Nevada News & Views – December 19, 2009

By: Chuck Muth
Nevada News and Views


  • School Vouchers: The Cure for What Ails Nevada’s Public Education (Chuck Muth) – School bureaucrats and union officials are saying today that if school districts have to reduce their budgets by 10 percent, they’d have to lay off 1,000 teachers….which is pure bullsh*t.
  • One Again Teachers Union Shows Kids Don’t Matter (Warner Todd Huston) – A recalcitrant teachers union in Florida once again shows that reform for the sake of the kids doesn’t interest it.
  • Angle: Reid’s grasp on reality disappearing faster than jobs (Angle for Senate Campaign) – Sharron Angle (R-NV) said she was taken aback by Senator Harry Reid’s (D-NV) opening remark concerning Nevada’s latest unemployment figures which listed a lessening of six-tenths of a percent to 12.3 percent, one of the highest in the nation.
  • How to appeal your property-tax bill before it’s too late (John Dougherty) – Nevada’s two-step property-tax assessment and billing system gives unsuspecting property owners no chance to contest their tax bills unless they carefully monitor assessment notices that county assessors must mail to them by Dec. 18.
  • Thirty-seven years of controversy over Roe v. Wade (Samantha Stone) – It’s timely, though the timing is probably accidental, that Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Sue Lowden’s record on abortion is being combed for inconsistencies.

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  • I don’t know if any of you have ever hit a deer, but I don’t recommend it. On the other hand, if you do, let me tell you that it’s a heck of a lot better hitting one while driving a big-a** 12-passenger van than one of those little fuel-efficient puddle jumpers that liberals love so much.
  • Just a day after the conclusion of the global warming conference, Washington, DC, is getting socked with the mother of all snowstorms. Who said God doesn’t have a sense of humor….and irony?
  • “Senate Democratic leaders said they have secured the 60 votes needed to ensure passage of health overhaul legislation after reaching agreement with Sen. Ben Nelson,” the Wall Street Journal reports this morning. Santa Reid must have filled the good senator’s stockings to the brim with goodies. Legal bribery with OUR money. Only in America.
  • Nevada’s only government owned-and-operated hospital, UMC in Las Vegas, is bleeding red ink to the tune of $83 million last year, leading uber-liberal Democrat County Commissioner Chris G to bemoan that “if we had universal health care in this country, we wouldn’t be having this problem.” Yeah, instead the WHOLE COUNTRY would be having this problem!
  • Team Tark added another member to the team on Thursday as Amy Tarkanian brought into the line-up Jerry Tarkanian Jr., weighing in at 8 pounds/2 ounces. Mucho congratulations to the again-extended Tarkanian family! Check out Baby Tark’s bib HERE
  • Republican U.S. senate candidate Sue Lowden disclosed yesterday that she and her husband are worth more than $50 million, and a spokesman said “she is not ruling out using personal funds in a campaign.” No wonder the cash-flush Reidites would prefer to run against anyone other than Sue Lowden.
  • Republicans are being criticized by Harry Reid and the Democrats for being the “Party of No.” But the fact is if more parents would tell their kids “No” more often, we wouldn’t have so many spoiled rotten kids growing up with entitlement mentalities who think the world owes them something. Ditto Democrats and their never-ending “gimme, gimme, gimme” proposals for expanding government.
  • I hate to be so crass, but Dennis Mallory, union boss for state employees, is a jerk.

    He says that if the government has to tighten its belt by 10 percent like the rest of us have been tightening our own belts in our family and business budgets, that we’d have to shut down correctional facilities. “A 10 percent cut would be pretty catastrophic,” Mallory warns ominously. “I would not want to live in close proximity to a prison. It would not be safe.”

    What a load of crap. As though there are no non-essential government programs, services and departments which couldn’t be shuttered instead. As the saying goes, when the facts aren’t on your side, pound the table.

