By: AJ

President Obama’s pal, George Soros, has his fingerprints all over the events unfolding in Egypt. Expelling Mubarak from Egypt creates a pathway to destroy Israel and it’s no secret that Soros fiercely opposes Israel.

Toppling governments through manufactured riots is old hat for Soros and, as he said, it was “a lot of fun.” Soros funds hundreds of far-left organizations, so there’s no doubt he has the resources, expertise and manpower to manufacture a revolution. Anyone paying attention knows that Soros and Obama work together and they would certainly collaborate on this coup.

We already know that American radicals like Code Pink and other anti-American communist and socialist groups have been working on the ground in Egypt. We also know that lame-stream media is falsely portraying the uprising to benefit the Obama persona. Does anyone in the Middle East think there’s something fishy going on? Let’s go to Turkey…

What do the Turks really think about the uprising?

… the sentiment among Turks, one interlocutor suggested, was that there was something really fishy about those Egyptian protests: I mean, Arabs couldn’t organize their way out of paper bag, so it must be the Americans behind it.

Or George Soros.

Another friend said, “We’ve been suffering just like the Egyptians, and when did the Arabs ever protest for us?” Still another said, “It can’t really be the Egyptians behind that, it has to be the United States. Nothing happens in this region without the United States’ permission.” Her implication: “We’re not fools. We’re not going out in the streets to do the Americans’ bidding.”

Something else that’s really fishy… has anyone wondered why the rioters in Egypt have carried out so many attacks on journalists?

Harming journalists is counter to a storyline that “the Egyptian people want Democracy.” If these were ordinary citizens of Egypt rising up for a new and better form of government, wouldn’t they welcome reporting of their plight?

Instill fear in journalists and the questions won’t be asked and answered and we won’t learn the truth about who these rioters really are and who organized them. Are they Muslim/Communist/Socialist rioters who want revolution so that the radical Muslim Brotherhood can take control of Egypt and its advanced weaponry in order to defeat Israel? Is this what George Soros and Barack Obama want? Looks like it.

There’s a clear indication that the rioting is manufactured and White House visitor, George Soros, is involved. Despite the risk to Israel and America, Obama is anxious for Mubarak to leave and he believes the Muslim Brotherhood opposition should be represented in the coming presidential election.

Aside from Obama’s inclusion of Muslim Brotherhood members here in America, are there any other connections that bring us to Egypt with a connection to Soros? Yes, there are.

Soros and Obama have an influential, ground-engaged connection in Egypt – Saad Eddin Ibrahim.

Human rights activist Saad Eddin Ibrahim sought funding from Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI) in May of 2003 and OSI’s website contains a summary of their OSI Forum: “The Battle for Civil Society in Egypt – Freed Reformist Sees Hope for Islamic Democracies”:

At a recent open forum of the Open Society Institute in New York, Dr. Ibrahim called for a “coalition of the conscientious” to oppose both invasion and dictatorship, and said such a coalition could seize desire in Muslim-majority countries for real democracy. After hosting roundtables over the summer, he hopes to build a media network to tap that desire within 12 months. “We don’t have comparative advantage [against madrassas and extremists], we have only access to the elite intelligentsia through our newsletter,” he told EurasiaNet in a telephone interview after the forum. “We can reach thousands or tens of thousands. We need millions.” (Dr. Ibrahim has appealed for funding from the Soros Foundations Network, which funds EurasiaNet.)…

Nearly a year ago (May of 2010), Saad Ibrahim called for defiance and civil disobedience in Egypt as the means to achieve transformation. Ibrahim expressed disappointment that President Obama had not yet followed through with the transformation in Egypt. Ibrahim voiced his support for ElBaradei and Muslim rule in Egypt. See the video here.

Ibrahim is the founder and board member of Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies. On his website, Ibrahim shows his support for Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed El-Baradei. Ibrahim described ElBaradei as “my first choice for the presidency” at a conference in September 2010.

The fall of Egypt into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood would ensure war with Israel and would place America at risk. Is this the outcome Obama and his pal George Soros seek? Let’s explore whether Soros has done anything else to harm Israel.

When the UN (Judge Goldstone) issued a report alleging war crimes against Israel, a September 30, 2010 Washington Times article states, “Benjamin Netanyahu, famously said last year that Israel faces three major threats — “the Iranian nuclear program, rockets aimed at our civilians, and Goldstone” — while its president, Shimon Peres, said that the report “gives de facto legitimacy to terrorist initiatives and ignores the obligation and right of every country to defend itself.”

Judge Goldstone was involved with George Soros and OSI, and notice that J-Street and NAF receive funds from Soros’ OSI. Here’s more…

“Judge Goldstone told The Times in an interview that he had sought the meetings after a discussion with longtime friend Morton H. Halperin — president of the Open Society Institute (OSI) and one of five senior officers at J Street, according to the group’s federal tax returns. Those forms list Mr. Halperin as a “director,” and say he spends 10 hours a week on J Street business.

“He suggested — and I agreed — that it would be a good idea for me to meet with some of the leading members of Congress,” Judge Goldstone said. “I thought it was important to correct the misimpressions.” He added that Mr. Halperin had hand-delivered a personal letter he had written to members of Congress.

Judge Goldstone said he remembers attending “10 or 12” meetings. J Street co-founder Daniel Levy, who accompanied the judge to several of the parleys, said that the New America Foundation (NAF) — whose Middle East Task Force he co-chairs — had also hosted a lunch with Judge Goldstone for “a group of analysts and Middle East wonks.” The judge, Mr. Levy, and J Street all declined to identify the members of Congress.

All three organizations associated with Judge Goldstone‘s visit to Washington — J Street, NAF and OSI — receive substantial funding from Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros, a fierce critic of AIPAC and Israeli policies.

OSI controls nearly $2 billion in assets provided by Mr. Soros over the years. NAF, in turn, received $855,000 from OSI in 2009, though the money was not set aside for the think tank’s Middle East program. The Times disclosed last week that J Street had received $750,000 from Mr. Soros and his family despite repeated denials from the group that it had received any funding from Mr. Soros in the past…

Summing up, George Soros is connected to President Obama, Saad Ibrahim, Judge Goldstone and America’s far-left anti-Israel and anti-American organizations. It appears the violent revolutionaries in Egypt may be nothing short of radical Muslims organized by America’s far-left, supported by Obama and Soros and who are on a mission to destroy Israel and increase harm to the United States of America. (Egypt controls the trade route through the Suez Canal; America is directly at risk.)

It’s clear the lame-stream media is full of nothing but spin and ideological rhetoric, not investigative reporting. What’s needed now is a Congressional investigation to reveal the truth before it’s too late.

We’ve Had Enough