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By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

The Communist Network Backing Security Risk Joe Biden

Anti-communist analyst Trevor Loudon examines Biden’s links to the Russians and the Chinese, as well as the communist networks that backed his campaign in states like Georgia. The author of “White House Reds,” Trevor says that while vote fraud may have played a significant role in the Biden “victory,” there is no question that groups, some with ties to Beijing, also played a role. Such groups never came under investigation by the FBI because they are linked directly to the Democratic Party.

Civil War: Trump’s Plan to Thwart the Coup

As America’s political divisions and turmoil grow, geopolitical analyst Jeff Nyquist examines how China and Russia will exploit our second civil war, with China taking political control of the West Coast (where Biden will be inaugurated as president) and Russia threatening Alaska. Facing a military coup by globalists, Trump will stay in the White House and declare Martial Law. As part of this plan, he has already fired key staffers in the Pentagon and put a supporter into the super-secret NSA. Expect him to can CIA Director Haspel and FBI Director Wray.

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