Assigned Mueller Team Cell Phones Wiped Clean of all Data

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

It is a pattern. It is Weismann… It is Strzok… It is a cover-up… now what?

NR: More than two dozen phones belonging to members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team were wiped clean of data before the Justice Department’s inspector general could comb them for records, the DOJ said in records released Thursday.

At least 27 cell phones were wiped of data before the DOJ inspector general could review them, some reset to factory settings and some wiped “accidentally” after the wrong password was entered too many times, according to 87 pages of DOJ records regarding the phones issued to members of the special counsel’s office. Including mobile phones that were “reassigned,” the Special Counsel’s office wiped a total of 31 phones.


Andrew Weismann wiped two of his three Special Counsel’s Office phones.

He wiped one by accident.

He wiped the other by entering the wrong password too many times.

Has anyone ever wiped their phone by accident? Asking for a friend. pic.twitter.com/MFsb4kInbB

— Ivan Pentchoukov (@IvanPentchoukov) September 10, 2020

A phone belonging to assistant special counsel James Quarles “wiped itself without intervention from him,” the DOJ’s records state.

Andrew Weismann, a top prosecutor on Mueller’s team, “accidentally wiped” his cell phone, causing the data to be lost. Other members of the team also accidentally wiped their phones, the DOJ said.

Additionally, the cell phone of FBI lawyer Lisa Page was misplaced by the special counsel’s office. While it was eventually obtained by the DOJ inspector general, by that point the phone had been restored to its factory settings, wiping it of all data. The phone of FBI agent Peter Strzok was also obtained by the inspector general’s office, which found “no substantive texts, notes or reminders” on it.

Strzok and Page texted each other about their aversion to Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election cycle. In their messages to each other, Strzok and Page, who were carrying on an extramarital affair at the time, both called then-candidate Trump an “idiot” and made vague mention of an “insurance policy” to ensure he would not be elected. Critics have speculated that the “insurance policy” referred to the investigation of potential ties between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, but the two former FBI officials have denied that suggestion.

In March of last year, Mueller submitted his final report to Attorney General William Barr on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. The report, a redacted version of which was released to Congress and the public the next month, concluded that the Trump campaign did not conspire with Russians to influence the election, but said investigators could not reach a conclusion on whether President Trump committed obstruction of justice.

Facing the Justice Department’s frustration that he left the question of obstruction open in his final report, Mueller said in May of last year that charging Trump with a crime was “not an option” since, per guidance issued by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, a sitting president cannot be indicted.

Phones issued to at least three other Mueller prosecutors, Kyle Freeny, Rush Atkinson, and senior prosecutor Greg Andres were also wiped of data.


Politipage | Conservative News Aggregator and Curator

During Rosenstein’s May 23, 2017, interview with Mueller’s team, FBI notes indicate Rosenstein considered appointing a special counsel on May 10, the day after Comey was fired, and that Rosenstein’s “first conversation with Mueller for the position of special counsel” was that day. Rosenstein met with Mueller in person on May 12, and Hunt called Mueller that evening. Rosenstein and Sessions spoke with Mueller the next day, and “Mueller informed them he did not want to be interviewed for FBI director.” Rosenstein told the FBI that “the first candidate to be interviewed at the White House was Mueller,” but that section is redacted.

“Rosenstein and Sessions spoke with Mueller on Saturday, May 13. Mueller informed them he did not want to be interviewed for the FBI director position. Rosenstein instead convinced Mueller to share with Sessions Mueller’s views about ‘what should be done with the FBI.’ Sessions thought Mueller’s comments were ‘brilliant.’ Rosenstein did not want to interview Mueller and then reject him, so they made it clear they only sought his opinion,” the FBI interview with Rosenstein states. “Nevertheless, Mueller was placed on the White House’s list of potential candidates for FBI director … Mueller was interviewed for the position of FBI director, but later decided to withdraw from consideration.” More here.


Color Revolutions are Not About Color

By: Linda Goudsmit | pundicity

Color revolution is a known tactical CIA operation that uses a seemingly spontaneous act as the precipitating event to destabilize a country and effect regime change. Color revolution is what is happening in America, and its front line soldiers are Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM).

America’s Own Color Revolution,” a June 29, 2020, Geopolitics article explains how “Hundreds of thousands of young Americans are being used as a battering ram to not only topple a U.S. President, but in the process, the very structures of the U.S. Constitutional order.”

The organization Black Lives Matter (BLM) is not about black lives. BLM is a Marxist organization disguised as a civil rights organization. Instead of improving race relations, BLM exploits racial tensions to collapse America from within and replace our constitutional republic with socialism/communism. BLM is the ultimate humanitarian hoax being perpetrated on unsuspecting Americans who still believe that BLM cares about black lives. They don’t.

