Ending the Chinese Communist Party – The CCP

By: Retired General Paul Vallely | CCNS

Operation Nemesis 11.0

Retribution against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

Plan XI.  Global Awakening Movement to END the CCP

The merciful Creator has always been watching over mankind. Disasters occur when man betrays the divine, and humanity can be saved only by returning to our divinely bestowed heritage…Today, whether or not humanity will walk this path is the choice that faces us all. ”
– How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

 Time to End the Demon CCP

 On June 23, the New York-based Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP boldly launched an on-line petition (www.EndCCP.com): Eliminate the Demon Chinese Communist Party. The petition reads:

This pandemic could have been prevented if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) did not lie. Yet, ever since it took over China, hundreds of millions of people have been suffering from its endless deceptions and brutality. The demon CCP has plundered the ancient land of China, and now its terror has spread globally, affecting everyone. It is time for all of us to reject the devil’s work and put an end to the Chinese Communist Party!”

The website lists a series of crimes made by the CCP, including suppression of Chinese and Hong Kong people, infiltration and manipulation of the west, deliberate spread of the Coronavirus, etc., and calls for people to wake up to end this tyranny.

On June 26, Rong Yi, Chairwoman of the Center, told the media about this global movement at a crucial time. She explained that the wicked CCP is the root cause of the chaos and disasters in the world today. Unfortunately, the free world has ignored it for too long, allowing it to infiltrate deeply into societies. The center is aimed at helping people around the world to recognize the evil nature of the CCP and at the same time give people the opportunity to make a choice to renounce it. Pointing out that this pandemic is targeting the CCP (which is anti-God, anti-universe, anti-all religions, and anti-humanity) and its allies, Rong emphasized, “People from all over the world shall make a call from their hearts to end the CCP. This will earn them blessings from the divine. It is believed that the world is anxiously looking forward to the end of the CCP.”

On June 23, a new documentary titled “Manipulating America: the Chinese Communist Playbook” was released by the New Tang Dynasty TV, an independent Chinese TV station headquartered in New York.  This investigative film reveals how the CCP has manipulated American politicians, public and educational institutions using covert soft-power, including “Grand Overseas Propaganda”, bribery, Confucius Institutes, and Sister-Cities. This is an invisible war raging throughout the world. It is not a war fought with bullets and guns, but a war fought with manipulation briefed the film introduction.  The release of this film shows the world has reached a new level of discernment on the CCP.

Rong did not reveal much about how her center will carry out this vital global movement, but we could probably get some clues by taking a close look at the center.

Grassroots Movement of Quitting the CCP

Founded in June 2005, Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP has helped over 350 million Chinese people to renounce the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. It fostered an unprecedented peaceful movement for transformation and change in communist China. This grassroots movement accounts for the largest one in today’s world.  The Center has operated steadily for 15 years. This June there are over 50,000 Chinese people renouncing the CCP on the center’s Chinese website every day.

The Birth

In November 2004, the book Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published online. This is the first book that provides a systematic account of CCP’s grave brutality and mass deceits for over half a century.  The book quickly became viral online. The shocking truth presented in the book has awakened Chinese leaders. After discerning the evil nature of the CCP, many desired to publicly quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations such as CCP’s Young Pioneers (6-12 yr.) and CCP’s Youth League (12-20 yr).  Hence, the Global Service Center of Quitting the CCP was born in Flushing, – the new Chinatown of New York City.  According to the center’s website (en.tuidang.org),

“At its very core, Quitting the CCP goes beyond political activism; it is the process of Chinese people clearing their conscience of years of Party culture indoctrinated in them through revolutionary campaigns, propaganda, media censorship, imprisonment, and mass killings over the past 65 years. It finally gives Chinese people a chance to reflect on their own lives without the CCP and to envision a free China.”

Spread by Word of Mouth

The Global Service Center of Quitting CCP is composed of many volunteers who assist any Chinese person with membership or its affiliated organizations to publicly renounce their ties with the CCP.

Although CCP membership accounts for roughly 8% of the Chinese population, almost everyone who grew up in Communist China is mandated to join Young Pioneers (red scarf) or Youth League to prove their loyalty to the party. On joining, children and teens are ordered to vow,   “I love the Communist Party of China, the motherland, and the people; I will study well and keep myself fit; preparing to contribute my entire life to the cause of communism.”