    And it’s the table-pounding use of such hyper-inflated rhetoric and scare tactics to fight long-overdue and much-needed cuts to non-essential services (which, by the way, would NOT include prisons) is what makes Mallory a jerk.

  • Democrat gubernatorial candidate and Clark County Commission Chairman Rory Reid issued a statement on Thursday outlining some ethics reform proposals and greater transparency measures. All fine and good.

    But if he’s serious, he’d start by putting the Clark County government’s checkbook online so taxpayers can see where every dime goes, as well as voluntarily post every donation and expenditure to his campaign on his campaign website within, say, 48 hours. Otherwise he’s just another hypocritical politician, full of nothing but hot air.


“The CityCenter is architecturally unappealing. It will be the biggest bust in the history of real estate. Good concept but badly designed and really badly executed. Too bad.” – Donald Trump (Hat tip to “Norm!”)


Angle Responds to Reid’s Job-Market Happiness

Says Reid’s grasp disappearing faster than jobs

Reno, NV – Sharron Angle (R-NV) said she was taken aback by Senator Harry Reid’s (D-NV) opening remark concerning Nevada’s latest unemployment figures which listed a lessening of six-tenths of a percent to 12.3 percent, one of the highest in the nation. “I’m very happy that the unemployment rate has dropped the way it has,” Reid began on a video posted yesterday to his official senatorial website.[1] Angle, upon listening to Reid’s initial comment, said Reid was losing his grasp more rapidly than the jobs that continued to disappear during November. “The reason for the write-off in the unemployment rate is due to job-seekers who gave up or left the state in droves,”[2] said Angle in response to Reid’s commencing video statement. “Ghost Town Harry might be happy about the exodus, but Nevadans are livid over the reality that our state lost more than 9,000 jobs last month.”

Angle, a conservative former state legislator who leads over Reid by 4 percentage points in the latest Rasmussen poll,[3] said the Majority Leader has proven he lacks the vision to properly lead during a time of crises. “Harry Reid can daydream about green jobs until he turns blue, but the only green the jobless want to see right now is the green that is needed to pay for failing mortgages and other necessities. There are currently 160,000 Nevadans seeking these imaginary jobs ‘saved or created’ by Harry Reid who can no longer survive on a politician’s failed promise of ‘hope.’ Last month Senator Reid was so busy being self-absorbed about his claimed role in bullying banks to lend money to City Center that he forgot to notice that another 5,700 Nevada jobs quickly disappeared from the leisure & hospitality industry.”

Angle said that while Nevadans were exiting the state, the Majority Leader was busy leading the whole country over a cliff with his runaway federal government spending programs, and added that the time to reinstate fiscal firmness needed to come sooner than later. “America cannot afford any more of this monetary purgatory under Harry Reid’s failed economic policies. To begin restoring America’s economy we need to start by renewing consumer & business confidence, first by shutting down these reckless deficit-spending stimulus programs and returning all remaining funds to be used for national debt reduction. Americans know that the country will survive better without the overextended government interference. Americans were promised ‘change’ from this current administration, only to get shortchange instead.”

[1] http://reid.senate.gov/newsroom/121709_unemployment.cfm

[2] http://detr.state.nv.us/Press/UI_Rate_Releases/2009/Nov09_unemployment_release.pdf

[3] http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/elections2/election_2010/election_2010_senate_elections/nevada/election_2010_nevada_senate_race

Media Contact: Jerry Stacy 775-846-8001
Scheduling: Will Rasavage 775-815-3834
For other info please visit www.SharronAngle.com


Tell ESPN to Knock Off Climate Change Propaganda!

Today ESPN broadcast the “Green Game” a college basketball game featuring two of the best men’s college basketball teams: Kansas and University of Michigan.

Friends, the broadcast was shameful. Throughout the entire game the announcers, ESPN crew and college officials were focused on trying to shove down the viewers throats the hoax of climate change, featuring propaganda footage and biased commentary from the sports announcers declaring the need for Americans to reduce carbon emissions or risk devastation to the environment.