Marxism, socialism, and communism are often used interchangeably, but Sandra Campbell clarifies the differences and shows how each builds on the other. “Marxism is the theoretical framework which lays the foundation for the economic and political philosophies of socialism and communism.” Communism is the end game. . . . Karl Marx argued that capitalism, with its strict adherence to free market principles, divided people because of competition. He believed communism was the solution.”

The failure of Karl Marx’s experiment is that in the real world, socialism and communism create the same centralized government with the same tyrannical, binary feudal structure of rulers and ruled. Globalism is centralized government on an internationalized planetary scale.

Now, back to race in America. Of course black lives matter – all lives matter in the United States of America! The foundation of life in the USA is that we all matter – all of us – white, black, blue, red, yellow, young, old, thin, fat, gay, straight, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, etc etc etc.

Our founding fathers rejected the tyranny of the aristocratic attitude that puts monarchs, emperors, oligarchs, caliphs, political elites, Hollywood glitterati, professional athletes, etc etc above the people. Ideologically, our founding fathers rejected the oppressive construct of rulers and ruled. Instead, they created a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Our forefathers rejected the tyranny of elitism, and embraced the individual freedom and upward mobility of the people. They dreamed the American dream – the opposite of the ruler and ruled nightmare of Marxist socialism, communism, Islamism, and globalism.

Our founding fathers fought for our freedom from the British monarchy and prevailing social pyramid of the few privileged elite at the top ruling their enslaved subjects below. The American War of Independence replaced the binary socio-political structure of feudalism with a threefold system that embraces an upwardly mobile middle class. Our forefathers dreamed a more perfect union of inclusion.

The United States of America is the greatest experiment in individual freedom the world has ever known. “Only in America” is the phrase that captures the possibilities of freedom. For 232 years, United States Presidents tried various methods to achieve the American dream of equal opportunity and upward mobility. Then came Barack Hussein Obama, the anti-American president who tried to fundamentally transform America and kill the American dream.

Barack Obama was the most divisive president in U.S. history. His promise to fundamentally transform the United States was the insidious effort to destroy the American dream, and replace our decentralized constitutional republic with the centralized government of socialism.

What’s wrong with socialism?

The problem with socialism, communism, Islamism, and globalism, is that NO LIVES MATTER except the lives of the ruling elite! Citizens’ individual rights and freedoms are forfeited to the state. The individual is not valued in collectivism, only the state and what the state deceitfully labels “the greater good” matters.

Obama’s eight anti-American presidential years were devoted to weakening the country. Obama’s four anti-American post-presidential years were dedicated to overthrowing duly elected America-first President Donald Trump. Obama marketed his Marxist movement as “resistance.” Obama’s resistance movement is ideologically aligned with Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

BLM and Antifa are Marxist communist organizations leading the color revolution in America, attempting to destabilize the country and effect regime change. Out with America-first President Donald Trump, and in with communist China’s puppet, Beijing Joe Biden.

Let’s connect the dots and examine the picture that emerges. Follow the money – always follow the money.

John Haywood’s June 11, 2020, Breitbart article, “The Complex Funding and Ideology of Black Lives Matter,” is very informative. Despite BLM’s attempt to present itself as a grassroots, humanitarian, civil rights organization, it is heavily funded by radical leftist corporate sponsors pushing Obama’s anti-American Marxist agenda:

BLM’s major financial supporters include:

  • Airbnb – $500,000 to BLM and the NAACP
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills fashions – $1 million pledged, $100,000 donated so far to groups including BLM
  • Bad Robot Productions – film studio involved in Star Trek, Star Wars, and Mission Impossible, $10 million pledged to “anti-racist” groups. BLM among the first recipients
  • BTS, a Korean pop group – $1 million, matching donations from fans
  • Cisco, electronics giant – $5 million to groups including BLM and its own Fighting Racism and Discrimination fund
  • DECIEM cosmetics – $100,000 to NAACP and BLM
  • Democracy Alliance – another Soros-linked group, added BLM to its annual $500 million donor list
  • Door Dash – food delivery company, $500,000
  • Ford Foundation and Borealis Philanthropy – Left-wing groups that established a $100 million donor fund
  • George Soros’ Open Society Foundation – $33 million
  • Glossier cosmetics – $500,000
  • Pokemon Company – owners of the popular card game and its characters, $100,000
  • Scopely – mobile phone game developer, $1 million to BLM, NAACP, and Equal Justice Initiative
  • Spanx – undergarment manufacturer, $100,000 to groups including BLM
  • Square Enix computer games – $250,000 to BLM, also matching employee donations
  • Ubisoft computer games – $100,000 to NAACP and BLM
  • The Weeknd – Canadian R&B singer, $250,000

This brings us to public enemy #1, the king of radical leftist Democrats, humanitarian huckster extraordinaire, George Soros—the principal funder of Antifa and BLM through his Open Society Foundation. Antifa and BLM should both be designated as domestic terrorist organizations. Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kirk says, “The FBI should investigate to see who’s doing this. Who’s behind these groups? Because when you look up the definition of terrorism – threats, intimidation, and extreme violence or violence for political reasons – that’s what these people are doing. . . .These aren’t protesters. These people are paid radical left-wing anarchists that come to instigate and engage in extreme violence, arson, and looting.”