Therefore, the movement offers an opportunity to almost everyone who grew up in Communist China to denounce the evil party. The grassroots movement relies on volunteers to bring people with the truth.  For many Chinese, traveling outside of the country is the only opportunity to break away from the information censorship. The volunteers outside of China set up booths at tourist spots to hand out pamphlets to mainlanders or ask some thought-provoking questions to start what they call “truth-clarification” conversations.  They also use phone banks to call or text message their fellow Chinese in China.  In China, there are many courageous volunteers (many are Falun Gong practitioners), who risk their lives to bring truthful information to their fellow citizens.  All the volunteers are all motivated by one belief that no one shall be deceived by the evil; and only truth will set people free.

Like peeling an onion, the volunteers patiently peel lies fabricated by the communist regime for the past 70 years, to one individual, one family, or one group at a time. The snowball effect is significant. In many cases, people would thank them with teary eyes, recruit more people to come to listen or accept whatever materials to share with more people.

There are many tools or sources contributing to the growth of this movement. Independent media such as Sound of Hope Radio, New Tang Dynasty TV, Epoch Times (Chinese version); software such as Freegate to help internet users bypass China’s Great Firewall. All serve as various enabling platforms for the movement to reach people in China, far and wide.

The CCP has brought countless disasters to Chinese people and now its terror has spread to the rest of the world.  Through this pandemic, the world is coming to realize the true nature of the CCP. As more and more people become awakened in the world, it is imperative for us to unite behind this unprecedented movement that is peacefully bringing down the CCP from within.

Published by the Stand Up America US Foundation, Contact: [email protected]

This article was originally published at StandUpAmericaUS.org


Black Lives Matter: Not Just Communist, But Viciously Anti-Semitic Too

By: Clare Lopez | CCNS

By the time violent rioters tore through the heavily Jewish neighborhood of Fairfax, Los Angeles on the night of Saturday, May 30, 2020, it was too late. The vicious antisemitic, anti-Israel language of the M4BL, and Black Lives Matter’s demands that included accusations against Israel of “apartheid” and “genocide” had been brushed aside. Black Lives Matter (BLM) delegations had traveled to the Middle East to endorse Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, Judea, and Samaria and pose for photo ops with the Palestinian flag. Statements from delegation leaders spoke of “occupation, ethnic cleansing and brutality” that Israel supposedly has perpetrated against the region’s Arab-Muslim population.

Even when city after city across America went up in flames after the May 25, 2020 killing of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis by a white police officer, with BLM ‘protesters’ assaulting private businesses, their owners, and law enforcement officers alike, smashing storefronts, setting fires, and destroying property, some among America’s Jewish leadership could hardly get their statements of support out fast enough. Jewish American organizations, the Reform Movement, rabbinical leadership figures, progressive and Zionist activists, even the Hasidic Community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn in New York City all practically fell over one another in their haste to endorse the BLM movement.

The Jewish Federation of Santa Barbara was no different. On June 13, 2020, the group – including, among others, the Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara, ADL Santa Barbara Tri-Counties, Santa Barbara Congregation of B’nai B’rith, and Santa Barbara Hillel – issued a statement to condemn “racism” and “institutional biases.” The Focus Project, whose online website is remarkably empty, disseminated a set of talking points on June 16, 2020, that appear to date from September 2019. An increasingly popular trope is included among them that distorts the ancient Jewish term ‘Tikkun Olam’ in a way to make it seem like some kind of modern-day social justice program. In fact, ‘Tikkun Olam’ is a Kabbalist term that made its way into Judaism by way of the Aleinu prayer that is specific to Rosh Hashanah. ‘Tikkun Olam’ is not from the Torah (md’oraita) in origin at all – and therefore not one of the 613 obligatory commandments (mitzvot) nor anywhere to be found in the normative rabbinical literature concerning the praxises of Jewish Law (Halacha). Rather, as a kind of companion bit of moral guidance, ‘Tikkun Olam’ urges Jews to repair one’s individual relationship to the Almighty by way of observance of the actual ‘mitzvot’ or obligatory commandments that lead to perfecting personal behavior.

