercation with police (who were found to have acted in self-defense).

The coalition has played a major anti-police agitation role in Minneapolis since that time and was heavily involved in the protests that erupted after the May 25 death of George Floyd in police custody.

According to the Communist Party USA website People’s World:

“Community control of the Minneapolis police took a step toward that goal at a forum hosted by the Twin Cities Justice for Jamar Clark Coalition on Thursday, June 18. The Coalition has played a leading role in organizing protests and actions demanding justice for George Floyd.”

Key coalition leaders include FRSO comrades Loretta VanPelt and Jess Sundin, the wife of FRSO Political Secretary Steff Yorek.

Frank Chapman

In 1961, Frank Chapman was sentenced to life plus 50 years for armed robbery and murder in Missouri. In prison, Chapman became a Marxist-Leninist and a jailhouse lawyer. His cause was championed by the Communist Party USA.

As explained in a 2019 profile of Frank Chapman’s book, “The Damned Don’t Cry: Pages from the Life of a Black Prisoner and Organizer” by Joe Iosbaker:

“Through Freedomways magazine, started by leading Black Communist Party (CP) members Esther Jackson, Jack O’Dell and others, Chapman established movement contacts in the outside world. Over the years in prison, Freedomways and the Daily World, the CPUSA’s paper, published a number of his writings. Herschel Walker, the Black CP district organizer in Saint Louis, was the living link to the movement in Missouri, and started a defense committee to free Chapman.”

After the Communist Party leader and leftist icon, Angela Davis, was charged in connection to the murder of a California judge, the Communist Party formed the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (NAARPR), also referred to as the National Alliance, to campaign for her freedom. That alliance also fought for comrade Chapman to be released from prison.

“Chapman is very clear that it was the massive movement to free Angela Davis which paved the way to freedom for him and other political prisoners,” Iosbaker explained. “The National Alliance said Chapman was a political prisoner because he had started advocating for civil rights while in prison.”

Chapman explained in his book, as relayed by Iosbaker, that the National Alliance “helped free him,” and a grateful Chapman became the “leader of the Saint Louis chapter” after his release, “building it up through community and labor struggles to becoming one of the largest chapters in the country.” Eventually, the NAARPR dissolved, with some branches remaining open in Kentucky and Illinois.

After years as a Communist Party member, Chapman eventually joined the central committee of the Marxist-Leninist group Freedom Road Socialist Organization, where he’s “helping to guide and train a new generation of Black communists.”

The Re-founding of the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

In November 2019, the NAARPR was re-founded as a national organization at a gathering of 1,200 comrades in Chicago—Chapman was appointed chairman.

According to Chapman, interviewed for FightBack! News:

“Our call for the re-founding of the National Alliance was a direct response and a conscious intervention into a mass youth uprising that we can trace back to the murder of Trayvon Martin in 2012. Our young people became very agitated by how they were being ruthlessly and recklessly murdered by the system. The police said it was OK for Zimmerman to stalk and murder this teenager. That sparked a very powerful response and agitated into being organizations of young people such as Black Lives Matter, Dream Defenders, and Black Youth Project 100. This was the dawn of a new youth-led stage in the Black liberation movement.

“Coming into the present, police repression has continued to grow and intensify, bringing tens of thousands of people in the streets. … We had a new stirring in the Black community that had to be reckoned with. …”

When the NAARPR called a “May 30 National Day of Action” to protest George Floyd’s killing, FRSO front groups and allies nationwide responded to the call—including the Twin Cities Coalition 4 Justice 4 Jamar.

“We will be protesting to stop the racist murder and violence that this administration has willfully unleashed,” the National Day of Action invitation proclaimed in part. “Not only is the government standing by as COVID-19 ravages African American, Latinx, and Indigenous communities—inciting mass Black death with their calls to reopen the economy, but the police and racist vigilantes continue to brazenly hunt and kill Black folks while they sleep in their beds and on open roads in broad daylight.”