Lew Rockwell’s June 21, 2020 video, “The Soros 2020 Color Revolution Explained,” is very instructive:

“They [Antifa and BLM] are created to disrupt and to continue the sowing of division. And in connected news earlier this year, Mr. Soros has launched his open societies University Network with a $1 billion gift and he will thus continue to help mold the thoughts of young people in the increasingly stifled halls of academia worldwide long after his death. While there is much back and forth, as to whether Mr. Soros has paid out of pocket for the mysterious flats of bricks conveniently left for looters and rioters to use in the recent round of violence, arson, looting and murder, it doesn’t really matter.

“He has for decades helped build the infrastructure, the organization, and the command-and-control that can immediately be fielded, once a single case of police brutality is caught on video and within a few days, have cities put to the torch with elected government officials bending the knee to violent mobs while the corporate mainstream media cheers it all on from the sidelines.”

Why are these corporate sponsors and radical leftist organizations so eager to support Antifa and BLM? Color revolutions and war on America are expensive, and the corporations who rely on cheap Chinese communist labor to manufacture their goods need Trump OUT.

America-first President Donald. J. Trump is the existential enemy of globalism, socialism, Islamism, and communism. He is committed to Americanism, American sovereignty, the U.S. Constitution, and the American dream. The enemies of America must remove America-first President Donald Trump in order to fundamentally transform America into socialism and then communism.

BLM and Antifa soldiers need money and materials to launch the next phase of their Marxist revolution after President Trump is reelected – armed insurrection. Marxist leader Angela Davis warned in a Vanity Fair interview that, “the violent BLM and Antifa protests across the country are the early stages of a far larger far-left ‘revolution.'” Then what happens?

Then the unholy alliance of America’s enemies including Marxists, leftists, socialists, globalists, Islamists, and communists will battle each other for dominance, unless they are denied ascendancy in November 2020. VOTER BEWARE!

All lives matter in Trump’s constitutional America. Only elite lives matter in the 2020 radical leftist Democrat party.


Restoring American Greatness Means Abolishing the CIA and FBI

By: Cliff Kincaid

Ignoring the nearly 200,000 deaths from the China virus, Conrad Black wrote, “Trump Has Had a Historically Great First Term,” for a website called “American Greatness.” This treatment of President Trump’s first term comes from someone pardoned by Trump for financial fraud. (The case for a pardon was supported by individuals as diverse as Henry Kissinger and Rush Limbaugh). Black wrote a pro-Trump book, Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other.

Despite several domestic and foreign policy successes, including breakthroughs for Middle East peace, Trump’s first term has been tainted. Some setbacks can be blamed on the Deep State, the Democrats, and communist revolutionaries in the streets. But that still leaves the China virus. By any objective measure, the China virus is more deadly than the Islamic terrorists responsible for the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and the post-9/11 anthrax attacks.

One can argue this is China’s fault. But the China virus occurred on Trump’s watch. It is a major blot on his record. He will forever be remembered as the president in office when the China virus was unleashed on America and the world.

At the same time, one can argue that his 2020 presidential opponent Joe Biden has no clue as to what’s going on and that Trump, despite his faults, is better than the alternative. But claiming Trump has had a “great” first term on a website on “American greatness” is just wrong.

Black also claims that Richard Nixon, who was forced from office in scandal, had a great first term, for “ending the constant recent anti-war rioting, skyjackings, and assassinations he inherited, withdrawing the United States from Vietnam while conserving a non-Communist government in Saigon, opening relations with China, signing the greatest arms control agreement in world history, starting the de-escalation of the Cold War, ending segregation and the draft, founding the Environmental Protection Agency, and beginning a Middle Eastern peace process.”

I’m not sure what he’s claiming in regard to peace in the Middle East. Israel has fought its enemies and won, but the nation’s survival is still at risk from various Islamic regimes in the region, several backed by Russia. Here, Trump deserves credit for withdrawing thenU.S. from the Syrian quagmire and facilitating normal diplomatic relations between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain.

Black praises Nixon for “opening relations with China” when that deal, arranged by Henry Kissinger, has clearly backfired. And “withdrawing the United States from Vietnam” was a precursor to the takeover of South Vietnam by the Communists, producing hundreds of thousands of boat people and the genocide in Cambodia.  Nixon’s EPA became a weapon in the hands of radical environmentalists. Trump has wisely cut back on the EPA’s heavy-handed regulation of American business.