Now, just as ‘perfecting of one’s personal behavior before the Almighty’ has nothing to do with the social justice narrative per se, neither does it have anything to do with supporting a communist/Marxist, pro-Maoist organization, one of whose BLM co-founders’ declaration of the group’s Marxist ideology was featured on Twitter just days ago. Yes, the BLM movement was founded by three African-American women with longtime Marxist backgrounds: Alicia Garza, Opal I. Tometi, and Patrisse M. Cullors. Its original Platform (issued in August 2016, but scrubbed up a bit in its more recent iteration) called for collective ownership of all resources, the breaking up of banks, redistribution of wealth by way of confiscatory taxes on ‘high earners,’ free health care, and free education. Truly, Karl Marx would have blushed.

But back to the question of how BLM rioters came to be rampaging through Jewish neighborhoods of Los Angeles, CA, reportedly shouting “F___Jews”, and spray painting “F___Israel” and “Free Palestine” on the walls of the Congregation Beth Israel and at least four other synagogues. How did Jews come to be collectivized into the enemy “white privilege proletariat” class by these BLM Marxists?

That original BLM Platform also explicitly supports the BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanction) movement. Another indicator comes from Cullors (who organized the 30 May pogrom in LA): she reportedly told a New York Times reporter, “Let’s go into the heart of what is symbolically white in Los Angeles, which is Beverly Hills…These people need to hear our pain and our grief. We wanted to bring this to communities who often aren’t dealing with police violence.” No matter the color of their skin, therefore, Jews are going to be labeled “white”—as a pejorative from which it is always going to be impossible to escape. It goes back farther than that, however. By 2015, BLM representatives traveled to the Middle East to make common cause with Palestinians in Gaza, Judea, and Samaria. Fast forward to late May 2020, shortly after the death of George Floyd, and the Democratic Socialists of America’s BDS national working group blatantly tried to link that killing to Israel, by claiming that U.S. police forces learned riot control techniques from Israeli police. Then, on June 1, Al-Awda, the Palestinian Right of Return Coalition, published a hideous cartoon at its website showing an Israeli soldier with his knee on the neck of a keffiyeh’ed Palestinian, arm-in-arm with an American police officer with his knee on the neck of a black man. The article it accompanied was entitled “Al-Awda PRRC statement of solidarity for Black lives and Black struggle.”

The BLM’s Marxist agenda is on full display across America today. The exploitation of the insurrectionist riots in which it plays a leading role to demonize Jews and Israel is, too.

Clare M. Lopez is Founder/President of Lopez Liberty LLC.

This column was originally published at FrontPage Mag


Fox Streaming Service Appears to Cancel Farrakhan Program

By: Steve Emerson | CCNS

Update: Fox Soul confirmed Monday afternoon that it would not air the Farrakhan speech. Instead, “Fox Soul will present a special program … featuring a compilation of the most powerful speeches from the greatest black leaders and thinkers about racial relations and civil rights in America. This powerful and inspirational program replaces the previously scheduled Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s ‘Message to America.’”

Fox Soul, a streaming service created by Fox Television Stations aimed at African-American viewers, has taken down social media promotions for a July 4 speech it planned to air by bigoted Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

The promotions appeared last Thursday, touting a live program called “THE CRITERION,” in which “THE HONORABLE LOUIS FARRAKHAN will deliver his MESSAGE TO AMERICA” on Independence Day.

Fox Soul, which debuted in January, made the announcement Thursday, and made it a pinned tweet on its Twitter feed, ensuring it was the first thing people who accessed the feed would see. It was deleted by late Monday morning after articles started appearing questioning the wisdom of giving Farrakhan free, live airtime.

A Facebook promotion had been online since last week advertising Farrakhan’s 10 a.m. live speech on FoxSoul.tv also disappeared Monday morning.

But the Nation of Islam’s promotion for the speech remains active, with no reference to Fox Soul. A 2-minute video features Farrakhan describing America’s foundation as built on slavery and killing Native Americans. It uses images from lynchings and shows Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, the move that killed Floyd last month. Other images show police cracking down on protesters, mixed in with President Trump’s photo op holding a Bible outside St. John’s Church across from the White House.

Fox Soul did not respond to a request for comment from the Investigative Project on Terrorism sent before the promotions were deleted.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center called on Fox to cancel the broadcast.

“The African-American community is blessed with leaders in every field of endeavor from the arts, to business, to politics, to faith to media – anyone of whom can deliver an empowering and inclusive message of hope on July 4th,” wrote Center founder Marvin Hier and associate dean Abraham Cooper. “Farrakhan is a racist anti-Semite – a demagogue and divider – at a time when all Americans need to hear messages of unity and hope, the values which Martin Luther King Jr. lived and died for.”