Taking a step back, Chapman made some very revealing statements in a November 2017 interview on the FightBack! News website on the rioting in Charlottesville, Virginia:

“You know, [Russian revolutionary Vladimir] Lenin talked about sparks. … A spark is a moment that agitates into existence a mass response to something that’s been done by the system that grossly violates human rights or intensifies human suffering. We have a spark with Charlottesville. Look at what’s happened: an anti-racist activist was maliciously murdered, and the response by people throughout the country has been massive.”

The death of George Floyd was just such a spark.

But a spark has to be fanned into a flame, and that was FRSO’s job. If it hadn’t happened in Minneapolis, it would have happened the next week in Georgia, or the week after in New York. Whatever the spark, these riots were long-planned for an election year.

Chapman continued:

“I’m not saying it was more massive than the response to Michael Brown, or Eric Garner, or Philando Castile. All those were massive responses. But this is different, because this involved the White House. This involved the president of the United States refusing to acknowledge the terrorist act that had been perpetrated that day. That’s what makes it qualitatively different.

“… Trump has told the police throughout the country that they can take off the velvet gloves, now’s the time for the iron fist. During his campaign, and his tenure in office, he’s been consistently beating the racist war drum. He’s calling down the thunder on our people.”

And this movement is clearly targeting the president, and the plan to tear down statues has been simmering since Charlottesville:

“For the movement, this is definitely a turning point. What makes this different than the other racist crimes that have been perpetrated, mostly involving the police, is that mostly there hasn’t been a clear target. The closest you came is ‘Jail killer cops.’ Or ‘Stop police crimes,’ ‘Stop police impunity.’ This movement has objectives with far deeper political implications.

“Take down all the Confederate statues. Take down all those vestiges of slavery that have been haunting our country ever since the Civil War. Take those down. And a direct frontal attack on white supremacy. Being led for the most part by white people. I think that’s a great beginning. Sometimes events make a breakthrough that the movement has been trying to make for years. ‘There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen,’ is how Lenin, leader of the Bolshevik Party put it. …

“There’s a new slogan in this movement: We are the majority. That does two things; it recognizes that Trump is a minority-elected president, but also saying that most people in the country don’t support his racist agenda. The left has been fighting for unity for decades, because potentially we knew it was there. But this is the first time that slogan has come out of a spontaneous uprising of masses of white people. Our task is now to unite the many in order to defeat the few.”

Charlottesville was indeed a breakthrough for the left. Pro-Chinese communists battled in the streets with pro-Putin white supremacists—President Trump and genuine conservatives in the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party were awarded the blame.

Bringing Down President Donald Trump

Charlottesville was one chapter in a long-running saga to bring down President Trump.

According to FightBack! News:

“In the aftermath of the dramatic 5,000-person protest that caused Trump to cancel his March 11 [2016] campaign appearance on the campus of the University of Illinois, Steff Yorek, the political secretary of Freedom Road Socialist Organization, urged progressive activists around the United States to follow Chicago’s example.

“‘We need two, three, many Chicagos,’ said Yorek. ‘Trump is an open advocate of racism and national chauvinism. Forcing Trump to chicken out of his Chicago campaign appearance was a real victory. Chicago protesters of all nationalities sent a message to the world, that here in the U.S. there is widespread and militant opposition to his reactionary agenda.’”

On Jan. 20, 2017, the day of President Trump’s inauguration, Yorek proclaimed at a Columbus Circle, Washington DC protest: “We need to stay in the streets the entire four years opposing Trump and making the country ungovernable.”

Naturally, election year would see an uptick in FRSO attacks on the president. Causing enough unrest and economic damage to defeat the president would be a huge victory for the FRSO—and would no doubt please their Chinese comrades.

The ‘People’s War’

FRSO is an openly Maoist organization and proudly follows the “line” of the CCP.

In May 2019, in response to President Trump placing tariffs on Chinese goods, CCP mouthpiece Xinhua News Agency published a strongly worded editorial stating that the United States was fighting for “greed and arrogance” while China fought to “defend legitimate rights and interests:”

“The trade war in the United States is the creation of one person and his administration who have swept along the entire population of the country. Whereas the entire country and all the people of China are being threatened. For us, this is a real ‘people’s war.’”

Most commentators naively thought that the term “people’s war” referred to trade. However, in Maoist ideology, “people’s war” carries a much wider and highly significant meaning.

