By: Bill Hurst
The “Troublesome” Conservative

Minnick‘s campaign is using the same old lies mixed with the new ones! These packaged lies are then blended with subterfuges and topped off with the usual bag of disruptions.

Minnick’s campaign is so desperate that they have pulled out all the stops. Walt Minnick has not accomplished much during his two-year tenure as Idaho’s Congressman from the 1st CD. Trying to hide this fact, Minnick is slamming Raul Labrador with another barrage of lies and dirty tricks.

Mr. Minnick, tear down the wall of deceit and show yourself! Idahoans are disgusted and not amused by your child like behavior. On second thought Mr. Minnick, keep it up because you are losing the Congressional race for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District.

Let’s get a few things straight Walt:

1) You did not serve in Vietnam. you were in a cushy Pentagon job while my older friends were fighting, dying and wounded by enemy fire.

2) You have saddled future generations of Idahoans with debt and higher taxes.

3) You do not want to repeal Obamacare. You would rather burden small businesses to the point of bankruptcy.

4) You are pro-abortion and care less about unborn human beings.

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