Shakespeare’s Thoughts on the Ferguson Riots

By: T F Stern
The Moral Liberal


The Grand Jury will hand down its findings very soon regarding the police shooting in Ferguson.  The community has been in constant turmoil since the tragic event took place; much of the unrest coming in the form of rioting, looting and burning down store front businesses.  Waiting to find out whether or not the police officer will be charged has most everyone on edge.

An article appearing in the Conservative Tribune doesn’t do anything to make the public feel any more comfortable, Alert: New Video Shows Ferguson Protesters Training to “Shut Down” a Community.

“Protests have been ongoing since the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson. A grand jury has been investigating the shooting and leaked testimony points to it exonerating the officer of any wrongdoing. Some have promised violence, even civil war, if Wilson is not indicted for Brown’s murder despite there being seemingly no evidence for such a charge.”

In an article posted to Time.com’s website a similar tone was set, Ferguson Braces for the Worst Ahead of Grand Jury Decision.   Fear has gripped the residents of the area and the sale of firearms has skyrocketed as the threat of chaos takes hold.

“Throughout the St. Louis area, citizens fear the riots that engulfed the city over the summer are about to return. A grand jury deliberating whether to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the Aug. 9 shooting death of Michael Brown is expected to come to a decision this month, perhaps as soon as late this week. And amid a steady drip of leaks that appear to corroborate Wilson‘s account of the encounter, protesters are readying for the possibility that the officer won’t be indicted on murder or manslaughter charges.”

Switching gears a bit…

Yesterday during one of our several meetings at church the lesson material was, Love and Concern for All Our Father’s Children, as found in the Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Fielding Smith, who served in that capacity from 1970 – 1972.

My thoughts immediately returned to the civil unrest going on in and around Ferguson.  Two paragraphs in the lesson manual leapt off the pages and distracted my thoughts, coming back to me over and over as the day pressed on.

“The God we worship is a glorified Being in whom all power and perfection dwell, and he has created man in his own image and likeness, with those characteristics and attributes which he himself possesses.

And so our belief in the dignity and destiny of man is an essential part both of our theology and of our way of life. It is the very basis of our Lord’s teaching that “the first and great commandment” is: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind”; and that the second great commandment is: “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” (See Matt. 22:37–39.)”

ferguson-police-cartoon-mckeeI suppose the good folks in Ferguson wish those who place themselves above the law, those who intend to shut down society, riot, loot and burn…the good folks in Ferguson hope they don’t have to confront any of these individuals in the next day or so; let the findings of the Grand Jury represent the voice of the people, all the people.

During our church discussion my friend, Mike Hunter, raised his hand and shared, “Most of us are jumping to our feet demanding justice, when we should be dropping to our knees pleading for mercy”, though he couldn’t recall who should get credit for the original quote.  Wouldn’t it be so much better if, instead of going head on into the fray looking to get even, wouldn’t we be better off getting on our knees and thanking our Father in Heaven for the tender mercies we’ve been shown?  (forgive me while I preach to the choir)

I tried to find the ‘author’ of the quote Mike supplied by doing a Google Search.  The closest idea, as pertain to the protests in Ferguson, was by William Shakespeare from his play, Romeo and Juliet.

“You think you are getting justice but really all you are doing is causing havoc…”

Shakespeare had it right, then and now; the protesters in Ferguson aren’t looking for justice.  They are looking for social justice, which isn’t justice at all; it’s revenge of the dirtiest sort.  They want to destroy all that is good around them so that everyone will be as miserable as they are.  In short, the protesters in Ferguson are following Satan and have no interest in the teachings of our Savior.

The Golden Rule teaches that we should treat people as we wish to be treated; something to think about as events in Ferguson unfold in the days ahead.

The good folks up Ferguson way, being afraid for their safety and well being, have recently armed themselves preparing for those who might do them harm.  Your choice, the Golden Rule… or should we bone up on a line from Shakespeare’s, Julius Caesar, “Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war”.


Creeping Sharia

Hat Tip: Dick Manasseri

Beware America of Creeping Sharia pushed by CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama & Snyder.

Makes you think!

IRAN 1970

IRAN 2012


EGYPT (Cairo University) 1959

EGYPT (Cairo University) 2012

NETHERLANDS (Amsterdam) 1980

NETHERLANDS (Amsterdam) 2012

… And some people still do not see a reason to resist!


Forum: What Direction Do You See The Democrats Going In 2016?