Developed by Chairman Mao, the “people’s war” was a strategy whereby Maoist insurgents could use attrition and unconventional warfare to defeat much more powerful conventional armies.

Autonomous Zones as a ‘People’s War’ Strategy

In a rural setting like pre-1949 China, this meant luring government armies into rural areas and harassing them with guerilla warfare—never in direct battle. Eventually, the Maoists would take over certain rural areas and establish autonomous zones or guerilla-ruled counter governments. These would be gradually expanded until the countryside was controlled and the cities could be surrounded—then seized.

This strategy was followed successfully in China, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. It’s still being used today by the Maoist New People’s Army in the Philippines.

Does the people’s war strategy make sense of recent Maoist-inspired attempts to establish autonomous zones in several cities coupled with constant political and physical attacks on police?

The FRSO is well aware of the concept of people’s war, citing it on May 5, 2020, in their “45th anniversary of Vietnam’s victory over US imperialism,” which credits communists of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos with creating a “wave of activists who wanted to bring down U.S. imperialism and who decided to take up Marxism-Leninism” in the United States. “People’s China,” according to the article, “had a profound effect on the student, anti-war, Black, Chicano, Asian American and other oppressed nationality movements.” The FRSO bragged that they’re “carrying forward the best aspects of the new communist movement.”

Targeting President Trump, the article continued:

“45 years ago, Vietnam showed the world what was possible, and it is important to remember that today. Trump and his corporate backers are doomed. Capitalism is a failed system.

“It is like Mao said about the U.S. in the 1960s, ‘However, all reactionary forces on the verge of extinction invariably conduct desperate struggles. … And the revolutionary peoples are bound to meet with all kinds of difficulties before final victory. Nevertheless, all these difficulties can be surmounted, and no difficulty can ever obstruct the advance of the revolutionary people. Perseverance means victory.’”

In the late 1980s, a Maoist faction of the terrorist Irish Republican Army (IRA) tried to develop a new theory of people’s war, suitable for more advanced countries or urban settings.

As explained on the Facebook page Marxism-Leninism-Maoism Ireland, the idea was to destroy police stations in certain areas, which would then become governed by the IRA as occupied areas—from which to spread further insurrection:

“This strategy was devised by IRA commanders along the border as an attempt to implement Chairman Mao’s theory of Protracted People’s War to the concrete conditions in Ireland. …

“From 1985 onwards, the IRA in the border areas began to implement this strategy, attempting to create liberated zones, areas were the occupation forces were powerless and the Republican movement was in control.”

This strategy failed when its originators were killed in a British Army ambush while trying to blow up a police station. The more urbanized people’s war apparently lives on with modern Maoists.

The FRSO could be causing mayhem on the direct orders of the CCP or it could be acting autonomously in sympathy for the international revolutionary movement.

Either way, it’s clear that the FRSO thinks of itself as the instigator of the recent revolutionary wave and that their goal has only a little to do with “racial justice” and a lot to do with destroying President Trump and the global wave of patriotism and state sovereignty.

As America’s institutions have become heavily infiltrated, it’s not surprising that communist subversives are able to act freely. But Americans surely deserve a government with the political will to enforce existing laws that would thwart bad actors from destabilizing the United States, and the world.

Trevor Loudon is an author, filmmaker, and public speaker from New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist, and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics. He is best known for his book “Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress” and his similarly-themed documentary film “Enemies Within.” His recently published book is “White House Reds: Communists, Socialists & Security Risks Running for U.S. President, 2020.”


Christians: Pray for Immediate and Consistent Justice in America (Summer, 2020)

By: Arlen Williams | Gulag Bound

Initially attempting to introduce this short entry, I began to explain new developments in my own personal subject matter in and out of Gulag Bound. That was making this short entry long. Especially since this Independence Day marks our Ten Year Anniversary (Yay Gulag! Yay Bound! Yay what we still have of America going on…) I’ll save it for another entry.