Regarding Trump, Black says he “has recognized and gained international support for the containment of the geopolitical challenge of China,” but that seems to be a little too late. Trump would have been better advised to mount a bioterrorism defense against China before the China virus was unleashed. Instead, Trump saw the competition with China as economic and financial in nature. That was part of the China challenge, but now we know it was not the main part. We are likely to discover that China used research funded by the National Institutes of Health to manufacture COVID-19. This is a scandal involving the Medical Deep State.

To make matters worse, in the midst of this pandemic, he tells Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward that he played down the deadly nature of the virus.

When we look back on 2020, we will acknowledge, as we have after so many disasters, that the federal government was not prepared. Part of the reason was that the CIA and FBI were spending their time trying to destabilize the Trump presidency instead of preparing for war from China. These agencies are mostly useless for defending America from its foreign and domestic enemies. They did not understand Chinese communism.

Trump would be wise to advocate for their abolition and replace them with a new and accountable structure. Their schemes almost cost him his presidency, and they can be assumed to be busy right now trying to elect Joe Biden.

Don’t forget that, prior to September 11, 2001, the Islamic al Qaeda terrorists were training on American soil, even using American planes to practice their attacks. The CIA and FBI didn’t notice until it was too late and nearly 3,000 people were dead.  The FBI still can’t admit that al Qaeda terrorists stole anthrax from a U.S. lab and sent it through the mail, killing five people, infecting others, and destroying the U.S. economy. The FBI blamed those attacks on a dead American scientist.

Nineteen years later, we still have little confidence in the CIA and FBI. And the cost of the American intelligence establishment has skyrocketed to $60 billion a year. But don’t worry. Under Trump’s acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, a member of the gay Log Cabin Republicans, the agencies grew more friendly with the LGBTQ “community.” I still can’t see how any of this helps protect America from our enemies.

When the intelligence agencies fail us, the victims of 9/11 and the China virus pay the price. In the case of 9/11, our military was deployed to destroy the terrorist enemy in Afghanistan, and our soldiers are still there, 19 years later. Meanwhile, one head of al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, was killed, to be replaced by another, the Egyptian Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, who is hiding somewhere, probably in Afghanistan, and perhaps being protected by the Russians.

Thousands of American soldiers have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and tens of thousands have been wounded, fighting for Muslims that don’t want our help. The cost is several trillion dollars.

We have an intelligence establishment that fails us, and when we are faced with yet another disaster on American soil, our soldiers are called upon to fight the enemy. They are still in Afghanistan 19 years later.

As we struggle to recover from the China virus, and the deaths keep accumulating, China seems to have the upper hand economically and even militarily. The very expensive military-industrial complex won’t save us, either. In fact, their policy of sending more of our soldiers overseas makes no sense at all.

Americans are sick of being betrayed. We are tired of our soldiers fighting abroad and coming home in caskets or as wounded warriors.

The first step in correcting the situation is recognizing the truth about what is happening to us. Our intelligence agencies are not serving the interests of the American people. Our nation is in dire peril.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org.


Joe Biden: To Boldly Go Where No Marxist Has Gone Before

By: Thomas Wigand | New Zeal

As the saying goes: “History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes.”  It’s a popular phrase because it rings true.

But couldn’t a similar also apply regarding science fiction?  Something along the lines of: “Science fiction’s past predictions don’t repeat in the present, but oftentimes the present rhymes with those predictions.”  More on that in a moment.

But first, consider a tumultuous year in America:  Race riots in cities across the land.  Young people in the streets, violently seeking to replace the old order with a new, Marxist one.  A Presidential election year – one with a media-despised Republican candidate, and a generationally divided Democrat Party running an old warhorse (of declining health) as its nominee.

2020?  Very much so.  But is also describes 1968. Now let’s review some of the “rhymes.”

1968: Race riots in multiple cities? Check.  Young people pursuing a Marxist revolution? Check – SDS and its budding offshoot, the Weather Underground. A media despised Republican candidate?  Check – Richard Nixon.  A generationally divided Democrat Party? Check – the “youth” were rioting outside the Democrat Convention in Chicago. (Four years later they became the McGovern wing inside the Democrat convention.  Later still many of them became college professors, spawning the likes of today’s “Squad” and BLM and Antifa. In other words, the 1960’s revolutionaries now control the Progressive movement, the media, academia, and the Democrat Party).  An old warhorse with declining health as the Democrat nominee? Check – Hubert Humphrey.

2020: Race riots in multiple cities? Check – under the auspices of Marxist front groups called “Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa.”  Young people pursuing a Marxist revolution? Check – Antifa, etc. A media-despised Republican candidate?  Check – Donald Trump.  A generationally divided Democrat Party? Check – the “Bernie” / “Squad” and Silicon Valley faction versus the Pelosi – Schumer – Wall Street establishment of the Democrat Party (or should we say, the former establishment of the Democrat Party)?  An old warhorse of declining health as the Democrat nominee? Check – Joe Biden.

