Nevada News & Views – December 21, 2009

By: Chuck Muth
Nevada News and Veiws


  • The Call Girl and the RINO Discuss Reid’s ObamaCare Shenanigans (Chuck Muth) – Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) – recipient of the now-infamous $300,000 million “Louisiana Purchase” of her vote on ObamaCare – went on Face the Nation on Sunday and said the following about the prospect of a Christmas Eve final vote on the Senate version of the bill:
  • Democrat Health Spending Bill: ‘A departure from history’ (Sen. Mitch McConnell) – Tonight marks the culmination of a long national debate. Passions have run high. And, that’s appropriate because the bill we are voting on tonight will impact the life of every American.
  • Reid Pushes Forward With Flawed Health Bill (National Republican Senatorial Committee) – In the wee hours of the night, Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) moved forward to invoke cloture on the Manager’s Amendment for his massive government-run health care bill, which will lead to higher taxes, massive cuts to Medicare, taxpayer-funded abortions, and higher health care premiums for Nevadans.
  • Five Reasons Obamacare Still Might Not Pass (Rich Lowry & Robert Costa) – The Cornhusker Kickback joins the Louisiana Purchase as the latest evidence that there’s nothing like a hundred million or so in federal dollars to alleviate a senator’s deeply held concerns about the substance of Obamacare.
  • Career-Killing Votes Loom on Health Reform (Grace-Marie Turner) – Senators are in the midst of taking a series of career-killing votes to fulfill President Obama’s goal of getting a health overhaul bill – any bill – passed before Christmas.

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“The Senate is marching toward a Christmas Eve vote,” reported the Wall Street Journal last night, “voting 60-40 (to approve) the first of three motions needed to close off debate on the (health care) bill and clear the way for final passage later in the week.”

And why does Harry Reid have the 60 votes he needs to shove this government-run health care bill up our wazoos?

Because Sen. John Ensign, when he SHOULD have been focusing on re-electing Republican senatorial colleagues in 2008, instead was focusing on doinking his best friend’s wife and covering it up, thereby losing EIGHT seats – including one to Al Franken, for God’s sake.

And Nevadans need John Ensign in the Senate instead of Dean Heller..why?


“(Nebraska Sen.) Ben Nelson resorted to the typical Washington expedient.and bought into a few window-dressing compromises, in exchange for an enormous Medicaid benefit to his state. The Cornhusker Kickback joins the Louisiana Purchase as the latest evidence that there’s nothing like a hundred million or so in federal dollars to alleviate a senator’s deeply held concerns about the substance of Obamacare.” – Columnist Rich Lowry


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SOLD: $100 Million Payoff for Senator Dodd…

SOLD: Neb.’s Nelson sees backlash on health bill…

CLEVER: GOOGLE avoids British tax bill of $700 million

Priest tells congregation ‘My advice to poor is to shoplift’

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Georgia Bill Recognizes pre-1965 Coinage.

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A Book Review By: Fern Sidman

A Jewish guide to prevention and treatment of postpartum depression

By: Rabbi Baruch Finkelstein, Michal Finkelstein, RN CNM and Doreen Winter, MSW

As far as Jewish lifecycle events go, there is no doubt that childbirth is the ultimate joy that a woman and her family can ever experience. A new Jewish life has entered this world through the kindness of G-d, and with great excitement and awe we revel in this incredible miracle. For some women, however, the days, weeks and months following childbirth can be a personally painful and daunting time, as they fall victim to unyielding hormonal upheavals that result in “the baby blues”, postpartum depression and in some rare cases postpartum psychosis.

In this recently published book entitled, “Delivery Form Darkness” (Feldheim Publishers 2009), the Jerusalem based authors, Rabbi Baruch Finkelstein and his wife Michal along with certified nurse-midwife and therapist, Doreen Winter, present a most sensitive yet pragmatic guide on the modalities of prevention and treatment of postpartum depression. Integrating both halachic and medical concepts, the authors make it abundantly clear that PPD and its related disorders are in no way reflective of a mother’s general mental state, nor does it serve as an ominous indication of her abilities to nurture her child, but rather they offer evidence that PPD needs to be cogently understood and addressed with concrete intervention. The taboo surrounding this most enigmatic of ailments often causes families a great deal of shame and guilt. In the forward to this book, renowned psychiatrist and author, Rabbi Avraham Twerski says, “Because the symptoms of postpartum depression are behavorial, many people think of them as being due to a mental abnormality. Given the stigma that this carries, the symptoms are often overlooked or explained away.”