The changes have to do with items such as this and my hope is that fellow believers in the Good News of Jesus Christ, along with the ongoing “Acts of the Apostles,” will find it of assistance. In the last few years, the Lord has turned up the dials on his gifts of prophecy and related affections of the Holy Spirit, something it is safe to say I have been looking into, over the years. Many believe this is a part of what was prophesied, long ago, in the Book of Joel and by Jesus Christ, Himself. A portion of this has to do with matters of patriotic concern.

Something noted in Facebook last week, Thursday:

When such a thing occurs, we do wish to pray, now don’t we, brothers and sisters. Since God has perfect integrity and consistency, we also tend to look around and find others saying corresponding things. Here is one, by one of the most gifted of prophetic voices at present, especially regarding the Lord’s own concerns for our society and government, Jeremiah C. Johnson, also from Facebook, on this past Thursday.

A prior post of brother Jeremiah, from Saturday the 20th, got into a bit more detail but is somewhat complicated, see it if you wish. When a true prophetic declaration of this kind is made, it is meant to be in some part conditional. How great a part in any instance, God knows. It calls for our attention, our righteous considerations, sincere prayers from sincere hearts, and our responsive, obedient behavior, to meet it so that it’s full fruition may come about.

Speak out, to remain free…

I am very confident that in addition to the prayers of many, there are many believers who have been led by our Lord to gain solid faith in this positive outcome, of much greater justice in America, very soon. When He engenders us such faith, then we become encouraged to speak out in the encouragement of others, who may then confidently pray, too. We can also proclaim what we have gained, into the realms of both the natural and supernatural in our intercession. Other terms for this are to declare, or even to effectually decree. In less than two minutes, another of our most gifted Christian servants, Jennifer LeClaire elucidates, please listen (again on Facebook).

There are so many angels with prayer answers in their hands and they’re trying to deliver the answer to you, by the grace and the power of God. But the Lord says the principalities are at war with those angels. And the Lord says, begin to empower [those angels] to war with you and for you, with your decree, says God, for when you decree a thing, says the Lord, according to my word, the angels hearken, the angels listen, and the angels are sent on assignment to fight for you like they did for Daniel, says the Lord.

If you wish not to do such a thing in public, well, that is what a “prayer closet” is for and there you may find not only shirts and pants hanging in the air and waiting for you to decree.

The reasons for this particular intercession for America are many, they are critical, and they are obvious to a reader smart enough to ferret-out this humble article. Remember, the basis of all we do of lasting value is our turning (repenting) to God from our own sin, confessing His truth in Christ, and obeying in His Spirit. And so, if you please, without undue hesitation…

Watch and pray, watch and pray, and speak out! God is bringing justice in America!

Father in Heaven, bless those who bring justice, in America and the world, for the sake of your own word and name and for the lives of those you would call to yourself in Jesus Christ. Bless the utterly strong working of your own hand, of your angels, and of the people you choose, including those who are reading this right now.

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Feds Remarkable Investigations Lead to Several Arrests

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

In a time where many people are protesting and vandalizing wearing protective virus face coverings, Federal law enforcement is doing extraordinary work to identify the criminals. Several arrests have been made and ATF is asking for the public’s help to assist in more identifications.

WASHINGTON, DC — Four men were charged with destruction of federal property in connection with an attempt to tear down a statue in Lafayette Square, according to federal prosecutors. Only one has been arrested so far, and he will appear Monday in U.S. District Court related to the attempt to tear down the statue of Andrew Jackson.

Prosecutors said one of the suspects — Lee Michael Cantrell, 47, of Virginia — was seen on video using a wooden board and yellow strap trying to pull the statue off its base June 22.

Graham Lloyd, 37, of Maine, handed a hammer to an unknown person and was seen pulling on ropes, according to authorities. He also is accused of breaking off and destroying the wheels of cannons that were on the statue’s base.

Connor Matthew Judd, 20, of Washington, D.C., was trying to pull down the statue, while 37-year-old Ryan Lane of Maryland attached a rope to one part of the statue and pulled on another roped tied elsewhere, prosecutors said, citing the video.

Judd was arrested Friday, appeared in Superior Court of the District of Columbia Saturday, and will appear before U.S. Magistrate Judge Robin M. Meriweather Monday. Prosecutors said the three other men have not been taken into custody yet.