1968 also witnessed the premiere of a Star Trek episode titled Patterns of Force.  We won’t here recount the entire storyline (which you can peruse at your leisure at the link above).  For now, ponder “doesn’t repeat, but rhymes” as you watch this video montage from it (4:27):

Who is John Gill?

As you saw, that episode depicted a drugged and controlled figurehead leader (the Fuhrer a/k/a “John Gill”), controlled by National Socialists.  If handler-controlled, teleprompter-dependent Joe Biden came to mind as you watched, you get an “A” – for here in 2020 we observe a cognitively disabled Joe Biden, controlled by Democratic Socialists.

In Patterns, the evil “Melakon” drugged John Gill; who as a hollowed-out figurehead was portrayed to the public as “the Fuhrer” still in charge … even as Melakon proceeded to impose totalitarian evil.

Today we have Melakon-like figures exploiting a mentally hollowed-out Joe Biden; using him as a figurehead to get advance them through an election, and presumably for some (limited) period beyond.  Pursuing a political bait and switch on the American people, for stakes existential to our survival as a Constitutional republic.  What kind of people would undertake such a deceptive course – people of goodwill and honor, or calculating, evil people?  You know the answer.

The National Socialists gained power first through a democratic election, by promising a beleaguered and demoralized nation a “Thousand Year Reich” of glory, peace and prosperity (a similar ruse to that used by their Bolshevik predecessors, who promised the beleaguered and demoralized Russian people “Peace, Land, and Bread”).

As we know, to remain in power, both the Bolsheviks and the National Socialists then dispensed with actual elections – at most there were show elections – and instituted totalitarian regimes, each of which murdered several million of God’s children.

The Democrats and their propagandistic allies in the media have been working to beleaguer and demoralize Americans: through financial crises (including one that may conveniently erupt between now and the 2020 election?); through defaming our history and founding principles; through COVID and the suspiciously draconian and economy-hobbling response thereto; through false accusations of “systemic racism”; through corporate and governmental “diversity, equity and inclusion” re-education camps (err, mandatory workplace training).

Very reminiscent of a Maoist “cultural revolution” and its “struggle sessions.”  Let us not forget that once in power, the Chinese Communists likewise killed tens of millions of God’s children.

The Democrats / Democratic Socialists are also following that old playbook, peddling their utopian visions of an “anti-racist” society of “social justice” and “equity” and a “universal basic income.”  Oh, and “sustainable” – perhaps they intend to establish a Sustainable Thousand-Year Reich!

In the 1968 election, a “silent majority” of Americans delivered “shock and awe” to the Democrats at the polls; soundly rejecting the push toward Socialism.  That electoral loss and the failure of the revolution were the major catalysts for the 1960’s street revolutionaries to burrow into the system and take it over from within – a Gramsci / Frankfurt School inspired “long march through the institutions.”  They’ve succeeded with that stage, and now intend to consummate their revolution by other means.

As of this writing, the outcome of the 2020 election is to be determined – but arguably the stakes are even more potentially consequential than in 1968, and the fate of our Republic much more tenuous.  For this time, matters are stacked in favor of the Democratic Socialists.  Why?  Because they’ve learned from, and adapted to, the failure of their past attempt at revolution in this country.

The Democrats’ recent activities signal that they realize that they can’t win an honest election (the doddering Joe Biden generates neither enthusiasm nor coattails, while political casting couch graduate Kamala Harris is just plain unlikeable).  The Democrats are also painfully aware of a nascent “silent majority” of Trump voters.

So, they are preparing the battlespace for stealing the election “by any means necessary” (to invoke one of their favorite slogans).  Of this, there can no longer be any doubt.  You may find that hard to accept, but ask yourself if I and all of these others can all be wrong: The Coming Coup?Something’s Happening Here;  How to Steal an ElectionHow Democrats’ Attacks on Election Legitimacy Set The Stage for RevolutionCritics Believe Next Phase of the “Rolling Coup” Against President Trump May Involve the US Military.

Don’t be shocked that the Democrats and their supporters plan on stealing the election.  They’re revolutionaries, and so by definition have no respect for our Constitution – our Prime Directive if you will – for it is what they intend to overthrow. Seizing power “by any means necessary” is just what Marxist revolutionaries do.

They believe that their ultimate goal for over 100 years – taking out the United States of America as founded – is now within their grasp; that the battlespace is favorable for their final push to victory.

Consider: in 1968, the average American had the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (and other such “Peoples’ Republics”) to illuminate the dystopian horror that will befall us should we descend into Socialism.  In 2020, the dystopian examples of relatively small Cuba and Venezuela do not resonate, while the human rights abuses of Communist China are glossed-over by the Communist regime’s vassals in the “mainstream media” and Silicon Valley.