The Watcher’s Council

Every week on Monday morning, the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum with short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture or daily living. This week’s question: What Direction Do You See The Democrats Going In 2016?

The Independent Sentinel: The entire party has been brought to the far-left. There are only far-left and those who obey the far-left.

If it has anything to do with deceit, non-transparency, divisiveness, promoting legislation that weakens our economy and diminishes our stature in the world, that’s where it will go.

Laura Rambeau Lee, Right Reason::The Democrats are going to push the first woman president in 2016. Our choices will be new doting, giddy grandmother Hillary Rodham Clinton or Native American woman Elizabeth (Liawatha) Warren. Hillary Clinton will campaign as a woman familiar and sympathetic with the plight of the common people and all about family values. She and Bill were so broke after they left the White House they could barely afford to pay the mortgages on their two homes, if we remember.

Warren will campaign against the corporatists – the 1% (knowing firsthand their evil capitalist ways having lived among them for much of her adult life) and bring voice to the 99% remnants of the #Occupy movement.

These two will be positioned to address the response of the voters after the 2014 mid-term elections. If President Obama is perceived to be taking us too far left over the next two years, Hillary will be the “moderate” nominee. If the country is docilely swept along with the hard left then Elizabeth Warren will be the nominee.

The Republicans face the challenge of nominating a candidate who can clearly state the need for a restoration to the founding principles of the Constitution and the rule of law and who will appeal to a majority of Americans in order to defeat the Democrats. There must be a clear distinction between the two parties. I’m going out on a limb here and saying the choice between a moderate Hillary Clinton and a moderate Republican will result in a Clinton win.

GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD: If Hillary does not run, Cuomo seems to be in a better position. Serving in a state that is much larger than Maryland, Cuomo has enjoyed a higher national profile and his fight for same-sex marriage received greater media attention. The firm, PPP, released a poll this week showing Hillary at 64% and Andrew Cuomo at 3% (fourth after Hillary, Vice President Biden, and recently elected and liberal hero U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren).

Maryland Gov Martin O’Malley polled at 1%. The same poll found that without Hillary, Cuomo would be at 10%- and at 22% with neither Hillary nor Biden in the primary. O’Malley still remained at 1% without Hillary and was at 8% without either Hillary or Biden.

JoshuaPundit: A lot of ifs here. There are various points to consider in what amounts to a civil war.

While it’s almost a certainty that Barack Obama’s popularity will continue to decrease even if he isn’t impeached or forced to resign ala’ Nixon,  he is still going to remain a very powerful figure behind the scenes. He controls the Democrat database that’s invaluable in turnout and fundraising and  has already told the DNC in response to their request that he’s keeping it after he leaves office, but that parts of it are available for lease for the right price.Also, no matter whether he finishes his term or not, he is still going to be a key endorsement needed for black support.While his animosity towards the Clintons is well known, if  Hillary runs for president, his support will be vital to her  – or any other Democrat- winning in 2016. There’s absolutely no way of telling which way he’ll go.

And the racial complement is huge. While articles on how Republicans have lost the black and Latino vote (demonstrably untrue about Latinos, but I digress) are a dime a dozen, there are very few articles about how the Democrats have largely lost the white vote. So a massive black turnout in Democrat urban enclaves is a key component.

Another factor is a fairly thin Democrat bench. Two bad midterms in a row have wiped out a whole generation of younger Democrats capable of running and having a shot at winning a national election as well as competing in future state elections. Some of the few more moderate Democrats (relatively speaking) still left like Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Tim Kaine of Virginia and Mark Warner of Virginia are too conservative for the Democrat’s leftist base, or lack sufficient name recognition.

So aside from Hillary, there’s not much left besides Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Cuomo or Joe Biden, whom I don’t see as a serious candidate.

I doubt Senator Elizabeth Warren or Andrew Cuomo, the current governor of NY has the fundraising clout to compete with the Clinton machine… if Hillary runs. I think that’s still an open question. But if she does, she will run on three themes – being the first woman president, income inequality, and a revisionist portrait of ‘the good old days’ of the Clinton years. Her problem is that she will have to run to the Left in order to woo the party’s base, which is not fond of her. So she would have to find someone like Elizabeth Warren, Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin, Deval Patrick, NY mayor Ric DeBlasio, Martin O’Malley or maybe Al Franken as a running mate. A lot of the others are simply too old… Elizabeth Warren herself is 65 and Al Franken is 63.

