So, Why Did the NYT’s Finally Validate the Hunter Biden Laptop Story?

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

It was October of 2020… the story broke in a big way… but big tech and big media dismissed it all in favor of Joe Biden. Could it be that the NYT is really telling the country that Joe Biden himself is no longer worthy of being president much less for a second term? (His failures to the nation and the world mount.)

As a reminder, the laptop contained emails, files, messages, photos, and documents of the Biden family and overseas operations and the huge money involved.

Remember there was a presidential debate between Trump and Biden where Trump called out the whole matter of the laptop and Biden responded that the leaders (50 of them) of the intelligence community signed a letter declaring it was Russia disinformation.

Those officials included General Michael Hayden (a former director of both the CIA and NSA); John Brennan (former CIA Director); James Clapper (former Director of National Intelligence); and Leon Panetta (former CIA Director).

That happened in cadence with media and big tech repeating the same thing. Then there was that moment when Tony Bobulinski went on camera to explain all the details and the machine then worked aggressively to discredit Bobulinski, including Politifact and Poynter Institute. The machine essentially rigged the election… it is reasonable to say that if the laptop story was told honestly and in a timely manner it could have changed the vote results in more than one state. Chew on that for a while.

There have been thousands and thousands of lies told to us including those by omission. There was CNN, there was MSNBC… there was Facebook and Twitter… and there was CBS and 60 Minutes.

Remember that poor computer store owner that was going to fix Hunter’s laptop? The machine so worked to destroy him that he not only had to close his business but he had to leave town… where and how does he get his life back? He reached out to the appropriate people to report the contents of the laptop and yet not one agency (read FBI) or person would touch it, so he finally reached out to Rudy Giuliani. Oh, remember when there was a raid on Giuliani’s office and home?

So… come on reader… who do you trust now? Not only do we have this new light on the Hunter scandal, but it festered in the Biden presidential campaign and now in his own White House. Then there was the fake Russian bounty story, there was the RussiaGate scandal, and, of course, the January 6th insurrection story of which to date not one person has been charged with insurrection.

We have the Southern District of New York Attorneys Office, the FBI, the Department of Justice, the court systems that are supposed to work for us… while some pieces of these institutions do work for us, there is an operation that is working against us… and we have to include big tech and social media.

Exactly what will the response be from the progressive members of Congress? Silence of course unless we demand otherwise. The public trust is or at least should be broken and that results in a feeble and failing democratic form of government. Our Republic is in peril.

Explained: How Joe Biden's son Hunter became a flashpoint in the 2020 US  presidential race - The Economic Times

Candidate Biden and now President Biden lied about all things related to the laptop, but the investigation goes on? Yes, including the grand jury. Hunter’s issues began at least for tax crimes in 2018. Then there is the matter of Hunter being an unregistered foreign agent and most of all money laundering. So far, the FBI and the Department of Justice are not responding to questions and are not commenting on the situation. There is a continuing Senate investigation, however, and our own U.S. Treasury knows more but is stonewalling the documents including money transfers into Rosemont Seneca, the matter of Elena Baturina, and the matter of CEFC with Hudson West. It doesn’t begin with Hunter Biden, it is a family affair, but there are oligarchs, Chinese investment accounts, and even John Kerry’s son-in-law involved.

One thought on “So, Why Did the NYT’s Finally Validate the Hunter Biden Laptop Story?

  1. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Prior to the 2008 presidential election, the Clinton Foundation edited then instituted the playbook. The President that was elected, lied taking the oath of office, but promised, after the call to prayer, to fundamentally change this country. 8 years of instituting programs, agendas, executive orders, appointing lieutenants and foot soldiers that would administrate that change, recruiting and funding bureaucracies and non-government entities that would ensure civil obedience thru censorship, cancel culture and imprisonment, and when there was Patriotic Pushback, claim Russian influence, eliminate any and all acquaintances that could jeopardize that change, initiate impeachment proceedings, claim Orange-man BAAAAD! THEN institute election integrity and reform and ensure Democrats NEVER lose another election! … and here we are…. the Democratic leadership just issued marching orders that state the citizenry has to be convinced that what they have been getting for the past 14 months is what THEY VOTED FOR!… Jan. 6th, Afghanistan, gas, food, supply chain, inflation, civic unrest, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s book about COVID (read it!), ignored Constitutionally protected civil rights, the start of WWIII, a red-headed ‘Peanuts’ character- wanna-be that speaks for this administration that even now blames ALL this current nonsense on the previous administration… “Orange-Man, BAAAAAAD!”…. I’m sorry, if I can see it from my house, it really is as bad (or sad) as it looks…. We have been given the two greatest gifts of ALL time- first, if you are a believer, God gave us His son, Jesus Christ, who died for us as we cannot change our sinful nature,.. second, even if you are NOT a believer, was the gift of CHOICE- we can ‘choose’ to recognize our inability to control our sinful nature and choose Him as our personal savior and feebly try to live a Christian life… or,… ‘choose’ to live a life of arbritary-ness, all day, everyday my destiny I control, my decisions are mine alone, my little black cloud is my lot in life…blah,blah,blah… the reality is, ALL our individual destiny’s are pre-determined. Your choices- pre-determined. Does not matter if you believe or not, it’s God’s plan, not YOUR plan. ALL the suffering of the innocent? Why? God’s plan, not ours… the scope of the Universe is incomprehensible, the science of it, the how and why, the ability of us to realize our insignificance in this vastness of time and space and yet realize we may not be alone but also we may be significant to something… or someone….

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