While the 1960’s revolutionary youth were a vocal minority, today’s generation is the product of Progressive (subversive) education.  From K-12 on they’ve been marinated in identity politics, climate change, grievance studies, and anti-American history.  Polls show that a majority are at least sympathetic to Socialism – so prepared to at least accept it, to be “fellow travelers” in this revolution.  In other words, we have a generation (or more) of useful idiots – and they have the college degrees to prove it.

As well, most Americans find it beyond belief that a totalitarian regime could ever occur on American soil, much less gulags and concentration camps and killing fields.  But why should we believe that “our” Socialists would ultimately behave differently than their predecessors?

The 1968 SDS – Weather Underground that spawned today’s “Democratic Socialists” were planning re-education camps and mass murder of Americans after they seized control.  Even if we manage to avoid that common element of Marxist regimes, Americans will not recognize their country.

It is significant that in a recent interview Victor Davis Hanson, an erudite and measured academic, envisioned a repressive, totalitarian existence for America should the Democrats gain control in November:

But civilization, I really believe is on the brink because if these forces come to full power, they’re going to be taking names and they’re not going to want a union of thought.  They’re not gonna want, they’re not gonna be gracious about their victory.  They’re not going to want unity and healing.  They’re gonna want to hunt out and eradicate their opponents.  That’s what cultural revolutions always do.  They’ll do it again.

Today those SDS and Weather Underground revolutionaries, along with their ideological descendants are college professors, teaching students who will then graduate both heavily indebted, and heavily indoctrinated.  Colleges essentially serve as “boot camp” for Antifa – and are producing more of them every year.

Exhibit A: Consider this guy, Professor Loomis of the University of Rhode Island. We quote him in a moment, but to grasp its real meaning you first must be aware that he and Antifa consider anyone who is not a Socialist to be a “Fascist.”  So when they talk about offing “Fascists” they’re referring to ordinary, patriotic Americans (apparently to the Professor and his ilk we’ve “graduated” from being mere “bitter clingers” and “deplorables”).  In discussing the Antifa member who killed a Trump supporter in cold blood on the streets of Seattle, so sayeth our learned Professor: “He killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it, at least from a moral perspective.”

So yes, based upon the above, we can conclude that the Marxist revolutionaries, operating through the Democrat Party, see a battlespace ripe for their “final solution” against the United States of America as founded.

In Patterns of Force, the National Socialist regime initiated by “John Gill” was intended to be benign, enjoying Nazi-like efficiency, but without the totalitarianism – and it did, for a very short while.  Then Melakon, to consummate his dark vision and seize power, began drugging Gill into a stupor, merely a prop for the masses.  History shows that such a “transition of power” is the norm in Marxist / Socialist regimes – first get into power riding in on figureheads perceived as moderates, then once “they” are in power, shove them out of the way and begin tightening the noose.

If the Democrats prevail in November, within short order we will see our First and Second Amendment rights decimated.  The former suppressed via “hate speech” laws and regulations an even more draconian “banning” on social media; the latter through packing the Supreme Court (which the Democrats have openly admitted as intending to do).  Upon which a new, absolute majority of “Progressive” justices will then “rule” that under the Second Amendment to the Constitution there is no individual right to “keep and bear” arms after all.

Once those two forms individual and citizen rights have been removed as barriers, our country would then devolve into something resembling a combination of the old Stasi police state of East Germany, and present-day Venezuela with its street-gang enforcers for the regime (“defund the police” is actually intended to clear a path for the likes of Antifa and Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers and the Not F’in Around Coalition).

At the end of Patterns, thanks to some intervention from Dr. McCoy and Mr. Spock, the real John Gill regained coherence just long enough to expose the dark forces, and so set the stage for the restoration of liberty.

In 2020, the dark forces behind Joe Biden don’t need to drug him, and his mental acuity presumably will continue declining without human intervention.  Moreover, Biden has always been a craven, venal politician – though not necessarily a Marxist revolutionary.  Biden was more of a “the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them” type, albeit in the form of a corrupt politician instead of a businessman.

The bottom line is that Joe Biden is a corrupt politician with precipitously declining mental faculties, so there will be no good Joe Biden to reemerge from the dark recesses and blow the whistle on his puppet-masters.

No, the outcome for 2020 depends upon us – a “new silent majority” that needs to become not-very-silent.  We need to show (and reassure) our fellow countrymen that there are more of us than there are of the evil ones.  And we must expose the designs of those who, peddling “social justice” and “sustainability” instead fully intend to condemn our nation and its people to serfdom within a “Democratic” Socialist dystopia.

Here are some counterrevolutionary steps that we must take:

First: Pray.  Pray hard.  Ask God to protect our divinely-inspired nation from the machinations of Satan’s earthly minions.