The broadcast took place the week that the Copenhagen Climate Summit is taking place – yet another propaganda-driven effort to impose socialistic government regulations and government-control on the economy (and on the actions of individuals) and using the hysteria of climate devastation as the means to advance their propaganda.

We call on ESPN to issue an apology for neglecting their responsibilities as a sports broadcaster and instead entering the territory of advancing propaganda on supposed climate change and to never again broadcast a “Green Game” or any other similar propaganda.

We need to speak out and have the voice of consumers who don’t buy into this junk science to be heard. We have obtained the email addresses of 3 of ESPN’s highest ranking executives. We need you to contact them ASAP and register your protest for their shameful climate-change propaganda:

President: [email protected]
Vice president: [email protected]
Programming Senior VP: [email protected]

And next we need you to sign the petition protesting ESPN for engaging in climate change propaganda. We also need you to send this link on to dozens of other friends to get them to sign and share it with others as well: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/shameonespn/


You Shall Not Pass! … Obamacare

From: Feed Your ADHD

By: Snarky Basterd

An open letter inspired by this.

Dear Every Senator:

You shall not pass this monstrosity Harry Reid calls health “reform” because in your twisted arrogance you are blind, unable to see everyone around you recoiling in horror, from the left to the moderate to the right to the voice of the American people expressed in every last poll spewing from the MSM. You know when CNN reports, actually reports, such widespread discontent that you people haven’t the capacity to see beyond the fog of the Twilight Zone surrounding your District of Criminals.

You shall not pass this bill because we back here in flyover country know that whatever form it eventually takes at 8:30 p.m. this Christmas Eve, after you add a slew of amendments that weigh it down like rocks strapped to a hit vic, will be only scaffolding for the final hell you and the House will consummate and birth in committee next January, a bill that will kill the only healthcare in the world worth paying for, a bill that will blanket this country with single-payer care (despite claims otherwise), a bill that will destroy our options and stifle our liberty and not even remotely resemble your pResident’s hollow mantra of “hope.”

You shall not pass this bill because we cannot sustain your shopping spree. While the number of federal employees making over $100,000 has doubled in the past 18 months, and you just gave them a raise, the unemployment rate in this country is 10 percent and higher in many states you represent and not even close to getting better. In fact, the worst is yet to come. You’ve already sent us barreling beyond the legal debt limit and still you spend more so that you can travel far and wide, fat cat politicians laying claim to an endless stream of someone else’s money: OURS. You shall not pass this bill because it will break this country.

Via Twitpic

You shall not pass this bill because this country doesn’t need another liberty controlling shell game disguised as “entitlement.” You already have entire generations of people under the loving arm of the Motherland, nuzzling against her for comfort and care, in health (we’ll get to “in sickness” in good time). You shall not pass this bill because it is NOT free and it will NOT do any good, except boost you’re own inflated and egotistical and maniacal sense of “making history.”

You shall not pass this bill because you do not want to one day regret knowing that, by shoving everyone into the same healthcare plan, you destroyed our chances for ever grabbing a doctor’s time (otherwise known as creating “rationing”). You do not want to regret forcing people to become intimate with the wonderful world of waiting lists, as if we’re standing at the back of a line snaking outside our doctor’s waiting room into the hallway and outside the front door and across the street, stretching to the other side of the county. You do not want to regret forcing people to spend their waiting time being more productive than ever before … by reading War and Peace. While that’s unintended enrichment right there, Creator of Quality health care in the time it takes to read Tolstoy is not an epitaph you one day want chiseled on your tombstone.

You shall not pass this bill because you do not want to chase every smart kid who ever wanted to be a doctor away from medical school. Since doctors already earn less, thanks to Medicare and Medicaid, your health “reform” would push would-be medical students into something else, like garbage collection … or undertaking. Those two businesses are easily the least likely to fall under your government control anytime soon. Garbage is money, always has been (ask The Mob); and for med students, taking care of the dead would be just a few steps away from operating on the living, without the $300,000 in student loan debt or the hassles of malpractice insurance.

