THIS is what domestic terror looks like

By: Renee Nal
New Zeal

"Emergency board up services were called to protect businesses in Downtown Oakland" November 2014 via siliconvalleydebug.org

“Emergency board up services were called to protect businesses in Downtown Oakland” November 2014 via siliconvalleydebug.org QUESTION: Were “Emergency board up services” needed in Burns, Oregon?

In the wake of the irrational media response to patriots occupying an empty building in the woods in Oregon, this author thought readers may like to be reminded of what domestic terror actually looks like.

Before we delve into the partial list of businesses targeted in Ferguson in November 2014, please bring your attention to two videos from the Occupy Movement, which was deemed repeatedly to be “mostly peaceful” by the mainstream media:

And here is another:

Re-posted from Broadside News:

See list of the Ferguson businesses destroyed during the riots, as well as links to their fund raising pages if they can be found, as reported at the Saint Louis Post Dispatch, Yahoo News, the New York Post, Breitbart, the Wall Street Journal, and other sources. Some businesses had windows smashed in, and others were burned to the ground. Some have had more publicity and support than others, but they have all suffered.

Ferguson Walgreens via Fox59

Ferguson Walgreens via Fox59

The Dellwood Conoco, for example, was burned to the ground and has received $385 dollars on their fundraising page at the time of this writing. Natalie Dubose, who had a window smashed out but received media attention, has received $257,000 at the time of this writing. Aside from businesses, cars were burned and there were multiple reports of shots being fired. Some of the incidents are mapped here, and also documented at Broadside News.

In addition to the below list, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported:

Police also said 21 businesses on Grand Avenue had windows smashed out, including Rooster, the U.S. Post Office, AT&T, Qdoba, King and I, and the International Market. Burglaries were reported at the Walgreens at 3945 Gravois and the Radio Shack at 3517 Hampton Avenue…There also were six other incidents of windows smashed around the city, including a clothing store at 1308 Washington Avenue and the Bank of America at Grand and Gravois…

WeazelZippers posted still other businesses not listed here. Some businesses were doubly victimized after cleaning up after the August riots.

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