Support The SEALs: Drop the Unfair and Outrageous Charges NOW!

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Support The Seals – What Can I Do to Make My Voice Heard to Help The Navy SEAL Three Get Their Charges Dropped?


DEMAND THE GOVERNMENT BACK OFF THE PROSECUTION OF THE NAVY SEALS, WHO CAPTURED THE TERRORIST THAT MURDERED U.S. CONTRACTORS. It was 2004: Fallujah, Iraq. Four civilian U.S. contractors were transporting supplies for a catering company. They were ambushed, killed, their bodies burned and dragged through the streets, then hung from a bridge on the Euphrates River. A NAVY SEAL TEAM captured one of the military’s “most wanted” terrorists, the one responsible for the heinous crime. Now 4 of our bravest and finest are facing prosecution because the scumbag terrorist claimed he got a bloody lip while in their custody. SO-2 Petty Officer Second Class Matthew McCabe is accused of punching the terrorist, and is also charged with dereliction of duty for “failing” to safeguard the murderer. SO-2 Petty Officer Jonathan Keefe and SO-1 Julio Huertas are being charged with dereliction of duty and making false statements. The prisoner alleges that he was punched in the face by McCabe, but it isn’t clear if the injury occurred while he was in custody or when he was captured. Please note: He was not water-boarded. He was not interrogated agressively. He was not electro-shocked or tasered. His fingernails were not pulled out. Nor was he boiled in oil, or whatever other torture he may deserve. He most certainly was not shot, burned, mutilated, nor hung from a bridge. He got a bloody lip. My take is it was self inflicted in order to cause trouble for his captors. The military brass however, is so wimpy due to the political correctness of the current “nicey, nicey, culture” they run for cover should the “i’s” not be dotted nor the “t’s” crossed. No one has noticed that the SEAL TEAM brought the guy in. He was captured, not shot. He is alive. Is the real message here that they should have not taken him alive and saved everyone alot of trouble? This is not only an outrage, it is insane. I appeal to you not to let this pass without taking action. This situation is not normal, and it is not sane. Did I forget to tell you it was INSANE? This kind of situation requires intervention. This requires you to do your part to make sure that the government backs off from the prosecution of our sailors. These men are being prosecuted because they did their job and because they did it well. This is what they are supposed to do. Our soldiers and sailors are the men and women that have kept terrorists at bay for eight years. These are the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for you and your families. These are the men and women who have the enemy on the run right now so that you can sleep peacefully at night. These are the men and women being shot at, blown up, injured and killed, and they are shooting back at the enemy to defend you against terrorists that would otherwise be in your town, shooting at you, taking your loved ones hostage and beheading them. The prosecution of our Sailors for the alleged action against a terrorist is madness. Do not let this pass without a letter, email, fax, telephone call, to your senator, your representative, the President and the Secretary of Defense to tell them to back off the prosecution of these Navy SEALS. You cannot sit down with your family at Thanksgiving Dinner, without doing something about this. Are Americans sitting down to eat a peaceful Thanksgiving Dinner, while these men are being prosecuted for doing the job they were sent there to do? There’s the line in the sand. Which side of it are you on? If you let this go without taking the legal actions necessary to defend your fighting men and women, YOU will have joined those that do the bidding of your enemies. Do not let that happen. Tell the Government to back-off now! Be loud. Be clear. Be effective!

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S-R Associate Editor Gary Crooks pulls stunt ala Steve Smith former S-R editor

Friends of Mark Fuhrman

MSM censorship of its critics & control of the news/thought/information of the day – The Savage Manslaughter Case & the Spokesman-Review

I was answering questions posed to me from other commenters in this open thread that has become a debate on the Climategate story as it develops. My comment was immediately removed by S-R Associate Editor/Editorial Writer Gary Crooks. Shades of former S-R Editor Steve Smith?

I posted this already once but it was apparently removed because I linked back to my own site re my criticism of this paper and it’s owners. I was calling to their attention their hypocrisy re criticism of their business dealings in this town that directly led to the death of Jo Savage and their refusal to cover this story to protect their owners from criminal prosecution. This is a dark little secret in this town that the owners of the paper are trying to keep secret. Little do they realize the power of the new social media to break the veil on these secrets e.g., the Catholic Church’s longstanding secret of its sexual abuses was broken my this new media in Boston in 2002 (See Shirky’s book “Here comes Everybody’).

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