For Immediate Release: The Truth About John Lewis

By: Cliff Kincaid

Contact: Cliff Kincaid, [email protected]

The media claim, “John Lewis leaves behind a powerful legacy of social justice.” In fact, he called President Trump a Russian agent when he, Lewis, worshipped a Russian agent — communist Stalinist Paul Robeson. Lewis betrayed the cause of civil rights when he praised identified Communist Party USA member Paul Robeson. Learn the truth through Cliff Kincaid’s interview with Charles Moscowitz. Read the Kincaid article, censored by most of the media, about this, “From One Plantation to Another: The Tainted Red Legacy of John Lewis.”

2 thoughts on “For Immediate Release: The Truth About John Lewis

  1. Kermit Gosnell lynched numerous black babies by snipping their spine but John Lewis said nothing as far as I know. Seems odd for someone who is said to be a “civil rights” leader.

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