You shall not pass this bill because you do not want be responsible for the invention of doctor trailer parks. Under Obamacare, doctors who stay in the biz (due either to their own altruistic reasons or, more likely, to government extortion in exchange for the forgiveness of student loans or practice-related debt) will experience the community joy of public assistance, using food stamps to fill a shelf or two of their refrigerators (if they even have electricity). They’ll sell their homes at a loss and move into federal trailer parks for doctors, seeing patients out of the back room to cut down on practice overhead. The parks will have names like Bones Village and Blue Star Doctors Park and Good Samaritan Estates and take the place of hospitals, saving the federal government billions annually (because, naturally, we’ll have to bail out hospitals by then, too). They’ll become tourist destinations; we’ll plan vacations around our doctor visits and then tour the grounds, letting little Jimmy ride his first x-ray machine in exchange for a $5,000 admission fee. Universities will offer classes about them, with names like Contemporary Medical Trailer Park Economics and Staph Infection in the Trailer Park Hospital. You Congress criminals, meanwhile, will continue to conduct annual hearings on the State of the American Healthcare Crisis.

You shall not pass this bill because you do not want to create an entirely new travel industry. Under Obamacare, if you get cancer, you can see the world (or what’s left of it) after the Government Health Rationing Board rules you ineligible for care, saving the taxpayers (by then) billions. You’ll use your retirement savings, or what’s left after you pulled them out of the market just before The Crash of ’12 and hid them under a stone in the hearth, to take a fishing boat to Haiti, the ocean cruise business having gone under and Americans no longer visiting any country east of Bermuda after nuclear ballistic missiles, unable to reach North or South America, wiped out every other continent during Iranian President Ahmed Ahmadinejad’s failed attempts to annihilate Washington. You’ll meet a witch doctor who will make you drink chicken’s blood and mumble incantations while stuffing his face in a bong during a 4-hour ceremony to exorcise your tumor. Amazingly, you’ll recover and come back to America and live a long and healthy life, taking annual vacations (by row boat, since you’re now broke) to Haiti for preventive health care.

You shall not pass this bill because you do not want to be responsible for creating less congestion in hospital emergency rooms … for all the wrong reasons. Under Obamacare, your typical accident victim will be treated only if they still have more than 75% of their blood and all of their limbs and at least 90% cognitive function (no substitutes, please). This will preserve the dwindling blood supply and eliminate the waste of resources required to keep a patient on life support. (Plus, it will help save the planet!) And think of the boon for transplantation! Why, with all of the accident victims unworthy of treatment ending up dead, we’ll have mobile organ harvesting sites outside each doctors’ trailer park. Donor waiting lists will become obsolete … that is, of course, if the recipients are still working and able to pay their share of taxes in support of the Motherland.

You shall not pass this bill because, if ACORN can sue the federal government over funding cuts, you can bet your sweet ass millions of people in this country will gladly contribute to organizations willing to bombard you with lawsuits that will hold up your monstrosity for decades in courts. You shall not pass this bill because you can also bet your sweet ass that millions of us will refuse to purchase your mandated health insurance. You do not want to be the reason federal courts start stuffing American people into cells at the new Thomson Penitentiary for Enemy Combatants for refusing to submit to your unconstitutional authority to fine us and jail us and even shoot us over our healthcare insurance.

And we will resist.

Finally, you shall not pass this bill because you are supposed to be the voice of the people. You represent the state from which you were elected. You do not represent yourselves. You do not represent an arrogant and indecisive and thieving and weak president who is on the wrong side of what is right and on the wrong side of history. When it comes right down to it, you shall not pass this bill because, if you do, you can kiss your life in the District of Criminals goodbye; we, the right-wing teabagging mobsters living out here in flyover country, which curiously includes the states you represent, will make sure your careers of public indecent exposure will skid to an embarrassing and resounding and infinitely final halt in 2010 or 2012 or whenever you’re next election happens to be.