U.S. Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt said Judd was arrested at home “without incident.”

All were charged by criminal complaint, which is a formal accusation for establishing probable cause and not evidence of guilt., officials said.

While the U.S. Park Police and FBI took the lead on the investigation, the Metropolitan Department provided “significant assistance,” according to a statement from prosecutors. More here.

*** An exceptional piece of work has led to the arrest of the ring leader. His name is Jason Charter. A look at his Twitter feed was likely an easy pathway to his identification.

This is his Twitter banner:

He describes himself as a Political activist/organizer. #IAmAntifa #SmashRacism

So, Jason: Image you were, in fact, found and arrested eh? Care to comment now?

Then Jason thought it was cool to re-Tweet this:


Law enforcement sources tell Fox News that Jason Charter was arrested at his residence Thursday morning, without incident, and charged with destruction of federal property. These sources add that Charter has connections to Antifa and was in a leadership role on the night of June 22 when a large group of protesters tried to pull down the statue.

Protesters try to topple Andrew Jackson statue in Washington's Lafayette Park

“They were very organized,” a federal law enforcement official said. “Charter was on top of the statue and directing people … they had acid, chisels, straps, and a human chain preventing police from getting to the statue.”

Charter is expected to make an appearance — likely virtual — in U.S. District Court in Washington on Thursday, Fox News is told.

Protesters say the Andrew Jackson statue is offensive because he was a slave owner and because of his treatment of Native Americans. Another man, Graham Lloyd, 37, turned himself in for similar charges in Portland, Maine, and had an initial appearance in federal court there on Wednesday afternoon. Lloyd is also accused of the destruction of federal property for his role in the attempt to take down the Jackson statue. Source.


Obama’s Transformation of America is Happening Under Trump

By: Cliff Kincaid

Barack Hussein Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America is happening now.  We have a communist insurrection in the streets that includes the burning of churches, tearing down of historical monuments, and attacks on businesses, homeowners, and police by the revolutionary mob. There is ongoing censorship of conservatives by Big Tech, coming after a Supreme Court decision by a Trump appointee that imposes transgenderism on America. It seems as if Obama is still in charge.

Meanwhile, the perpetrators of Obamagate, including Obama himself, are running free of legal accountability and are now promising a “great awakening” against the white European- Americans (“white supremacists”) who founded our nation. In Obama’s own book, Dreams from My Father, he talks about asking “Frank,” in reality his mentor communist Frank Marshall Davis, for advice when his white grandmother had been accosted by a black panhandler. Davis told Obama that his grandmother was right to be scared and that “She understands that black people have reason to hate.”

Americans are scared, with some seeing a collapse of their country and the lives of their family members in danger. They are waiting for Trump, the “Lone Warrior,” as he calls himself, to take decisive action.

At the same time, there are credible reports that “former” communist Van Jones worked with Trump adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner on the president’s executive order on “police reform.” Jones, who had been deeply involved in a Marxist group, Standing Together To Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), which sent some of its members to Cuba for brainwashing, had resigned under fire from his White House job in the Obama Administration. Blogger Trevor Loudon broke the story of Jones’ communist connections years ago, but the Trump administration seems not to care. Jones was previously recruited by Kushner to help pass the Trump Administration’s “criminal justice reform” legislation, known to critics as jailbreak legislation.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), one of many Marxist groups currently involved in planning street protests, is ecstatic about the political crisis, noting that, at the present time, “Stability has not been restored. Massive crowds continue to come out into the streets; unions are taking strike action for Black Liberation, and a big cultural moment featured a Black Communist as the hero.”

The PSL has many communist heroes but the latter is apparently a reference to convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur, a role model for Black Lives Matter who was a member of the Black Liberation Army (BLA), a group that worked with the communist terrorist Weather Underground. Also known as Joanne Chesimard, she killed New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster “execution-style” by shooting him in the head as he lay wounded by gunfire, according to the State Troopers Association of New Jersey. She was convicted of murder and went to prison, but with the help of the Weather Underground, escaped to Cuba, where she is still being protected by the communist regime.