If Hillary doesn’t run, it will be a sheer nutroots campaign, with Cuomo and Warren as the two main competitors.

Harry Reid is already showing that he recognizes this by creating a Dem leadership position as yet unnamed for Elizabeth Warren, as a bridge to the progressive fascist wing of the party.

The Republicans are going to have to field someone who can articulately voice conservative principles, point to the misery of the Obama years and make a credible case for real change. Another ‘moderate’ like Chris Christie, Mitt Romney redux or Jeb Bush would not be good choices at all.

Well, there you have it!

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“It is no accident that the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the rise of ISIS, and more cyber-attacks from China have followed Edward Snowden’s defection to Russia through China,” says Cliff Kincaid, president of the public policy group America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI). A veteran journalist and media critic, Kincaid has announced that ASI will hold a National Press Club news conference on November 17 to examine the disclosures that have put America and its allies in danger of further Russian aggression, Islamic terrorism, and Chinese cyber-warfare. The event is open to the press and public.

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A special statement on the Edward Snowden espionage affair by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking official ever to have defected from the former Soviet bloc, will also be released.

The news conference will be held on November 17 at 1:00 p.m. in the Zenger room of the National Press Club, 529 14th St. NW, 13th Floor, Washington, DC 20045.


A Mixed Bag

Arlene from Israel

I start today with the link to the Dry Bones Blog of Yaakov Kirschen.  Most of you are probably familiar with Kirschen’s absolutely on-the-mark political commentary by way of cartoon.


Kirschen is convinced – and rightly so – that cartooning is a powerful way to reach out in today’s world, and so has begun a whole campaign to involve people.  Please see what he has to say.









Credit: DryBonesProject

Well, Kerry met last week with Abbas, by himself, and then with Prime Minister Netanyahu and King Abdullah.  Please note, there was no attempt by the US to encourage a meeting between Abbas and Netanyahu. It was acknowledged that it is not yet time for this.  I myself doubt that it will ever be time.

The Netanyahu-Abdullah meeting reinforced Jordan’s special role on the Temple Mount – which is what the king needed to demonstrate his strength to his own people.  We are being told that the status quo will be maintained on the Mount.

At the same time, it provided a photo op of Netanyahu and Abdullah, which reinforced what our prime minister is saying about a special relationship with Jordan that must be protected.  Not only was there a photo op, the meeting was initiated by the king and was hosted by Jordan:

“’Moderate axis’ is the term used by Israeli officials to describe the ties between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi and Jordanian King Abdullah II. However, Israel prefers not to actively publicize the channels of communications between Jerusalem, Amman and Cairo.

“Government officials in Israel say there is continuous and productive communication between Israel, Egypt and Jordan and that the three are coordinating their positions.”


This said, we should not become unduly irked by the king’s harsh charges leveled at Israel for public consumption.

As Times of Israel reported: “Jordan’s tough stance towards Israel over Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque reflects a determination to preserve its custodianship of the flashpoint site as well as its own stability, analysts say.”

Credit: Israel Today


If we can tolerate what the king says, because we understand his motivation, tolerating what Kerry says is something else all together.

Direct negations cannot commence until calm is restored in Jerusalem, he says.  The US is committed to advancing the “peace talks.” In his dreams.

Worse, he told the press that he had met with Abbas, who “will do everything possible to restore calm.”  Kerry said he had faith in both Netanyahu’s and Abbas’s commitment to peace.  Could it be?  Is he that clueless that he believes this?  That ready to be taken in by Abbas?



See what Jonathan Spyer – senior research fellow at Gloria – has to say about the behavior of Abbas (emphasis added):

“,,,The new violence [as compared to the violence of the two intifadas], though indiscriminate, brutal and murderous, is more narrowly focused. It is limited, for now, to specific areas of the country and to specific parts of Jerusalem.

But the West Bank, the cauldron of so much violence and hatred during the last two intifadas, has so far stayed largely quiet.

“Why? Because the Palestinian Authority leadership in the West Bank appears to be playing a double game.

“On the one hand, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is engaging in incitement, spreading fear and anger about supposed Israeli plans to upset the delicate rules for Jewish worship on the Temple Mount/Al-Aqsa Mosque area. Abbas has spoken of Jews ‘desecrating’ and ‘contaminating’ the site — the holiest place in Judaism.

“…Meantime, while Abbas spouts incendiary rhetoric, his security forces are continuing to cooperate with the Israelis in ensuring relative quiet on the West Bank. This reflects the general lack of Palestinian enthusiasm to provoke another mass confrontation with Israel.

