Cruz’s Big Super Tuesday Win Crushes Narratives

By: Lloyd Marcus

Ted Cruz

A caller on a radio talk show said Cruz is a part of our Washington insider problem. The caller believes we need an outsider like Trump; a businessman skilled in making deals to fix America’s problems.

Folks, nothing could be further from the truth.

Trump has been playing both sides of the political fence for 40 years; donating to hardcore liberal politicians and supporting hardcore liberal causes. http://bit.ly/1SADv1x

What the ignorant caller does not know is since his arrival in the Senate, despite incredible pressure from both political parties and the mainstream media, for five years Cruz has courageously and relentlessly fought to repeal Obamacare. For five years Cruz has fought to stop amnesty and to secure our border. For five years Cruz has fought to stop the debt that is bankrupting our kids and grand-kids. For five years Cruz has fought to defend religious liberty, our second amendment and to defend the Bill of Rights. http://bit.ly/1QTIeM1

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Stand for Liberty! #NeverTrump…#NeverTrump…#NeverTrump…

By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal


I have dear friends who support Donald Trump. I have long time loyal readers who support Donald Trump. I have many potential customers who support Donald Trump.

But I also have children who deserve to live in a free world. And that means I must vocally support this movement. ..#NeverTrump….never, ever, ever.

Erick Erickson of Red State puts it well;

I will not vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States even if he is the Republican nominee…

He will not win in November. ..

Trump is a liberal who has supported big government, interventionist policies. He defends Planned Parenthood, says he can cut deals in Washington, and believes in a socialist government run healthcare scheme…

Trump is also a con-artist and the media, which has built his campaign is going to destroy his campaign. After he secures the Republican nomination, the media will trot out every victim and perceived victim of Trump’s actions. All the people hurt by repeated strategic bankruptcies, all the people swindled by Trump University, and anyone who got food poisoning from Trump steaks will be in a 24/7 cavalcade on national television.

By the time the media and Democrats, but I repeat myself, are done with Trump, he will be radioactive.

Donald Trump will not win in November. Period. End of story.

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