Second:  A critical step now is to be like a Paul Revere sounding the alarm amongst our countrymen regarding the Democrats’ already-being-executed scheme(s) to steal the election.  They rely upon people accepting the results of, e.g., counting of fraudulent mail-in ballots that continues just long enough for Biden to be declared the victor.  The more the American public is aware in advance of what they’re up to, the harder it will be for them to actually pull it off.

Third:  Approach this election as if it is not Donald Trump and Joe Biden on the ballot, but “The United States of America” vs. “The Democratic Socialist States of America” on the ballot – for all intents and purposes, those actually are the two candidates.

Whatever your personal opinion of Donald Trump, as an American it is your patriotic duty to vote for him; we need a volume of “Trump voter” sufficient to decisively overwhelm any “margin of fraud” (fraudulent or stolen votes) that the Democrats can manufacture.

Relatedly, if Donald Trump decisively wins the popular vote, that alone will largely derail the revolutionaries’ plot.  (Indeed, this cycle vote Republican across the board, for the same existential reasons.)

Between now and when the election is finalized (likely not November 3rd), keep praying for a second Trump term.  For should the Democrats prevail, eventually we’ll find ourselves having to pray in secret – for deliverance from a Democratic Socialist hell.


Dim Bulb Biden Distorts History – Tries To Cancel Thomas Edison

By: Daniel John Sobieski

Yes, he did. Joe and no amount of racial pandering will change that historical fact. A Joe Biden terrified by his puppet masters that the African-American vote is slipping away from the party of pandering made that absurd claim during a rare day trip from his basement bunker to Kenosha, Wisconsin. At least his handlers were able to find and lead him to Wisconsin which Hillary Clinton failed to do in 2016.

Biden had just finished a meeting with the family of Jacob Blake, the young African-American shot after struggling with police his girlfriend had called for breaking into her place and who was wanted on a felony warrant for sexual abuse. As part of his and his party’s portrayal of the Trump administration as an oppressor of blacks and white people and as the guardian of systemic racism, even if it is Democrats who run the system where urban unrest is occurring, Biden decided to add another wrinkle – whites are stealing credit for African-American inventions:

During a Thursday meeting with Kenosha, Wis., community leaders, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said that a black man, rather than Thomas Edison, invented the light bulb.

“People fear that which is different. We’ve got to, for example, why in God’s name don’t we teach history in history classes? A Black man invented the light bulb, not a White guy named Edison,” Biden said. “There’s so much — did anybody know before what recently happened that Black Wall Street in Oklahoma was burned to the ground. Anybody know these things? Because we don’t teach them. We’ve got to give people facts.”

Well, the Joe Biden who once so eloquently said he chose truth over facts got both the truth and the facts wrong as Democrats frequently do when they distort the true racial history of the United States for political benefit. The fact is that old white guy Edison invented the light bulb and an African-American later improved Edison’s invention with a longer-lasting filament:

It was Edison who first invented the light bulb and a filament that could last 1,200 hours. According to the Department of Energy, Edison secured patents for the incandescent light bulb in 1879 and 1880. Biden was likely referring to Lewis Howard Latimer, who, according to a biography by MIT, patented an improved version of an incandescent light bulb in 1881 that could last even longer than Edison’s. For perspective, 1,200 hours is 50 days — far less time than modern incandescent bulbs last.

Latimer at the time worked for one of the companies competing with Edison’s. Latimer was a child of former slaves, a Union Navy veteran, a member of the National Inventors Hall of Fame, and eventually the only Black member of the research team known as “Edison’s Pioneers,” according to MIT after he began working with Edison in 1884.

But he was not the original inventor of the light bulb.

No, he was not. Joe Biden was right about one thing though – that American history, the politically incorrect unvarnished truth of our journey from where we came to where we are today, and how America became the country it is, is no longer taught in American schools. Joe Biden’s history is a lie agreed upon, a history that begins in the 1619 of the New York Times and not the 1776 of the Declaration of Independence.

It was an odd comment from a political candidate who applauds the cancel culture slowly erasing our history typified by the toppling of statues and defacing of monuments, including statues of black abolitionist and Republican Fredrick Douglass.

The destruction of what was known as Black Wall Street Biden mentioned isn’t “what recently happened.” That happened in 1921 and was indeed a racial stain on American history. The white racists who perpetrated it were largely Klansmen and white Southern Democrats who, like other Democrats throughout the South, were actively resisting the black progress, economic and otherwise, that had been encouraged by the party of Abraham Lincoln, the Republican Party that had freed slaves owned by Democrats and resisted by Democrats who were busy founding the KKK.  As conservative activist and pundit Wayne Dupree notes:

In 1921, the Greenwood district in Tulsa was a community of 15,000 Black people—a small city within a segregated city. There were working people, those who had fled the slave-like chains of sharecropping, veterans back from World War 1, as well as doctors and lawyers and business owners. Some called it the “Black Wall Street.” The white racists of Tulsa hated Greenwood, and the powers openly expressed a desire to drive the Black people out.