The BLM website featured this quotation from Shakur: “It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

Shakur’s notion of “freedom” is to be found in Cuba, where there is no freedom and the dictatorship controls the movements and activities of its citizens. That seems to be their plan for the U.S.

But some Trump advisers are acting as though Trump is still going to win in November. “We’re going to finish what this president started,” Trump adviser Peter Navarro told Maria Bartiromo on her Fox program, in reference to a second term. But back in 2016, with Trump running for the presidency, Navarro said that Trump, if elected, “will break up the new media conglomerate oligopolies that have gained enormous control over our information, intrude into our personal lives, and in this election, are attempting to unduly influence America’s political process.”

Nothing has happened, except for a Trump executive order with no force of law that followed Twitter’s censorship of him. Meanwhile, with just four months to go before another presidential election, Twitter, Google, and Facebook are accelerating their purge of conservative voices.

It seems we are moving beyond the fundamental transformation of America into the post-America phase of planning for the Joe Biden presidency, with Kamala Harris as the reported vice-presidential candidate and the behind-the-scenes power broker. Among other initiatives, Biden is reportedly being urged to consider endorsing marijuana legalization on a nationwide basis, which would make Harris happy. She says pot brings joy to people.

In fairness, it wasn’t all Trump’s fault. His “allies” in the GOP-controlled Senate include a few dunces. Tucker Carlson of Fox made mincemeat of a so-called conservative Republican Senator, Mike Braun of Indiana, over his support of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and an anti-police bill, the “Reforming Qualified Immunity Act,” which makes it easier to sue the police. Reactions to Braun’s performance were negative, with such statements as:

  • Senator Braun is washing the feet of BLM. What a coward.
  • The sheer level of stupidity demonstrated by Braun made my brain hurt. This is why we need term limits.
  • As an Indiana republican voter, Braun has lost all of my respect and definitely lost my vote.
  • I see why this guy has never been on TV before. He’s an idiot…
  • Tucker took his own words and absolutely destroyed this clown…

For his part, Trump is supporting the reelection of a Colorado Republican Senator, Cory Gardner, who has been described as a “pot whore” because of his allegiance to the marijuana industry. Trump has said he would sign Gardner’s “states’ rights” legalization of marijuana bill, and Trump has family business interests in marijuana (his son-in-law’s brother, Josh Kushner, for example) and major pot donors and marijuana investors advising him such as billionaire PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel.

Trump’s own reelection is seriously in doubt, partly because his campaign manager Brad Parscale, considered a genius for helping Trump achieve victory over Hillary in 2016, is now consulting “Bush’s Brain,” Karl Rove, a former Bush strategist. Rove was also labeled “Mitt Romney’s brawn” for his role in fundraising for the failed 2012 GOP presidential candidate. Trump himself commented, “[Rove] took hundreds of millions of dollars, spent them on campaigns and didn’t win one race. Man, that is really pathetic. The whole Romney thing is such a disaster because Romney should have won that race.”

A paid Fox contributor still considered the “Party Boss” of the GOP, Rove had urged a “respectful” tone toward Obama and refused to discuss his true Marxist nature.

Romney, of course, is today a Republican Senator from Utah who voted to convict Trump on one of two charges in the impeachment trial and is now marching with the Black Lives Matter mob.

Rove, who had warned that Republicans would lose the White House by nominating Trump for president in 2016, seems not to understand the nature of the Democratic Party and how it has been taken over by Marxist forces. Now, the danger is that he is spreading this ignorance into the Trump campaign and White House.

“Trump has a secret plan” to win, conservative thinker David Horowitz assures us. His latest book, BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win., gives conservatives hope. Trump could start by ordering Attorney General Bill Barr to arrest the ringleaders, not just the street punks, of the communist and Antifa groups devastating our cites. Trevor Loudon tells me that he has a list of the 100 or so leaders of these groups. Interestingly, some of them can be traced back to FBI raids in Chicago back in 2010 that focused on terrorist-linked political networks that spawned Obama’s political career.

Joanne Chesimard, meanwhile, continues to live in Cuba, inspiring Black Lives Matter (and Mitt Romney and Mike Braun).

Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org.