Farrakhan, on the other hand, “spent his adult life spitting on everything July 4th stands for.”For decades, Farrakhan has engaged in hate speech against Jews, gays, and lesbians.”

He compared Jews to termites and in 1984 called Adolf Hitler “a very great man.”

In a 2015 speech, he called the 9/11 attacks a “false flag operating” orchestrated by “Israelis and Zionist Jews.” Jewish control of Hollywood, Farrakhan said in 2018, produced “all of this filth and degenerate behavior … turning men into women, and women into men.”

He also claimed that “[h]omosexuality can be produced through chemistry.” Jews, Farrakhan said, have developed marijuana strains that can turn black men gay.

“God did not create man to lay with man. But you are being chemically programmed against your nature, you don’t know it.”

This rhetoric dates back decades. “We must change homosexual behavior and get rid of the circumstances that bring it about,” Farrakhan wrote in a 1993 book.

His hateful ideas have helped keep Farrakhan in the news, especially in 2018, when leaders of the national Women’s March refused to disassociate from him in the wake of an anti-Semitic Founder’s Day speech.

Pulitzer Prize-winning Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts wrote that, despite the appreciation, some may have for Farrakhan, he must be condemned “unflinchingly.” He called Farrakhan “a toxic fount of anti-Semitic and homophobic rhetoric,” but acknowledged it can be difficult for some black people to do.

The question of how black folks should (or should not) engage with him is thornier than an outsider may appreciate. Many of us are genuinely impressed by the NOI’s philosophy of self-reliance and its record of turning around black lives. And when Farrakhan gets ranting on his pet hates, some of us tend to write it off, to tolerate him as you would a dotty uncle.

Yes, Louis Farrakhan has said and done some powerful things. But he has also said and done some things that are truly hurtful and reprehensible. So let’s not rush to make harmless this dotty uncle of the African-American experience. Let’s not fall into the trap of condemning bigotry when it comes toward people who look like us, but tolerating it when it comes from people who look like us. We are required to be better than that.”

Fox Soul appears to have come around to similar thinking.

The network’s logo features the slogan, “Our Voice, Our Truth.”

“We intend to inform, inspire, and empower our viewers by meeting their needs for authentic conversations on topics relevant to our lives,” programming director James DuBose told Variety in January.

In a time of intense national debate over racism, promoting the words of an avowed hater on Independence Day was an ill-considered idea. Fox Soul’s apparent reconsideration of broadcasting a Louis Farrakhan speech on Independence Day avoids a significant misstep.

This column was originally published at The Investigative Project on Terrorism.


Update On My Husband’s Cancer Treatment – More Medical Adventures

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

As many of you know, I just had my own adventure in the hospital. Sunday before last, after a couple of days of mounting pain, I woke up at 1:30 am and told Garry it was time to go to the ER. It was my appendix. We went to Renown and wonderful people helped us there – I knew when it happened I had two choices… go or die. I have not had insurance since Garry fell so ill. There was not enough money and I put him first. But there was no way I was going to leave him now so we went.

Dr. Malone was very friendly and did immediate tests. He came back and said the bad news was that my appendix was incredibly inflamed but the good news was that it had not burst. It was very close. I also had sepsis — a bacterial infection that had reached my kidneys. Emergency surgery was undertaken and they began to nuke me with antibiotics I’ve never heard of.

Last Tuesday I was discharged and sent home with a wound drain. I will see the surgeon on the 14th to have it removed and to test me for sepsis again. I’m confident all of this is okay now but getting on my feet has been slower than I thought. A couple more days should do the trick. As ill as Garry has been he has taken care of me, changing my dressings and making sure I eat to take the antibiotics. When this started, I did not eat for 5 or 6 days and my body was beginning to shut down. God was watching out for me though once again.

The bills for this medical adventure start arriving today. Don’t know how we will manage but we’ll set up some kind of payment plan and limp along I guess. There is nothing else we can do at this point.

Garry takes a class next Monday on a new treatment being added to his chemo regimen starting next Wednesday. Treatments will now go from two hours to four or five. The class is to brief him on side effects that may appear because of the treatment.

The last two years have been hellish for us but we are fighters and will never give up. In those dark hours of the night when fear comes to me, I feel God by my side and it gives me the strength to fight another day. I am certain Garry can still beat this. Thank you for all your prayers, donations, and kindness.