The authors explain that while there are psychosocial components that make some women genetically pre-disposed to PPD, the major culprits are hormonal in nature that occur during pregnancy, along with both a thyroid and adrenal link as well. Family and communal support along with compassionate and educated health care professionals can make all the difference in the world in helping a woman and her family recognize that PPD is not an insurmountable obstacle on the highway to recovery. Addressing the issues of turmoil and pain that husbands often experience as a result of their spouses’ PPD, this book allows them to tell their stories in their own words, giving a personal face to the potential tragedy that can result if PPD is left untreated.

With 80% of all new mothers experiencing the “baby blues” and 15 to 20 percent being beset with PPD and in one in a thousand women being diagnosed with postpartum psychosis, the authors sound a clarion call to the Orthodox Jewish world to reach out with urgency and alacrity to those suffering. Mothers often experience daily bouts of anger, irritability, melancholia, moodiness and feel terribly frightened, agitated and distraught. An intense fear of death, or feeling as if one is going crazy and loss of control combined with suicidal ideations are also prevalent in some cases as the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are all encompassing.

In salient detail, the authors describe the origins of hormonal shifts in pregnancy and the post partum period while also emphasizing environmental causes such as societally induced stress related factors. In some cases, medical treatments such as the use of anti-depressants have proven effective along with therapy, but the authors don’t stop there. They courageously suggest holistic approaches as well including Traditional Chinese Medicine, the use of herbs, vitamins and minerals as well as establishing a regime of the highest standards in nutrition and exercise.

Throughout this often arduous journey to recovery from PPD, we are consistently reminded by the authors that a woman’s connection to Hashem must be encouraged and bolstered as the most conducive trajectory to complete healing lies within a healthy spiritual mindset. Mothers are advised to, “Talk to Hashem out loud. Find time every day to talk to Hashem as if you were talking to a friend. Hashem listens. Tell Hashem everything. Tell Him how you feel about yourself, your family, your relationship with Him. Tell Hashem about your day, your plans, your moods. Tell Hashem your deepest fears and desires. This will be an enlightening and rejuvenating experience.” The cathartic benefits of the recitation of Tehillim will resonate in the hearts of women as we learn that they very same feelings of joy, sorrow, frustration, humiliation, anger, sadness and regret were also part and parcel of the life of the sweet singer of Israel, King David, who penned the words that we find here. Consulting rabbinic and halachic authorities on such issues as choosing the right therapist are earnestly discussed as well as sensitive issues such as the use of birth control.

The reader will be left with a sanguine conclusion as the authors offer the sagacious wisdom of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov who viewed depression as “very damaging” but also acknowledged depression as a “growth stage”. He said, “Know that all of the descents, breakdowns and confusion are required in order to enter the gates of holiness, and all the great tzaddikim went through them… All falls are necessary for the ascent.”


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High Treason in the Senate

Behold the list below of the treasonous politicians who have voted for the health care legislation. Mark their names and remember them well. At the very least vote them out – they will pay for this. America won’t stand for this blatant Marxist move and power-grab that neuters our Constitution and financially destroys America and her citizens. Torch, pitchfork, tar, feathers – meet the politicians who sold out. Remember kids, your price has a price and we are taking names. Whores of a feather fall together… We are coming for you – you arrogant, elitist asshats.


  • Joseph Lieberman
  • Bernard Sanders


  • Daniel Akaka
  • Max Baucus
  • Evan Bayh
  • Mark Begich
  • Michael Bennet
  • Jeff Bingaman
  • Barbara Boxer
  • Sherrod Brown
  • Roland Burris
  • Robert Byrd
  • Maria Cantwell
  • Ben Cardin
  • Tom Carper
  • Bob Casey
  • Kent Conrad
  • Chris Dodd
  • Byron Dorgan
  • Dick Durbin
  • Russ Feingold
  • Dianne Feinstein
  • Al Franken
  • Kirsten Gillibrand
  • Kay Hagan
  • Tom Harkin
  • Daniel Inouye
  • Tim Johnson
  • Edward Kaufman
  • John Kerry
  • Paul Kirk
  • Amy Klobuchar
  • Herb Kohl
  • Mary Landrieu
  • Frank Lautenberg
  • Patrick Leahy
  • Carl Levin
  • Blanche Lincoln
  • Claire McCaskill
  • Robert Menendez
  • Jeff Merkley
  • Barbara Mikulski
  • Patty Murray
  • Ben Nelson
  • Bill Nelson
  • Mark Pryor
  • Jack Reed
  • Harry Reid
  • Jay Rockefeller
  • Chuck Schumer
  • Jeanne Shaheen
  • Arlen Specter
  • Debbie Stabenow
  • Jon Tester
  • Tom Udall
  • Mark Udall
  • Mark Warner
  • Jim Webb
  • Sheldon Whitehouse
  • Ron Wyden

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