Count on it.

I encourage everyone to steal and repost this and to send it to their senator, Republican or Democrat or Independent. The vote of our lifetime is bearing down on us. We MUST stop it now.


Marine / Oath Keeper Needs Our Help

From: Oath Keepers

My name is Welles. I am a volunteer of David W. Hedrick’s and I am writing this message and posting it on his account with his permission. This Marine needs our help and there is no time to waste!

David W. Hedrick is an Oath Keeper who served in the U.S. Marine Corps and he is running for U.S. Congress. He is a Conservative Constitutionalist running as a Republican. As of today, Hedrick is the favorite to win. He has more than twice the volunteers of the other candidates in the race, Combined! Today, Hedrick was promised the endorsement and support of a VERY prominent national Conservative that everyone here will recognize. This endorsement and support will materialize in January if Hedrick can meet one condition. Hedrick must prove that he can compete financially against the establishments Rhino, oath violating candidate. Hedrick must raise at least $100,000 between today and Dec 31st. If he can do this, he will get the national conservative backing and we are likely to see our first official member of Oath Keepers in the U.S. Congress. This may seem like a lot of money in a short period of time, but it can be done. One thing members and former members of the military and law enforcement excel at, is accomplishing things that others see as impossible.

Almost all of you will recognize Hedrick from the following Youtube video that was recorded in August 2009 at a town hall in Washington State where he talks challenges a Congressman who has refused to honor his sworn oath.

The Congressman in this video is the same Brian Baird who called many of us, “Brown Shirts” (Nazis) and likened us to Timothy McVeigh. This Congressman has consistently refused to honor his oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and Hedrick called him on it. Amazingly, rather than running against Hedrick, this six term incumbent decided not to seek a 7th term. Hedrick is now running for an open seat.

Since his now famous video was recorded, Hedrick have been traveling all over the country speaking to groups about the many virtues of the U.S. Constitution and the obligation of individuals who took an oath to defend it. He has repeatedly been a guest on Fox News and has been featured on talk radio shows all over the country including Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and Beck. Hedrick has also been traveling around this nation attending tea parties and 9/12 events as a guest speaker.

Many individuals who gain this type of national exposure would distance themselves from a group like Oath Keepers, but Hedrick has made it clear that this will not happen. In fact, he has embraced the group attending the Freedom March in Washington D.C. as a guest of Oath Keepers, where he spoke at the Oath Keepers dinner event. Hedrick is proud to be an Oath Keeper. Make no mistake, Marine Cpl David W. Hedrick will honor his oath.

The $100,000 goal is achievable, but Hedrick cannot do it alone. Think about this. If just 100 Oath Keepers made the commitment to raise $1,000 each, whether personally, through contacts, or by lighting up the Conservative forums, we could raise the whole sum. Or, if 1,000 of us raised just $100 we could do it. Anything we raise goes a long way toward defending our Constitution. If we achieve this, Hedrick we will prove that Hedrick’s Oath Keeping stand is viable and he will get the major backing and he will likely win this seat in the U.S. Congress.

Every Oath Keeper has sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Many of us have also pledged our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to this cause. I now pledge to raise at least $1,000 to support this Marine and our Constitution by December 31st. I meant that oath then, I mean it now, and I will not stop at words.

Please join me and stand with our brother in arms when he needs us most.

God Bless Every Oath Keeper,


Hedrick’s website: www.davidwhedrick.com



From: Constitutional Emergency

A message to all members of Constitutional Emergency Kentucky Patriots, (Also a reminder for all of us)

The good old boys of the major party apparatus have not gotten the message of the Tea Party/912 movement yet… even with polls showing Tea Party polling ahead of both R and D…. this will knock your socks off…..

