Urgent Message From National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers

By: Sara Noble
Independent Sentinel

h/t Grumpy Elder

Zach Taylor, the President of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO), needs people to call Congress today. Links on the bottom left sidebar of this website will get you to your Representative’s contact numbers.

The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers  has reviewed the “slimmed-down” border bill the House is planning to vote on tomorrow. Most concerning is that this bill has protections for illegal immigrants but puts America’s Children in danger.

NAFBP is in direct contact with Border Patrol and their information is current and accurate.


Zach Taylor_1

Here is the message from NAFBP:

Advisory To Congress

The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers is writing to Congress and the American people to advise them of the importance of their vote to take place Thursday, July 31, 2014, on a house bill that seeks to solve the current illegal immigration surge along America’s southern border. The following facts must be considered before any member of congress votes on this proposal.


Primarily, MS13 and Los Zetas Drug Trafficking Organization have been in Central America for over three years recruiting and training youth as young as eight years of age for the purpose of bringing these young criminals into the United States to work in their embedded drug trafficking organizations within the United States. While in this Central American training program these young people are tested in the rigors of gang and criminal activity to give the trainers an idea of where and how their individual aptitudes can best be utilized inside the United States by existing drug trafficking organizations. Those being sent into the United States as assassins have already proven their aptitude and ability to perform this function.

The purpose of bringing these trained assassins into the United States is to kill on command people identified as legitimate targets for violent death by their drug trafficking organization handlers. Prior to the current surge Los Zetas was having about a fifty percent success rate in getting these trained criminal operatives into the United States. With this surge they estimate their delivery rate inside the United States as high as ninety-three percent.

The authors of The House Border Crisis Working Group states they are seeking to ensure the safety of the illegal alien children. Nowhere in the proposal do I see provisions designed to protect American children. On the contrary, passage of this bill will deliberately put American children in harms way. Moreover, what the proposal does is reward illegal behavior on the part of the illegal alien and the lawless President of the United States. Every Congressman should vote against this bill and take whatever measures necessary to stand firm against the political maneuvering afoot in Washington, D.C. today that will do great harm to the Republic.


Zack Taylor
National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers

Listen to the important and stunning message from Zach Taylor in the video below. Did you know of the Russian involvement? Did you know that Border Patrol is more afraid of our government than the transnational criminals? When attacked, they can’t shoot and their bullets are being accounted for – they have to run away!

Video courtesy of Little Bonanza Productions. For more information, please contact: lisa@littlebonanzaproductions.com.



Exclusive: Leader of Scout Troop Confronted by Armed Border Patrol Speaks Out

By: Joshua Cook
Ben Swann

“And for our government to take these young men and illegally search them and illegally seize and pull a weapon on these kids — something is wrong.”

In an exclusive interview with Benswann.com,  Jim Fox, the scout leader of the Mid-Iowa Boy Scout Troop 111, explained what happened earlier this month at a checkpoint along the Alaska – Canada border.

At the check point, one of the boys took a picture of the border agent and “threw the agent into a frenzy.” According to Fox, the agent immediately confiscated the camera, told the boy that he could be subjected to 10 years of prison or a $10,000 fine. The boys and driver were escorted inside the border patrol station.

“The border agent tried to bait me. He wanted to get a reaction out of me and I did not give it to him,” said Fox. The border agent didn’t want Fox to follow him while he searched the van because Fox might turn over “search techniques to the undesirables.”

One of the agents asked to see one of the bags of the scouts. One scout knew where the bag was and tried to get the bag to assist the agent. That’s when Fox said an agent had a loaded pistol pointed at the boy.

Fox said that the boy thought the agent was going to shoot him and got back into the van. “They were sitting there scared to death,” said Fox.

“And for our government to take these young men and illegally search them and illegally seize and pull a weapon on these kids — something is wrong.”

Benswann.com’s Joshua Cook asked Fox, “Did you feel at that moment that you still lived in America?”

“No,” said Fox. “I didn’t and neither did the boys.”