“This is a dangerous double game. While the attacks on Israeli civilians have been presented in some news reports as spontaneous acts of rage, an examination of the biographies of the perpetrators so far suggests something quite different.”



For evidence of various calls to violence by the PA that are still going on, see this Palestinian Media Watch bulletin:


It describes such statements as that of a representative of the PA Ministry of Religious Affairs, who declared just two days ago that Jerusalem needs “sacrifices and blood.”


Security measures are still being tightened: Security Minister Aharonovitch has now said that metal detectors – which have not been employed since 2000 – are going to be utilized for screening of those seeking to enter the Temple Mount. Subsequently, he says, facial recognition cameras will be installed.


MKs Yoni Chetboun and Ayelet Shaked of Habayit Hayehudi and Ze’ev Elkin and Yariv Levin of Likud are proposing legislation that would make prosecution of Arab rioters easier.  Now, police make arrests when illegal gatherings take place, but the burden of proof is on the arresting officers to provide evidence that the particular individuals were planning violence.  This is one of the reasons, Chetboun has explained, that we see the revolving door, with arrests made and then suspects freed.

The law being proposed – the “masks bill” – would put the burden of proof on the arrested suspects in cases where the suspects’ faces were covered.  The assumption being posited is that if someone covers his or her face, it is because this person is seeking violence and does not want to be identified.

Have no idea what the chances of this passing are, but it sure sounds good to me.


But, needless to say, the appeasing Obama administration is not exactly happy with our more stringent approach to handling terrorists and trouble makers from the Arab community in Israel.

We have re-established the policy of demolishing the homes of terrorists.  At a State Department press briefing on Thursday, spokeswoman Jen Psaki, when asked about this, said: “Well, we believe that punitive demolitions are counterproductive to the cause of peace and exacerbate an already tense situation.”


At the same press conference, she also had something to say about that fire in a mosque in Samaria.  I wrote about this recently: Villagers were screaming that the Jews – “settlers” – did it, but there was no evidence for this and villagers would not allow Israeli police in to investigate. There is, in fact, reason to suspect that Arabs did it so that Jews might be fingered.

Psaki declared: “The United States condemns the attack against a mosque in the West Bank. We believe that such hateful and provocative actions against a place of worship are never justified.”

No, she did not identify the culprits directly as Jews or “settlers.” There is no way she could. But you had better believe that is what she meant.


This is vastly encouraging, although we have a long way to go:

MK Ze’ev Elkin (Likud) with the backing of the prime minister, is promoting legislation that would enshrine the concept of Israel as a Jewish state.

Among the stipulations of the law:

“…all Jewish schools will teach Jewish history as well as Jewish tradition and heritage.  Hebrew will be recognized as the only official language in Israel. Arabic, which as of now is considered an official language in Israel, will instead be given special status.

“The bill also declares that the State of Israel is the national home of the Jewish people, in which a Jew can exercise his desire for self-determination in accordance with his historical legacy.  This right to exercise national self-determination will be provided to Jewish people only.
“However, every resident, regardless of religion and nationality, will be entitled to preserve his or her heritage, culture and language.”



This has been an issue of great importance for a long time, for there are those who try to turn the identity of Israel as a democracy into Israel as “a state of all its citizens.” By this is meant that there would be no acknowledgment of a special status within the state for Jews. All citizens would be treated the same.  Jews have right of return, Arabs can have right of return too. Etc.  It is a blatant attempt to destroy the Jewish nature of Israel and allow for an eventual Arab takeover.

There are pro-Palestinian Arab organizations here in Israel, for example, that protest the flag of Israel, because the Jewish star renders it “unfair” to Arab citizens.

With regard to this, there are two points that must be made.  First, that there is a difference between national rights – which pertain to the Jewish people in our land and pertain to such things as the Jewish star on the flag and the national anthem – and individual civil rights – which pertain to all citizens, with regard to freedom of speech, right to vote and run for office,  etc. etc.

And then, it must be understood that because Israel is a Jewish state does not mean it is not a democracy.

With all this said, the issue is particularly important now because of the claims that we have no history on the Temple Mount, that we have no rights in the land, etc.

I was pleased that Netanyahu said at the Cabinet meeting today, that “it should be clear that Israel is the national homeland of the Jewish people.”   This language harkens back to the Balfour Declaration and the Mandate for Palestine. It’s a step towards publicly recognizing our rights in this land.