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is supporting an ex-democrat now running as a republican rather than supporting a constitutional, Founding Father principled republican candidate.

Trey Grayson an ex-democrat, now a republican is running against Rand Paul who is running as a republican in the Kentucky primary for Senator.

Can you believe the Republican party is supporting Grayson? They learned nothing in New York District 23.

Rand Paul, republican and a firm constitutional, anti-bailout, term limit supporter is being shunned by the republican establishment…. and he says “that’s great…. every time there is a republican fund-raiser for Grayson, my coffers explode”……

What are we looking for patriots? Are we looking for more of the same old party apparatus…. republicans trying to push another District 23 debacle like they started in New York by selecting a liberal and losing everything, or do we want a constitutional conservative in Kentucky that can win, carrying our fight?

Rand Paul who is supporting term limits says “I want to go to Washington to shake up the establishment and come back home”… he is not interested in a career as a Senator.

What say you Kentucky and America? Isn’t it time to energize the “grass roots” for Rand Paul and douse the RINO Grayson early and win in Kentucky??

I think it is and hope you will start the “grass roots for Paul” that will overwhelm Grayson and result in his withdrawal….

Take a look at Rand Paul’s web site below.


Let’s take America back patriots…our last chance will be the 2010 election, if we get that far.

Harry Riley

Visit Constitutional Emergency at: http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network


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ClimateThugs Dispense Violent Social Justice

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

The beatings will now begin! Or so it seems in Denmark… To say I am disappointed in the Danish police does not do justice to how I feel about this. To physically accost anyone in this manner is a disgrace.

Lord Monckton was assaulted in Copenhagen at ClimateGate:

Is the European police state going global?
From The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley in Copenhagen

Today the gloves came off and the true purpose of the “global warming” scare became nakedly visible. Ugo Chavez, the Socialist president of Venezuela, blamed “global warming” on capitalism – and received a standing ovation from very nearly all of the delegates, lamentably including those from those of the capitalist nations of the West that are on the far Left – and that means too many of them.

Previously Robert Mugabe, dictator of Rhodesia, who had refused to leave office when he had been soundly defeated in a recent election, had also won plaudits at the conference for saying that the West ought to pay him plenty of money in reparation of our supposed “climate debt”.

Inside the conference center, “world leader” after “world leader” got up and postured about the need to Save The Planet, the imperative to do a deal, the necessity to save the small island nations from drowning, etc., etc., etc.

Outside, in the real world, it was snowing, and a foretaste of the Brave New World being cooked up by “world leaders” in their fantasy-land was already evident. Some 20,000 observers from non-governmental organizations – nearly all of them true-believing Green groups funded by taxpayers – had been accredited to the conference.

However, without warning the UN had capriciously decided that all but 300 of them were to be excluded from the conference today, and all but 90 would be excluded on the final day.

Of course, this being the inept UN, no one had bothered to notify those of the NGOs that were not true-believers in the UN’s camp. So Senator Steve Fielding of Australia and I turned up with a few dozen other delegates, to be left standing in the cold for a couple of hours while the UN laboriously worked out what to do with us.

In the end, they decided to turn us away, which they did with an ill grace and in a bad-tempered manner. As soon as the decision was final, the Danish police moved in. One of them began the now familiar technique of manhandling me, in the same fashion as one of his colleagues had done the previous day.

Once again, conscious that a police helicopter with a high-resolution camera was hovering overhead, I thrust my hands into my pockets in accordance with the St. John Ambulance crowd-control training, looked my assailant in the eye and told him, quietly but firmly, to take his hands off me.

He complied, but then decided to have another go. I told him a second time, and he let go a second time. I turned to go and, after I had turned my back, he gave me a mighty shove that flung me to the ground and knocked me out.

I came to some time later (not sure exactly how long), to find my head being cradled by my friends, some of whom were doing their best to keep the police thugs at bay while the volunteer ambulance-men attended to me.