Fox said that they have experienced this type of intimidation before with the TSA in Orlando, FL. In the Orlando one of the eagle scouts accidentally dropped his boots after going through a full search.

One of the officers said, “..if that boy doesn’t calm down I will arrest him and remove him from this airport.” Fox asked the officer, “what did the boy do?”

“He dropped his boots in a threatening manner, said the officer.”

The border patrol agent asked Fox, “I suppose you’re wondering why we are doing this?” While pointing at the teenage boy the agent told Fox, “It’s our job to protect this border, It’s our job to keep terrorists from crossing the border.”

Senator Chuck Grassley told Fox News, “It’s outrageous that a border patrol agent would point a gun at a boy scout just for taking a picture,” he told the television station. “It just doesn’t make sense.”


Watcher’s Council Nominations – Faith Edition

The Watcher’s Council

IDF soldiers sing before entering Gaza: “The whole world is a narrow bridge and you must not be afraid. Serve G-d with joy and come before Him with song. We have no one to rely upon except our Father in heaven.”

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Council News:

Ah, the big news today is that it’s party time…

Our own Courtney, GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD adds another year to the ledger. The actual date was Monday, but we’ll celebrate it today… especially since she managed to get through her birthday weekend in one piece and without any serious encounters with the authorities.


First, some flowers, just because…


Now this is a decadent rum cake… the alcohol’s cooked off, but that wonderful flavor of Mount Gay Bajan rum remains. And I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to mar that wonderful chocolate top with candle holes, but I’ll let the birthday girl decide that one… and how many candles.

And some chilled Veuve Cliquot on the side to wash it down…

Another year Courts, and you still crack me up with the joyful mayhem you perform on the defenseless English language in your articles and of course in our asides! Even better is the real substance in what you write that’s behind it. It’s a great pleasure to have you in the group and especially to have you as my friend… many, many more and keep treading the Narrow Way.

The Council In Action!!

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Victim: The Nation

By: Mark Cromer
Victims of Illegal Immigration – A Collection of Essays
Hat Tip: Dick Manasseri

The long hollowing out of America’s once-mighty manufacturing base, which effectively ended the generational tradition of sons following their fathers into jobs that provided a secure paycheck and a pension, has been followed by the in-sourcing of waves of cheap, illegal labor to replace American workers, and, in doing so, suppress wages and benefits.

To the black citizens in south Los Angeles who have watched as their jobs, schools, and communities have been overrun with illegal immigrants, there is a bitter irony in lofty progressive cant about justice for illegal immigrants, even as blacks find themselves again being pushed to the back of the economic bus.

Political gains by blacks in Southern California, that were secured over many decades of struggle, now face their own twilight as the sweeping demographic shift eventually eliminates black voting power in communities across the southland.

Two or three generations deeper into this crisis, the real question will be what citizenship will be worth. What cherished hallmarks will the designation “American” hold?

Like the microcosm of Southern California, it will be a nation that is brimming with people struggling to survive, and yet with even less of a cohesive sense of a national identity – of just what an American is – than at any other time in the country’s history. The meaning of American will simply be whatever one wishes it to be. Instead of a bedrock sense of ideals and values, it will be malleable, transitory, written in chalk.

Ironically, far from bringing more people closer to the “American Dream” (that once-perennial hope which defined a country and provided more opportunity for its citizens than any other nation on earth), it will now be further away than ever before for most of its people.

California’s grim fate should serve as a warning for the rest of the nation. There are towns, counties, and states that are experiencing, like California did in the late 1980s and early 1990s, exploding populations of illegal immigrants that are reshaping their communities, their culture, and their quality of life at a pace and on a scale that would have been unimaginable a generation ago.

In places like Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Georgia, the future is being decided today.

If American citizens cannot muster the political will to act decisively to preserve their overarching culture and the quality of life that was passed along to them after so much sacrifice across the 20th Century, then they will find themselves in the same terminal condition that California is in today – an inglorious ending for a nation whose lamps once burned so brightly with promise.

Mark Cromer is a widely-published journalist. This was excerpted from “California Twilight: A Native Bears Witness to the End of the Golden State,” www.noozhawk.com.