On May 31, 1921, a Black shoe shiner named Dick Rowland rode an elevator operated by a white woman. When the elevator reached the lobby, some people allegedly heard the woman scream and saw Rowland run from the scene. No charges were ever filed against Rowland. But he was arrested and taken to the county jail.

A mob showed up with the intention of lynching Rowland but the population of Greenwood resisted  and the conflict evolved into a full-blown race riot orchestrated largely by Klansmen:

The people of Greenwood tried to resist—but they could not hold back against the overwhelming force of the enemy. Gangs of white people, many of them Klansmen, went house to house, looting, was and killing. The fires set by the invaders would destroy about 1,200 houses and businesses, wiping Greenwood off the map.

Let us get one thing clear hear. The gangs of white people and Klansmen were not Republicans or Trump supporters – they were Democrats. The destruction and death they visited on Tulsa were not unlike the destruction and rising crime and murder rates in the inner cities run by, you guessed it, patronizing and benevolent Democrats.

The party of Abraham Lincoln always supported black economic freedom, progress, and entrepreneurship, just as President Trump is doing with his Opportunity Zones. Biden forgets the Freedman’s Savings and Trust Company, sort of the black J.P.Morgan Chase. It was incorporated in 1865 by an act signed by President Abraham Lincoln, you know, the guy who freed the slaves from Democrats. The purpose of the company was to create an institution where former slaves and their dependents could place and save their money. According to Freebmansbank.org:

President Abraham Lincoln established the Freedman’s Bank on March 3, 1865, as part of the Freedman’s Bureau. As the Civil War drew to a close, the United States Congress and President Lincoln recognized the need to aid newly freed black men and women in their transition to freedom. To support the land grants and other elements of the Freedman’s Bureau Act, a Freedman’s Bank was established to help newly freed Americans navigate their financial lives. Call it the financial literacy program of its day.

During its existence, The Freedman’s Bank maintained some 37 offices in 17 states, including the District of Columbia. At its height, the Bank had over $57 million in deposits (adjusted for inflation) and 70,000 depositors.

Five weeks after the creation of the Freedman’s Bank, President Lincoln was assassinated.

Seven years later, In June of 1872, the U.S. Congress voted to permanently close the Freedman’s Bureau.

The promise of a continued Lincoln presidency and black progress under Republican guidance and encouragement had been dashed by a bullet fired by a Democrat into the back of Lincoln’s head. More stuff they don’t teach in history classes, Mr. Biden.

Still, blacks made significant progress in the early 20th century until the New Deal of FDR and the Great Society of LBJ succeeded in destroying the black family and replaced fathers in the home with fathers in Washington, D.C. Note that the destruction of the nuclear family is a prime point in the manifesto of the Black Lives Matter organization. As Robert Woodson of the Woodson Center notes in the Daily Signal:

In 1917, in the Bronzeville area of Chicago, there were 731 black-owned businesses. Blacks owned $100 million in real estate there in 1929. Some 192 local churches provided social services.

In Philadelphia, blacks dominated the catering business until the end of the 19th century, making that city’s catering famous across the country. James Forten, one of Philadelphia’s principal sailmakers, employed more than 40 white and black workers and had a fortune of $100,000 in the 1830s.

The Chesapeake and Marine Railroad and Dry Dock Co. was formed by black Baltimore dockworkers after 1,000 black workers lost their jobs in 1863. In St. Louis, Madam C. J. Walker made a million dollars with the invention of the first commercially successful hair-straightening process.

In the first 50 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, black Americans had accumulated a personal wealth of $700 million. They owned more than 40,000 businesses, 40,000 churches, and 937,999 farms. The literacy rate had climbed from 5% to 70%.

Black commercial enclaves in Durham, North Carolina, and the Greenwood Avenue section of Tulsa, Oklahoma, were together known as the Negro Wall Street.

In an era of legalized discrimination, the marriage rate in the black community was higher than it was in the white community despite times of economic deprivation and racism.

In 1925 in New York City, 85% of black families had a man and woman raising children. In stark contrast, the current rate of births to unwed mothers is above 75%.

Then the secular progressive and socialist policies of the Democratic Party, FDR, LBJ, and now Joe Biden and AOC became ascendant. The rest, as they say, is history. President Trump is trying to change that by encouraging once again black entrepreneurship and economic progress in his Opportunity Zones, a policy advanced by South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott. But he doesn’t support Joe Biden, so he ain’t black. Ask Alice Marie Johnson, freed under President Trump’s criminal justice reform, about Republican racism.

The Democrats still talk a lot about slavery, but all they succeeded in doing was to move blacks to a different plantation.

* Daniel John Sobieski is a former editorial writer for Investor’s Business Daily and freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in Human Events, Reason Magazine, and the Chicago Sun-Times among other publications.