I was picked up and dusted me off. I could not remember where I had left my telephone, which had been in my hand at the time when I was assaulted. I rather fuzzily asked where it was, and one of the police goons shouted, “He alleges he had a mobile phone.”

In fact, the phone was in my coat pocket, where my hand had been at the time of the assault. The ambulance crew led me away and laid me down under a blanket for 20 minutes to get warm, plying me with water and keeping me amused with some colorfully colloquial English that they had learned.

I thanked them for their kindness, left them a donation for their splendid service, and rejoined my friends. A very senior police officer then came up and asked if I was all right. Yes, I said, but no thanks to one of his officers, who had pushed me hard from behind when my back was turned and had sent me flying.

The police chief said that none of his officers would have done such a thing. I said that several witnesses had seen the incident, which I intended to report. I said I had hoped to receive an apology but had not received one, and would include that in my report. The policeman went off looking glum, and with good reason.

To assault an accredited representative of a conference your nation is hosting, and to do it while your own police cameramen are filming from above, and to do it without any provocation except my polite, non-threatening request that I should not be manhandled, is not a career-enhancing move, as that police chief is about to discover to his cost.

Nor does this incident, and far too many like it, reflect the slightest credit on Denmark. We must make reasonable allowance for the fact that the unspeakable security service of the UN, which is universally detested by those at this conference, was ordering the Danish police about. The tension between the alien force and the indigenous men on the ground had grown throughout the conference.

However, the Danish police were far too free with their hands when pushing us around, and that is not acceptable in a free society. But then, Europe is no longer a free society. It is, in effect, a tyranny ruled by the unelected Kommissars of the European Union. That is perhaps one reason why police forces throughout Europe, including that in the UK, have become far more brutal than was once acceptable in their treatment of the citizens they are sworn to serve.

It is exactly this species of tyranny that the UN would like to impose upon the entire planet, in the name of saving us from ourselves – or, as Ugo Chavez would put it, saving us from Western capitalist democracy.

A few weeks ago, at a major conference in New York, I spoke about this tendency towards tyranny with Dr. Vaclav Klaus, the distinguished economist and doughty fighter for freedom and democracy who is President of the Czech Republic.

While we still have one or two statesmen of his caliber, there is hope for Europe and the world. Unfortunately, he refused to come to Copenhagen, telling me that there was no point, now that the lunatics were firmly in control of the asylum.

However, I asked him whether the draft Copenhagen Treaty’s proposal for what amounted to a communistic world government reminded him of the Communism under which he and his country had suffered for so long.

He thought for a moment – as statesmen always do before answering an unusual question – and said, “Maybe it is not brutal. But in all other respects, what it proposes is far too close to Communism for comfort.”

Today, as I lay in the snow with a cut knee, a bruised back, a banged head, a ruined suit, and a written-off coat, I wondered whether the brutality of the New World Order was moving closer than President Klaus – or any of us – had realized.

Aw yes, hope and violence we can all believe in and a harbinger of things to come in the US. The thuggish tactics of the UN and Obama are materializing more and more every day:

OBAMA THREAT TO CONGRESSMAN: ‘Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother’…

And that’s just one instance of O’s threats, instigated beat-downs, bribes and brutish tactics. You know whad I mean? It’s the Chicago way. Cue the sound of a baseball bat connecting with a skull… Yep – rush legislation through that the vast majority of Americans don’t want, take over businesses, banks, media – whatever it takes to collectively shift the power in the United States, change our government and redistribute wealth.

Trust me when I say that the violence in Copenhagen is coming our way and that is just what Obama wants. It will give him the excuse to put us in our place. He’s already having social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook monitored for tax cheats (sans Gheitner), copyright infringement and political protesters. Gee, wonder what he’ll do about those pesky bloggers, teaparty attendees (i.e. political protesters), and talk show hosts? Hmmm, let me think… See baseball bat reference earlier.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Moscow…


Financial News Update – 12/19/09

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